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Mineral deficiency has been the cause of all of these modern day diseases and life style illnesses!!

By Hisatake Nojima, M.D.



Modern day diseases such as cancer, diabetes, atopy dermatitis, hay fever, and the like, have become more widespread in advanced countries where industry saw its development and where living standards improved.  This book demonstrates terrible oversights committed by scientists and governments that have inflicted modern day diseases upon the citizens of developed countries; these acts equate to the killing of their own people.  This fact cannot be easily ignored.


One of my aims in publishing this book is to offer condolences to the tens of thousands of people in developed countries who, through no fault of their own, continue to die each passing day as a result of these modern day diseases.  The second of my goals comes from my wish to bring about a total release from such modern day diseases and illnesses that our life style seems to cause in people today.


The long-held belief that an unhealthy nutrition is the cause of disease, and that illness can be cured if the unhealthy nutrition is improved led to the phrase “Isyoku Dougen: foods and medicine from the same origin”; this phrase has been frequently cited.  While the use of this phrase has decreased, modern day diseases nonetheless have proliferated.


As will be explained in more detail later in the book, neither scientists nor governments noticed that the chief cause of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, stroke, cardiac infraction, atopy, hay fever, etc was from the deficiency of minerals called trace minerals.  Nor was it recognized officially that many of the world’s current population lack these trace minerals, which are in fact necessary for maintaining a healthy body, and therefore suffering from a form of malnutrition.


Vast sums of taxpayers’ money have been thrown into sundry tests and researches in the name of finding treatments for these modern day diseases.  Scientists and government officials, however, have been unaware of the most important cause, and have instead been content with their own irrelevant research findings that bore no original purposes of these researches.


Since the effectiveness of the methods of treatment and medicines which have been developed has not improved in the slightest, the scientists have found themselves in an uncomfortable position.  They have changed their research objectives and created a new research theme, the so-called gene therapy, and yet in doing so have thrown away yet more huge amounts of people’s tax money.


Relying on excuses in genes as the cause of these diseases, people have kept their hopes up in the advancement of high tech medical treatments.


From genome analysis, sundry genes that cause sundry illness have gushed out like artesian water. People naturally assume that the researches that have uncovered these results have to be on the leading edge of science.  The media has reported as such.


However, I cannot help but think that today’s medicine and treatments are riding on a wrong horse.


I believe the main problem of mineral deficiency and what drove today’s people to nutritional imbalance lie in modern day agricultural technology.


Mankind has come through many long harsh years of battling against the risk of starvation.  It came up with farming methods of mass production of foods as the trump for solving this battle, based on inorganic farming and because inorganic farming has been hailed as a great success, its considerable flaws have remained concealed.


Yet because of modern agricultural methods which have set their sights on inorganic farming, plants (crops) have lost their ability to activate their stress genes such as tolerance.  Because of this, you now find a situation where one adult in 6.3 is driven to diabetes.  Over eating has been nothing but a trigger to illnesses. 


The number one cause of death is malignant tumors.  Over one in four people continues to die as a result of these demons.  The fact that a great number of unfortunate people are diagnosed as having cancer to be treated by the wrong treatment to die, makes me grind my teeth in frustration.  Scientists’ and doctors’ failure to recognize mineral deficiency as the major cause of modern day diseases, and their opposition to the use of “Super-mineral Water as a treatment, leaves me feeling so angry that I almost wish to resort to litigation in a court of law.


The reason these scientists and doctors get snared in this obvious pitfall so easily is because until recently, it was impossible to accurately measure trace minerals. Scientists have ignored their contribution to health because they could not even measure the trace amounts themselves. They said and say that trace elements are included in all plants and animals, and it was assumed that their presence was merely incidental.


In an age when new discoveries are being made in other fields in rapid succession, where the glory of Nobel Prizes is bestowed upon people, based on who breaks new ground faster than anybody else, why should anyone even bother to consider the value of mineral research (in which trace elements have been hiding)?


The functional emergence of genes is absolutely dependent on trace elements.  Even if the mother turtle (or, in this case, the genes) is in good health, if the health of the baby turtles (here, the trace elements) declines, then the health of the third generation of turtles (protein) will also fall.  Metabolic disorder is the forerunner of a disease.


Genome analysis has shown that this process occurs in various organisms and researchers need mobilized to look into the function of each gene.  For the time being, people are left to wait for scientists to recognize the significance of trace elements.


A day may come when scientists acknowledge that the cause of current diseases is in modern farming techniques, when our government may lay down administrative guidelines for fertilizer manufacturers.  Until then, we’ll simply have to endure with what we got.


Supplements of Super Mineral Water can restore levels of trace elements and offer many people an escape from modern day diseases; yet social acceptance of this has been slow in coming.

The name “trace elements”, which was so labeled because they are found in very small amount in living things, has also led to problems. There will come a day, when trace elements are referred to as ‘gene minerals’, and can take their lofty place at the center as the fathers of genes.


I, myself, look back at these past 11 years of research, and recognize that initially, when the effectiveness of different amounts of Super Mineral Water on different diseases was still unknown, they were days of feeling my way through the dark.  Nevertheless, my belief in its effectiveness as a treatment for cancer and its value in treating burns have become deeper. Moreover, I have come to realize - in a considerably shorter time - its great potential in the treatment of all of the things we call ‘disease’.


But, again, at this point, I ran into another problem. It would not have been a problem in the days of the past when science was in its neophyte state, but it is a problem in modern medicine today because the science cannot accept that one treatment is effective for a multitude of diseases, In today’s world, with our advanced field of pharmacology, it is considered impossible for one medicine to cure all ills.  Science opposes the notion that the same medicine can be used to treat disease such as cancer, diabetes and atopy.


At the earlier stage, I was resoundingly denied a notion that mere water can cure cancer, diabetes and atopy. While I feel that “it can’t be helped”, I firmly believe that those days will be over soon.  


Thanks to ICPms, it is now possible to measure the trace amount of element such as uranium in tap water.  As genes come more and more into the limelight, the day approaches when trace elements will play a leading role, signaling the long hard road that I have struggled along with trace elements.

Mineral deficiency has been the cause of all of these modern day diseases and life style illnesses!!







Chapter 1:

Mineral Deficiency – the Disease of the 21st Century……………….pg 10


What is Super Mineral Water?


Mineral Deficiencies have propagated modern day diseases


Modern day diseases can be conquered


Modern day diseases mean malnutrition of minerals


Trace elements should have been called gene minerals


Trace elements will soon become the savior of the day



Chapter 2:

Modern Civilization has brought about the destruction of mineral balance…………………………………………………pg 17


Neither water nor air is free

Water is not safe

Minerals are becoming exhausted

Soil is not safe

Vegetables are no longer vegetables


The long wait for research results

There is future in inorganic farming methods

Vast reductions in medical expenses are no longer simply a dream

Allergies are born from mineral deficiencies

Can today’s medical treatments remain the same?

The importance of increasing one’s own self-healing ability

Medical science should be aiming for a fundamental solution

There will come a day when birds sing blues for hospitals

Imagine if everyone had a long life

This is why hospitals are not safe

Why is it only in developed countries?

Drugs are not safe

A frightening, but true story that sounds like a lie



Chapter 3:

Deficiency of the trace element minerals…………………………….pg 32


The importance of recognizing the cause of a disease

The mineral deficiency was the fundamental cause

Minerals increase one’s self-healing capabilities

Modern treatments target secondary factors

Minerals are the foundations of life

Minerals are metal elements essential to the body

Minerals are everywhere

By addressing mineral insufficiencies, illnesses will be cured

The consumption of balanced minerals is important

Stress destroys mineral balance

Alcoholism and the liver

Why do people develop cancer and diabetes?

The unending metastasis of cancer cells

Why do minerals suppress side effects?

Earnest research into minerals has begun

The number of human genes

Already approximately 80% of children are prone to allergies

The lies of the criminal theory of Free Radicals

Free Radicals are crying for “Innocence” verdict

The limits of health foods

Health foods that you cannot rely on

Super Mineral Water has been right under our noses all along

After all, the earth still rotates

Conservatism, self-protectionism and the limits of the health system


Chapter 4:

Drinking Super Mineral Water will stop cancer deaths ………… pg 55

The advent of Super Mineral Water

Well water from the foothills of the Mount Fuji

Super-minerals kept in an ionized state

The administration of Super Mineral Water is effective against all types of cancer

Other typical cases

Various cases of treatment which tell of Super-mineral Solution’s effectiveness

“The director of the health center’s water”


Cases brought about against me as a result of complete recovery

What? No cancer?

There should be . . . , but there aren’t.

Combating cancerous tissue by increasing the power of the immune system

Super Mineral Water is also effective against diabetes


Effective applications of other minerals

The ever-widening possibilities for Super Mineral Water

Even those living a normal life lack minerals



Chapter 5:

Guides for treatment by Super Mineral Water……………………pg 68

Eliciting potential power with Super-mineral Water

Chronic disease

General Malignant Tumors

1.                 Cancer of the Stomach.  Cancer of the Large Intestine

2.                 Lung cancer

3.                 Cancer of the Uterus, Cancer of the Cervix, Cancer of the Prostate

4.                 Cancer of the Liver


Circulatory Diseases

1.                 High Blood Pressure

2.                 Arterial Sclerosis

3.                 Diabetes


In case of:




Chapter 1: Mineral Deficiency – the Disease of the 21st Century


What is Super Mineral Water?


As a physician, the number of cancer patients I have examined stretches easily into the thousands.  Using appropriate treatments and all conceivable means possible, we doctors have tried to beat cancer - our deadly foe.  There is no definitive way to cure cancer.  Improvements can be made, but to cure patients of cancer has been difficult to say the least.


Is it right, as a doctor, to accept this current state of hopeless affairs?  For me, it was impossible to go on without embracing this question.


Not wanting to just sit and wait for the development of a new drug and, even among health foods which are on the market today, I have continued to look for something that will enhance the effectiveness of treatments.


It was ten years or so ago, while researching the effectiveness of anti-cancer drugs, I noticed that, up until that point, all researches had been targeting on organic matters deriving from plants and animals, while completely ignoring inorganic matter, such as metals, salts and water.  When considering inorganic matters which the body cannot do without, minerals were the first to come to mind.


Included in the generic term ‘minerals’ are the basic elements such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, etc., which are recognized as essential nutrients.  In addition to them, there are also minerals which are used only in tiny amounts inside the body, but whose usefulness had been made clear.  This is where I have decided to pay more attention.


There are various kinds of minerals among them.  Minerals such as tungsten, titanium and vanadium differ from toxic minerals like mercury and cadmium, and at the same time as being non-toxic, each possesses its own characteristic function.


However, in order to be absorbed by the body, it is essential that the mineral be dissolvable.  Thus, the search began for minerals processed into a form where it can be completely and easily absorbed by the body.


Following an exhaustive search, through testing and elimination, the one that finally made it was an ionized solution containing natural minerals, including metallic minerals.  I name this solution Super Mineral Water.


I will touch upon the miraculous effects of this Super Mineral Water in later chapters, but let us consider modern day diseases and the environment that surrounds us first.


Analysis of components in Super Mineral Water Before Dilution


Name of Element


Amount Present



    ppm (ug/ml)








































































Mineral Deficiencies have propagated modern day diseases


It takes a great deal of imagination to try to see a world without diseases.  The phenomenon of diseases itself, as well as people becoming sick from diseases, is essentially an unusual situation, yet we have not noticed that we humans seem to have resigned ourselves to the present propagation of modern day diseases.


In truth, a world that is like a dream is unfolding before your very eyes.  It may not be easy to believe but you are approaching an era when cancer, diabetes, cardiac infarction, and atopy can be treated with certainty by trace elements of Super Mineral Water, the world in which doctors will no longer be necessary.  Most of the diseases which have caused modern man so much worry and suffering have been brought about because of mineral deficiencies.  Here, I should point out that what I call ‘minerals’ are not minerals in the conventional sense of the word, but rather, such trace mineral elements as iron, zinc, copper, manganese, tin, nickel, and cobalt. 


In plain words, those minerals which the body needed to ensure the correct functioning of its genes had been greatly lacking in modern man, particularly in the populations among developed countries.  That is to say that mineral malnutrition has been caused in our body, because we continue to eat inorganic crops, which have been subjected to agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers.


We have become mineral deficient, because we eat crops which do not contain enough minerals.


Modern day diseases can be conquered


If the cause can be located, then obviously cancer can be cured.  If the cause is understood and prevention becomes possible, then it naturally follows that disease can be reduced.  Even if problems such as traffic accidents and infectious diseases remain a slight worry, most of the diseases which trouble modern man will go on to be perfectly eliminated.


Would it be going too far to say that in the near future, modern day diseases will become extremely rare?  Or that the first time a person gets sick will be when they are over 80 years old?


What are now labeled as lifestyle illnesses were, not long ago, referred to as ‘adult illnesses’; yet they are not necessarily linked to lifestyle, neither are they illnesses which we contract after we become an adult.

Those adult illnesses may make their debut later in our lives as prevalent in old people because of their age, but not among young adults, to whom these illnesses will become rare.


The future is truly bright.  However, in reality, something worrisome is taking place now. The fact that neither scientists nor we understood this reality is a terrible situation.  What was the reason that drove our medical science towards this mistaken direction?


Most of the medical and surgical methods of treatment, including the unnecessary development of cancer surgery and anti-cancer agents, the medicines for treating diabetes, the methods of treating heart disease, which were all considered brilliant advances, and took vast amounts of both tax-payers’ money and manpower, have been completely meaningless.  The damage and loss from them are incalculable. .


Modern day diseases mean malnutrition of minerals


Modern day diseases are nothing more than the result of defective goods, that is, the mineral-deficient crops, which are produced with today’s farming techniques.  If this problem were put right, then dealing with the aftereffects of the collapse of the bubble economy would be left to the life insurance companies.  This could prove to be a fatal double whammy for them, as average life expectancy may also rise to over 100 years of age.  Life insurance companies will find themselves having to change the maturity dates of their policies.


Assuming that passing into the next world will no longer happen so easily, and that we will be able to live until the age of one hundred, it is logical to suggest that both the structure of this world and mankind’s basic philosophy will probably have to change.


Those patients covered by cancer insurance, who have gone on to beat cancer through Super Mineral treatment, will be ‘Happy Fellows” as they will be able to turn down the meaningless anti-cancer drugs, rejuvenate their moods and will clearly be all smiles as they freely use their insurance pay-outs as pocket money.


Taking out an insurance policy and subsequently being diagnosed with cancer, leads to an unconditional insurance payout to the policyholder.  In the early stages of cancer, when surgery is completely unnecessary, it is a no-lose situation for the patient.  I have seen countless numbers of such lucky people.  The patients themselves regard these payouts as “gifts from heaven”; and so, coupled with the treatment they seek in Super Minerals, their happiness becomes a true joy.


With the progress that has been made in medicine and science, the emergence of a problem that can rock the foundations of the scientific world is the last thing one expects, yet an error, so basic it can be compared to the pressing of the wrong button, has occurred.


A fundamental bug, or mistake, has crept into scientists’ reasoning process, and with it the misfortunes of mankind have been amplified.


In Europe, America and also in Japan, modern day diseases have gradually become more and more widespread.  Even though the greatest cause of this spread is a deficiency of trace minerals, for some reason the focus has gone askew, resulting in a misdiagnosis: secondary factors, such as carcinogens, smoking, lack of exercise, over-eating and an irregular life style have mistakenly been identified as the number one factors. So with this approach, even curable illness became incurable.  Scientists have gone out of focus at this point.  As a result, the mineral deficiency – the loss of nutritional balance – has become widespread in advanced countries, and moreover is looking to extend its damage into the countries of the developing world.


