Blood Test Levels for Raw Food Eaters


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Greetings from Matt Monarch

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  • "Blood Test Levels for Raw Food Eaters", Article by Matt Monarch
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  • "Blood Test Levels for Raw Food Eaters", Article by Matt Monarch

    The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. It is so blatantly obvious to me that the blood level numbers for a Raw Food Eater OUGHT, in fact, to be lower than the numbers for the mass majority of the modern human population. Please note: this article is based on anecdotal information and personal experience...
    I have noticed that every couple of years, the "standard levels" for blood level numbers seem to keep increasing. I believe this is directly related to the increasing levels of toxicity within the mass majority of modern human beings. Decades ago, people everywhere were only eating simple, whole foods straight from the Earth. With the new technologies available today, we have reached a point where humans are processing foods like never before.
      So, why???... all of a sudden would there be a "need" to continually keep raising the blood level standards???! As the years go by, humans are collectively becoming more overweight and unhealthier, as they fill up on unneccessary, toxic foods. I would think the "authorities" base the blood level scales on stats from the majority of the population, who tend to eat a very poor diet filled with excessive amounts of animal protein, refined starches, transfatty acids, and other processed foods. Of course the Vitamin B12 and D levels will potentially be higher in a person who eats a mass of animal protein every single day! To be honest with you, it drives me nuts that hundreds of raw food eaters think they are unhealthy, just because their blood levels fall within the lower end of the result scales. The blood level scales seem to me to be based on results from a decrepit human population eating the Standard American Diet. Of course! the blood levels for a 100% Raw Food Eater are going to show up as lower than for a person on the overloaded Standard American Diet!
    After I posted my personal blood test results a couple of months back, I was flooded with emails. Although all of my vitamin and mineral levels were in the healthy scale (on the lower end), people were throwing statistics and facts at me, such as that in Japan, (where fish is a huge part of their diet), the Vitamin D lower scale levels were raised from 32 to 50-something. Here is another incident where the numbers are being shifted around based on a population where the majority of people eat fish as a staple in their diets.
      Additionally, another person sent me a message saying that Dr. Mercola also believes that the lower end of the Vitamin D scale should be much higher. Why, all of a sudden, do levels like these require increases, when the numbers seemed to serve us just fine for years on end? Dr. Mercola has talked publicly about how he regularly eats 10 eggs a day, which of course offers a substantial quantity of Vitamin D. Naturally his Vitamin D levels will potentially be much higher compared to a guy like me who doesn't eat any eggs, fish or other animal protein and utilizes the sun for his Vitamin D intake. I am as healthy as can be and I know of others in their 80s succeeding just like me. Other Raw Food Eaters have expressed concerns that some of their levels were low, such as their serum creatinine levels, which are normally high in people who eat animal protein. Additionally, there are studies showing that when people stop eating animal protein, their B12 levels generally drop 100 - 200 points.
    In both of these cases, of course when you eliminate animal protein these levels will drop. Animal protein is saturated with these kinds of nutrients. Whether we "need" animal protein or not is a subject for another article, but in short, I feel that it is absolutely absurd that modern humans worldwide choose to eat animal protein, for many reasons.    Three years ago, I got my blood test for Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D.
    The standard scales and my levels from back then are both stated below: Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy: Scale: 32 - 100, My Results: 38.7 Vitamin B12: Scale: 211 - 911, My Results: 373 Then two years later I got my blood tested out here in Ecuador and my results were as follows: Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy: My Results: 35.45 Vitamin B12: My Results: 388 (I am not sure what the "official" blood level scales are these days, as I got my blood tested here in Ecuador this time around and the levels here are even lower than the scales I mentioned above. I feel that the scales used here are more in line with a simple whole foods diet such as humans are truly designed to be eating. The scale for Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy in Ecuador for example is 20 - 32, compared to the USA's 32 - 100!) Although still in the "normal" ranges, I believe my Vitamin D levels went a few points down in these last results, because I had been in the sun less. I believe my Vitamin B12 levels stay in a healthy range without any B12 supplements, because I consume a 100% Raw Food Diet in a responsible manner and I cleanse my colon on a periodic basis. In my blood test from five years ago, I was .1 under the normal scale in iron, whereas 3 years ago I was fine in iron, but .1 below in calcium, and this year...all my levels were fine. I wasn't concerned about being down by .1 or even 1 point, because I know that the blood levels of a 100% Raw Food Eater run on the lower side of these man-made scales, which seem to be based on results from the current "mainstream" human population.

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