All Disease is the Same, article by Matt Monarch

"All Disease is the SAME", article by Matt Monarch

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. Before I started with my new dietary lifestyle, for YEARS I had an ongoing case of acne. It went away COMPLETELY after I started eating 100% raw and doing periodic colon cleansing. We'll get back to my story about how I totally cleared up my acne soon, but first I would like to discuss how all disease, conditions and other ailments come from the same exact roots. People have been eating foods such as processed, gluten-containing starches and refined sugars for many decades now. These foods are known to be harmful to the body. Let's be clear: we are NOT DESIGNED to be eating these 'foods'. These foods create much obstruction (AKA 'disease') within the body. Every single night, our bodies try to cleanse and detox as much of these toxic foods as possible from our systems. We wake up with obstruction and mucus in the morning, from all the cleansing that has occurred. If we consistently eat these processed foods on a daily basis, we are adding more obstruction to the body on a daily basis than is being eliminated. This obstruction leads to disease. Our bodies can only handle so much of this obstruction before being forced to find ways to eliminate it, leading to sickness and other symptoms. Generally, obstruction tries to exit the body via the place of least resistance (weakest place) in your body. For example, if you have zits on your face, the obstruction is using this exit route through your face... or if you have a psoriasis attack, the obstruction is exiting through your skin... or if you have a herpes breakout, it is simply this same amassed obstruction trying to exit through your genitals or lips. Another example might be if someone gets Bronchitis. If you experience Bronchitis, do you believe you have a virus of some sort and you need antibiotics? It seems BLATANTY obvious to me that your body has had enough and is simply seeking to eliminate all this obstructive (DISEASE) through your bronchial tubes!!! NOTHING removes this bodily obstruction more effectively than cleansing your colon on a periodic basis!!! It is documented that about 60 years ago, before the Pharmaceutical companies came in with their drugs, every hospital room had either an enema or colonic machine. It was the first measure that any nurse would ever use to help heal someone from any ailment, due to how effective it is. HOWEVER!!!, after the pharmaceutical companies came in, these colon cleansing machines were stripped out from the hospital rooms. What most people in our societies usually do NOW is take antiobitics, trying to surpress this MONSTER elimination process and then just CONTINUE to eat the foods that caused this obstruction in the first place! This only adds to the monster and this obstruction (DISEASE) builds up even more within the body, potentially coming back later in the form of a more serious degenerative disease! The KEY in these situations is to get the obstruction OUT!!!... and NOTHING does this better than cleansing the colon on a periodic basis. Below are more articles that I have written on the importance of colon cleansing and I HIGHLY recommend reading them in their entirety: The Missing Link on the 100% Raw Food Diet! Colon Hydrotherapy 101 Cleansing the Colon on a PERIODIC Basis Let's get back to how I healed my acne completely after I went on a 100% Raw Food Diet. In actuality, going on the 100% Raw Food Diet didn't do that much for my acne. The real improvement came after I started to cleanse my colon periodically, AFTER I went 100% Raw. Ironically, when I jumped into a 100% Raw Food Diet overnight, within a few days, I had even more zits all over my face than usual, an ongoing runny nose, and I was running back and forth to the bathroom all day long: the initial major detox was in process. When I did my first colonic after about 10 days being 100% Raw, it changed the situation COMPLETELY!!! While I was on the table during this first colonic, the mucus in my nose INSTANTANEOUSLY disappeared! For what felt like the first time ever, I could breathe air straight into my lungs and even into my brain, it seemed, without any obstruction whatsoever. The next day my acne disappeared and I slept in bliss throughout the night. Ten days after that first colonic, my symptoms were back, from the detoxification that happens when you switch to a 100% Raw Food Diet. Zits were all over my face again, my runny nose was pouring and I was running back and forth to the bathroom all day long once again. Another colonic took care of the situation and I was back to that BLISS state again. When I first went 100% Raw, I did a colonic like this every 10 days for about six months and I haven't had a case of acne again ever since. Many people have come to me asking for help with their acne situations and I advise them to either do a 100% Raw Food Diet or an Intermediate Whole Foods Diet (eliminating processed foods), while at the same time doing periodic colon cleansing, just like I did. Many people don't get results when they do this, because they don't stop eating the processed foods, such as refined sugar or processed starches COMPLETELY. Although you can remove a lot of obstruction from the body by doing periodic colon cleansing, if you don't simultaneously eliminate processed foods completely, you are still consistently adding obstruction to your body at the same time and it will again throw this obstruction out of the place of least resistance. For a person who has had an ongoing case of acne, that place of least resistance will be their face/chest/back etc. However, if someone is willing to go all the way and eliminate the processed foods that our bodies were not meant to eat, the results can be outstanding. For example, one person wrote: HELLO MATT! I attended your lecture here in Atlanta, Georgia that was hosted by Cafe Life~ Life Grocery. I wanted to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all of the knowledge you have shared with me. I followed your recommendation (in regards to getting rid of my acne) and it WORKED!!! I did a colonic every 10 days for 3 months and my skin has not seen a breakout since November! THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU! Now I am working on figuring out what to put on my face to get rid of the scars caused by my acne. Do you have any suggestions? Again, I am and will always be forever grateful, Veronica Gana ALL Disease comes from the same roots! If we want to be healthy, we've got to stop putting the obstruction in and we've got to keep removing the back-log of obstruction the best we can... and nothing is more effective at doing this than cleansing the colon on a PERIODIC basis. I'll leave you with what Veronica wrote to me when I asked her if it was ok to use her testimony in my newsletter... ABSOLUTELY, you can use my testimonial!!! I have suffered with acne ever since 14 years of age AND now, 17 YEARS later~ GONE!!! I want EVERYONE, especially acne sufferers, that it CAN be done, they just have to open to the idea of Raw Food and Colonics. Again, thank you! All the BEST, Veronica Gana
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