Colon Hydrotherapy & Invisible Waste Matter

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Greetings from Matt Monarch


We are just BLISSING-OUT here in our 1-Year Anniversary week!!!'s that time again, to talk more about Colon Hydrotherapy! I know there are no "panaceas" in healing, however, in my opinion, cleansing the colon periodically is the closest we can get to a "cure-all" method, and I want everyone to know about the power of this simple procedure. Additionally, this is one of those rare occasions where one of our newsletters goes out RIGHT around the end of the month and so already includes next month's 'At-Cost' specials. Therefore, you can take advantage of LAST month's and THIS month's 'At-Cost' specials at the same time, for just a few days... FURTHERMORE, that 14% coupon code is available for just ONE MORE DAY!!!... AND... You will unlikely ever see a better price anywhere on Ocean's Alive Marine Phytoplankton - see below in July's 'At-Cost' Specials! In this Post-Anniversary Newsletter you can enjoy:
  • "Colon Hydrotherapy & Invisible Waste Matter", article by Matt Monarch
  • New Products: Coconut Secret's Coconut Flour, Coconut Liquid Aminos (Gallon Size!), Coconut Nectar (5 Gallon Size!), Earth's Living Clay (4lb Size!), & MUCH MORE!
  • Coconut Secret REVOLUTION!!!
  • "At Cost!" Specials: Ocean's Alive Marine Phytoplankton!!!, Truly Raw Centrifuged Coconut Oil, 16oz AND GALLON!, Black & White Mulberry Mix, Truly Raw Cacao Nibs (Big Tree Farms) & Much More!!!
  • Vote for me ONE MORE TIME on Oprah!
  • 14% Anniversary Coupon Code!!! ONE DAY LEFT!

"Colon Hydrotherapy & Invisible Waste Matter", article by Matt Monarch

Cleansing the colon is most effective when you permanently improve your diet by eating less damaging foods. If you continue to eat the same damaging kinds and quantities of food each day, the body does not get the opportunity to go into a deeper state of detoxification. Often when people get a colonic without improving their diet, they might think that because they got out all the solid waste matter in the colon their job is done and no more colon cleansing is required - yet there is much more to the picture than that.