Trace elements should have been called gene minerals


Look at table salt that can be seen with a naked eye. It is quite easy to use a weight gauge and accurately measure the mass to 0.1g (or 100mg).  When attempting to measure something smaller than table salt, we use “Chemical balance scale”.


To measure the amount of an element contained in a substance, it has become common practice to use an instrument that measures the rate of light absorption of atoms of that particular element.  This apparatus is used, for example, for measuring the sodium content as a chemical element in seawater. However, when it comes to measuring of the mass of uranium contained in seawater, this becomes more difficult a task, and both the cost and the time involved will increase tremendously.


It is because of this that the question of whether or not to measure the amount of trace elements contained in a plant or animal really comes down to “Is it worth it? Because our scientific predecessors never placed much importance on measuring the quantity of trace elements, it has thus far remained an uncharted area.


Even now, there exists very little recognition of the discovery of the genetic function of trace elements; their presence has come to be ignored.  The amount included in gases, liquids and solids is only occasionally measured when a problem occurred.  .


That’s the story and hence the amount of trace elements included in plants and animals has been overlooked, not even an attempt has been made to measure them.  Finally, however, we seem to have reached a turning point, with the advent of the ICPms measuring device.


For 20,000,000 yen (about a little less than US$200,000), with 50,000 yen’s worth (about a little less than US$500) of argon gas, it has now been made possible to easily measure even the smallest amount of trace elements contained in any substance.  This marvelous piece of equipment, the ICPms gauge, went on the market a mere 3 years ago.

Trace elements will soon become the savior of the day


It is no exaggeration to say that mankind has set forth upon a new scientific path thanks to this instrument (ICPms gauge).  On earth, there exists water from ancient times.  Preserved in the ice of Siberia and the South Pole, there is an abundance of life forms and lifeless matter.  It is thought that if a thorough investigation of the land and sea were conducted, the accurate data obtained from analyses of the amounts of trace elements would lead to a fresh outpouring of many important scientific works.


In the field of nutrition, the tremendous difference in the amount of minerals contained in organic produce compared to inorganically produced foods will come to light, meaning that agricultural scientists and doctors will likely have to atone for their oversight of these trace elements.  Similarly, they will have to take responsibility for bringing about the huge occurrence of modern day illnesses among mankind.


It must be lamented that, had more emphasis been placed on trace elements as ‘gene minerals’, then close to 80 % of those who died from these modern day illnesses could have been prevented.


But even now, it’s not too late.  I hope that the importance of trace elements as gene minerals will be recognized as a new emergence to this world. 

Chapter 2: Modern civilization has brought about the destruction of mineral balance


Neither water nor air is free nowadays


We Japanese for a long time took it for granted that water and air were free.  Until the 1950’s, before the heightened economic growth policy plunged us into the bubble economy years, many of us drank water directly from rivers and ate vegetables directly from the fields.  That was an age when devices such as air purifiers were completely alien to us.


How about today?  The air is polluted by innumerable nitrates; water by all kinds of chemicals and the soil has been destroyed by agricultural chemical sprays.  Vegetables, most obviously, have ceased to be free, but so too have air and water.


We are breathing contaminated air and eating crops grown in unsafe soil.  Furthermore, we are eating the meat of livestock raised on feed grown in the same unsafe soil.  On top of all this, we are made to drink water that has lost its mineral balance.  Can we really be expected to stay healthy under such circumstances?


We have reached the point where we are living in rooms with air purifiers; constantly worried about the food we eat. We drink expensive bottled water; we are keen to ascertain the source of our vegetables and rice while we fret over the level of farming chemical residues.


Thanks to the use of fertilizers, we can now produce huge quantities of cabbages very cheaply.  Yet these are just substitutes for the real thing, and cannot be called vegetables in their own right.  They may well have become foods completely lacking nutrients and minerals.  Moreover, they very likely contain plenty of harmful chemical residues.  I could go on about the dangers, but for now I think I should stop scaring the readers.

Environmental standards of atmospheric pollution and its causes and effects on human health.





Sulfur Dioxide 

Must be less than 0.04 ppm per hour, per day on the average, but less than 1 ppm per hr.

Comes from sulfur when petroleum and coal are burned:  Stimulate throat and     bronchial trachea, lungs, leading inflammation of respiratory function.

Carbon Monoxide


Must be less than 10 ppm per hr. per day on average, or 20 ppm per hr. per 8 hrs/day.

Primary offenders are exhaust from cars, from their imperfect combustion. Affects our nerve system, when carbon monoxide combines with hemoglobin in our blood.

Suspended particulate


Must be less than 0.10 mg/m3 per hr. per day, but less than 0.20 mg/m3 per hr.

From industrial air pollutants primarily, but also from black smoke form diesel engines and other natural irritants in the air. It settles down in our lungs, causing illnesses associated with respiratory systems.



Must be less than 0.06 ppm per hr.

From photochemical reaction of nitrogen oxide and carbo hydrogen as a secondary reaction:  strong stimulation of trachea and the blood vessels around the eyeballs.



Muse be somewhere between 0.04 ppm and 0l06 ppm per hr. per day on the average, or even below that.

The primary sources of this gas are from factories, automobiles, and industries’ emission via their smoke stacks.  Stimulates throat and lungs, leading to illnesses associated with our breathing mechanism. 

Note I:  By standard particulate matters mentioned above, we mean particulates floating in the air that should measure less than 10 micro meter.


Note II:Photo chemical oxidant includes ozon, peroxxyacetyl nitrate and other oxidized substances, except nitrogen dioxide.


The 5 major food groups are: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.  We have traditionally been able to maintain healthy growth through natural consumption of a good balance among these foods.  Because this balance has now been lost, we have been driven to a defensive posturing for health. The case of minerals is an especially wretched situation.


Water is not safe

Let’s consider tap water.  We certainly cannot drink untreated water directly from rivers and lakes that have been contaminated by drains and industrial waste.  We have to first remove harmful impurities.


Great efforts are laboriously made to remove the trash, man-made chemical substances, and toxic metals such as arsenic, lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury etc.  Biological treatments and the use of chlorine are employed to treat organic matter.  Chlorine is added as a disinfectant to kill germs and other microorganisms.  One solution has been to try to ensure that no heavy metals are allowed to find their way into water sources, but this is now becoming more and more difficult.


Chlorine is commercially produced from the electrolysis of salt solution.  Chlorine’s properties – heavier than air; easy to combine with other elements, a strong oxidizer; its ability to fade the colors of plant pigments – mean that it is widely used as an oxidant, bleach and disinfectant, etc.


The water treated with chlorine is drinkable, yet in the process of treating it with chlorine, it loses part of its mineral content.  The mineral balance which gives water its good taste is destroyed, and moreover, the water’s cool, refreshing taste, which comes from its oxygen content, is ruined by the smell of chlorine, leaving water either disgusting or tasteless. 

Environmental Quality Standards for Conservation of the Living Environment

(a) Rivers



Standard value

Water use





Total coliform


Water supply class 1,
conservation of natural environment, and uses listed in A-E


1 mg/l or less

25 mg/l or less

7.5 mg/l or more

50 MPN/100ml or less


Water supply class 2,
fishery class 1,
bathing and uses listed in B-E


2 mg/l or less

25 mg/l or less

7.5 mg/l or more

1000 MPN/100ml or less


Water supply class 3,
fishery class 2, 
and uses listed in C-E


3 mg/l or less

25 mg/l or less

5 mg/l or more

5000 MPN/100ml or less


Fishery class 3,
industrial water class 1,
and uses listed in D-E


5 mg/l or less

50 mg/l or less

5 mg/l or more



Industrial water class 2,
agricultural water, and uses listed in E


8 mg/l or less

100 mg/l or less

2 mg/l or more



Industry water class 3 
and conservation of environment


10 mg/l or less

Floating Matter such as garbage should not be observed

2 mg/l or more


(BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand, SS: Suspended Solids, DO: Dissolved Oxygen)

  1. Standard values are based on daily average values. The same applies to the standard values of lakes and coastal waters.
  2. At intake for agriculture, pH shall be between 6.0 and 7.5 and DO shall be more than 5mg/l. The same applies to the standard values of lakes.


Minerals are becoming exhausted


Minerals necessary for human physiology – calcium, iron, zinc, cobalt, magnesium and other such trace elements – are found naturally in soil and water.  However, even these minerals, which are present in soil in quantities so great that they may be considered limitless, need to be ionized and dissolved in water in order for plants to be able to absorb them.  In contrast it is easy to absorb minerals contained in microorganisms.  We absorb these minerals into our body by eating plants.  Alternatively, we consume the livestock, fish or vegetables which have been raised on such plants.  It is essential to note that as the important sources of minerals – soil and water – become contaminated and the mineral-absorbing microorganisms die out, the whole system is thrown out of sync.  This is a grave matter.


Water flows to the sea by way of households and factories.  Along the way, the contaminants such as cooking oil, detergents, bleaches, industrial cleaning fluids, various other additives like pollutants and chemicals, are picked up before it is put back into circulation on the earth.  It is beyond doubt that vast amounts of contaminants continue to accumulate.  In order to remove these contaminants, new products are developed, which in turn create other kinds of environmental damage, and so the cycle continues.  Many microorganisms lose their multi functional ability and end up as anaerobic sludge.


Soil is not safe


Soil contaminated by agricultural chemicals has become an acute social issue.  The declining number of microorganisms is directly connected to mineral deficiency.


The plants, which provide man with the minerals essential for our existence, absorb their nutrients from the soil.  Photosynthesis, the process by which plants make use of light energy to combine absorbed carbon dioxide and organic matter from water, cannot occur just because carbon dioxide, water and the sun’s rays are present.  The plants’ genes also require minerals (minerals and trace elements).  The protein, the driving force behind the plant’s life, is not generated without minerals acting as its catalyst.


Plants emit Konsan (acid) from the tips of their hairy roots; acid in turn breaks down the soil.  The minerals contained in the soil are then absorbed and transferred to the leaves.  This is what makes photosynthesis possible.  If minerals are dissolved in the soil, the plant can easily absorb them.  Chlorophyll’s principal mineral is magnesium.  If magnesium is not sufficiently present in soil, plants are not able to grow well. 


In the old days, we used human wastes and compost, which guaranteed a rational cycle of mineral balance. However, since we have become dependent on chemical fertilizers, this balance has been destroyed.  Furthermore, because of the use of pesticides, germicides, weed killers, rodent poisons, chemicals to regulate a plant's growth, and various other agricultural chemicals, we have destroyed the bacteria, which play a vital role in the cycle of the ecosystem.


In order to produce crops on a large scale, we have had to employ a corresponding amount of chemical fertilizers.  We have also had to use huge amounts of chemical sprays.


Environmental Quality Standards for Water Pollutants

Environmental Quality Standards for Human Health


Standard Values


0.01 mg/liter or less

Total cyanide

0.01 mg/liter or less


0.01 mg/liter or less

Chromium (VI)

0.05 mg/liter or less


0.01 mg/liter or less

Total mercury

0.0005 mg/liter or less

Alkyl mercury

Not detectable


Not detectable


0.02 mg/liter or less

Carbon tetrachloride

0.002 mg/liter or less

1, 2-dichloroethane

0.004 mg/liter or less

1, 1-dichloroethylene

0.02 mg/liter or less

Cis-1, 2-dichloroethylene

0.04 mg/liter or less

1, 1, 1-trichloroethane

1.0 mg/liter or less

1, 1, 2-trichloroethane

0.006 mg/liter or less


0.03 mg/liter or less


0.01 mg/liter or less

1, 3-dichloropropene

0.002 mg/liter or less


0.006 mg/liter or less


0.003 mg/liter or less


0.02 mg/liter or less


0.01 mg/liter or less


0.01 mg/liter or less



Vegetables are no longer vegetables


Using nitrates, phosphates and potassium, we have been able to produce large amounts of well-shaped plants.  However, because these produce lack nutrients and minerals, they have become just the name, with no substance as vegetables.


In stores, we can see row upon row of these beautiful, delicious-looking crops, but they are in fact defective goods, lacking in carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.  The trace elements, in particular, are present in a very miniscule amount that it is fair to say these produce are defective.


If minerals are not present in sufficient numbers, there will be no benefit to your body, immaterial of how many fruits and vegetables you eat.  In fact, the more you consume, the higher the risk that you will fall ill because of the chemical residues contained in them.


Man has made it a priority to develop agricultural techniques in order to be able to safeguard his supply of food.  We have improved species, developed inorganic methods, which use nitrates, phosphates and potassium, and recently we have begun to produce genetically modified foods.

We have come to consider that these mass-production modern farming techniques, which were born from a belief that it is necessary to supply in mass, are in our best interests.  Yet there was a great pitfall.  Consequently, we have made a spread of modern illnesses chronic among people in developed countries.


Because scientists around the world failed to realize that the vegetables and grain that we eat, as well as the grain that we feed to our livestock, contains hardly any trace elements, a great tragedy has been allowed to occur.  I think it would be no exaggeration to say that in Japan alone, more than 600,000 people die each year as a result of a flawed agricultural policy.


In creating our efficient society, we have developed inorganic farming techniques, which do not use the genes of the crops themselves, but cause crops to ripen and leaves to thicken.  We have committed a great error in mass-producing crops that are deficient of sufficient minerals.


The long wait for research results


Results from future investigations will show agriculturists and nutritionists the difference in the amounts of trace minerals present in inorganically produced crops compared to organically produced crops.  It is also only a matter of time before conclusions can be drawn regarding the correlation between a vegetable’s taste and its mineral content.


There is already an established link between a vegetable’s taste and the amount of organic matter such as glutamic acid, inosinic acid, the barometer of taste, it contains.  It won’t be long before someone announces that he has discovered the connection between the taste and the mineral content.  A chorus of announcements will follow this from researchers who are comparing today’s vegetables with those produced years back.


There is sure to be a gap in the mineral content of vegetables produced around the time of the Second World War, compared to those produced at the beginning of the 21st century.  Modern farming techniques omit the use of the genes vegetables needed to reproduce, which has meant that vegetables produced in this way have an extremely low mineral content.  Furthermore, the horrible result of inorganic farming methods is that trace elements have almost completely disappeared from modern vegetables.


The use of ICPms and the elemental mass-measuring device is flourishing.  Already, the scientific technology agency has announced in its 2001 analysis of food constituents, in which it measured iron levels, that carrots and spinach produced in the past contained over 7 times as much iron compared to those which are produced today.


The slowness of scientists’ reactions to this news is making gnash my teeth in frustration.  Mankind must continue to endure this tragedy until the scientists are ready to accept their mistake.


The future of the inorganic farming methods


It is not true to say that just because the trace element and mineral content is low, modern agricultural methods are completely bad.  It should be possible to add ionized trace elements to fertilizers.  In other words, it is possible to solve the problem and bring inorganic methods closer to organic methods by adding mineral supplements.  The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries will need to introduce measures instructing fertilizers producing companies to add trace elements to their fertilizers.


Trace elements are washed away by rain. This leaves somewhat of a problem, concerning how to keep them in the soil.


On the other edge of the spectrum from inorganic agricultural methods are vegetables cultivated through organic farming techniques, ideal because their cells contain plenty of trace elements.  However, the reality is that less than 0.1% of all vegetables distributed in Japan today are organically cultivated.  Consumers who have not been made aware of the importance of minerals avoid buying these expensive organic vegetables, despite their having a superior taste.  If it were acknowledged that organic farming methods are the nutritionally correct methods, consumers could use this new knowledge to make a more informed choice about whether to pay a somewhat higher price for their vegetables.  However, it seems the efforts being made to enlighten consumers are also insufficient.


Organic farming, which recycles the waste from industries such as stockbreeding, fisheries and food companies, as well as making use of weeds and fallen leaves from roadside trees, is a subject which must be grappled with.


