95% Raw vs. 100% Raw – The Gap is HUGE!

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Greetings from Matt Monarch


There's ONLY 24 hours left to get your Longevity Now Conference tickets at the discounted price. Check out the details below and we HOPE to see you there!!! :-) ADDITIONALLY, I'm on a ROLL!!! with these articles!!! Discover the HUGE difference between a 95% vs a 100% Raw Food Eater! and... SO SORRY!!!... that the Radio Show with Ron Strauss got postponed at the last minute this week due to Ecuadorian Internet technical challenges! STAY TUNED... as we'll be rescheduling this radio show soon! In this newsletter you can explore:
  • ONLY 24 Hours Left to Get Longevity Now Conference Tickets at the Discounted Price!
  • 95% Raw vs. 100% Raw - The Gap is HUGE!, Article by Matt Monarch
  • New Products: MegaFood Zinc!, MegaFood Selenium, Living Libations Neem Enamelizer, Living Libations Maiden Fern Blushing Balm, NoniLand Beeswax Buddha Bust Candle, & Much More!!!
  • The Raw Food World Radio Show - Veronika Robinson [Natural Parenting Expert] (2/24), Ron Strauss (TBA), Maryam Henein [Vanishing Bees Writer & Filmmaker!] (3/4), Sandor Ellix Katz (Author of Wild Fermentation) (3/10)
  • February "At Cost!" Specials - Royal Jelly Liquid!!!, Fresh MOUTH WATERING Dates!, Living Tree Community Tahini, Creamy Almond Butter, Spirulina Tablets, Bariani Olive Oil, Herbed Peruvian Olives, Almond Flour, Everything Raw Bars & Much More!!!

ONLY 24 Hours Left to Get Longevity Now Conference Tickets at the Discounted Price!

There's ONLY 24 hours left to get Longevity Now Conference tickets at the lower price. They've apparently already sold around 900 tickets so far and I believe that within the next 24 hours people are going to be snapping up tickets like crazy to get the special discount. The organizers also told me that they are nearing FULL capacity for this event, which tops out at around 1100 or 1200 tickets. Click HERE to order your discounted weekend tickets NOW!!! As you most likely know, Angela and I have totally fallen in LOVE with our new home in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, and it is challenging for us to leave here. However, we just can't BEAR missing THE Raw Event of the YEAR... David Wolfe's 'Longevity Now Conference'! We are intending to go back to the States JUST for this event. We are only stepping into the States for 7 - 10 days maximum, and then we are heading back to Ecuador. We are getting EXTREMELY EXCITED about this short trip to the US and we don't plan on coming back again for the rest of 2011! So, this 'Longevity Now Conference' event is an IDEAL time to come and hang out with us in the USA, if you'd like to see us there before we go back down south. We are looking forward to meeting many of you during our time back in the States! David Wolfe's Longevity Conference is Friday, April 1st - Sunday, April 3rd in Costa Mesa, California. We are bringing 'The Raw Food World' Store and TV Show to this event! Angela and I will be hanging out with everyone there for the ENTIRE weekend (3 FULL DAYS!) :-) ... We will personally be manning our booth there, meeting and conversing with everyone at the event. Additionally, every night we'll very likely be going with everyone to our favorite nearby raw food restaurant: Au Lac. We hope that you can make it to this outsanding event and to see you there that weekend :-) David Wolfe's Longevity Conference is unlike any other Raw Event. If I was personally going to choose just one of the raw festivals or events to go to this year, it would definitely be THIS ONE! What I like MOST about this event is that it is very professional, HIGH-CLASS, and reveals the most CUTTING-EDGE information and products available NOW. This event is so CLASSY, well organized, and takes place in the ELEGANT Hilton Hotel in Costa Mesa. It is the 'GO TO' raw event of the year and we hope to hang out with you all weekend there! If you are interested in attending this event, you can purchase your tickets by clicking HERE! FYI, tickets are $247 at the moment and the price is set to increase in less than 24 Hours to $297.