If a person regularly eats processed foods without any dietary improvements, colon hydrotherapy will not be nearly as effective as it can be. I also want to convey to you that when a person does colon hydrotherapy, the solid waste matter isn't the number one thing that we are trying to eliminate. While it is certainly important and beneficial to remove this solid waste matter, the waste we are really going after is INVISIBLE. If you do a colonic and get gas bubbles releasing through the tube, then you are making some serious progress. It's the GAS that we are really going after! You can just walk around your nearest city and you will probably witness countless overweight people with huge "beer bellies" walking the streets. How is it possible that these people's beer bellies are sticking out over 2 feet? Do you think that is all solid waste in there??? If so, you would surely see nasty crevices and pockets of waste indented in their bellies. Instead, their bellies are smooth, just like a balloon filled up with helium GAS. Although there is indeed probably a lot of solid waste within these people's bodies and colons, I believe that it is gas that is bloating up the majority of people. Let me give you another example here to show that it is not just the solid waste we are going after when we cleanse the colon. I was hanging out right in the heart of New York City for two months. On a daily basis I was breathing in pollution from cars, trucks, businesses and so on. This pollution that I was consuming was not completely solid waste matter. I was breathing in all sorts of fumes and gases. After these two months, I left NYC to hang out in Iceland, where the air quailty was totally pristine, comparatively speaking. For days on end after arriving in Iceland, I would wake up every morning with a runny nose, bad breath, excess gas, and mounds of sleep in my eyes. This wasn't solid waste matter exiting my body - I had not been eating any differently in NYC to my new location. The difference was that I had suddenly left pollution (gas and fumes) out of my intake and I was now detoxing it all out. Colon hydrotherapy not only eliminates solid waste matter from the body, but it also eliminates gas like nothing else. Our bodies and cells are inundated with gas and it travels freely throughout the body. To learn more about this, I recommend reading the article I wrote entitled, 'The Blood Gas Theory'. The colon is the PRIMARY gas release valve available to us. There is no more effective way to remove gas, in my opinion, than through cleansing the colon. Again, it's not the solid waste matter that we are going after when we cleanse the colon. How many of you have seen a movie where a heroin addict is thrown into hospital, forced to detox and abstain from their drugs? Do you think that the detoxification and elimination they experience is coming out solely in the form of solid waste matter??? I think not!!! In fact, although solid waste matter is almost certainly not the main form through which the heroin is being removed from the body, colon hydrotherapy would aid the process of eliminating this toxic residue TREMENDOUSLY. Hydrotherapy would help to pull the residues right out and the withdrawal effects would not be nearly as extreme. We are gas beings!!! We breathe in oxygen and we exhale CO2. If you think all of the gas is being removed from your body through exhalation, I think you've got another thing coming to you. Remember, those beer bellies seem to be composed mainly of GAS. Below are just a few of the many processes within the body that create gas; read this over and you will hopefully understand that we are truly gas beings...
  • When we eat food, fermentation is a natural process of digestion. A by-product of fermentation is gas.
  • When we eat food, it is broken down into its simplest form (glucose). As we all surely learned in Biology Class, the cell then takes the glucose and transforms it into ATP (energy), while at the same time giving off the by-product CO2 (gas).
  • When the body receives absorbic acid, the pancreas gives off an element to convert this acid into carbonic acid (gas), because it is less harsh on the system.The list goes ON AND ON... and the gas produced does not all get released from your lungs and skin. Some of it usually comes out of your rear end, some of it comes out via your lungs, and some of it goes to fill those beer bellies right up. The rest of the gas that isn't released builds up within our cells, which expand and contract in size to adapt and accommodate all of the gases that we are exposed to. If the amazing process of our cells accommodating more and more gas didn't happen at a cellular level, then our bodies wouldn't be able to handle the onslaught of gases we are exposed to on a daily basis and we could not survive. Again, I encourage you to read the article I wrote, 'The Blood Gas Theory'. I frequently talk about the miraculous benefits of taking powerful enzymes on an empty stomach. Many people are looking for answers to their personal health issues and want to try anything that is easy and may work. After I give talks in public, many people come up to ask me if enzymes can help them with bloating or what they think to be 'indigestion'. In these situations, I always tell them to keep their money and spend it on colonics on a periodic basis instead, because that is truly what they need in order to eliminate the bloated stomach and so-called 'indigestion'. It's all about the waste and GAS!!! So next time you might think to yourself that you "don't need colon hydrotherapy", because you think all of the solid waste matter has been removed... Think again and don't give up; instead, permanently improve your diet, and do colon hydrotherapy on a periodic basis. In my STRONG opinion, there is no other healing modality (supplement, detox method, etc) more effective than cleansing the colon. In fact, I feel that NOTHING out there is even 10% as effective as cleansing the colon on a periodic basis. This is why colon cleansing and enemas have been so revered for healing, as far back as history goes, such as can be seen in the Mayan recovered artifacts and other historical data that can be viewed HERE. The remarkable effectiveness of colon hydrotherapy also helps explain why the health food institutes that utilize colon hydrotherapy have such high success rates for helping people to heal from degenerative diseases. I hope that this article helps encourage any of you who have been 'sitting on the fence' about colon cleansing to go for it and enjoy the countless benefits, gas release and all!


    New Products at The Raw Food World


    Coconut Secret's Coconut Flour We've always carried our own brand of coconut flour, however, due to the HUGE POSITIVE response that we received about the Coconut Secret products, I feel inspired to support their emerging business. This coconut flour has 40% dietary fiber, is certified organic, AND is TRULY RAW. This particular coconut flour is made in small batches from unheated coconut meat and dried using their proprietary tumbler-dry method. Ingredients: Organic Raw Coconut Flour Coconut Secret Aminos Gallon & Nectar 5 Gallon We've literally had MASSES of customers coming back to order 8, 12, 15 bottles of Coconut Aminos and Coconut Nectar at a time. We wanted you to be able to SAVE money (and packaging) on these INCREDIBLE products, so we ordered larger sizes of them. The savings on these bulk items are BIG! You can now get a gallon of coconut aminos for only $49.95. If you were to buy that quantity in 8oz bottles, it would work out to around $112! If you were to buy 5 gallons of coconut nectar in the 12oz bottles, it would cost you over $500. You can now get a 5 gallon container for just $199.95. Earth's Living Green Clay, 64 oz! We've now also got a much larger size of Earth's Living Green Clay for external use. Bentonite Clay Baths and Topical Applications have been used since ancient times to detoxify skin by pulling out toxic substances and metals through the pores of our body's largest organ. There are many uses for this clay and I think that some of you will remember that I enjoyed using this really high quality bentonite clay in a video once. If you missed that fun video, you can see it here below. The World Goes Raw, by Lisa Mann People everywhere know that meals prepared without heat can taste great and improve their overall health. Yet raw cuisine cookbooks have always offered little variety--until now. In "The World Goes Raw Cookbook", raw food chef Lisa Mann provides a fresh approach to (un)cooking with recipes that have an international twist. There are six recipe chapters, each focused on a different ethnic cuisine, including Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Asian, Caribbean, and South American dishes. And from soups and starters to desserts, every one's a winner. Love Force Cherry Vanilla Bar Love Force sent a sample of this new bar to Zack to try out and this was his response... "This bar is INCREDIBLE! The best of theirs by far. The vanilla peacefully takes control of the taste buds and then you bite into a cherry and it's like.... wOw!" Ingredients: Raw Organic Cashews, Raw Organic Almonds, Raw Organic Agave Nectar, Raw Organic Dates, Raw Organic Coconut, Raw Organic Cherries, Raw Organic Flax Seeds, Raw Organic Vanilla Bean, Raw Organic Celtic Sea Salt®, Organic Sunflower Oil. Here are all the latest new additions to The Raw Food World Store:
  • Coconut Flour - Coconut Secret
  • Coconut Aminos 1 gallon! - Coconut Secret
  • Coconut Nectar 5 gallons! - Coconut Secret
  • Earth's Living Green Clay, 64oz
  • Love Force Cherry Vanilla Bar, 3oz
  • The World Goes Raw, by Lisa Mann
  • [DVD] Campbells' Conversation (China Study)[DVD] Campbells' Conversation (China Study) A perfect storm is brewing. Increasing disease prevalence, rising health care costs, and an aging population will make health care one of the defining issues of the next 50 years. The research of Dr. T. Colin Campbell provides a starting point for understanding not only how we can avert the storm as a society, but also as individuals. This DVD presentation describes: *Dr Campbell's personal and professional background. *startling observations from a 27 year series of laboratory projects focused on how food can control cancer. *the design, selected findings, and criticisms of the most comprehensive study of diet, lifestyle, and disease ever conducted, The China Project. AAAAAAAAND... Many More New Products COMING SOON!!!