Vast reductions in medical expenses are no longer simply a dream


In Japan, we have 1,639 health insurance associations (established primarily as cover for employees of large corporations and their families).  Yet as medical costs rise and incomes become more and more stretched, over 60% of these associations have found themselves in the red.  Because modern day illnesses are not being cured, a stockpiling phenomenon is taking place in medical institutions, as the number of patients continues to increase.


What happens when the human body does not receive enough minerals?  What happens when we don’t consume a good balance of the minerals we need or when minerals are completely omitted from our diets?  You don’t have to think for long to find the answers to these questions.  There is no shortage of people suffering from diseases such as cancer, atopy and diabetes.  Most of these diseases have been brought on by mineral deficiencies.


It’s a ridiculous situation.  Since the cause of modern day diseases is from mineral malnutrition, if farming methods were reviewed, with care being taken to ensure that vegetables include sufficient trace elements before they come to the market place, it follows that modern day diseases would naturally disappear.  So too would the health insurance groups’ deficit.  If these changes were made, then the individual contributions to national health insurance, which are currently set at 30%, could be greatly reduced.


The country is the problem.  The nation’s attitude, formed by blindly accepting the opinions of scientists who have missed the real cause and focused instead on immunity, is the problem.


Allergies are born from mineral deficiencies


Allergies are also diseases caused by mineral deficiencies.  I hope that soon it will be realized that the problem lies in farming and that by revising agricultural techniques, a solution may be found.


Among the crowds of Tokyo, I can spot many ladies who wear no make-up. They suffer from atopy dermatitis.  Depending on the season, one can also see men and women with a facial mask, suffering from hay fever that is going around.


These people grudgingly blame their suffering on allergens, air borne mites, antigens in food, pollen and the like; their real foes must be pollens and airborne mites. People! Pollens and mites are secondary causes.  Here again, the real cause is a deficiency of trace minerals.


Regardless of how much we try to suppress the symptoms, unless the cause of a disease is correctly identified, a fundamental treatment can never be achieved.  It is not a wonder that they don’t get cured.


I help cure these allergy patients with super minerals; and will never be free from illnesses unless we consume foods that contain an abundant amount of minerals.


Here I may be repeating the same thing, but I need to stress that there is no room for doubt in believing that the cause of modern day diseases is a deficiency of the gene minerals we call trace minerals.  If the body does not receive sufficient minerals, then people with a large amount of cancer genes will develop cancer, and those who have diabetes genes will develop diabetes.  Similarly, people with allergy matter, will react to mites and pollen and develop atopy, asthma, and hay fever, etc.


Are today’s medical treatments satisfactory?


Procedures to cure illnesses and injuries are called Te-Ate in Japanese (Te means hands, and Ate means applying).  The word “Te-Ate” comes from placing hands on the affected area. Yet it appears that nowadays medical institutions use the word not to describe the curing, but the diagnosing of a disease.


What’s more, a machine carries out the diagnosis.  When you go to a hospital, the first thing that happens is that you are examined by a machine, whether its an X-ray, echo scan, CAT scan, MRI, etc.  It is also a machine that gives you the results.  Doctors’ job is now simply that of reading the results.  The larger the hospital, the further you are, from having doctors perform the Te-Ate jobs such as taking a patient’s pulse, listening to the patient’s heart, manipulating a patient’s body or prescribing medicine.


No matter how many tests are conducted, even with the name of the disease identified, if the appropriate treatment is not given, the disease will not be cured.  In order to cure the disease, we must locate the cause.  If you ask the doctor questions like, “Why did I become sick?”, “What caused this disease?” the chances of you getting a satisfactory answer are very small.


Modern medicine dictates that if you have high blood pressure, then you are prescribed medicine to lower it. If you have a headache, you are given medicine to suppress the pain.


However, another way of looking at this is that pain is the immune system’s reaction within the living body.  It is the body’s work and resistance to disease at work.  It may not be enjoyable to tolerate the pain, but it is the body’s intrinsic healing reaction at work.  If we force ourselves to repress this pain, we will end up exacerbating the situation.


Yet, a patient with high blood pressure will find that after taking Super Minerals alongside the prescribed medicine for 3 months, his blood pressure will be stabilized.  The patient will then see no reason to take medicine soon.  In other words, it is the high blood pressure itself that is going to get cured.

The importance of increasing one’s own self-healing ability


It is felt that treatment through anti-cancer drugs and radiation gives certain results.  In reality, the consequences are that the body’s natural immune systems become ruined and patients end up suffering from side effects.


Irrespective of the extent to which cancer is repressed, patients are tortured by terribly painful side effects and consequentially the question would be “What was the point of repressing patient’s pain if s/he simply drops dead?”


It has been said that modern treatment is all about slicing off (affected areas).  However, even if a malignant tumor is cut away and the patient’s health is temporarily restored, as long as the cause of the damage is not clearly understood, we are left wondering when there will be a recurrence.


From a surgeon’s point of view, the success of a complicated operation requiring very high skills is a great achievement.  There is a significance that contributes to the advancement of medical science.  There have been many cases in which patients’ lives were saved and extended, but we may have come to the point where this sort of “cutting” business of medical treatment might have reached its limitation.


There is a need to focus on the root of the illness and its cause, not just to concentrate on cutting away the bad parts or taking away the pain.  We need to actively replenish such trace elements (minerals) in our bodies as calcium, iron, zinc, cobalt and manganese in order to counter the illnesses which have been caused by their absence or insufficiency.


We must make our bodies more resistant to disease, by supplying them with minerals and allowing our natural powers of defense to work soundly.


In the meantime, minerals (under the commercial name of Super Minerals) can be used to make up the trace mineral deficiency (the extent of mineral deficiency varies between individuals) and free us from illness.


Medical science should be aiming for a fundamental solution


Diagnostic errors frequently become problems.


Remarks are made concerning the fall in the quality of doctors and nurses, but the problem is also linked to the stream of high-tech medical equipments that are being developed so rapidly.  New products that keep on coming doctors and nurses must learn.  In spite of this, diseases are not being cured and the number of patients continues to grow.  With no cure, there is no end to the treatment, and so a newer method is suggested.  Because scientists do not recognize mineral deficiency as the cause of modern day diseases like cancer and cardiac infarction, the same mistakes are repeated again and again without ever leading to a fundamental remedy for the disease.


Mankind has kept on repeating the same things that predict a scary ending.  Do we mean we do not feel any fear if we all developed cancer together?  It is clear for everyone to see that because there is no cure for these diseases, medical costs continue to climb each passing year.  Reducing medical costs should be the country’s number one aim, and the peaceful coexistence between the medical communities and the exorbitant increase of medical cost, using patients’ lives as their collateral, should pose a grave political issue.


The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labor is trying to gain national support for its policy of reducing the number of hospitals from 9,000 to 6,000 in the name of an improvement in the health system.


Forty years ago, when I was a medical student, pediatrics was considered the king of all courses and was very popular.  Nowadays, however, it has become a medical specialty, considered “unappetizing, unpopular and unnecessary.”  .  It is seen as too labor intensive and very little to show in terms of a financial reward.


As the birthrate has fallen, so too has the number of child patients.  Moreover, there are few expensive treatments for children.  In comparison, there are much more cushy appetizing departments, and they are more popular where testing and treating of patients can be repeatedly done, for diseases which cannot be cured.  These departments like internal medicine and external medicine are looked at as having a future in their career.


There will come a day when birds sing blues for hospitals


Again, this will be due to rapid disappearance of lifestyle diseases, which will only be brought about through addressing the nutritional imbalance - the mineral deficiency in our diets – by either replenishing trace elements in our bodies or improving agricultural techniques.


Not only will there be a surplus of doctors and nurses, but as hospitals become unnecessary, they will inevitably go out of business.  The number of medical schools will also face a huge problem.  Theoretically, it would be sufficient to keep old numbers of universities and medical schools we used to have during and before the WWII, yet because the majority of citizens would enjoy longer lives, probably over to 100 years old, new social problems if not involving the medical institutions would arise as new needs are identified from the collapse of old medical issues.  .  . 


Recently, there has been a tendency for the government to accept amalgamated treatments (a combination of treatments both covered and not covered by health insurance).  Only a fraction of the hospitals which offer the most sophisticated treatments allow the use of theses amalgamated treatments.  The day when all medical institutions allow this is still a long way off.


At my clinic, we treat patients with the use of mineral cure which is not covered by insurance, along with treatment covered by the insurance, without touting as an amalgamated center


In order to reduce the financial burden of my patients, I do conduct telephone diagnosis without a direct physical examination of the patients, while keeping the medical treatment to a minimum.  My practice places an emphasis on giving an advice and diagnosis toward a perfect recovery as to the suggestion of the dosage of Super Minerals and the periodic observation of the progress.  My patients buy Super Minerals from a Friend’s Circle (nationwide association) then instruction on doses and the observation are given from my clinic.  Almost all of my patients have shown a progress in their health and are enjoying their daily life.


Imagine if everyone had a long life


This may cause some unnecessary anxiety, but before long, as you ponder the life span of over 100 years, several necessary cares may come up in your mind. 


It is likely that in an age where people are healthier and major disease becomes a thing of the past, we will be required to work longer years.  It is also natural that if we have to work until the age of 75, pressure on the workmanship itself will become lighter.


There may also be the problem of how we should spend our extra free time now that we are healthier.  I think that how to spend one’s pastimes will come to take a more important place in our lives.  It is only a matter of time before computer games are aimed not just at children, but also at adults, the elderly and even very old people of over 80 or 90.


I think the leisure industry will make great leaps as healthy people find themselves with too much free time on their hands to know what to do with.


I can imagine that as our lifespan becomes longer, more and more people will be attracted to the idea of cosmetic surgery.  It looks like there is a room after all for those dexterous surgeons to make a living as cosmetic surgeons.


This is why hospitals are not safe


A certain surgeon, following an operation said this to the patient’s family: “The operation was a success.  It is in the hands of God now.”  These words are more than enough to put the family in an agitated situation.  It is only natural that the family, who trust the doctor, and have left everything up in his hands, should naturally feel terrified and unbelievably anxious, when they hear that he, in turn, has passed the responsibility over to God.  Eventually, this patient was abandoned by God and passed away.  After contracting an additional disease while in hospital, this patient had not a prayer.


As well as infectious diseases contracted while in hospital, chemical poisoning and medical errors are also included under the name: Causes of Illnesses.  Because hospitals are places where sick people come for treatment, we don’t know for sure what germs they bring with them.  Since hospitals are a place where people in physically weakened conditions gather, the possibility of becoming infected by another disease is of course considerably higher.  This is an especially dangerous environment for children and the elderly. 


The hospital infection that has come under most scrutiny is MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus), which is responsible for causing suppuration diseases, pneumonia, food poisoning, septicemia, etc.  The weak and the elderly are at a particularly high risk of contracting these diseases.


There are many instances of MRSA being contracted through carelessness during treatments involving injections, feeding tubes, catheters and gauze changing. Infection, however, can be avoided, provided that basic preventative measures such as the sterilization of equipment are carried out diligently.  A health oversight coming from repeating the same procedure over and over could result in circumstances that are beyond “Oops, I made a mistake.” 


Among these that are scary are the germs which have built up a strong resistance to drugs.  The ineffectiveness of antibiotics results in a high temperature and consumes our body.  This can lead to the death of patients who would otherwise be expected to fully recover.  There is also a danger of mass infection; so it is imperative that care be taken.


Problems involving Legionnaire’s disease being spread through air-conditioning systems and bathtubs, triggering pneumonia, often make the headlines in the media.  These kinds of bacteria are found quite commonly.  They often make their way into our bodies, but in healthy people who possess sufficiently strong immune systems, they do not cause illness.


Why is it only in developed countries?


To speak in extreme terms, these new kinds of infectious illnesses belong to a group of diseased civilization.  They are a phenomenon not often seen in developing countries.  The reason for this is that, although the situation has changed slightly recently, at one time, chemical poisoning, soil damage as a result of agricultural methods, and air pollution were all foreign to lesser developed countries.


Through our daily lives in which we breathe polluted air, eat vegetables grown in contaminated fields, drink water treated by disinfectants, the minerals contained in our bodies have gradually been removed.  This means that we have lost our ability to resist germs, and our bodies’ natural healing power has also disappeared.


As no alternative exists, we have become dependent on medicine, repeating this vicious cycle and soon weakening our immune system further. However, it is quite easy to avert infection in patients suffering from MRSA by making him/her to drink Super Minerals, while strengthening his body and washing his sinuses.


Medicine is not safe


Surely everyone remembers the great social problems that were caused by drugs such as chinoform and thalidomide.  Chinoform led to SMON disease (sub acute myelo-optico-neuropathy), a disease with symptoms including sensation disorders, physical disabilities, eyesight problems and pain.  Thalidomide caused the outbreak of physical deformities among babies. Everybody, I am sure, remembers it. It has caused patients incalculable suffering.


Sixty-three-year old Mr. A suffers from diabetes.  He developed a slight feeling of angina, so every morning after breakfast he took a calcium antagonism prescribed by a cardiologist.  Six months later, he was struck by pain in his joints and a lethargic feeling in his body.  He consulted with the doctor who diagnosis diabetes in people.  He was told that he may be suffering form collagen disease.


Mr. A’s wife, who had a little knowledge of medicine, decided to try stopping the antagonism pills designed to expand the blood vessels, while always keeping nitro pills with her, just in case her husband had an attack.


Having done so, in less than a week, both the pain and the feeling of lethargy had left and her husband made a complete recovery.  Because of the doctor’s mistaken judgment, he was made to take medicine unnecessarily and almost dangerously was subjected to the collagen disease.



Seventy-five-year old Mrs. B suffers from high blood pressure and went to be examined at her local clinic.  For a long time, she continued to take the blood-pressure lowering medicine that her local doctor prescribed.  She states that she was also prescribed a number of other medicines.


One day, she suddenly became unable to move and was rushed to hospital.  Her legs were swollen and she was unable to stand, so the next day he was transferred to a public hospital for more detailed tests.


Parkinson’s disease was suspected but test results could not confirm this.  However, 2 or 3 weeks later, the swelling in her legs had subsided and her strength had returned.  Parkinson’s disease was ruled out, but without being specific, the doctor said that it may be a new disease.  Finally, she was somewhat ambiguously discharged from hospital.


The truth is that it was not Parkinson’s disease, nor was it a new disease.  In fact there was nothing the matter with her.  The cause was the medicine that she had been prescribed.


While she was hospitalized, she was not allowed to take her usual medicine prescribed to her by her previous doctor.  After stopping the medicine she had depended on for so many years, her health returned.  The medicine which was supposed to cure her prompted a different illness with worse symptoms than the original one.



Sixty-year old Mr. C was suddenly overcome by pain to such an extent that he was unable to sleep at night.  Somebody worried him by mentioning that he may be suffering from cardiac infarction, so he went to hospital.  At the hospital, cardiac infarction was not suspected and he was passed along to orthopedics.


Following an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) examination, the cause was diagnosed as wear and tear on one of his vertebrae.  He spent more than half a month in traction on painkillers without any improvement and without being able to sleep at night.


One of his friends heard about this and, based on his own experience, obtained some pills designed to stabilize his nerves from a pharmacist and gave them to Mr. C.  Mr. C occupied an important role and it was quite conceivable that the cause of his illness was stress from his demanding work.  Sure enough, thanks to these pills, Mr. C was able to get a good night’s sleep, and his pain, quite curiously, and completely disappeared.


Humans consist of both body and mind.  The mind can affect one’s body positively and negatively, just as the body can influence one’s mind.  Relying solely on the use of painkillers to subdue pain and anti-pyretics to lower a high temperature leads to the weakening and destruction of the body’s natural self-healing powers.  Moreover, the side effects of taking medicines can often result in more serious illnesses.