95% Raw vs. 100% Raw - The Gap is HUGE!, Article by Matt Monarch

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. I am not here to say that a 100% Raw Food Diet is "better" than a 95% Raw Food Diet or vice versa. In this article here, I simply want to outline what I pereceive as a MONUMENTAL difference between these two eating styles. The first KEY for health, for most people, is to eat a diet that consists solely of whole foods, void of all processed foods. Once you have mastered that stage... Then... CONGRATULATIONS!!!... You've MADE it!... Your chances of living degenerative disease-free in the long-run have increased EXPONENTIALLY. Once you are eating a whole foods diet void of processed foods, then you can choose, if desired, to slowly eliminate the next most obstructive damaging foods within that wholefoods diet and so on. For example, you might want to eliminate wheat and replace it with quinoa or you might want to eliminate whole grain bread and replace it with a flax and seed cracker. The more obstructive and/or the more dense the foods that you eliminate from your diet, the more detoxification (withdrawals) occurs from ALL of those foods that you have just eliminated COMPLETELY. The GAP between being a 95% Raw Food Eater vs. a 100% Raw Food Eater is HUGE and I am about to explain why!... Please note: this article is based on anecdotal information and personal experience... When a heroin addict eliminates their drug, they kick and scream as they experience more pain from withdrawals than most likely any other pain they've ever experienced in their lives. When a soda and/or coffee drinker eliminates these drinks from their intake, they go into withdrawals and get SCREECHING headaches. When a smoker quits smoking, they go through MASSIVE withdrawals too. When a person on the Standard American Diet (SAD) chooses a 100% Raw Food Diet instead, they are not just eliminating one substance, such as coffee, soda, or cigarettes... They are eliminating TENS and TENS of substances, such as sugar, gluten, meat, transfatty acids, preservatives, food dyes, excitotoxins and much much more. If you think a cigarette smoker has it bad when they quit, have that same person then try to become a 100% Raw Food Eater. I believe that one of the reasons why some people seem to think that a 100% Raw Food Diet is "not good" for the human body, is because the withdrawals they go through can be IMMENSE and overwhelming, leading people to conclude "this isn't good for me". You Will Get Sick!!! There is no avoiding that. It can be INTENSE, it can feel challenging to understand, and all of this is why sometimes eating raw can be perceived of poorly by some, due to all of this confusion. It's simple: the more substances you eliminate from your intake, the more detox you will go through. This is why water fasting is the MOST detoxifying act you can do, because you are eliminating EVERYTHING from your diet except water. I like to consider a 100% Raw Food Diet as being like a "Raw Food Fast", because if you eat this way, you are eliminating everything from your intake except pretty much fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, which are practically ALL water. So, why is there such a HUGE GAP between a 100% Raw Food Eater and a 95% Raw Food Eater? A 95% - 99% Raw Food Eater consistently eats more DENSE foods compared to a 100% Raw Food Eater, 1 - 5% of the time, CONSISTENTLY. The 95-99% Raw Foodie hasn't eliminated these other "dense" substances completely from their intake and therefore these substances hold them back from going through MAJOR withdrawals from these dense foods. For example, if a 20 year cocaine addict went from twenty cocaine snorts a day to just one cocaine snort a day, they would still be intaking 5% of the drug that they have taken for 20 years. They WILL go through some sort of withdrawal period from eliminating the other 19 snorts of cocaine. However, they will be in for a REAL treat if they decide to eliminate the drug COMPLETELY from their intake! It will be SOOO DIFFICULT for them to do this, because they are going to finally go through the MAJOR withdrawals and cravings from the elimination of that last hit. That one remaining hit a day helps to hold their body back from eliminating the ONSLAUGHT of residues from cocaine that they intook for the last 20 years. That last 20 years of intaking cocaine is sitting in the cells and body just WAITING to come out, as soon as the drug is eliminated COMPLETELY from their intake. Similarly, most of us have eaten the SAD for DECADES on end. Your body could be thought of as just WAITING for you to eliminate that last 5% of denser foods, even if these are whole foods. As soon as you do that, your body can finally UNLOAD, at a MUCH more RAPID rate, all of the junk residue that you have consumed for decades on end. I feel that this is a big reason why most people don't feel comfortable taking that FINAL jump into being a 100% Raw Food Eater. Whenever they attempt doing so, the withdrawals feel too EXTREME and they back off to 95 - 99% Raw. MORE IMPORTANTLY, when you eliminate any substance completely from your intake, not ONLY will all of the toxins related to that substance leave your system, but OTHER substances and toxins that would not have left your body, can also be eliminated. In other words, if you eliminate cocaine from your intake, your body will eliminate all the toxins associated with that cocaine AND it will eliminate OTHER toxins from your body that may not have been eliminated so easily if you didn't stop intaking the cocaine. It's kind of like you remove the cocaine layer and then your body has the space to work on the next layer of toxins. The BIGGEST difference that I perceive between a 95% Raw Food Eater and a 100% Raw Food Eater is the amount of bodily cleansing that will take place for each person. One perk of more detox is that the "cleaner" you become, the more of a vibratory antenna you become to that "Universal Cosmic Spiritual Energy", especially if you cleanse your colon on a periodic basis. I can feel energy and vibration more now than I have ever before. Additionally, the human body can become extremely efficient with a 100% Raw Food Diet. On the other hand, living this way means you deal with deep detoxification on an ongoing basis. I personally feel that the perks outweigh the negatives. All these perks and negatives are talked about in my first book 'Raw Spirit'. My second book 'Raw Success' really digs deep into these cleansing concepts, along with discussions around sensitivities and much more. I wish you all the very best with your detoxing journeys, however they may unfold ;-)