    Coconut Secret Revolution!!!

    I am SO EXCITED about these NEW and INNOVATIVE, TRULY-RAW Coconut Secret sap products!!! This is definitely up there as one of the BIGGEST responses that we have ever received on a product line. Not only did we initially sell HUNDREDS of cases of the Coconut Secret products, but we had people re-ordering them like nothing I've ever seen with other products. In the notes section of people's orders, customers were repeatedly letting us know how much they LOVE these coconut sap products...

    I personally believe that a Coconut Sap REVOLUTION is going to occur! I think that these coconut sap products are going to replace many of the ingredients in raw chocolate and raw food recipes. Quite a few of our suppliers have already asked us to send them a combo pack so that they can test these items as replacement ingredients. A friend of mine who makes Raw Ice Cream actually just told me that he is replacing the agave in his ice cream with this coconut sap nectar, combined with a tiny amount of stevia. He is going to be our FIRST customer for the 5-gallon size of the coconut nectar. The MOST POPULAR product so far from Coconut Secret was the coconut aminos and I can DEFINITELY see why! It's actually my personal favorite too. It tastes like Nama Shoyu, is truly raw, and has a little bit of added sweetness to it. It is totally INCREDIBLE!!! We now have these AMAZING Coconut Aminos in gallon sizes. Additionally, in the future, we will also have larger sizes of all the Coconut Secret products. I know that there always seems to be controversy in the Raw Foods movement about whether products are "truly" 100% Raw. Although I have not yet been to the Philippines and checked out the manufacturing plant to verify with my own eyes that these coconut sap products are "truly" 100% Raw, I believe 100% that they are totally raw. I've talked with Leslie, the owner of Coconut Secret, for hours on the phone and I am convinced via her integrity and morals that these products are truly raw. In fact, Leslie intends to invite Angela and myself out to the Philippines so that we can watch this innovative process with our own eyes and use a temperature gun to test the proess. They truly do use an innovative process and Leslie trusts in me as a third party verifier to witness this process. In fact, she told me that none of her products raise above the 110 degree mark!!! As you can see, I am quite EXCITED about these products. If you are interested in ordering the Coconut Secret Products, you can do so by clicking HERE! A visitor actually very kindly brought us the Coconut Secret products to Ecuador, so that we could test out how good they truly are! In the video below, you can see us playing and trying out these incredible products.


    'At-Cost' Specials

    It's over a YEAR now since we got married and it feels to us like we are STILL on HONEYMOON!!! Looks like we'll be keeping the coupon code the same :-)