In the case of Mr. C, had he continued to take the anti-inflammatory painkillers, he may have gone on to develop a worse illness.


Pain occurs as a reaction to the body’s own efforts to repair itself and fight off disease.  If we try to stifle this pain unnaturally, we weaken our powers of resistance to illness and can even end up assisting the outbreak of such disease as cancer.


A frightening, but true story that sounds like a lie


It is not uncommon for a person who has passed away unnoticed by anyone, to be later discovered in a mummified state.


It may seem like a morbid topic, but according to morticians, the quantity of dry ice needed to store a body in the chapel of rest has decreased in recent times.  It seems like it cannot be real, but the truth of the matter is that this is possible because of the amount of food preservatives and antibiotics that have accumulated in our bodies.


Bodies discovered several days after their death show signs similar to those of dying of starvation.  There are many cases of the stomach either containing almost nothing or being completely empty.  It is time to seriously look at the situation that has come about in which so many piled up reserves of chemicals remain in the body after death that it delays the process of decomposition.


For instance, the amount of antibiotics used in fish farming is enormous.  Pigs, cows and chickens are no exception.  Humans too are in this whirl of antibiotic treatments.


In the previous cases of Patients A, B and C, they can be considered to have received no benefit from allopathic treatments, and in fact to have developed chemical poisoning during their treatment process.  By treating disease with Super Minerals, it will be possible to make causes of illnesses a thing of the past.

Chapter 3: Deficiency of the trace element minerals


The importance of recognizing the cause of a disease


One of the differences between Oriental herbal medicines compared to Western medicine is the philosophy of “adding versus subtracting”.  For example, in trying to raise the function of the heart, traditional oriental health adopts a “plus” way of thinking: i.e. which herbal medicine should be used, and which part it should be applied to.  In order to restore a weakened heart to its former function, consideration is given to what and where medicine should be supplied.  On the other hand, because the approach of Western medicine – which we have adopted – is to either cut out the bad part or destroy the bad cells, it can be thought of as a “minus” treatment.


In recent times, I regret that we have come to rely on Western medicine too much.  Although employing minus treatments may provide temporary improvements, unless the cause is investigated and dealt with, there is a danger of a new outbreak.  The more allopathic methods are administered, the weaker our immune systems become and the greater the risk of new diseases developing as a result of side effects.  Thus, it becomes impossible to escape from the vicious circle.


It is essential to understand the cause of a disease.


Why do we develop diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and liver disease? 


Why have these diseases become more chronic in modern times? 


Why are most patients concentrated in developed countries?


Thorough investigation will lead to the problem of mineral deficiency.  The largest cause of modern disease is mineral deficiency.


The mineral deficiency was the fundamental cause


Through breathing dirty air, eating vegetables cultivated in contaminated soil and drinking tap water that has been treated by disinfectants to the extent that it resembles distilled water, we have come to lack minerals, resulting in our bodies no longer functioning properly.


We Japanese first began to suffer from adult diseases in the mid-1950 when, thanks to the government’s policies of high economic growth, we had become a prosperous nation.  Of course, even before this time, there were so-called adult diseases - arteriosclerosis, high-blood pressure, diabetes, malignant tumors and the like.  However, it is only since we have begun to eat crops produced in contaminated environments with dirty air, water and land, that these diseases have become a major social problem.  This has been further spurred by a change in our diets, which now include more meat, instant noodles and other convenient foods.


The five major food groups are carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.  Of these five, it is only minerals that cannot be produced by the body.  We need to get minerals through food and water.  The problem has lied in the food we eat. 


Humans and animals both get minerals from plants.  Plants absorb minerals from the soil.  In soil destroyed by chemical fertilizers and agricultural sprays, even if there are minerals present in the form of small rocks and stones, there is still a shortage of organic minerals and ionized minerals that can be used by plants.


Even if there are minerals, because they are present in amounts of less than half (or more likely one quarter) of those of 50 years ago, we have a definite mineral shortage, especially of trace elements.

Minerals increase one’s self-healing capabilities


It is known that minerals are essential nutrients for the human physiology.  These are minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium (known as electrolytes) and minerals including iron, zinc, cobalt and manganese referred to as trace elements. All are necessary to our correct physiological function.


There is a lot about minerals yet to be elucidated scientifically, with much remaining just as a vague image, yet it is impossible to ignore the large effects that a shortage of minerals has on the human body.


Minerals are very closely connected with the human metabolism and play a crucial role in maintaining health, but it is not yet specifically understood which minerals perform which actions and how they interact with other elements.  Each element is present in such small quantities, and so intricately intertwined with other elements that the question of why they are beneficial to our bodies remains hitherto unsolved.


It is also because of this that many doctors trained in standard Western medicine are skeptical regarding the function and effectiveness of minerals in a pharmaceutical application.  There are also those who, while acknowledging that minerals are necessary, don’t accept that they have a great effect, or those who believe mineral overdose can lead to poisoning.  Care needs to be taken here.


However, it is a fact that treatment of most lifestyle diseases with super minerals increases recovery time.


Main symptoms triggered by insufficient minerals








Defective bone growth, osteoporosis, arterial sclerosis,


improper blood coagulation



Iron, Iodine

Anemia, irregular thyroid gland hormone function






Irregular bone growth & formation, angina pectoris, kidney failure, thrombosis






Circulatory problems, increased cholesterol in blood, loss of energy






Problems with reproductive functions, irregular development of taste organs, hypertrophy of the prostate gland, cancer






Loss of muscle mass, drop in adrenal gland function, heart disease, liver disease, asthma






Growth disorder, arterial sclerosis, rise in blood sugar level






Recently, thanks to the ICPms, we are now capable of measuring the mass of extremely small elements.  The scientific research into trace elements has thus been made possible.  Although good results are expected, many scientists, who cannot be persuaded to see the connection between minerals and modern disease, have so far failed to realize the importance of this new research potential.


Through introducing minerals to the body, remarkable improvements have been witnessed in the symptoms of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, atopy-related dermatitis, the after-effects of cerebral infarction, etc.  Since the original cause of these diseases is a mineral deficiency, it stands to reason that by replenishing the supply of minerals, the symptoms will improve.


Supplements of Super Minerals taken in combination with other medicines will also lead to a recovery in hay fever sufferers.


Modern treatments target secondary factors


Up until now, we have blamed hay fever on factors such as air pollution, a decline in water quality, additives in our food and on air borne mites.  However, these are no more than secondary factors.  If we have a healthy balance of the necessary minerals in our bodies, there is no reason that a small amount of pollen should make us sick.

The essential common minerals


Common Mineral

Essential for…




Bone and tooth formation.  Prompts coagulation, protects nerve cells




Metabolism of energy.  Regulates pH balance. 


Necessary for formation of teeth and bones.


Retains and activates vitamins A, B, C, D & E.  Enzyme catalyst.  Stabilizes nerves


Required nutrient for bones, liver and muscles.


Suppresses cholesterol levels, prevents diabetes, regulates pH balance


Prevents kidney damage


Promotes metabolism, regulates physiological function, propagates neural stimuli, regulates acid-alkali balance




Promotes metabolism, nerve control, regulates physiological function



The essential “new-comers”: trace elements


trace element

Essential for…




Promotes the metabolism of sodium, effective as a neural sedative,


Prevents manic depressive, emotional disorders.


Formation of bones and teeth, improves enzyme function.




Anti-cancer properties, improves enzyme function.





In the days before inorganic farming became prevalent, in a time when our lives were not contaminated by farm chemicals, we did not even know of the existence of cedar allergy, despite being exposed to the same amount of cedar pollen as we are today.


Fundamentally, living creatures had self-healing powers in their genes.  The power to fight off disease and produce offspring was not just the domain of plants and animals living in the wild.  We humans possessed it too.  Having unnecessary genes would threaten the survival of a living creature, thus there must have been some need for cancer genes and diabetes genes to be included in the body.


The presence of cancer genes and diabetes genes in the body is not a problem.  Problems arise when the body’s delicate metabolism is upset through a mineral deficiency, leading to irregular functioning of the cancer and diabetes genes, which in turn causes illness.


Since minerals are directly linked to the entire human metabolism, this immediately means that a lack of minerals is directly linked to disease.


Typical essential trace elements and their known functions

Typical Trace Minerals – yes, you need them.



Delivery of enzymes in blood and red blood cells; prevention from anemia


Synthesis of carbohydrates and protein; Absorption of fat; blood growth, antibiotic by enzymes, assist the works of vitamins


Plays part in creation of enzymes, required element in creation of hormones; Synthesis of protein, control of cholesterol, prevention of arterial-sclerosis, cure of cuts, an ingredient of insulin


Antibiotic element in enzymes; Create red blood cells teaming with iron; Prevention of heart illnesses and diabetes.


A substance indispensable in the creation of enzymes; Growth promotion; Prevention of Cancer; Creation of urine acid


If not present, leads to diabetes, high blood sugar count, arterial-sclerosis, stunt growth, interference with healthy growth of cornea.


Metabolism of fat, normalization of cholesterol


Stabilization of nucleus acid, creation of membrane around cells, required for liver and reproductive functions, assists enzymes’ work.


Growth promotion


Anti-aging, promotion of growth, anti-cancerous, cure of dermatitis, assists the function of Vitamin E, increase and strengthening of semen, recovery of eyesight


Minerals are the foundations of life


When the Earth first began to cool, its primitive atmosphere was a mixture of ammonia (NH3), methane (CH4) and water (H2O).  From these raw materials, natural phenomena like thunder (lightning) are believed to have created organic matters. The trace elements (metals) found on rocks and stones (trace elements) are regarded as providing a catalytic function.  It was also trace elements that acted as catalysts for the further polymerization of these organic materials.


Because minerals (trace elements) are an absolutely vital factor in the outbreak of life, they should really have been labeled “life elements”.  In molecular biological terms, genes produce primary proteins (the majority of the hundreds of thousands of protein enzymes are composite enzymes), which in turn group together by the dozen or so to form secondary proteins (physiologically active matters) and cause metabolism to occur.  From genes (protein layout), it is impossible to suddenly produce insulin, GOT, GPT, SOD and similar physiologically active matters.


Although primary proteins may possess several trace elements, depending on kinds of proteins, there are some which possess unique minerals (e.g. Hg or Cd). It is thought that if these minerals are lacking then the proteins are unable to withstand molecular vibration, and therefore become unable to carry out its catalytic function.


Bearing in mind that it is proteins (enzymes) that can advance the catalytic reactions of life elements (trace elements) by 10,000 fold, it is reckless of modern science to ignore them.


However, there is no need for alarm.  Research centered on life sciences has begun.  These include genomics research, which deals with genes; proteomics research, which looks at primary proteins; and metabonomics research, which examines the progressive journeys of primary proteins.  This amounts to the same as launching research into trace elements.


Minerals are metal elements essential to the body


Put simply, trace elements are minerals and they are metallic elements needed by the body.  There are about 100 elements in existence in the natural world.  Of course, the same numbers of elements are absorbed into our bodies through our food.


It was formerly stated that of these 100 elements, there are about 30 that are essential in order to maintain our lives.  Now, however, it is believed that almost all of the approximately 100 elements are needed.


There are 11 elements that make up most of our bodies.  These are hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, sodium, calcium, phosphorous, sulfur, potassium and magnesium.  These 11 elements account for 99.9% of our bodies.


Of these 11 elements, sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium are metals.  Add chlorine and phosphorous to these, and then we get the group of six metals known as major minerals.


The remaining 0.6% is made up of the elements known as trace elements including chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, zinc, selenium, molybdenum, and iodine.  Recently the following 6 elements have been added: vanadium, fluorine, silicon, nickel, arsenic and tin.  This means that most of the trace elements have now come to be considered essential to humans.


Because of the difficulties involved in analyzing the amounts of minerals and the effects that they have on the human body, it is expected to be quite some time before we grasp the entire picture of how these things work together.  We can, however, fully understand the vital roles that minerals, along with vitamins play in maintaining our health. 


Minerals are everywhere


By considering the symptoms that appear due to the lack of a certain mineral, it is possible to estimate vaguely which minerals perform which functions.


Minerals themselves do not possess calories, but as they react with proteins and vitamins, they prompt functions as in healthy body growth and the control of physiological processes. They are therefore situated at the heart of the life-maintaining human metabolism.


Generally, minerals exist everywhere in the natural world.  They are present in ores, in soil, in water and in air.  We absorb them by eating crops and by eating the livestock raised on hay and grains.

In the days before inorganic farming, before chemical fertilizers and agricultural chemicals contaminated the soil, we ate vegetables cultivated in mineral-rich soil.  We knew nothing of the existence of minerals, yet there were no problems for us.  The inorganic vegetables sold in today’s supermarkets contain such a devastatingly small amount of trace elements that it is impossible for us not to be adversely affected, and not to point it out as problems.


It has just come to light in the Office of Science and Technology’ report that today’s inorganically produced carrots and spinach contain between one seventh and one twentieth of the amount of iron compared to those which were produced organically in the years immediately following World War Two.


Illnesses brought upon by the insufficiency of minerals. 



Defective bone growth. Osteoporosis, arterial sclerosis, tooth decay,

Improper blood coagulation


Anemia, hair loss, interference of growth


Improper growth, problem with reproductive functions, decrease                       in sexual drive, irregular development of taste buds


Irregular bone growth, growth disorder, diabetes, rise in blood sugar level, irregularity in the metabolism of fat


Anemia, illness associated with pigment of hair color, illness associated with malnutrition


Anemia, huge loss of appetite


By addressing mineral insufficiencies, illnesses will be cured


Everyone has the experience of feeling a slight lethargy, stiffness in the shoulders or heaviness in the head.  Not a serious illness, but not on top form.  Not warranting a trip to the doctor, but unable to get over the uncomfortable daily symptoms.  Have we become a nation of “half sick” people?


Civilization developed through humans skillfully exploiting nature, while maintaining a harmony with it.  However, in the process of developing modern civilization, we have committed the great error of destroying nature.  We have contaminated the soil, polluted the air and water and ruined the balance of the ecosystem.  Now, we are paying for that deed through our diets.

Tap water has also become awful in taste.  The cause of this was mentioned previously.  Countless harmful substances have begun to accumulate in our bodies via contaminated water, air and agricultural products.  These toxic substances further suffocate the functioning of the already-weakened enzymes, while hindering the normal growth and activities of our cells.


The result of this is the occurrence of a mineral deficiency, which robs people of their natural powers of self-recovery and continues to create innumerable sick and half sick people.


Moreover, imbalanced diets and decreased immunity caused by overuse of antibiotics have led the creation of living creature called “man”, a being unable to withstand stress.


As the quantities of minerals we derive from food and water fall, we have become more prone to various diseases.  Since the actual number of people suffering is very large, it is only natural that we should look for some humanistic way of replenishing the lost minerals.


The consumption of balanced minerals is important


There is no uniform standard regarding the amount of minerals that should be consumed.  Doses must be deduced from animal experiments and clinical experiments.  There are also many additional factors that need to be taken into account, like individual patient’s lifestyle, age, sex, physical characteristics, etc.


Minerals should not be consumed rashly simply on the grounds that a patient is suffering from a lack of minerals.


If one mineral is consumed in excess, this may obstruct the absorption of other minerals and have the antagonistic effect of leading to an insufficiency of a different mineral.  Care must be taken to avoid any antagonistic action, which disrupts the mineral balance and health-maintaining functions of the body.


It is because of these antagonistic actions that the ratio of calcium to magnesium contained in the recently thriving deep seawater treatments can lead to problems.  When calcium and magnesium are consumed at a ratio of 2 to 1, the magnesium helps accelerate the absorption of calcium and works to control the body’s metabolism effectively.