New Products at The Raw Food World


MegaFood Zinc I'm really excited that we found this "MegaFood" company. I am a HUGE fan of supplementing Zinc above all else. Zinc is practically used in every process of the body and it is not that easy to obtain in a micronutrient/EASILY absorbed form... I've always recommended an Angstrom or homeopathic form of Zinc in the past, because I didn't know of a good high-quality whole food Zinc supplement... Until Now... MegaFood Zinc contains 100% Whole Food Nutrients with certified organic herbs. Zinc is an essential mineral which is found in every cell of your body and is involved in over 200 metabolic functions! MegaFood Selenium We also picked up MegaFoods Selenium, because many people have a hard time getting enough selenium in their diets. Selenium is also difficult to find in an easily absorbable form... Until now... The MegaFood Selenium ALSO contains certified organic herbs and consists of 100% whole food nutrients. Most importantly, I LOVE that it is easy to digest on an empty stomach ("micronutrient" food). This is pretty much Selenium in its most bioavailable whole food form and it provides potent antioxidant protection for life. All of MegaFood products are Tested FREE of pesticides, herbicides, gluten and soy. LOVE it!!! Living Libations Neem Enamelizer I'm excited to say that we now carry ALL of the tooth products from Living Libations! Keeping saliva alkaline is essential for healthy mineralized enamel. This alkalinizing polish is made with neem, cinnamon, peppermint, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba, soapwort and spring water. Use only ONE tiny drop on a dry toothbrush. This special formula will leave your teeth feeling smooth and further allow minerals, enzymes and nutrients in your saliva to re-mineralize the enamel. Include a drop of Yogi Tooth Serum (Angela's favorite), Healthy Gum Drops and/or a pinch of baking soda for even more anti-bacterial FUN! The Neem Enamelizer is different in function/results to the Yogi Tooth Serum and Healthy Gum Drops. The Neem Enamelizer is for the brushing stage only. Yogi Tooth Serum and/or Healthy Gum Drops can be used for many phases of oral care (brushing, flossing, massaging gums, abscess assistance, post-dentistry). Follow the Enamelizer by flossing with Yogi Tooth Serum or Healthy Gum Drops! Living Libations Maiden Fern Blushing Balm Everyone seems to be LOVING all of the wonderful products from Living Libations. Therefore, we've just been adding more and more of their line to our store and it seems like we'll continue to do so ;-) The blush that blushes you! Heating, circulation balm for cheeks and lips. A rosy healing hue of organic jojoba, olive, seabuckthorn, happy bee's wax, stone root, rose otto, neroli, lavender, immortelle, carrot, ginger, cinnamon, peppermint, cayenne, turmeric & orange. Apply to lips & cheeks for a healthy glow! NoniLand's Beeswax Buddha Bust Candle! I think that MANY of you are going to LOVE this one!!! I also think that we are the ONLY ones who have this product available as of now. Harvested with love from David Wolfe's Hawaiian Agricultural Research Center, NoniLand's 100% Pure Beeswax Candle offers the longest, cleanest burn of any candle with a honey-sweet aroma and warm, golden light. Each Buddha is handcrafted with positive vibrations and an artisan approach to ensure the highest standards of natural, raw beeswax extraction are met. Ideal for intimate moments of meditation, relaxation, yoga, and creation, our Buddhas will transform any space into a temple of pure soul illumination and serenity.
  • NoniLand honeybees pollinate millions of tropical flowers to produce the beeswax of a single Buddha candle!
  • The 100% pure beeswax candles cleanse and purify the oxygen you breathe by releasing negative ions that remove pollutants and allergens from the air.
  • The candles' light energy reduces daily stress and anxiety to bring peace and calming into your everyday life.
  • Each candle is handmade from the purest sweet floral essence harvested by NoniLand's Hawaiian honeybees.
  • NoniLand beeswax candles are non-toxic and biodegradable.Pink Himalayan Salt CANDLE HOLDER We also just got Pink Himalayan Salt Candle Holders!!! Natural crystal salt tea light holders, from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, generate healthy negative ions that increase the air quality. Drop a tea light candle into a Himalayan natural salt crystal holder and enjoy its incandescent flicker. Gently breathe and absorb the unique beauty and natural properties of this age-old salt crystal. Rev up your romanticism in the incandescent flicker of a tea light candle gently placed in this beautiful salt crystal candle holder or simply bask in the delight of nature. Choose a salt crystal candle holder and own something special and unique. No two holders are the same. Each piece is hand sculpted to preserve its own natural beauty.  Here are all the latest new additions to The Raw Food World Store: The Resilient Gardener, by Carol Deppe CREATIVE, PRODUCTIVE GARDENING FOR GOOD TIMES AND BAD. In an age of erratic weather and instability, people's interest in growing their own food is skyrocketing. The Resilient Gardener presents gardening techniques that stand up to challenges ranging from health problems, financial problems, and special dietary needs to serious disasters and climate change. Scientist and expert gardener Carol Deppe draws from emerging science in many fields to develop the general principles of gardening for resilience. Gardeners will learn through Deppe's detailed instructions on growing, storing, and using the five crops central to self-reliance: potatoes, corn, beans, squash, and eggs. Learn how to: Grow food in an era of wild weather and climate change Garden with little to no irrigation or "store-bought" inputs Garden efficiently and comfortably (even with a bad back) Customize your garden to deal with special dietary needs or a need for weight control Make breads and cakes from home-grown corn using original gluten-free recipes (with no other grains, artificial binders, or dairy products) Keep a laying flock of ducks or chickens, integrate them with your gardening, and grow most of their feed And more . . . The Resilient Gardener is both a conceptual and a hands-on gardening book for all levels of experience. Optimistic as well as realistic, Deppe offers invaluable advice for gardeners (and their communities) to flourish. AAAAAAAAND... Many More New Products COMING SOON!!!

