“Air Quality and Diet”, Article by Matt Monarch

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  • "Air Quality and Diet", Article by Matt Monarch
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"Air Quality and Diet", Article by Matt Monarch

There are many lifestyle improvements that a person can make that are beneficial to the human body. Some of these lifestyle improvements include better diet, better air quality, exercise, rest, not eating late at night, spiritual shifts (less stress), taking therapeutic enzymes, drinking more liquids and so on. In my opinion, for a person on the Standard American Diet (SAD), the BEST lifestyle improvement that this person could make above all is DEFINITELY an improvement in diet. An obese person who consistently eats the "Standard American Diet" and consistently eats the same amount of processed foods each day without any dietary improvement will unlikely heal from a disease and/or lose a significant amount of weight, even if they are doing all of the other kinds of lifestyle improvements mentioned above, including; living in clean air, exercising, resting, meditating, not eating late at night and/or drinking all of the water that they can manage. Now don't get me wrong...all of these suggestions are GREAT lifestyle improvements. However, in my opinion eating processed foods such as refined sugar and processed starches is much more damaging to the body than not doing the other lifestyle improvements. If we eat processed, toxic foods, we are voluntarily taking damaging elements and putting them inside of us. That's CRAZY! If a person who was suffering from a serious degenerative disease went to live in a place with pristine air, stopped eating late at night, took enzymes, exercised every single day, prayed, meditated, and rested, BUT still managed to eat a fast food hamburger and french fries every day, they would unlikely heal. Again, all of those other lifestyle improvements are GREAT steps in the right direction, yet NOTHING compares to eliminating the most damaging "foods" to the human body, which include refined sugars, processed starches, transfatty acids, and so on... Since I am always HARPING about cleansing the colon, I'll skip over that practice for now. Additionally, I'm going to also skip the MULTI-FACETED spiritual potential of the human being for this article too. However, I will say that stress is like a poison to the system, and affects the human body in very adverse ways. If we stay "unconscious" and don't enjoy some kind of connection to our spirits, we typically experience large amounts of stress and release "poisons" into the body such as adrenalin, which will accelerate aging. Personally, this is probably the next important lifestyle improvement for me to explore on my own path. So...!!! In my opinion, NEXT on the general 'Lifestyle Improvement' list, after dietary changes, is living in an environment with better air quality. Although pollution in the air is extremely damaging to the body and clean air is so healthful in contrast, if you continue to eat from fast food restaurants, clean air will not be as beneficial to you. For example, we know that drinking green vegetable juice is good for us, but if we continue to drink cola regularly, while drinking green juice, the effects of the green juice won't be nearly as effective. It's more important what we DON'T ingest, RATHER THAN what we DO ingest. So, let's go back to air quality... If you were to go into an environment that is more polluted than your current environment, then when you leave the more polluted environment, at some point you will detox these excess pollution poisons from your body. When you go through this detox, you will not feel as good - it would be much better for your health to not go into this more polluted environment in the first place. For example, imagine that you went into a bar that was FILLED with cigarette smoke. I don't know about you, but if I did this, I would NEED to immediately EXIT, because it would feel terrible and I would sense what this was doing to my health. A smoke-filled bar is a more polluted environment than I am accustomed to and most of us on healthy paths try to avoid this type of environment as much as we possibly can. What if I told you that you were in a polluted environment similar to this smoked-filled room, RIGHT NOW!?!? Some of you may even be reading this on a balcony right on the beach as your breathe in fresh air with negative ions from the ocean...and you may think that I am ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!! The reason that you may think I am crazy, is because YOU MIGHT JUST NOT KNOW what is really happening here. You may not know the truth of the situation, because you cannot see it, feel it, or sense it in any way. Let me explain... We talked about what happens when you go into an environment that is more polluted than your current environment, but we haven't talked about what happens when you go from your current environment to an environment that is LESS polluted... NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE, the air that you are breathing RIGHT NOW is a lot more polluted than the pristine air that existed on this planet thousands of years ago. Day in and day out, we tend to breathe in about the same amount of air pollution each day as we go about our lives. If you then go into an environment with MORE pollution, your body tries to resist it and it will present symptoms such as a runny nose, tearing up, coughing and so on as indicators that something is amiss. If you permanently moved to this new MORE polluted environment, then after a while of breathing in this new amount of pollution each and every single day, these symptoms will eventually be 'silenced' and the vitality of your body will be weakened overall, as a result. Why is this happening?!... Think about it!: When you first enter a more polluted environment, you take a breath in and there are now more toxins in you than there used to be previously. These toxins are new to your body so your cells can take these toxins in and then send them right back out (detox)... But then...you breath in more air filled with the same amount of toxins over and over and over again. Your body becomes inundated and saturated with these new toxins. They fill up every cell and space within your body. You are now saturated with these toxins and the body doesn't have the same ability to clear them out and become cleaner. As soon as your body throws out some of these toxins, you are just breathing more right back in. It's like watching a fish in DIRTY BROWN water. This water is on the inside and outside of the fish. There is NO AVOIDING this polluted brown water, and the interesting part is that the fish likely doesn't even realize that he is in this brown polluted water...he has adapted to it... When we see this fish in dirty brown water, we likely conclude that if the fish STAYS in such a poor environment, it will have an early death. Well, GUESS WHAT?! WE TOO are ALSO 'swimming in brown dirty water' and WE don't even seem to usually notice it. Our lives will ALSO be shortened as a result of living like this. None of us really know what it is like to be present in TRULY pristine air, because we haven't experienced it in these lifetimes. I personally have experienced some environments that are extremely clean comparatively speaking and in these locations I get as high as can be on the air quality, as my third eye just BUZZES! Someone who is not on a 'clean' diet may not even sense this kind of difference in air quality, because their body is so inundated with other toxins. This is one reason why I feel that diet is the FIRST thing that NEEDS to be improved for more vibrant health overall... I feel that the importance of CLEAN air quality is under-rated, because most of us don't even realize how polluted most of the air is these days. Even when we are out of major cities, we may not realize that we are still swimming in dirty water, just like that fish. I feel that one of the most beneficial goals humans could seek to achieve in life would be to improve air quality. I also feel that individuals desiring a 'spiritual', impeccably healthy lifestyle would benefit TREMENDOUSLY through finding an environment with the cleanest air possible. I feel that diet and air quality are two of the most important aspects to attend to, when seeking ULTIMATE health.


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