“Detoxification”, Article by Matt Monarch

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We're BACK with a BRAND NEW month with brand NEW specials, which include Medicinal Herb MANIA!!! ;-)   In this Newsletter you can enjoy:
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"Detoxification", Article by Matt Monarch

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. Whenever a person ceases the intake of a substance into their bodies, they will go through detoxification and withdrawals from that substance. For example, if a person eliminates the drinking of coffee, inevitably they detoxify and usually get headaches as they go through withdrawals from the elimination of this coffee. It is the same thing with any substance that you put into your body on a regular basis, then remove, such as alcohol, drugs, air pollution, processed foods and so on. When you eliminate any of these substances from your consistent intake, detoxification inevitably follows. How harsh the individual detoxification process is depends on how much you've been intaking these substances and for how long. For example, my mom drank coffee for decades on end. Five years ago when she improved her diet to include only healthy whole foods, she found that she still wasn't quite yet willing to eliminate the coffee, due to the uncomfortable withdrawals. However, as time went on, she lowered her coffee intake slowly but surely. She has now eliminated coffee completely, though still uses certain teas that contain caffeine, to continue the slow ease through the withdrawals.   The more substances that you remove from your intake, the more harsh the detoxification is going to be. For example, the HARSHEST process of detoxification that ANYONE can experience comes through water fasting, because you are literally eliminating every single substance that you intake other than air and water. If 99.99% of the population switched to a 100% Raw Food Diet, they would be eliminating a MONSTROUS amount of damaging substances, which they currently regularly intake into their body plus have stored up inside of them, from years of other-than-optimal consumption. Fresh raw vegan food is usually comprised of 70% - 90% water and comparatively speaking barely taxes the body in terms of digestion compared to other thongs that people eat. Eating 100% Raw Food is hence like going on a 'Raw Food Water-Based Fast'. This is why you may commonly hear eating 100% raw described as a "Detox Diet". If you choose a 100% Raw Food "Detox Diet", it is literally like going on a life-long fast, and you are going to cleanse and detoxify out older poisons from your body for the rest of your life. If you think that drinking coffee for decades is unhealthy for the body, imagine how many people consume MANY (i.e. more than just one substance; caffeine) processed foods for not only decades themselves, but over many generations. The UP side of the ongoing detoxification process that people experience as they eliminate harmful substances is that the cleaner the body becomes, the more bliss you can automatically experience. As I stated in my article, 'Toxins In Toxins Out' ,we continually detox, no matter which type of diet we are consuming. However, the more foods we leave out of our intake, the more we can detoxify the older, more concentrated, and harsh toxins. Not only have most of us been eating processed foods for decades on end, but so have our parents, their parents, their parents, and their parents. It's likely in our culture that eating processed, denatured foods has been going on for about 7 - 10 generations.   "Man realizes not how filthy his body is internally until he takes a fast and the body begins to purge itself of accummulated filth." Hilton Hotema, "Man's Higher Consciousness", page 12.   Many people hear about how "AMAZING" it is to eat 100% Raw. They hear of NUMEROUS people adhering to a 100% Raw Food Diet and successfully healing from various diseases and conditions. They realize that the 100% Raw Food Diet makes common sense and is clearly an ideal way to nourish the body while at the same time aging it minimally. However, many of these people also feel very challenged to stick with a 100% Raw intake and they DON'T seem to understand the real reason why this occurs. The number one reason I feel that people usually struggle with staying raw is due to the ongoing and often intense detoxification process that they experience when they go raw. Just like a heroin addict who eliminates heroin from their intake and experiences truly INTENSE withdrawals, the 100% raw foodist often eliminates so many toxic "Standard American Diet" items overnight, such as transfatty acids, processed starches, refined sugar, commercial animal products, pasteurized dairy, preservatives and much more.   