It is while maintaining mutual relations with each other that minerals work to keep the body healthy.  The features of the Super Minerals, the water which I use, are not only that it includes a good balance of trace elements, but that it also contains an abundance of non-toxic Super Minerals (substitute minerals).


From the point of view of physiological functions, whether by use of trace elements or Super Minerals, it will take a good three months before one realizes a normal and total metabolic function.


Taken properly in well-balanced way for this period of time, a total recovery can be expected.


Stress destroys mineral balance


There are certainly more than a few people who have experienced stomach ulcers as a result of excessive stress.  Zinc suppresses the occurrence of ulcers.  The cause of ulcers is a drop in the level of zinc in the blood, leading to insufficient quantities reaching the stomach.


Stress is also closely related to minerals.  How does stress cause a fall in blood-zinc levels?  Due to stress, the liver increases its production of a protein called metarotionein.  For this protein to be produced, a lot of zinc is required, thus the zinc in the blood is retained in the liver.


Blood-copper levels, on the other hand, rise during stress, yet the effect this has on the body is not yet clearly understood.


At any rate, stress destroys the body’s internal balance and causes illness.  As we begin to understand the true identity of minerals, we will further come to acknowledge their importance.


Alcoholism and the liver


The liver is the organ that takes care of the metabolism of protein.  It also takes care of the metabolism of minerals themselves.


By drinking alcohol excessively on a daily basis, zinc is more easily excreted and zinc deficiency diseases become the result.  This is why many people suffering from alcoholism and sclerosis of the liver generally have very low zinc-blood levels and suffer from illnesses associated with those levels.


The tendency toward the increase of copper within the blood is analogous to the excessive stress created by drinking alcohol.  They are in the same physiological state.


There are also reports that alcohol raises the level of selenium in the blood, which brings about liver disorders.


Why do people develop cancer and diabetes?


Japanese people have suffered from so-called adult diseases since the mid-1950, when, due to the policies of high economic growth, Japan became a more prosperous country.  Of course, even before then, these adult diseases (arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, malignant tumors, etc) existed, but it was in the time period when only people with bad diet habits contracted these adult diseases. However, it was only when we began to eat crops grown in contaminated environments with dirty air, water and soil – a situation further worsened through the use of chemical fertilizers – and these diseases became a big social problem.   In developed countries we have now reached the situation, where no matter how much attention we pay to the diseases brought upon by unbalanced diets, which was the initial cause of high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, we now still get diseases today.


The occurrence of these illnesses has also been spurred on by changes in our diet, which include a disproportionately large amount of meats and too many instant foodstuffs.


Of the 5 major food groups – carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals –only minerals cannot be produced by the body.


We have to get our supply of minerals from food and water.  What becomes problematic is the food and water themselves.


Humans and animals get their minerals from plants.  Plants absorb minerals from soil, but the soil that has been destroyed by chemical fertilizers and agricultural sprays doesn’t contain any absorbable minerals.  Even if these minerals are assumed present, it is said that there is less than half the amount the soil of 50 years ago used to have.  Therefore our body can be said to suffer absolutely from mineral insufficiencies. 


According to genetic information, if there are no trace elements contained in the protein produced in the body, then genes will not operate sufficiently.  There is no doubt that trace elements play a vital role in the life phenomena known as genes.


It can also be proven that the direct or indirect ingestion of Super Minerals (which includes trace elements and concentrated minerals) leads to an unconditional recovery from illnesses.


For example, cancer occurs more easily in the absence of sufficient trace elements.  NK cells stop functioning properly; cancer cells no longer die out (apoptosis), which means that those people with cancer genes go on to develop cancer. 


Similarly, if people lack these trace elements, those with diabetes genes develop diabetes.  Formerly diabetes was a disease that only affected those with an unbalanced diet like sumo wrestlers’.  Now, however, it is common even among ordinary people like you and me.


Since the end of World War II, obstinate diseases of the immune system have continued to spread, yet I believe that these diseases affect people with those kinds of inherent genes, who because of a lack of trace element minerals, are unable to suppress them. 


I also believe that it is the timing genes (tentative nomenclature), which has something to do with the emergence of various other genes, that’s gone crazy because of mineral deficiency.


Replenishing the body’s mineral supply can halt the progress of all the so-called modern illnesses. 


The unending metastasis of cancer cells


The human body is made up of sixty trillion cells.  As metabolism is repeated over and over, there are tens of thousands of cells that are created and expelled from the body everyday.  Included among these are cells which are harmful to the body.  It is believed that over fifty thousand cancer cells are produced in one day.  However, as soon as they are formed, the NK cells exterminate them.


This is the reason why we postulate that when the imbalance occurs in our metabolic activities from the insufficiency of minerals, our immunity’s power drops and therefore the body cannot conquer malignant cells.


A healthy cell stops its activity of multiplication once the formation of the particular organ is completed.  However, those cells affected by cancer-causing viruses, or cancer cells capable of telomea growth, begin to metastasize again.  As a result of this sudden and disorderly metastasis activity, healthy surrounding cells will begin to get destroyed.


This is what they mean by someone having cancer.  Normally, healthy cells metastasize at a rate of once a day at the most, while cancer cells, on the other hand, continue to metastasize at a rate of once a few hours to once less than 10 hours.


The size of a cell is approximately several hundredths of a millimeter.  After metastasizing by 30 times, one cancer cell will number a billion; after 40 metastasis, a trillion.  By these calculations, it takes only ½ month for one cancer cell to reach a weight of almost 900 grams. This is something we need to fear. 


In order for rapid metastasis to continue, there needs to be a corresponding supply of oxygen and energy.  Naturally, the existing blood vessels cannot meet such a supply.  The frightening thing about cancer is its ability to establish new blood vessels and continues to increase its life.  These are known as newborn blood vessels.


The cancer cells, which can now absorb larger quantities of oxygen and nutrients from the new blood vessels, can now eat into the surrounding tissues and begin the process of metastasis. They can even invade into other organs in our body.  This is how they metastasize in our body: using existing blood vessels.


Because of their cell-bonding molecules, healthy cells will reattach themselves to the organ they belong even after they are peeled away from their specific organ.  Cancer cells, however, can easily detach themselves and move freely through the body’s tissue to other organs and continue their penetration.  If cancer cells invade an area and metastasize themselves, they will put pressure in the surrounding healthy cells at first and will, before long, go to work to destroy our organs.


Why do minerals suppress side effects?


Final stage of cancer is accompanied by agonizing pain.  It is believed that this pain is caused by cell growth that then puts pressure on and penetrates the surrounding tissues.  This pressure and penetration triggers responses from nerves.  The cancer cells themselves have no reason to cause the pain.

The liberation from pain that comes from drinking Super Mineral Water is believed to be a result of the replenished minerals acting to strengthen the immune system and NK cells, which in turn go on to both inhibit the growth of the cancer cells and eradicate those cells metastasizing, thereby removing the pressure from sensory nerves.  Minerals themselves do not possess any function to ease pain or block nerves from sending pain.


Super Mineral Water works to stifle the side effects of cancer treatment by revitalizing the metabolism through its supply of minerals and quickly repairing the cells destroyed by anti-cancer drugs or radiation.  There is of course also the possibility that the side effects are stopped through detoxification of the anti-cancer drugs that takes place in the liver.


As a result of the nutrients and organic compounds derived from plants, cells breathe and emit a chemical energy called adenosine triphosphate.  When an enzyme breaks this down, it creates energy which the cells use in order to function.


This means that no matter how many nutrients are supplied, without the enzymes, the energy that is the source of a cell’s activity will not be attained.


 In order to generate energy, enzymes vibrate at a frequency of more than 10,000 times per second.  The sources of this power are the very same trace elements and minerals which are included in Super Mineral Water.


Drinking Super Mineral Water means the enzymes that had lost their life from the invasion of the cancer cells are now reactivated.   Energy supplied to the cells restores the latter to their former active self.  If a healthy metabolism can take place, the body’s natural powers to fend off harmful side effects will return.


A further point to be considered is that minerals may boost the function of enzymes in the liver whose function is to break down poisons. This conclusion can be reached by considering Super Mineral Water’s effectiveness in a rapid cure of a hangover.  Significantly detoxifying the concentration of alcohol in the blood in the matter of a few minutes is indeed an extraordinary and unparallel feat by minerals.


Earnest research into minerals has begun

Thanks to developments in genome analysis techniques and the decoding of genes that has accompanied it, discussions of this topic have become commonplace.  Formerly, the mention of genes would conjure up images of Mendel’s law and a domain of biology in which we could use our own eyes to study what God had determined.  Science has progressed from that time to a point where we can now, little by little, solve nature’s mysteries.


The field of study that explains the phenomenon of life most scientifically is biochemistry.  Biochemistry has developed enormously.


However, at the same time as biochemistry has been developing logical theories regarding the metabolic process – which is both shapeless and invisible to the human eye – it is also the field which has endeavored to provide solutions through the use of visual images.


As cells’ internal metabolism cannot be seen, it has become necessary to seek solutions employing virtual reality game-style techniques.  Electron microscopes have compensated for this to a certain degree, enabling us to see more, yet we are still unable to see as far as the molecules which actually perform the metabolic process.


Nobody has ever seen a molecule performing its function, even large molecules like protein.  It looks like it will be a little further in the future before techniques enabling us to see molecules moving at high speed.


Research on the periphery of minerals has only just begun.  Biochemistry is just starting to follow the clues yielded from research into genes and the proteins that make them up.  However, most surprising from my point of view, since I’ve been calling for such action for a long time now, is that research into the gene minerals known as trace elements has begun.


It seems that genes, which are at the very heart of medicine, are finally coming under the scientists’ scalpel.  At the tip of that scalpel is the total understanding of minerals, and although scientists are currently unaware, it includes things that will soon find themselves under the center of the spotlight.


The number of human genes


In April 2003 the results of the decoding of the final human genes were published.  According to that, the number of human genes is between 30,000 and 40,000.  It was also estimated that about 5,000 of the 32,000 genes cause hereditary disease, of which 1,200 have already been identified.  However, one does, probably, not have to expect much of these results.


The reason I say this is because modern day diseases occur simply because of a mineral deficiency.  Even if the genes that cause the diseases are discovered, we still cannot expect much in the way of a total cure.  The report holds an important meaning for just a fraction of diseases – only the truly hereditary diseases.  For other diseases, the effectiveness of Super Mineral Water is already beginning to be understood.


Living creatures have only a limited space in their nucleus for genes; they cannot afford to house unnecessary genes.


In any case, for an organism to possess such genes they must be essential for the life of the organism.  It is not because they cause diseases that they are kept.  As long as trace elements – mineral genes – are provided in sufficient numbers, each gene can work in a normal way, which means that even if the body includes genes which do cause disease, they will be functioning properly and thus not lead to the outbreak of a disease.


Nevertheless, diseases such as hemophilia and colorblindness (which are true hereditary diseases in that they are set in the genes) will continue to crop up.


However, consumption of minerals will ensure the prevention of so-called modern day diseases such as cancer, and diabetes, while obstinate diseases may in fact be easily suppressed by sufficient minerals intake.  I predict a drastic reduction in both of these types of diseases.


Despite the fact that insufficient consumption of minerals has led to a loss of nutritional balance in citizens of developed countries without exception, meaning that these people have become more prone to illness, the majority of scientists are still committing great errors.  Just because it has become possible to analyze genes, scientists are mistakenly trying to place these diseases into the same category as genetic diseases.  In fact, they have already made that mistake.


Already approximately 80% of children are prone to allergies


Advanced countries have developed agricultural machineries and achieved a large scale farming system that is extremely efficient.  They have also succeeded in improving various produce to suit mankind’s specification, producing and delivering them in mass quantity.  However, it seems that there was a large pitfall.


While man may have won the battle against starvation, the flaws in the way this victory has been achieved have gone unnoticed.


To give an example, today’s children are from birth lacking gene minerals (trace elements), which means that around 80% are predisposed to allergies.


Children suffer from atopy dermatitis.  Food allergies cause dietary problems for other children, resulting in serious diseases that hinder growth.  We now look back fondly at the good old days when the worst ailment for a child was bronchial asthma.


We are now in an ‘anything-goes’ situation.  Children who love fast food have become caught up in the cheap economical activities (inorganic farming methods).  If this situation is allowed to continue, there is little doubt that diabetes will become the norm in children, and people in their 40’s will be struck down one after another by cancer, cardiac infarction and sclerosis.  I would like to avoid this tragedy at any cost.


The lies of the criminal theory of Free Radicals


Free Radicals are oxygen that is chemically more reactive, compared to regular oxygen.   It leads to harmful lipid-peroxide production, but there is no particular danger in this itself.  Because a great deal of untruths has cropped up about the diseases that free radicals cause, delusions concerning the existence of free radicals have followed.  Contemporary medical science – the leading edge of scientific discovery is useless and up to no good.


Even though the cause of disease is a mineral deficiency, sort of mineral malnutrition, research has continued into secondary, and quite frankly, unimportant factors.  In the case of cancer, they point out carcinogens; with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, they single out overeating; and for hay fever, why not the pollens?  As long as research like this goes on, on these pointless matters, a fundamental solution will never be found.


With no answer to diseases coming from the medical community, the new theory of Free Radicals has been put forward.  We are currently in a health food boom, as one greedy supplier after another surface and make great profits from the new health foods they introduce into the market.


Suppliers have succeeded in manipulating the market by taking a small part of the scientifically proven facts, stretching them until they become contorted beyond recognition and then patching up the holes in the story with eloquent words.


Since no one from the worlds of medicine and science has appeared in the press to refute the lies regarding free radicals, an image of free radicals as a demon-like substance responsible for all diseases has been created in the media.


It is possible for free radicals to exist in gas, but it is so unstable that, even in gases, it is soon transformed into a more stable substance.


In reality the amount of free radicals in blood is negligible.  Furthermore, it is present neither in blood serum nor in red blood cells.  If it is present at all, then it exists only in tiny amounts in living white blood cells and lymph cells.


There are no free radicals on a cell’s surface.  They are produced in the part of the cell where metabolism takes place, but it quickly disappears.  Due to their extreme instability, they disappear in 0.001 seconds.


In the place where the chemical reaction known as metabolism occurs, free radicals are constantly produced.  Where the reaction takes place at peak, a lot of free radicals are produced but disappear in an instant.  It is thus more accurate to say that there are no free radicals here.


Free Radicals disappear before they can arrive at the areas of damaged DNA, which have been linked to the production of cancer cells.  For free radicals to be able to reach the DNA in the cell’s nucleus, high-energy radiation, such as UV rays, is needed.  Only under these conditions will free radicals cause cancer.  There are no other ways apart from this that free radicals will lead to cancer.  It is impossible for free radicals to reach the cell’s nucleus.


Free Radicals are crying for ‘innocence’ verdict


In a nutshell, free radicals cannot possibly become the cause of illnesses, even if they wanted to, but have been cast as a villain in a play called life style illnesses. 


By making free radicals (which are not even present anyway) the villain in this imaginary game, health food companies have made it easier to sell their products.


An oxygen substance known as SOD does exist; however, its presence is limited to a cell’s periphery.  I wish I could see this SOD in action in our blood stream with my own naked eyes. 


SOD is a protein that contains metal (trace element).  This protein is broken down in the stomach to become amino acid.  It only means that there is a role that this metal plays as a trace mineral. No more, no less.


Some TV program featured free hydrogen, in a leading role of neutralizing free radical. I wish I could meet this leading character in this drama. Because people show their belief in this good-for-nothing story, the industry that sells health foods, health appliances and water purifiers enjoys a robust sales record.  The health organizations, which have failed to cure diseases, continue to make one mistake after another, requiring resuscitation.