    The Raw Food World Radio Show - Ron Strauss and more...

    I am so sorry that the interview with Ron Strauss got postponed at the last second this week due to technical difficulties. Please stay tuned as we will announce the new date for this interview soon. This upcoming week we will have Natural Parenting Expert Veronika Robinson on 'The Raw Food World Radio Show'!!! :-))) When a person is taken out of the "Matrix" and they finally REALIZE all of the MIS-information that they have been exposed to all of their lives, Natural Parenting ALWAYS seems to peek its way into this kind of revolutionary picture at some point or other! Personally I was BLOWN AWAY when I first saw a comparison of a hospital birth compared to a natural home birth, for example. We might like to think that the bright lights, rough towels, heel pricks, encouraged cesareans and other things that take place in a hospital don't affect the baby...yet there is nothing further from the truth. Veronika Robinson is one of those RENEGADE mothers on the forefront of Natual Parenting, who has dedicated her life to sharing the truth in regards to natural birth, consious parenting, breastfeeding and much MORE!!! You WON'T want to miss this interview!!! Angela and I read BOTH her books, plus we have her whole magazine collection and were blown away by them all! To sign up for this Radio Show, put your email address in the box below or click the link HERE.
    * Your Email Address:
    COMING SOON!!! on The Raw Food World Radio Show... Maryam Henein, one of the writers and filmakers of the documentary "Vanishing of the Bees", is going to be on our Radio Show on Friday, March 4th. Maryam has dedicated her life to sharing this message about the bees and is as passionate as can be about this subject. Honeybees have been mysteriously disappearing across our planet for quite a few years now, literally vanishing from their hives. Maryam Henein has played a HUGE role in the creation of this MUST-SEE informative documentary, called 'Vanishing of the Bees'. Vanishing of the Bees follows commercial beekeepers David Hackenberg and Dave Mendes as they strive to keep their bees healthy and fulfill pollination contracts across the U.S. The film explores the struggles they face as the two friends plead their case on Capital Hill and travel across the Pacific Ocean in the quest to protect their honeybees... Sandor, fermentation EXPERT has been living with HIV since the 1980s. There's lots of information out there on this topic, as well as support resources for HIV that we will be discussing in this interview. Sandor has been fermenting foods and drinks for fourteen years now. It started with sauerkraut. He found an old crock buried in his barn, harvested cabbage from his garden, chopped it up, salted it, and waited. That first kraut tasted so alive and powerfully nutritious! Its sharp flavor sent his salivary glands into a frenzy and got him hooked on fermentation. He has made sauerkraut ever since, earning the nickname "Sandorkraut", as his repertoire has expanded. He has explored and experimented widely in the realm of fermentation, and he wants to share what he has learned. One of his missions is to propel more live-cultured foods out into our culture. He wants to teach simple fermentation techniques, and spread the word about the glorious nutritional and healing powers of live fermented foods. AND!!!... Many more Radio Show interviews to come!!!