So, people may feel and intellectually know that this can be an ideal diet for the human body, yet if they are feeling low in energy from excess toxins running through their bloodstream and they consistently feel sick when trying to live this way, they might feel very challenged to continue on this path. Since many don't seem to understand this ongoing detoxification process, they try to figure out other means for getting this lifestyle to work for themselves. Some people might assume that fasting will help them, because perhaps they have read books on fasting that state this is how humans and animals in the wild heal themselves when they are ill. It makes logical sense, right? However, when such people fast they just eliminate more substances from their body even faster, they increase the detoxification and withdrawals, and they just add to the detoxification "bonfire"... Sooner or later they usually go back to eating their past food choices to get their FIX, which of course immediately stops the HARSH process of detoxification. In fact, not only does it stop the HARSH detoxification, but it also STIMULATES the person, putting them into an ultimate TEMPORARY state of bliss. They then commonly choose to interpret these circumstances to mean that they weren't getting everything they needed (such as protein) when they ate 100% raw. The actual truth of the matter is that they just used their FIX to stop the uncomfortable detoxification process. As I have said many times, I feel that cleansing the colon is the ideal way to 'keep up' with the elimination of these internal poisons while adhering to a 100% Raw Food "Detox Diet".   If you choose an "intermediate" diet, you are eliminating a lot less food from your intake than if you choose to eat raw. The amount of detoxification and withdrawals that a person will experience when doing a healthy whole food "intermediate" diet is a lot lower compared to choosing a 100% raw lifestyle. Yet, as I always say, you don't need to eat 100% raw to be healthy. The key is to eliminate the processed foods that are so damaging to the body. You can learn more about what a whole food diet involves with the article, 'How to Go Raw'. I personally tell around 90% of the people I meet to do an intermediate diet rather than a 100% raw food lifestyle, because it is a lot easier to handle the detoxification process when eating in an "intermediate" way. The most concentrated fresh foods with the lowest percentage of water available on a 100% Raw Vegan Diet are nuts and seeds. They are the most "obstructive" and taxing raw vegan foods for the body. However, in my opinion, this is a good thing overall. Fruits and vegetables are often about 90% water. The more water content a food has, the less concentration there is and the easier it is to digest. If a 100% Raw Foodist eliminates nuts and seeds completely and lives on greens and fruit, they are pretty much eating around 90% water. This is closer to that "water fast" way of life and a lot more detoxification will occur if people don't consume the more concentrated foods such as nuts and seeds. The nuts and seeds "hold us back" from detoxifying even faster, while at the same time also helping to make us less sensitive to things like air pollution and other toxins on this planet.   Recently Angela and I moved to a part of Ecuador where the air quality is extremely clean. When you have a really "clean" diet and you are exposed to really clean air at the same time, the body can take advantage of all this and go into rapid deep cellular cleansing. In this context, I felt like I needed to eat more nuts/dense foods in order to slow this detoxification process down and it worked. Many people would think I needed more "protein" and that this is why I felt better after eating more nuts/seeds... This is DEFINITELY not true in my opinion. The added concentrated foods simply slow the detoxification down.   I feel that if people realized how "filthy" the human body has become in general, they would understand this detoxification process much better and enjoy a DEEPER understanding of true health. I also feel that cleansing the colon is a key ingredient when eating 100% Raw. If colon cleansing is not something a person is willing to do, I would HIGHLY recommend choosing an intermediate healthy whole foods diet instead, because the rate of release of old concentrated internal poisons into their system will be a lot slower. Even if you choose an intermediate healthy whole food diet, at some point there is a GREAT chance that you will feel "sick" from this improvement, via the detoxification process that will inevitably occur. If you feel "sick" like this from detoxification, keep the concept of cleansing your colon in the back of your mind and be sure to act on this if you are willing. If you do a series of colonics during this time of "sickness", it will make your life so much easier and it will help you to side-step other possible "solutions" for relief, such as taking antibiotics or reverting back to processed foods. Detoxification is inevitable and can feel uncomfortable, yet we can all do our best to work through the process; your body will thank you for it!