    Last month, those 'At-Cost' 3-packs were EXTREMELY popular!... Therefore, we've decided to keep the trend going, because you all seemed to love them so much... You will now be able to save even more on an ongoing basis, because we intend to consistently offer these 3-pack specials, each and every month. I am MOST EXCITED to be offering the Ocean's Alive Marine Phytoplankton as an 'At-Cost' special this month. WOW!!! These prices have never been seen before for this product. The first time I ever had this Marine Phytoplankton was when we were visiting Kevin Gianni. He just gave me a glass of water and put in a dropperful of the Phytoplankton, and I was in HEAVEN. It gave the water a salty kind of taste and I couldn't stop drinking it. For some odd reason, it almost tasted like milk to me :-O. What I love MOST about this product is that it's like getting a green juice in an INSTANT! Next in line, we've got the TRULY RAW Centrifuged Coconut Oil. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that this is the highest quality coconut oil on the market! It is never heated above 118 degrees, which preserves the live enzymes, lauric acid, and all the other immune system building nutrients. I have not heard of another coconut oil that is processed at a lower temperature than this. We have the 16oz and Gallon sizes 'At-Cost' this month, with the option to also get them in 3-packs! This coconut oil is Truly Raw, Certified Organic and Kosher. Ahhhh, MULBERRIES!!! It all started MANY YEARS ago when we first experienced the dried white mulberries. These are like a gift from the Gods and taste like natural caramel. Then... some years later... along came the purple mulberries, which I totally ADORE too. At first, I continued to like the white mulberries best, but as I ate them both more and more, the purple mulberries became my favorite. Now, for the first time in Raw Food Movement History... We've discovered dried BLACK Mulberries!!!...and they are amazing too, especially mixed in with the white mulberries. We LOVE this new sweet raw treat and...the adventure continues! We are also offering Big Tree Farm's Truly Raw Cacao Nibs as an 'At-Cost' special this month. This is probably the lowest price that you will see on HIGH-QUALITY raw cacao nibs for quite some time. Big Tree Farms is located in Bali, Indonesia and they are the people who supply the Truly Raw Cashews in vacuum sealed bags, which are incredible. We've have recieved a lot of positive feedback in regards to these truly raw cacao nibs. Due to the MASSIVE POPULARITY of the Truly Raw SPROUTED Cacao Bean L.O.V.E. Cups made from Pacari cacao beans, we've decided to let these items stay on as special offers for the entire month of July! Kelly Johnson was gracious enough to provide the extra discount to us again for another month so that we can offer them to you at these super low price. Enjoy...! The following specials are available until July 31st...
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    Help Me Get On Oprah!!!

    There are still a few days left to vote for me to get my own TV Show on the Oprah Network! It seems that everyone can vote as many times as they like. I would LOVE it if you would click HERE and push the green voting button ONE MORE TIME! :-) Angela gives us details about this opportunity below... Mr. M made an audition video to get his OWN TV Show on Oprah's Network and we *just* heard that his video has been accepted ;)
    LOL - it is a very spontaneous one and a half minute call to action from the dynamic Monarch and we would LOVE, love, LOVE to have your votes for this video, if you care to support this quest...? ♥♥♥

    Here is the video link:

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    The voting ends on July 3rd at 11.59pm PST, so time is short and every vote counts - we would be ***thrilled*** if you may be willing to pass this link on to friends and family... :) Imagine how many more lives we could reach and touch with a 'real' TV Show ;) :) :)

    (btw, if you're wondering why I'm not in the video too, we tried to enter a video with both of us at first and it was rejected - the Oprah team said the auditions can only feature one person, so it came down to Mr. M, as the more clearly 'American' of the two of us, to woo the lovely Ms. Winfrey... ;)

    THANK YOU for playing the game - we love you :))) ♥♥♥

    14% Anniversary Coupon Code!!! - ONE DAY LEFT!!!

    There is only ONE-DAY left to take advantage of this OUTRAGEOUS coupon code! We are in BLISS here, celebrating a wonderful first year of married life together and we want to share the love with you guys too, with a handful of fun gifts to enjoy. We created a 14% Anniversary Coupon Code that you can use on ANY SIZE order, until June 30th and ALSO we are offering the playbacks of EVERY SINGLE radio show interview that we have ever done for FREE!!!

    Get 14% off ANY SIZE ORDER until June 30th (midnight Pacific time), when you use the coupon code ANNIVERSARY14. This is the IDEAL time to stock up on supplements and superfoods, because savings like this don't come around often! This month we are also offering you all nine of the interviews that we conducted in the last year with nine of our favorite Raw Food Advocates! Not only can you listen to these interviews online, we also provided you a way to download the MP3s, so that you can save and listen to them at a different time. If you are tech-savvy, you could even put them on your iPods and listen to them at your leisure that way ;-) I've gained quite the rep for my interviewing style with these Raw Food Advocates. I ask the questions that nobody else asks... The interviews are quite fun and I believe there is a lot to learn from them too. To listen to OR download these interviews, please click HERE. When you go to this webpage to download or listen to these interviews, please read the notes in small font there, for directions on how to successfully access the calls. It's been a super-fun year since Angela and I got married and this is our way of thanking all of you for your ongoing support, love and friendship. Thank you! :-)



    ~ Many Blessings to you from The Raw Food World~ Thank you for continuing to let us serve you. We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!
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