‘Can the 100% Raw Food Diet be Harmful? & My Personal Diet’, by Matt Monarch

Please don't misunderstand my message here about whether eating raw can be "harmful". I believe that if 99% of the population went on a 100% Raw Food Diet, they would become younger and younger for many years, as they have so much to 'undo'. I personally started the 100% Raw Food Diet at a young age (around 24) and I have been on a 100% Raw Food Diet for 10 Years as I write this. Throughout these 10 years, I have eaten mainly simple whole foods, (fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, seaweeds) since the beginning. CONSISTENCY is KEY... Meanwhile, I also cleansed my colon on a periodic basis with colonics and/or enemas.

Whole foods, vegetable juice, cleansing the colon frequently PLUS consistency, have brought me to a state of extreme "cleanliness" at a cellular level.

This is what my current daily intake looks like....

  • Some form of Vitamin C (camu powder or a bit of grapefruit or orange juice)
  • 16 - 32 oz green vegetable juice with carrot juice
  • Lunch... Is my FAVORITE apple meal... Recipe is as follows (Yes. I usually eat it EVERY DAY... AND... I LOVE IT!!! Dr. Norman Walker did the same thing with a smaller quantity of a similar banana meal and lived to be around 100. He also obtained a variety of nutrients from all the different juices he drank and salads he ate.)

    Ok... The apple meal recipe:

    2 medium-big apples
    2-3 tablespoons of Nut/Seed Butter (either Tahini, Black Tahini, Pine Nut Butter, or Hazelnut butter {Variety})
    Food Process the above ingredients together until they are all mixed well.

    1 handful of purple mulberries
    1 handful of goji berries
    Swirl these berries into the meal with a spoon.

    3 - 4 tablespoons of ground flax
    Throw the flax on top, without mixing it in. It's like a topping... YUM!!!

  • 16 - 32 oz green vegetable juice with carrot juice
  • Salad in a big bowl... AND...

    The Recipe...

    8oz Lettuce to fill a big bowl
    1 - 1.5 oz of dulse
    sugar snap peas cut up into slices
    handful of fresh sprouts
    5 Tomatoes
    Combine all of the above in a big bowl and set aside.

    Food Process together:
    1/2 avocado
    1 clove of garlic
    2 - 3 tablespoons of Nut/Seed Butter
    1 cucumber
    Food process the above to create your dressing, then stir/mix this dressing into the salad in the big bowl and enjoy!

    Depending on your perspective, these two meals a day might either seem like a very small amount or a massive amount - I hear differing opinions on this all the time. Let's be clear: if 99% of the human population were to eat this way, they would regenerate for years to come. When you are truly only eating Raw Foods and nothing else, a big salad like this is EASY to demolish... Trust me... ;) Additionally, the longer you eat 100% Raw, the cleaner and more efficient your body becomes and the less food you need to maintain high energy levels. The way that I currently eat may not work for you and also wouldn't likely have worked so well for me at other stages of my raw journey. I have been on this path for 10 years and require less food now. When I first started eating raw, I ate much larger quantities than I do now.

    So... I have been doing this for 10 years. As I discuss at length in Raw Success, if you start eating this kind of way at a young age like I did, from a relatively healthy background, then the process of recovery and balancing out is usually RAPID compared to someone who starts a Raw Food Diet later in life. In actuality, the above intake that I am currently eating is really a little too much for me physically and it takes a bit of a toll on my body. My body has become so "clean" now that it begs me to take my intake to the "next level", i.e. reduce the quantities I consume. Because of my cellular "cleanliness", the way I currently eat is kind of like being on the Standard American Diet for someone who is not as "clean" as me... Their diet is aging them and mine (to a lesser degree, most likely) is aging me.

    People I consider "successful" Raw Food Pioneers include Dr. Norman Walker and Dr. Ann Wigmore. They both ate 100% raw and periodically cleansed their colons. They ate such small amounts of food it could boggle your mind. When you live this type of lifestyle for a long period of time like Norman Walker and Ann Wigmore, for ULTIMATE health, it seems key to reduce your intake down to very little, just like they did. From my experience, I can see and sense why they ate so little. After decades of doing this, you become so "clean" that it's like your body pushes you forward and forward to eat less and less food. If you don't listen to the messages from your body, in the long run, you may see repercussions with your health. It is certainly not my intention to scare you, as the BENEFITS of living thi! s way can be truly miraculous and I imagine I could probably easily live to be 90 - 94 on the above diet, all other circumstances notwithstanding. What we're really talking about here is going all the way in the long-run (No RUSH!) just like Ann Wigmore, Anastasia, and Dr. Norman Walker. The potential this can help us to explore is ENORMOUS! The blessed spiritual heightened lives these people experience(d) are to dream for... and I believe that we as a species are capable of living WELL PAST the Century Mark.

    I am at a point where I feel called in this direction of reducing food intake now, for ultimate health. Although, as stated above, 99% of the population would surely go through massive regeneration for many decades if they ate the way I currently do, for me personally, at this stage in my journey, this way of eating is aging me - slowly but surely. My body just doesn't want these quantities of food anymore. Dr. Norman Walker ate a couple of VERY SMALL meals each day. In my book Raw Success I go into great detail about Walker's diet. Ann Wigmore, I have heard, generally consumed five sips of energy soup, five times a day and drank wheatgrass juice. That was it!!! Though he's not 100% Raw, Viktoras Kulvinskas has also discovered that eating the same thing every day in the same exact small quantities helps him feel his best. I believe it took Viktoras many years to rea! ch this point and it is now working really well for him.

    Quick note: In my book Raw Success, I discuss that when you eat small meals consistently like this, there is very little margin for error. I wrote about a man who would eat one 12oz meal per day. He went up to 16oz for a few days and almost died because he had been doing the 12oz meal for many decades and his body could not easily accommodate the extra ounces. I recommend getting my book Raw Success and also Hilton Hotema's book Man's Higher Consciousness. These combined will give you a DEEP understanding about these concepts. (If these concepts interested you, then I suspect you will not be able to put down 'Man's Higher Consciousness', by Hilton Hotema. If people everywhere read this book and understood this information, I sense that major posit! ive shifts would take place.)

    My current food choices are of course not a "life or death" situation - I am not dealing with any acute conditions that might urge me to follow my body's promptings to eat less immediately. For now, this is much more a question of tweaking my personal intake to the optimal levels over time and in truth, I am not ready to make the kind of commitment Ann Wigmore or Norman Walker did QUITE YET. I would say though that within the next 4 - 7 years, this will all very likely unfold for me. Just not quite yet... ;)
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