'At-Cost' Specials

ALL RIGHT!!!... For all those of you who LOVE making Raw Medicinal Herbal Elixirs, we've got a CRAZY opportunity here for you to stock up on all of the HIGH-Quality Medicinal Herbs from Ultimate Superfoods, "at-cost"! Ultimate just told me that their cost on some of these products has recently shot up by 500%. Luckily, we ordered a MASS of these herbs for this special just before this price increase. We are going to go a bit NUTS here and discount most of these medicinal herbs by about 40% - 50%. Additionally, you can take advantage of the coupon code and 3-packs to get even FURTHER discounts! We are also offering a discounted Medicinal Herb ,9-pack, which includes a package of each of the herbs.   The Medicinal Herbs that we are offering include Shilajit, Mucuna, Amla, Ashwagandha, Bacopa, Holy Basil, Tribulus, Turmeric, and Valerian.   We also have the BEST Raw Almond Butter on the planet on special this month. Angela and I LOVE this raw almond butter; is is our favorite compared to all others that we've tried. It is extremely creamy throughout the ENTIRE jar and is made from TRULY RAW Organic Almonds from Sicily. It's like a true "gourmet" almond butter, you can just tip the jar and it pours out like a creamy luxurious, flowing liquid. When we were out of this almond butter for a couple of months, we got countless enquiries asking when we would get it back in. These days, truly raw almond butter is generally over $20 for a jar. Now is your chance to get this outstanding product for as low as $11.69 per jar if you get the 3-pack and use the coupon code below.   We are also offering chemical- and pesticide-free chia seeds 'at-cost' this month. This is probably THE most popular product of all on our website...and I can see why chia seeds are so popular. They miraculously somehow give energy while at the same time being low glycemic. They supply us with great omega fatty acids and have a taste like no other food I have experienced. Additionally, they become gelatinous like flax if mixed with any liquid, and help people to have regular bowel movements more effectively than any other food we've seen. Chia is probably one of the most beneficial foods currently available to man...   Hence...why it is the MOST POPULAR product on our website... AND... you can now get it for a ridiculously low price this month, so STOCK UP :-)!   This month we are also offering all three of the 'Cafe Gratitude' cookie packs 'At-Cost'. These cookies from Cafe Gratitude include 'Fudge with Candied Walnuts', Lemon Cookies, and MY FAVORITE 'Thumbprint Cookies'. These cookies by Cafe Gratitude are so amazingly tasty that you might not even believe they are raw. The Thumbprint cookies use fresh hand-made jam, which is made using seasonally available fruit. The chocolate fudge cookie is a balanced delight of rich chocolate fudge and crunchy caramelized walnut topping. The lemon cookie is a delicate mix of fresh citrus tones with a creamy, chewy cookie texture. Enjoy!!! :-)   I know that we just offered the extremely HIGH-QUALITY Living Tree tahini on special only two months ago. However, in addition to the FRESH batch of 1500 jars of our truly raw creamy almond butter that we just got in, we ALSO just got in a FRESH batch of 1000 jars of this amazing tahini! I thought it would be the ideal product to complement the creamy almond butter on this list of specials, so, it's back in the list again! Living Tree Community uses a slicing method to transform their raw sesame seeds into raw tahini. The result is an amazing rich-tasting tahini, which is truly raw and never heated over the raw food standards. I'm always looking for new deals to buy in bulk so that I can pass on the savings to you guys. In fact, email us at angela@rawreform.com if you think of something that you would love to enjoy at a discounted rate. I will try to buy the most popular items in bulk, to get you all a discount. This month, I just obtained a couple hundred of these stainless steel water bottles for example, in order to get a deeper discount for everyone. We got the most popular 1 liter size. These are the perfect size for hiking and fit perfectly in your backpack's side pocket or in your car's cupholder. These reusable water bottles don't leach toxins into their contents and are lab tested free of heavy metals and toxins. We are also offering these two awesome raw media products at an EXTREMELY low discounted price, because we have a mass of them both in stock. Valya Boutenko's fascinating "Overcoming The Food Imprint" DVD includes interviews that explore the hidden origins of our eating patters and reveal the secrets of becoming free from compulsive eating. This DVD also discusses the challenges of helping loved ones to eat more healthfully, through communicating in a kind loving manner. It's extremely valuable information and we are offering this $20 DVD right now for only $5, while stocks last!   Here is a trailer for this DVD   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMg3v6pQqbQ   Also, normally $22 and selling for $9.95 this month is an insightful book called "Raw Food Works". Some of the contributing authors of "Raw Food Works" include Victoria Boutenko, Gabriel Cousens, David Wolfe, Brian Clement, Jameth Sheridan, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Cherie Soria, Rev. George Malkmus, and many others. Raw Food Works simply offers a set of principles that provide a holistic and scientific framework for how the optimum diet works. This framework has one highly empowering idea at its core - that human beings function best on an enzyme rich diet of unadulterated plant-based foods. Find out from an illuminating cast of contributors how such a diet can give you radiant health and vibrant energy throughout your life!   The following specials are available until September 30th...