The limits of health foods


Products that include SOD are reported to be abundant of trace elements, yet in fact, if they are at all effective against cancer, there is a possibility that they contain a small amount of super minerals.  I expect there may be enough to fend off illnesses.


Agriccus, Propolis, and Chitin make use of a trace amount of Super Minerals that are contained in Beta-Glukan - high sugar proteins. Pure Beta-glukan’s role is to break down in the stomach into amino acids.  Amino acids provide only nutrition and do not have any ability to cure illnesses.  If trace elements are present, it is a different story. However, even if they are present, they are insufficient in quantity to be effective enough to treat cancer.


Beta-Clukan is nothing but a carrier. It appears that the companies offering us all of these health foods are not too concerned with scientists’ opinions of their products.  The truth is that scientists do not object simply because of the absurdity of the products’ claims.


Anyway, Super Mineral Water – the universal mineral substitute of genetic minerals (trace elements) – will normalize an organism’s metabolism.  The organism’s genes will ascertain protein (the majority are enzymatic proteins) to work properly according to the information given to them.


Forty years ago, trace elements were abundant in vegetables, and therefore living beings lived their proper lives and did not get sick. Due to inorganic methods, however, today’s produce are extremely lacking in trace elements, which has created disorder in our metabolisms and led to the outbreak of modern day diseases.


It is therefore easily possible to cure these diseases – even with substitute minerals – if we make it a point to consume absolute amount of minerals.


Given a little time, substitute minerals will go on to succeed in absolutely curing the diseases where even advanced medical technologies have not been able.


It is impossible to expect great benefits from health foods


Among the various health foods on the market, there is certainly one or two which can offer a little help in combating cancer and lifestyle diseases.  There are a whole host of expensive health foods including products made from various kinds of mushrooms.  Only a small amount of super minerals is required for mushrooms to be able to ensure the survival of their next generation, which means that the amount of super minerals contained in mushroom-based products is insufficient to be effective as a treatment for cancer.  The ultimate result is that patients will postpone their death to a slight degree and in doing so will basically die in poverty.


Recently, the failure of Agarricus mushrooms to treat cancer as anticipated has led to the advent of Meshima sea kelps and similar products.  Sooner or later people will realize that these products are just as unlikely to be the solution to cancer. These products are much more effective than anti-cancer drugs in terms of extending a patient’s life, but they do not lead to a total cure.


The original Beta-Glugan is a substance that can easily hold minerals, and so if an effective way for super minerals to be included in this can be discovered, then there is a possibility for minerals to be absorbed by the intestines.


Mushrooms are parasites (or fungi) and do not grow on areas of the soil which are mineral abundant.  Rather, they have evolved over years and years of living through mineral shortages to the point where they store mineral substitutes – super minerals – and make use of them to ensure the survival of their species.


Super Minerals have been right under our noses all along


There are many interesting kinds of water available, such as alkaline water, ionized water, deoxidized water and others.  The logic goes that passing electricity through an electrode made from an alloy of the super minerals like platinum, titanium and tungsten causes small amounts of the minerals to be dissolved.  The result is a miraculously effective water-like medicine.


Manufacturers of water purifiers have managed to sell their products by offering explanations even without understanding the truth of the matter.  It certainly is a fact that the water is good and, if over 8 liters is consumed, slightly miraculous results can be achieved.  And so it sells well.


However, it is a different matter to claim that it cures diseases.  Because the amount of super minerals included is very small, the extent to which symptoms will be relieved is mere conjecture.


Water from the foothills of the Mount Fuji is rich in the super mineral vanadium and is well known as an effective treatment for diabetes.


There is also a scientific paper on the effectiveness of vanadium on diabetes, but unfortunately it includes no investigation into genomes (the foundation of the gene group) and is thus rendered as an impotent study.  Sooner or later a dissertation that promotes more confidence is sure to be published.


Medical world currently uses platinum to treat cancer and rheumatism.  It is easy to recognize the effectiveness of germanium used to treat for cancer and lifestyle diseases once you understand that this particular mineral is part of Super Mineral Water.


After all, the earth still rotates


Factory workers and researchers who handle tungsten sodium acid in their daily work orally and deliberately ingest this mineral, and there are thus many who escape diseases such as cancer and diabetes and go on to live to the age of one hundred.  The super mineral tungsten permeates their entire bodies, and although it is at such a level that it will not be detected in tests or show up on X-rays, throughout the world, those people whose work involves tungsten live to a ripe old age.


Medical proof is yet to be achieved and until sufficient research has been completed proving the effectiveness of gene minerals (trace elements), the current situation of minerals not being recognized as valid medical treatments will continue.


However, in the meantime, while many still suffer from modern day diseases, there is now more to look forward to than just death.  I consider it my role to alleviate the suffering of many people until official recognition is gained.


Conservatism, self-protectionism and the limits of the health system


Among juvenile cancer, leukemia is the most frequent, followed by neuroblastoma.  We observe many cases of retinoblastoma.  They are observed in such areas as the adrenal gland and the sympathetic nerves.


Since I was the head of Chiba Prefecture’s Health Center, I can cite many examples of these kinds of problems.  “Early discovery and early treatment” used to be the philosophy, and with surgery in the early stages no longer considered effective, this kind of treatment is now starting to be looked upon as unnecessary.  Aftereffects such as nervous paralysis and extraction of the eyeball are a grave problem.


I have cured these types of cancer and I attempted to inform my colleagues at the Health Center of its benefits.  However, I could not succeed in persuading any of the health professionals to listen seriously to my views.  As well as individual viewpoints, I became aware of other issues affecting this topic, namely the problems of responsibility and self-protectionism.  Being head of the Health Center, I could not force my opinion on others, yet I could not deny the urgent need I felt to spread my knowledge of super minerals.


Even now, despite its medical applications remaining unrecognized, I try at every opportunity to put forward the overwhelming advantages of super minerals.  With so many good results already achieved, I sincerely hope that a medically accepted analysis of Super Minerals will soon be carried out.  Notwithstanding all of this, university researchers have failed to take any action.


There are many doctors and scientists around me, but none listens when I attempt to explain to them that trace elements are gene minerals.  My explanations of the effectiveness of Super Minerals as a substitute for gene minerals are met with criticism that I may not use a substance not officially recognized as a medicine. 


Conservatism, self-protectionism and the limits of the health system all are conspiring to block my path.

Chapter 4: Drinking Super Minerals will stop cancer deaths


The advent of Super Minerals


I have given various explanations, but so far I have given results for treatment of cancer using Super Mineral Water, a solution containing trace minerals in an ionized state.  Cancer treatments have come thus far without paying much attention to inorganic substances such as metals, salts and water.  Judging that the search has been too focused on organic plants and animal materials, I have turned my attention to inorganic substances – minerals!


Minerals include toxic substances like mercury and cadmium, and so great care must be taken.  Minerals included in foods are organic minerals and therefore easily absorbed by the body, but without ionizing inorganic minerals, their absorption will become almost impossible.  Because minerals carry out their functions within the cells, it is imperative that they can reach the inside of the cells.  It is for this reason that they must be dissolved in water.


During my research, I came upon a solution in which minerals extracted from ore were kept ionized.  After naming the solution Super Mineral Water, I experimented testing it on curing cancer as a treatment for cancer. It is still unknown precisely what role each mineral plays in the body.


Well water from the foothills of the Mount Fuji


Although they do no harm, up until now the effects of titanium, vanadium, tungsten and platinum, etc., dissolved in Super Mineral Water, were not known.  It has been discovered, however, that vanadium had a similar influence as insulin in that it causes the blood sugar level of diabetics to fall.


The well water from the foothills of the Mount Fuji contains vanadium, and is actually used as treatment for diabetes.  Similarly, platinum is already used as an anti-cancer drug.


 As I await better understanding concerning titanium and tungsten, I feel there is a strong inkling that titanium is hiding some secret.  It is because I suspect there is a possibility that titanium is linked to the immune system in promoting a cancer-fighting function.  There is no longer any room to doubt that minerals are effective in fighting cancer.


Each active mineral contained in Super Mineral Water is only present in a very small amount.  Various minerals work in concert with so many different proteins (enzymes) and play the role of destroying cancer cells in a synergistic fashion.


Super Minerals in an Ionized state


The minerals included in the Super Mineral Water, which I use as a treatment, are dissolved in water in an ionized state.  Only when minerals are ionized, the body can absorb these minerals. 


This solution has yet to receive official approval as medicine, but when used alongside existing methods of cancer treatment, great results have been observed.


A patient with stomach cancer, who had been diagnosed as only having a few months to live, visited my clinic.  This patient had been advised by his doctor to undergo surgery as quickly as possible, but being advanced in years, he was in search for an alternative treatment without involving surgery. 


I arranged for the surgery to be put off for a short time and had the patient drink Super Mineral Water Perhaps as a doctor I should come under some criticism for recommending a method of treatment yet to be fully understood, but I was confident that the efficacy of Super Mineral Water should not be ignored.


I adjusted the concentration of Super Mineral Water to suit this patient and had him drink 150ml daily.  Before long, the patient’s pain began to recede and he started to regain his strength.  In a few months, the cancer’ size had decreased and he was able to go about his daily life without any inconvenience.  His recovery came as a great surprise to the doctor who had recommended surgery.


In another case, a female patient in her late sixties underwent surgery after developing ovary cancer, which later, however, reoccurred, leading the removal of her entire ovary.  This second operation should have succeeded in getting rid of the cancer, but it is from this point that the story becomes tragic.  Because of the anti-cancer drugs and radiation, she lost her hair and reached the point where swallowing food became difficult.  She was made to suffer these side effects for a long time as she continued to take anti-cancer drugs in order to reduce the possibility of the cancer returning.


Even today in Japan, over 300,000 people die of cancer every year.  That’s how fearful cancer should be to us. 


The administration of Super Mineral Water is effective against all types of cancer


There are two ways of treating cancer: (a) a direct treatment of the local area including surgery and radiation, and (b) medicine that affects the entire body.  The actual recovery rates are 40% for localized treatment, and 10% for anti-cancer drugs. The remaining 50% of patients experience the unfortunate result.


I have in my time seen many cases.  While noting patients’ lifestyles and controlling their diets, I have recorded results of those who drink Super Mineral Water.


I have confirmed that cases of skin cancer involving tumors of less than 5mm will show signs of cure in 2- 3 weeks.  There are also numerous cases of tumors of up to 2cm disappearing in one or two months, while even larger tumors have disappeared in a few months.


If not the total cure, Super Mineral Water has made improvements by stopping the tumors’ progress, while reducing their size and shortening the amount of radiation, thus boosting the treatment’s effectiveness. These benefits have helped patients immeasurably.


The administering of minerals displays remarkable results in the treatment of cancer in early stage, mid-stage and final-stage of its digression.   Minerals positively work against cancer. .


Taking away pain caused by cancer is linked to the healing of cancer.  This is because as minerals work to cure cancer, pain naturally becomes less.  To put it differently, it is the same minerals that help remove pain that are attacking cancer cells.


To explain why this happens, we must look for a scientific answer, but unfortunately, it is yet to be theorized.  The device able to measure minerals has only just been invented.  Measuring instruments of minerals have just been developed. We are still at the stage where we have been increasing the number of clinical precedents and examining the postulations.


Verification that minerals’ actions are effective on the human body is yet to be achieved, but, as I have explained so far during this book, minerals are an effective treatment for cancer.  I consider it wrong not to use something that we know works.


At this stage, I am of the opinion that as soon as one drinks Super Mineral Water, the metastasis of cancer will come to a stop. Because of the greater time frame patients are provided with, hospitalization followed by an immediate surgery is no longer necessary.


Monitor their condition for about 4 months, and only if necessary, perform the surgery. In reality there will be many instances in which surgery will no longer be required.


There may well be cases of harassment from the doctor in charge (where a doctor ignores patients’ wishes and abuses his position of authority to create problems) and cases where a recovered patient is looked at with suspicion.


Other typical cases


I received a call from one mother.  Her 18-year old daughter was suffering from Crohn’s disease, an obstinate disease that affects body’s digestive system.  Her intestine had become perforated causing a festering peritonitis. She was barely hanging on to her life with antibiotics to stable her condition.


The girl had a high temperature and was at a loss when informed “hopeless.” I immediately put her on a course of high dosage Super Mineral Water.  I had known a previous case in which a patient who had shown no response whatsoever even to the strongest antibiotics went on to recover through minerals from lobal pneumonia.


This case turned out to be the same with the symptoms eventually stifled by Super Mineral Water.  However, a further problem was created despite the use of Super Mineral Water because an ulcer remained in the stomach.  The problem was that the hospital would not involve itself with the removal of this ulcer.


The hospital argued that as this was a case of Crohn’s Disease, this disease will eventually cause another inflammation there. They are saying that since Crohn’s disease is incurable, there is no medical justification to remove this ulcer, this despite the fact that for this patient it was the matter of life and death there.


It was then that a family member phoned me again to discuss the issue.  I advised that it would be a good idea for the whole family, rather than just the patient, to meet with the doctor and request that the operation went ahead.  In less than a week I was informed that the doctor had, somewhat unwillingly, agreed to the operation and had decided the date on which it would take place.


An otherwise healthy person suffering from Crohn’s Disease can be cured easily through a six month to one year course of low concentration mineral solution.  However, if an ulcer remains following the treatment, the patient is forced to live their life as if they are holding a time bomb, so it is much better to have the offending tissue removed.


Anyway, the operation was completed and the patient set out smoothly on the road to recovery.  The very same doctor who had denied the operation stating that Crohn’s Disease could not be cured was heard to mutter under his breath that this patient was probably not in fact suffering from Crohn’s Disease.  Even though costly consequences were more than likely, had the operation not taken place, the doctor showed no signs of remorse.


Various cases of treatment which tell of ‘Super Mineral Water’s effectiveness


At Saitama Medical University, there was a case of a patient overdosing on anti-cancer drugs, in which Pinchrystine, a medicine supposed to be administered once a week, was mistakenly administered daily for a whole week.

The name of the disease that the “murdered” patient was suffering from was rhabdomyosarcoma.  This is a disease which can be easily cured with Super Mineral Water.  If the family of the patient reads this book, they will understandably feel an incredible sense of injustice.


This is a feeling that will in the future surely echo across the world as cancer patients and their families realize that they didn’t grasp the opportunity offered by Super Mineral Water – a treatment capable of curing cancer.


There was another case involving a 62-year old male patient suffering from rhabdomosarcoma.  When he first visited me, he appeared to be in good health, but informed me that in 20 days he was due to undergo an operation on his thigh to treat rhabdomosarcoma.  Following the operation, he was told he would no longer be able to stand up straight, something he would just have to accept.


I told him that his legs were important as he would live a long life and sent the patient and his wife home.  They understood what I was saying. They were persuaded. Super Mineral Water has the ability to halt the development of this tumor. So I advised that it would be better to agree to the operation only after trying Super Mineral Water and looking at the results. 


Following this, however, a team of doctors consisting of professors, assistant professors and some doctors from the medical center visited him.  All of who recommended surgery. I heard from his wife that he eventually went through with the operation.  “He’s so weak he couldn’t refuse”, she offered apologetically.  Notwithstanding the operation, he had already consumed 20 days’ worth of Super Mineral Water, which would have separated the cancer tissue from the healthy muscle cleanly.  This meant that the surgeon was able to complete the operation without removing excessive amounts of muscle Thus; the worst-case scenario was avoided.  The result was that while not able to walk easily, with the aid of walking devices like crutches, he managed to get around.  Of course, his health was not a question.


Two years later, I was told that he had completed a muscle transplant operation and was fine.  “I should have put off the original operation a little longer,” he lamented.