    February 'At-Cost' Specials


    Remember that you NOW have the opportunity to always get 13% Off the 'At-Cost' specials by joining 'The Raw Food World Benefits Program' - just click HERE. I am REALLY EXCITED to bring you a fresh batch of the MOUTH-WATERING Dates that we get directly from the Ojai Farmers Market. These Dates are still WET and gooey and melt in your mouth! The Barhi Dates are the WETTEST and Gooeyist! The Honey Dates come in second in "wetness" and have an amazing sweet taste! We just HAD to offer the ever-popular GIGANTIC JUMBO Medjool Dates also in this line-up! Lastly, we have the tasty new Empress Dates. These guys aren't as wet, but they are chewy and sweet as can be. Just buy the deeper discounted variety 4-pack to try them all ;-) Almost EVERYONE in the health movement knows that the BEST of the BEST extra-virgin Olive Oil is from Bariani. It is HIGH-END! Once you taste it, just like my mom, you will surely never go back to any other Olive Oil. Everything about this superb Olive Oil is classy, which can even be sensed from the product picture to the right. In addition to offering the Bariani Olive Oil 'At-Cost', we are also offering the Herbed Peruvian Olives with the pits 'At-Cost'. The HERBED Olives are a personal favorite of many. Olive you! ;-) Next on the list we have two of our FAVORITE nut/seed butters on our website. The Creamy Almond Butter has just gained more and more popularity! Many people consider it a "gourmet" Almond Butter. ...and if you LOVE the taste of Tahini (I sure do!), then you will LOVE the Living Tree Community Tahini. You can sense the high quality of it through the texture. They use a slicing method to make their nut butters, which really captures the essence of the seeds. You can now get these TOP TWO most popular nut/seed butters on our website 'At-Cost'! :-) With all of the sugar in the Dates in the 'At-Cost' specials and the Persimmons in the 'new product' section, Angela demanded that I offer some sort of GREEN to counterbalance all this sugar! Therefore, we decided to add the Spirulina tablets 'At-Cost to help balance us all out ;-) We had a MASS of people this month who wanted to see the Fresh Liquid Royal Jelly on special offer too! Although this product is a bit more difficult to handle and ship, we found a way to make this happen efficiently. Please make sure to *read the description* of the product online before you buy it, so that you know what you are getting into with this frozen item. The description discusses how this is a frozen product and how it ships and who is responsible after purchase. We generally don't get any complaints with this item though - please keep in mind that Royal Jelly is much more durable than some people think. Our supplier of this product told us they left their supply in a refrigerator for over a year and they were still able to raise queen bees on it. ;-) One of our almond suppliers agreed to offer us an INCREDIBLE deal on their Raw Organic Almond Flour. They gave us such a deep discount, that we'll also be giving well over 30% off the retail price on this item. Last time we offered this 'At-Cost', it sold EXTREMELY well! LAST BUT NOT LEAST, the Everything Raw Bars were SO POPULAR last month, that we asked our supplier if we could offer these on special again in February. They agreed! We hope you enjoy! :-) The following specials are available until February 28th February 'At-Cost' Specials
  • [4-pack] Dates (1 of each flavor) - $20.86, Normally $29.80 - with 7% coupon $19.40, and 13% TRFW Benefits Program Coupon $18.15
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  • [3-pack] Raw Organic Almond Flour - $26.66, Normally $53.85 - with 7% coupon $24.79, and 13% TRFW Benefits Program Coupon $23.19To access these offers, click the link below, or type - hnymn - in the search box at the top right hand corner of www.TheRawFoodWorld.com. Click Here For "At Cost" Specials  Additionally, you can redeem this coupon at www.TheRawFoodWorld.com by typing in - HONEYMOON - in the coupon number section, to get an additional 7% off your order. This coupon will be good through February 28th, 2011 and can be redeemed at: www.TheRawFoodWorld.com To get 13% Off all of your orders, you can sign up for TRFW Benefits Program by clicking HERE!



    ~ Many Blessings to you from The Raw Food World~ Thank you for continuing to let us serve you. We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!
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