  • Creamy Raw Almond Butter, 16oz - $13.97, Normally $19.95 - with 7% coup0n $12.99, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $12.29
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    New Products at The Raw Food World


    Mangosteen Cold-Water Extract Ultimate Superfoods has come out with a new product that we're excited to add to our medicinal foods line. This Mangosteen cold-water extract is a high potency extract of this noble fruit AND its rind! Having the rind included in this extract is crucial, as it has the highest content of xanthones, antioxidants, tannins and flavonoids. This Mangosteen extract also contains the white flesh of the fruit, so that it tastes good and is not intolerable to the tongue. Xanthones are naturally occurring biological chemically active compounds which couple with other molecules to become beneficial to a great many systems in our bodies. No plant in nature has a higher concentration or variety of xanthones as mangosteen. Twenty-four distinct xanthones have been identified in mangosteen rind. Researchers have demonstrated their positive effect on cardiovascular health; and their antiviral, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to their being a powerful antioxidant. It is said that Xanthones have the potential to boost our energy, prevent pain, reduce anxiety, help to prevent Alzheimer's disease and dementia, plus have anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties. Hermit's Tea On the subject of trying to wean off coffee, Rehmannia from Shaman Shack has created a new medicinal tonic herbal tea, which appeals to coffee and tea lovers alike. Hermit's Tea is a mixture of roasted barley, American ginseng, Chinese licorice root, and organic green tea. The robust and slightly sweet taste is the secret that appeals to the coffee lover. So... you can replace coffee, while at the same time getting the beneficial effects from the herbs in this tonic. The Hermit's Tea has a cleansing and invigorating effect without the heavy caffeine downside. You can brew up Hermit's Tea, and drink it either hot or cold every day. Go Raw Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds One of my friends, Enrique, who is 100% raw and makes Raw Ice Cream for a living, introduced these sprouted pumpkin seeds from 'Go Raw' to us. He said that they tasted like cheese and that he just couldn't get enough. Last week we just introduced the chips and cookies from 'Go Raw' in this newsletter. When they sent our order to our warehouse, they also sent a bunch of other samples of all their products. Now Angela has discovered that she too LOVES these DELICIOUS sprouted pumpkin seeds. She sees exactly how Enrique would think they taste like cheese, even though they contain only two ingredients... They come in a really BIG bag and ought to last quite some time. Check out the video below where we review this yummy new product along with the Sea Clear from Rehmannia, which we introduced last month... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1YkwhCX9E8 Flax Snax In addition to the INCREDIBLE Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, chips & cookies (introduced last week), we also decided to carry 'Go Raw's' Flax Snax. They are exactly the same size and concept as the chips and cookies, yet these ones are little tiny flax cracker snacks that you can just pop in your mouth. Angela loves these too and thinks that they would be really good for kids to munch on. What I personally like most about these products is that most of them are very "pure" and simple with very few ingredients. We are carrying all four flavors of the Flax Snax and they include:
  • Pizza Flax Snax
  • Sunflower Flax Snax
  • Spice Flax Snax
  • Simple Flax SnaxGopal's Rawmesan Herb-n-Spice We also have a new AWESOME topping for raw food savory dishes. We never offered the original Rawmesan product, as it seemed so similar to the 'Parma' product that we already carry. However, this new Herb-n-Spice Rawmesan is a totally unique taste. I find that all of these kinds of products are GREAT raw versions of parmesan cheese. However, what I like about this one in particular is that I have never seen a "parmesan" product utilize Brazil nuts with nutritional yeast as the main base. They add the herbs and spices into this mixture to take it to the next level! Choisons Ceramic Knives We are very excited: we just got in some AWESOME ceramic knives. We researched this product for a LONG time before choosing a brand to offer. From our research, we discoverd that the highest quality and best priced ceramic knives seemed to be the Choisons Precision Series. They range from $59.95 - $89.95 each. During our research on all kinds of similar ceramic knives, we ran into pricing upwards to $250 for ONE KNIFE!. You can buy our 3-pack of all three of these wonderful ceramic knives for $197.87 minus the coupon code... AND... These knives are distinctively sharp, refreshingly lightweight, and tenaciously wear-resistant. We got all three knives from the Precision Series, which include:
  • Choisons Precision Series 4" Ceramic Paring Knife
  • Choisons Precision Series 5" Ceramic Utility Knife
  • Choisons Precision Series 6" Ceramic Chef's KnifeYou can read the description of these knives on our website to get more details on how to get them sharpened for free and why these knives are considered such high quality. Everyday Raw Desserts by Matthew Kenney I feel that these books are going to FLY off the shelves. Whenever Matthew Kenney comes out with a new Recipe Book, they always vanish from our warehouse shelves almost immediately! "Everyday Raw Desserts" combines Matthew Kenney's fresh recipes and sense of style to create fabulous new all-raw desserts. Matthew is well known and respected in the raw food world. The book includes an abundance of recipes not typically expected to be raw, from cakes, pies, puddings, and flans to brownies, candy, cookies, and ice cream. Forty breathtaking photos and more than seventy-five recipes will make a sweet new splash on the raw food scene. Here are all the latest new additions to The Raw Food World Store:
  • Mangosteen - Cold-Water Extract
  • Hermit's Tea - Shaman Shack
  • Go Raw Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, 16oz
  • Pizza Flax Snax, 3oz
  • Sunflower Flax Snax, 3oz
  • Spicy Flax Snax, 3oz
  • Simple Flax Snax, 3oz
  • Rawmesan Herb-n-Spice, 8oz
  • Choisons Precision Series Set of 3 Knives
  • Choisons Precision Series 4" Ceramic Paring Knife
  • Choisons Precision Series 5" Ceramic Utility Knife
  • Choisons Precision Series 6" Ceramic Chef's Knife
  • Everyday Raw Desserts, by Matthew Kenney
  • Vaccine Safety ManualVaccine Safety Manual For Concerned Families and Health Practitioners The author of this book spent nearly three years researching vaccine studies from around the world and summarizing them in this monumental work. Each chapter in this Vaccine Safety Manual begins with a definition of the particular disease for which a vaccine has been developed, including data on who is most at risk, disease prevalence and severity. The vaccine for each disease is then analyzed according to its safety and efficacy profile. The safety sections include studies documenting vaccine-associated morbidity and mortality, as well as several personal stories from vaccine victims attesting to the real toll on human lives. Some chapters also include case histories from the U.S. government's own national database of vaccine damage - VAERS. The efficacy sections analyze data from multiple sources to reveal the prophylactic potential of each vaccine: how likely it is to protect against the disease and reduce its incidence throughout society. Excerpts from congressional hearings, and vaccine debacles of historical significance, are included in this book as well. Charts, graphs, tables and other illustrations supplement the text for added comprehension. AAAAAAAAND... Many More New Products COMING SOON!!!

    Speaking Engagement Tour Dates

    Last week we just had our FIRST speaking engagement back here in the USA since nine months ago! I had SO MUCH FUN and I am ready to go THRIVE through all the rest of them to come! We just added a 6-hour workshop to our events in Michigan, as you can see below. At that workshop I'll probably be speaking for around 4 hours and I sense it will be an extremely valuable weekend if you can make it. Additionally, we may be adding one or two more events to this list over the coming weeks. Our current speaking events are at the following locations:
  • Oakland, CA
  • Portland, OR
  • Seattle, WA (With Dave the Raw Food Truck Driver :-))
  • Calgary, AB
  • Brighton, MI (Raw Health Eco Fest) - Including special 6-hour workshop with Angela and I on Sunday, September 19th.
  • Orange County, CA (Longevity Conference!)Note: Angela and I are not scheduled to speak at the Longevity Conference. We'll be hosting a booth there. You can view further details for all these events on our events page, by clicking HERE. We really hope to see and meet many of you at these locations along our tour!


    ~ Many Blessings to you from The Raw Food World~ Thank you for continuing to let us serve you. We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!
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