“The director of the health center’s water ”


He is a 75-year old man.  I was working as the director of the Sawara Health Center in Chiba Prefecture, when he slowly approached me asking to please cure his lung cancer.  He has a 2x7cm cancerous (gland) tumor, and as surgery was not an option, he was receiving radiation therapy.


I recall saying, “Since I don’t know exactly how much and how long you should take, please start on about 100cc.”  This was 9 years ago, when I was still unsure about dosages and frequency.  This patient was, in fact, able to teach me by estimating with his own body his appropriate dosage of Super Mineral Water.


After more than six months, when visible signs of his cancer had decreased and stabilized, he began saying that he “did not feel like drinking this water as before” He had made a complete recovery by then.


The problems started after this.  The recovered patient began to recommend “the director of the health center’s water” to patients he had met during his hospitalization and to other friends who were in hospital.


This man was fond of talking in such places as the barbershop, and it turned out that he knew many people.  His friends, taking his advice, asked their own doctors for the same kind of treatment.  The way they saw things, the hospitals were in the same prefecture as the Health Center, so there should be no problem. 


They naturally thought that there had to be a direct communication between the hospital and the health center since they both belonged to the same prefecture.


Having witnessed the reality, it is not hard to understand that patients, who, themselves, were focused on their own recovery, began to make a lot of noise.


Cases in which I have brought about a complete recovery


The hospital, which sees minerals as completely unrelated to cancer treatment, interpreted this patient’s recovery as radiation therapy working effectively.  Even though we were colleagues in the same prefecture, I began to come under criticism.  Soon, the Division Head of the Public Health, who was on a temporary assignment in Chiba Prefecture, called me in.


He said, “There is a problem where a person who is in a position to discern medical products uses something that is not intended for medical treatment.” I objected, “If it worked, there should be no reason why it couldn’t be used.” He simply replied that since it hadn’t been proven as effective, its use was prohibited.


I responded that understanding that this is effective, yet choosing not to use it, seems to go against the doctor’s code ” and that “patients must not go untreated” On hearing this, his eyes widened as he insisted that doctors had to act responsibly when treating patients.


Since then, I have heard no negative remarks from him, directly or indirectly.  I sincerely believe that my actions then were consistent with doctors’ code.


What?  No cancer?


I received a telephone call from a lady who had been drinking Super Mineral Water for 2 months to treat her cancer of the ovary.  She said, ”Doctor, even though you checked my condition and explained to me that it wasn’t necessary to rush into an operation, my regular doctor and my family wouldn’t give me any peace, so I had the operation.”


“My family wouldn’t listen to me saying that it was impossible to be cured just by drinking water.  However, after the operation, no cancer was found in either my ovary or my uterus; there is a great panic,” she continued.


The patient can calmly look back at the incident and say, “I am to blame.”  But I understand this became a huge misdiagnosis issue on the medical practitioners’ side.


The family has complained that it was a misdiagnosis as they see no way that water alone could have possibly cured the cancer, while the pathologist and gynecologist both continue to insist that it was not their fault.


I have seen for myself examples of menopausal disorders brought about by the unnecessary removal of ovaries, knowing her old age virtually stopped her from getting pregnant.  In these cases the patient, who is in fact a victim, is not aware of the violations against their person, and is often left with a feeling of satisfaction upon the completion of the procedure.  A case of a doctor in Saitama Prefecture’s Fujimi Hospital comes to mind, in which a doctor earned a considerable amount in fees from the unnecessary surgery he performed after overzealously diagnosing his patients with cancer of the uterus.  There are also many cases following surgery in which either nothing irregular is found or where the problem is small enough not to have warranted surgery in the first place.


However, either patient mentioned above did not believe that this Super Mineral Water would work wonder and so at this moment neither has become a misdiagnosis problem. It worries me, however, that some fraudsters may try to make a quick buck by threatening hospitals sooner or later.


If newspapers decide to take this matter to the public, I would not mind explaining what had gone, but my hunch is that the hospital side will experience an overwhelming defeat. 


There should be . . . but there aren’t


This is the case of a 35-year old man suffering from a brain tumor.  Following his initial operation, he began drinking Super Mineral Water.  Since being told that sooner or later the tumor would grow again, at which time he would require another operation, he had abandoned any hopes for the future.


Though the husband himself was skeptical, he drank Super Mineral Water to satisfy his wife who was more convinced than he.  He was surprised to see a change in his symptoms. 


Twenty days after beginning the course, his headaches – the result of an inflamed brain – disappeared.  He stopped feeling nauseous and the tumor, which was expected to flare up again, showed absolutely no signs of getting bigger.


A CAT scan revealed that there was an area of disorder, but it was not developing into anything to cause alarm.  At first the doctor in charge was confident that the tumor would soon begin to reappear, but as time passed and still nothing happened, he simply noted it as curious.


The doctor’s confusion and hesitancy were understandable, considering that up until now there had been no cases of a brain tumor’s development being halted.


What remained of the tumor and the surrounding support tissues had become a scar, a fact confirmed by both CAT scan and MRI, but is now something that can no longer cause any damage.


In cases of brain tumor, surgery carries quite a high risk of side effects for the patient, as during the operation the scalpel can also damage healthy brain cells.  This disadvantage is well recognized by doctors, which makes them more likely to agree to patients’ requests that an operation be put back to a later date.


With regards to this point, it is a bit different from ignoring the request to postpone the operation from stomach cancer, intestinal cancer, lung cancer, etc.


I am of the opinion that it is far better not to operate in cases of brain and spinal tumors.  I believe this because the after effects are particularly harsh.


With the exception of brain tumor, we may be able to get away by saying “perhaps it might have been better not to have organs removed.” But when it comes to brain tumors and spine tumors, price we pay becomes too dear.


Combating cancerous tissue by increasing the power of the immune system


I would like to introduce another case where Super Mineral Water worked to dissolve a tumor that had grown to such a size that it could be seen with the naked eye.


This patient had a knotted tumor in his stomach and was informed that surgery would be needed to remove it.  I had him drink Super Mineral Water with date calculated, based on the surgery to take place in three months. 


About 3 months later, an endoscope examination revealed some surprises.  The tumor, which had previously been swollen to a great size, looked as if major part of it was sliced away.


Examination of a series of pictures showed bag-like structure wrapping itself around the tumor, gradually dying.  The disease had weakened the body’s natural defensive instincts (its immune system), which thanks to Super Mineral Water was activated; the minerals therein brought the affected area back to normalcy.


Minerals do not directly attack the cancer cells.  Rather, they bring about a recovery of the body’s immune system, whose functioning, as a result of the disease, has either been rendered ineffective or seriously weakened.  Thus, minerals should be thought of as acting indirectly on disease by boosting the body’s intrinsic healing powers.


Similarly, it is more accurate to describe that most of the anti-cancer drugs either kill cancer cells or at best prevent their growth.  They don’t strengthen our immune system like Super Mineral Water,


It is not that I am against anti-cancer drugs.  I merely want to bring light to the facts of results achieved through the use of Super Mineral Water.  The dinosaurs of the medical world, which completely ignore the effects of minerals, are faced with extinction.


In America, there is an anti-cancer drug designed to suffocate the new blood vessels created by cancer.  The drug targets the blood vessels because they allow the cancer to spread. By cutting off their supply of a vast amount of energy, they make cancer lose its supply of nutrients and its development.


Cancer cells propagate new blood vessels so that the energy they need can reach them.  As the creation of new blood vessels is repeated, the cancer eats away at the body.  The U.S. drug cuts off the supply lines, in effect starving the cancer to death.  Super Mineral Water works on the same principle.  It spurs the body’s natural powers of immunity and fights the chaos of, and prevents the birth of, new blood vessels.


Super Mineral Water is also effective against diabetes

The more I understood Super Mineral Water’s effectiveness as a treatment for cancer, the more hopeful I became for its other potentials.  Its efficacy against most cancers led me to believe that it could also be used to treat other diseases.


That minerals work effectively against cancer regardless of both the kind of tumors they are faced with and their location in the body is due not to a direct assault on the cancer itself, but because of their action on the immune system.   I was then convinced there must be diseases other than cancer that minerals can treat.


Diabetes is an abnormality of the metabolism that causes high blood-sugar and urine-sugar levels to go up.  It can also lead to further complications including problems affecting the retina and the kidney, as well as arteriosclerosis.  An increased blood-sugar level means that more energy than needed is being supplied.  The cells store this energy just in case it is needed in the future, but as they do so, they misbehave as if totally drunk.


There are, of course, various causes, but an insufficiency of minerals has detrimental effects on the group of enzyme proteins, which are responsible for the metabolism of sugar.  This causes an extreme shortage in physiologically active substances.  The regulation of the metabolism of sugar becomes impossible and blood sugar – the source of energy for the entire body – rises.


I then recommended Super Mineral Water to diabetic patients.  I was aware of the success of experiments with animals, which had already proven that, like insulin, vanadium (which is present in Super Mineral Water) had a function to lower blood sugar level.


The results depended on the degree of the symptoms, but there were cases in which patients suffering only minor symptoms made a complete recovery.  Even when a complete recovery did not occur, there were other notable improvements: where with some patients’ insulin became unnecessary; and with others, secondary diseases disappeared. An obvious turn to recovery had been observed.


Applications of minerals to other symptoms


Patients suffering from dermatitis, who rubbed on Super Mineral Water made by diluting the original liquid concentrate with water, found their itchiness was relieved.  When I used Super Mineral Water to treat atopy dermatitis in children, there were, as I expected, good results.

The concentration of the solution requires adjusting for each specific disease, but I am already well on the way to formulating a workable treatment for dermatitis.

Promising results were also observed when taken orally.  Six months into a course of Super Mineral Water, improvements could be seen in atopy dermatitis patients.  In particularly stubborn cases, 12 months may be needed before an improvement is seen, but these instances are extremely rare.


Dermatitis can also be completely cured by taking Super Mineral Water orally (the fundamental treatment) while at the same time topically on the affected areas. The general treatment for dermatitis, which relies solely on steroids, is insufficient.  Although my mineral treatment offers a complete cure by itself, combining it with the external application of steroids once the healing process is under way is also effective.  Because minerals get to work at the fundamental cause of the dermatitis, there is no need to take into account possible side effects if steroids are also temporarily used.


As a precaution, other skin surfaces were tested for any adverse reaction to the minerals. These included the inside of the mouth, nasal membrane, and eye membrane.  No problems were found.


Direct application of the solution to the affected area is also an easy way to overcome athlete’s foot.  The disinfecting powers of the sulfuric acid, in which minerals are dissolved, work synergistically with minerals that activate the growth of new cells, and so after a few days the symptoms will be eased.


Though still untested on severe burns, a 1:100 dilute solution of Super Mineral Water applied to light or semi-severe burns spurs the recovery process, removing pain from the still swollen area to the extent that it can be touched the following day.  This indicates that Super Mineral Water penetrates the skins layers, activates the cells and accelerates metabolism.  Super Mineral Water is more easily penetrable if the blister covering the burn is broken. We can definitely prevent dermatitis infection from spreading. If minerals are introduced at an early stage to Burn Centers, commonly seen tragedies like keloid could be avoided.


The ever-widening possibilities for Super Mineral Water


Other than medical field in terms of cure, the possibility of the use of Super Mineral Water is wide and open in the cosmetic arena.  Women whose worry ranges from aging of skin, age spots to freckles naturally look for basic cosmetic goods that contain chemicals that can enhance the metabolism of the skin cells.  Products that are developed containing minerals will, without a doubt, receive a spotlight. By making a solution using strong acid that can kill bacteria, which our Super Mineral Water is, will exhibit its disinfecting power against such institutional hospital diseases like staphylococcus.  This is evident from an experiment conducted by an acquaintance of mine in his lab, to whom I asked the result. 


As far as an unexpected result goes, we saw conspicuous evidence in the reduction of obesity.  If you lower the blood sugar level in diabetics, the obesity will disappear.  As the metabolism heightens, normal physiological activity takes place.  In the process, the energy is consumed as intended.  A very healthy body is maintained thusly, which translates to a prevention of obesity. 


In addition, we learned that this water was effective against blood diseases and autonomic imbalance issue.  Because our Super Mineral Water has the power to increase the power of immune system, we can look forward to the day when illnesses associated with AIDS, which occurs when our body is not totally ready to combat, can also be properly treated.


It has been clear from our experience that symptoms of cancers, diabetes and other illnesses all improved by taking missing minerals into our body.  However how these minerals work to invigorate the body’s cells and enzymes have not been scientifically proven yet. This is the reason today’s medical communities’ awareness is not where they should be.  It is regrettable, but I predict before long this matter will be made clear.


Take Korean carrots, propolis and other Chinese medicines for example; they all contain all sorts of minerals.  It is said that hot springs containing minerals are also good in the cure of cancer.


Even those living a normal life lack minerals.


There are people who say, “Enough minerals are supplied with what we eat already.”  But what if I say the produce come from the ground that is devoid of minerals to begin with, from the ground that is sprayed with pesticides and fertilized with chemicals, where therefore not enough minerals in contrast to the time when these chemicals were not used (= inorganic approach). Truthfully today there are many patients who returned to their work place after they made a complete recovery thanks to Super Mineral Water.  Don’t wait until we get to learn what mechanism from these minerals works in what way.  We have no choice but to use Super Mineral Water.


I believe I have been persuasive in telling you the huge possibility about Super Mineral Water.


As I use Super Mineral Water, I have witnessed the effectiveness of minerals against cancer treatment beyond my wildest imagination.


When I first started using Super Mineral Water for a medical treatment, I thought the whole thing was a miracle. Since then I have been able to feel that this was an inevitable work of minerals all during the course of various applications of them to my patients. 


People may think it barbaric that I use inorganic matters of Super Mineral Water for medical treatments.  However the most important mission for practicing doctors is whether we can cure or not cure diseases.  Today it is said that there is no special drug to cure cancer.  It is my firm belief that now that we know that Super Mineral Water works, we should take advantage of it.

Chapter 5: Guides for treatment by Super Mineral Water.


·      Eliciting potential power with Super Mineral Water.


I have introduced Super Mineral Water to many patients with many different illnesses.  I made a decision to use this Super Mineral Water, internally and externally, on behalf of patients with all sorts of different medical challenges, because I was aware of the reality that we just couldn’t cure people with today’s medicine.  It is certain that we cannot cure modern day illnesses. However by using Super Mineral Water, I have witnessed people getting really cured.


What these minerals can do will become this century’s largest scientific accomplishment.  The way Super Mineral Water works medically is completely different from the way the usual drugs work.  It is in the way the minerals can change the state of illness by normalizing the metabolism where we feel the medicinal result.  It is a new medical product that increases body’s own curing ability.  Strongly put, I am convinced that this becomes the new standard in the area of gene normalization.


People utilize such gene’s functions as immune system, or utilize its information restoration capability.  Super Mineral Water used as gene normalization can work to normalize gene’s activities like correct information delivery system or correct management of what they are supposed to be doing. 


Or by simply correcting our mineral deficiency by drinking Super Mineral Water, in the end, people can expect an easy cure from chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and atopy dermatitis.  Sure it takes time and depends on what illness, etc., but without a doubt diseases will be cured.


Additionally with Super Mineral Water used in a concentrated form and in a larger quantity, we will be able to solve such difficult diseases as severe infectious diseases, cerebral contusion, contusion and chronic organ failure.


In other words, we ask our patients to explore their potential called ‘focused power’, such as that incredible power we display when we are confronted with a house on fire, and cure them all at once. 


Following is some representative illnesses we face and my comment on each.


In cases of chronic diseases


Malignant Tumors in general:


When a patient begins to drink Super Mineral Water, the first thing to occur is that the development of the tumor is halted and metastasis is prevented.  This is a very big step in the treatment of cancer.  This allows the patient a respite period of 3 – 4 months.


In terms of the amount that a patient takes, it comes to 5 times the daily amount required by a healthy person.  Although further testing on animals is needed and looking at the clinical results, there is no doubt that any new metastasis will be prevented.


In other words, this means that we give patients a 3 – 4 month extension and by so doing, it becomes possible to apply a series of different treatments without the worry that the disease is too far advanced.  Doctors and patients can use this extra time to consider the results of alternative treatments.


If the size of the lump decreases during this period, it may be possible to avoid surgery.  Even in cases where surgery is unavoidable, the degree of the extirpation can be kept to a minimum.


In contrast to this, if 0.1% of the cancer still remains following surgical removal of a tumor, then the operation is considered meaningless.  The threat of metastasis results in surgeons hesitating to perform an operation.  It is this reasoning that kills cancer patients.


Treatment with Super Mineral Water is extremely effective in partial extirpation, which is widely thought of as a waste.  Operations to remove small parts of a tumor, which are then repeated, don’t drain the patients’ strength and make it possible for a full recovery to take place.  Quite safely.


The reason why I am in search of surgeons who can cooperate with me and allow their patients to take the Super Mineral Water is because s/he can sure use more time in which to find a way to help their patients.


1.   Cancer of Stomach:  Cancer of Large Intestine


Early stage cancer can be cured by drinking Super Mineral Water alone, but to be certain I have also confirmed by endoscope examination that surgery is not needed.  Two months of drinking Super Mineral Water allows this conclusion to be reached.  Of course, during this time, health is restored and no trouble is experienced.


Operations in which the stomach is removed result in patient’s inability to eat and shorten his life span by 3 years.  Just because one is diagnosed as having a cancerous stomach should not lead to an unconditional surrender to surgery.  Just drink Super Mineral Water and you can easily take care of the matter at hand.


Today’s reality is that patients usually don’t even have time to register a complaint, as the hospital side decides the day of operation based on their convenience and then go ahead and remove their stomach.  The patients have no option.  This medical state will probably go on for a while, despite the fact that this sort of surgery was not totally necessary.


I feel regrettable for this. I am sure before long, surgeons will be taken to court because it is a crime to take out organs that were meant to help sustain our long life.


When the size of a tumor grows larger than 3 cm, about an inch, the large part of it falls off and becomes ulcer.  The blood vessels that supported the cancer begin to bleed.  You will have to do something about this bleeding. The best way is to clip them by using endoscope to stop the bleeding.  Most doctors refuse to do that, because they consider it a waste of time because “this is cancer.” 


In a case like this, I ask my patients to choose between surgery and medicine that stops bleeding.  Doctors in internal medicine basically do nothing and leave the helpless patients alone. 


By the time an internal treatment is required, they say, it is already too late; hence increasing a chance to be killed legally with anti cancer drugs.  The only thing remaining then is a funeral.  For the most part, patients are made to suffer in pain with anti cancer drugs while at the same time their lives and money are taken away from them.


Compare this to surgeons.  His business is surgery.  So they perform surgery if a patient asks them, while thinking why the patient had waited this long for a surgery.  Why would such surgeons even consider the treatment with Super Mineral Water?  Patients would be denied a surgery and chased away from the hospital. There is only one option left for the patients, and unfortunately it is surgery. 


Some who drink Super Mineral Water often end up going through surgery. There are cases in which patients did not have the diagnosis done after drinking Super Mineral Water and went through surgery, despite the fact that cancer was no longer detected. There were many cases in which cancer surgery was performed although there was no cancer inside.


The reason why there are not cases like that among my patients is because I insist that early stage cancer patients have a thorough testing done after they commence drinking Super Mineral Water.  I nag them in order to avoid this sort of accident.


The truth is that the majority of this nation’s population is not even aware of the existence of Super Mineral Water.  So they dutifully obey the order from their doctor, believing that today’s medicine works. At this stage, many of them end up going through this surgery. 


Today’s medical treatment of their cancer irritates some patients; many get to know and are saved by Super Mineral Water.  It is not fair that only those people who got to know Super Mineral Water get lucky.  This is indeed the matter of life and death.


I too recommend surgery if cancer is at the late stage, but only for removing the stomach, but not in the case of metastasis in Lymphatic lines, liver, lungs and bones. If patient’s appetite is intact and there is no fever, chances are they are heading for a complete recovery. 


If the metastasized cancer measures over 4 cm (a little over an inch), I may sometimes recommend a surgery.  I do support the radioactive treatment.

There is a treatment in which alcohol is inserted into the cancerous area in the treatment of liver cancer.  I feel this is quite effective alongside my special water treatment. Ethanol used for this purpose kills all cells unconditionally.  This is effective since there is no need to take out the entire cancer.  With regards to other cancers, my thought remains the same.  The aftereffect of today’s cancer treatment lingers on for quite some time. I believe it enough with this long needle treatment approach of inserting Ethanol. 


2.   Lung Cancer


Unlike cancer of digestive organs, lung cancer does not induce bleeding while being treated.  It is an easy cancer to cure with Super Mineral Water.


For three months one may observe shadows on the X ray photos of one’s chest.  Soon after, some dramatic change occurs.  These shadows begin to fade.


Hearing that this dramatic change was as the result of drinking Super Mineral Water, doctors may say, “No, it was a miracle.”  But then they begin to search for other reasons to explain this ‘unexpected’ recovery. 


This is something that happens rather frequently when one is drinking Super Mineral Water.  This water actually helps X ray photo to point out shadows in the lungs, but often doctors pursue other new metastasis somewhere else.


Despite that, you don’t have to worry about other metastasis.  It means it has become clearer to see cancer that had been there before.  Generally in all types of cancer, I recommend radioactive treatment because it helps shrink the tumor fast.


3.   Cancer of uterus, myoma of uterus and prostate.


We often observe these cancerous cells being expelled while treating with Super Mineral Water.  Upon examining, we often learn that cancerous cells did not exist. 


4.   Liver Cancer

The liver cancer traces its origin to carcinogenic sputum of B type and C type viruses.  We are not at a point of curing liver cancer with Super Mineral Water yet. 


Where we are today is to the extent of stopping new cancer cells from their birth, while also denting the advancement of inflammation of sputum and hepatic cirrhosis.  That is where we stand.  We don’t need to labor ourselves too much as far as treating lung caner that metastasizes. But the viral liver cancer needs treated along with an anti cancerous drug such as Interferon.  There is no need to worry about the side effects of whether one suffers from cancer of liver or cancer of hepatic cirrhosis.  We just need to determine the range of Interferon we administer.


Circulatory Diseases.


1.     High Blood Pressure


Drink the amount determined for healthy person of Super Mineral Water for three months.  Patients who had to rely on pills designed to lower their high blood pressure will find these pills to be unnecessary.  We can treat most other illnesses with this approach.


2.     Arterial sclerosis


Drink Super Mineral Water for 6 months.  You’d see the improvement at which you won’t have to worry about this disease.  You will be able to conduct your daily life with more confidence.  The worry you may have over cerebral infarction and miyocardial infarction becomes unnecessary.  While you are drinking Super Mineral Water, you may observe a new birth of arterial-sclerosis, but by increasing the intake amount of Super Mineral Water, which has the rehabilitator’s power, you will observe the disappearance of this paralysis soon enough.


3.     Diabetes


 You will be better able to control by combining both insulin and drugs designed to control the blood sugar count.  Lately my own patients, who just acquired diabetes, began treating their diabetes by drinking Super Mineral Water and in the second week noticed a drop in their blood sugar count.  For those who had suffered for over 5 years, many of them have seen the same drop in their blood sugar count within 3 or 4 months.


Diabetes that had resisted to drugs suddenly began showing good reaction.  Soon these people will be able to reduce the amount of insulin. It is a matter of time before we will not need any sort of diabetic treatment.


At the same time, bleeding from the back of one’s eyeballs and arterial sclerosis will stop their advancement.  It’s not that one does not need to utilize the use of a dialysis, which is required for those who have a severe case of nephropathy, but that for those who use dialysis already, they will begin to feel the recovery from drinking Super Mineral Water, while noticing an increase in the discharge of urine.  The frequency of having to use a dialysis will be reduced.  Within a year or two, the pain and numbness in one’s hands and feet will disappear. 


In case of fast advancing illnesses


I recommend antibiotics along with other drugs your doctors prescribe.  In case of sepsis, heavy phlegmon and pneumonia, patients have been able to place a healthy distance from the probability of a near death




Even with burns, greater results that the present medical treatment cannot even think about have been achieved.  By applying Super Mineral Water directly over the burn, most burns were able to recover. Only those who have tried it can understand that it really works. 


There is a necessity to rethink the totality of medical practice that utilizes drugs.  I am convinced that Super Mineral Water’s ability to normalize genes, the antiseptic power of acid sulfate where minerals are kept ionized, and minerals’ agglutination power must have a direct bearing with what doctors are trying to do with current drugs.




This book is the third one I wrote with regards to Super Mineral Water.  The first one was Any Cancer Can Be Definitely Cured with Super Mineral Water. (2001 publication).  It was some scary title, I admit.  In it, I mentioned that there was a great probability that drinking this water, and utilizing the surgery on the basis of “only if necessary” can cure any type of cancer.


The second book was Cancer, Diabetes and Atopy Are Mineral Deficiency Illnesses. (2002 publication)  The title basically challenged the medical community.  I emphasized the importance of curing various modern day diseases with Super Mineral Water.


Both books were used as a way to advance the use of this special water.


Since the publication of the first book, the traffic around my clinic got suddenly busy.  There were doctors who abhorred learning that their patients made a complete recovery from their diseases. There were health food companies that worried about the sales of their health products in the presence of Super Mineral Water.  There were also conservative officials that could only see stories from their sides only.  They all began the task of bullying. 


Those days, I was a local public health practitioner, working for a public clinic in Chiba Prefecture. In order not to tread on Rules and Regulations in Medical Practice, I did a volunteer work, dispensing Super Mineral Water and worked to spread this water.


However, to spread this water also required financing.  No one volunteered to work for nothing.


At this moment, the number of membership increased to 50,000.  None of these member’s family should have to experience the recurrence of cancer. 


I felt void in my heart, as I witnessed so many people dying before my eyes, and I so badly wanted to save as many Japanese people as possible.  I felt like a cat that shouldn’t discern the color of mice.  Black or white does not matter to the cat. I put an end to a very lucrative medical practice of a public servant then. 


By the time I published the second book, the number of memberships in “Friends’ Association” that was created to spread Super Mineral Water increased to about 20,000 throughout Japan.  Since I became a civilian, I was now able to move more freely, as long as I didn’t violate the Rules and Regulations of Medical Practice.


The present law does not permit the combined treatment of Insured Treatment and Non Insured Treatment. Super Mineral Water is not recognized as a drug.  Since this mixed bag of treatment does not receive the insurance coverage, I must be able to reduce the cost of ‘non insured treatment’ drastically to lighten the medical cost of my patients. 


Within a few years, I believe that these Rules and Regulation will be relaxed, but right now all I can do is crane my neck to see its arrival, so that I can openly practice medicine with Super Mineral Water.


At this moment, the number of membership increased to 50,000.  None of these members’ family should have to experience the recurrence of cancer. 


Many voices are heard in the meantime.  “Since I began drinking Super Mineral Water, I haven’t caught a cold that put me to bed.” “My children don’t get sick any more.  They are all healthy.”  “Medical cost has dramatically been reduced.”  There was a huge decrease in funerals among these memberships.


Among advanced countries, there is very little danger of infectious diseases, because the infra structure with regards to tap water delivery and raw sewage discharge has been improved.  There is always an outburst of new types of infectious diseases, but science will no doubt take care of them.


It is not a difficult task to cure people who may contract this new disease called SARS, an infectious disease, which was newly discovered in China of late.  It scared the daylight out of the world citizens.  In case of SARS, people eventually contract pneumonia.  Just drink Super Mineral Water.  Just like people who suffer from AIDS, SARS patients can easily recover their health by drinking this water.


Within 10 days of drinking this water, the body creates antibody, averting death.  I began pushing this approach to some officials in Taiwan as prevention from contracting this infectious SARS.  A public announcement was made there.  Doctors there will soon begin using this water.


Regrettably, scientists’ attention has not been placed on trace mineral elements. However, I do feel that this is a matter of time. 


Analyses of genes have not gone anywhere yet.  The science is far behind in grasping the significance of these trace mineral elements.  However we are bound to create actual success data when we use Super Mineral Water to fight the modern day diseases.  Some nutritionists are bound to discover the absence of these trace mineral elements in produce that were raised inorganically. 


I am firmly convinced that the media will eventually pick up this topic under pressure from the public opinions, no matter how much science tries to ignore the work of Super Mineral Water.  The media has to protect the interest of its people.  They have to take a stand on behalf of its people.


At the moment, however, the media shows no more interest than scientists.  However local newspapers are beginning to report favorably about the works of this water recently.


At every opportunity I have, I make it a point to tell mass media, large radio stations and large newspaper companies, and famous journalists that deficiency of minerals is the cause of modern day illnesses.  I’ve sent private letters to some of them too.  I’ve received only one letter from a journalist who specialized in Agricultural Matters. 


In order to avoid a statement like “I was not informed of this at all”, I continue to send information to those people.   


From a certain connection I had, on April 7th of 2002, I was employed as the head of a certain hospital in Chiba Prefecture.  I was happy and overjoyed at this appointment, as that would mean that I could continue this medical treatment with Super Mineral Water, and because there was a huge probability that I could train some doctors with this mineral water approach.


The reality was not good.  It was a powerless position; I was just an adornment to the establishment.  All the physicians in internal medicine and surgeons banded together in boycotting the cares of those patients who were treated with Super Mineral Water. 


The truth was that they did not wish to lose their medical practice license by using something that was not approved as a drug.  I could not help thinking that they had forgotten the basic duty of a physician, which is that first and foremost their duty was to help cure patients of diseases.


In the Medical Law, it is stated that doctors have to perform a duty in which they use all available means to help patients. In order to help patients, doctors are allowed to use things that are not approved as a drug.  Doctors naturally practice this approach after explaining what they are about to administer fully to the patient.


Illegal in this case means that doctors cannot charge non-approved drugs against insurance claims.  If it is the case of treating with non-approved substances, as far as treating patients, it is definitely not illegal.  We have a national insurance program and somewhat our medical community has lost its focus by advancing the medical system, in which the cost has grown by the encouragement of larger amount of various drugs.


Physicians’ brain is still hard to crack. They just don’t have the ears to listen with, to understand lectures with. Even nurses began taking physicians’ side. 


My desire is to continue to follow through with these cancer patients found nationwide.  Despite the fact that their health is improving, they and their families still hear things like: “You have only a few months left,” “Soon you will experience pains,” “There is no hope.  So why do anything?  It’s meaningless.”  This leads to a situation where despite the fact that patients are getting better, they cock their neck wondering “Funny” or “You don’t have to come here any more.” 


No matter how far away patients are from me, I still want them examined and report their progress to me, because I wish to use their results for treating other patients.  This sort of daily observation did not exist in the hospital that invited me as their head. I lasted there for only 4 months.  Then I tendered my resignation. There was no point to stay there any longer. 


This is the state of today’s medical community.  The hospital was full of young physicians fresh from their medical schools.  They raise no questions as to why we can’t cure, why we continue with the practice that doesn’t cure patients.  Japan’s medical community is full of them.  They may perish following the same fate of dinosaurs.  And that cannot be helped, perhaps.


A very bright future is waiting for you, dear readers.  It is a natural wish to live to be a hundred. That should be your right.  I pray that you create a master plan on your life based on this supposition. 


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December 2003.   Hisatake Nojima