“Emanating Love”, Article by Matt Monarch

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"Emanating Love", Article by Matt Monarch

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. I like to think of all of our emotional experiences and feelings as either connected to 'positive' energy or 'negative' energy. Any energetic experience that seems like it would feel 'good' to most people, I think of as 'positive energy' and any type of energetic expericence that doesn't feel 'good', I term 'negative energy'. For example, feelings such as love, happiness, and joy, are 'positive energies' to me and feelings such as fear, sadness, and guilt are 'negative energy'. It is scientifically proven that when we experience positive energies, health and healing flourish within the body, whereas when 'negative' energies such as fear or stress are experienced regularly, this can lead to damage in the body. For example, if a pregnant woman experiences negative energies, the growth of the fetus is said to be disrupted and even halts in some cases. You can imagine what can happen if a pregnant woman is consistently unhappy and feeling stressed on an ongoing basis. I feel that this is one of the key reasons it is so important for preganant women to be in a blissful, positive state as much as possible. I feel that the root of all 'positive' energy is LOVE and the root of all 'negative' energy is FEAR. I believe that experiencing the feeling of LOVE not only helps people to find personal healing, but it also has the potential to heal others and impact the whole Universe TREMENDOUSLY. Simply directing LOVE to another individual, plant, or animal will help to aid the healing process of that entity. This is also scientifically proven. As documented in the book "The Secret life of Plants", experiments have been conducted where plants are wired up to machines that indicate the energetic responses of the plants. When these plants are talked to and treated with love, they experience vibration and healing throughout their plant beings, which promotes their growth. However, if a human merely has the intention to harm the plant, the energy within that plant shifts and contracts. Another example of the impact that loving connections with those around us can have might be the shared joy that can be exchanged when a dog runs to a person for petting; the dog seems to be seeking to engage in the energy of LOVE. I feel that one of the MOST IMPORTANT things to be aware of in terms of experiencing LOVE at any given moment, is that it aids and impacts the Universe and every single being within it. I sense that there is no consciousness as powerful as the collective human consciousness. Whatever you or I are feeling (Love or Fear) at any given moment, impacts this Universe. For example, someone may be experiencing pain from the loss of a loved one or something similar and the mother of that person in pain will often sense this discomfort and contact their child immediately to check on them; we are all connected. There is a collective human consciousness, to which we are all connected, all the time, whether we are aware of it or not. Any of us can choose to 'tune into' that human consciousness right now and see what the majority of humans seem to be experiencing. For example, I remember a couple of years back when there was an online worldwide meditation called 'Fire the Grid', which became more popular than any meditation experience I've ever witnessed. Everyone was asked to meditate at a particular exact time, to send love and healing throughout our world and beyond. When myself and others tuned in to the meditation at this time, it felt very clear that a strong presence of LOVE was emanating globally. If half or more of the humans on the planet at any given moment are experiencing love, then on a subtle level, more bliss can be experienced by everyone. On the flip-side, if half or more of the people at any given moment are feeling fear, it can be sensed by all. For example, you may wake up feeling perfectly healthy and there is nothing obvious for you to feel sad about, yet something just doesn't feel 'right'; the cause of this uneasiness might be your sensitivity to the overall collective consiousness at that moment. Another example could be the day when Michael Jackson passed over recently. Strong emotions of love and sadness were experienced by literally MILLIONS of people worldwide. This love and sadness could be felt in the air. I'm sure that even people who didn't have any attachment to Michael Jackson could feel this powerful energy. LOVE can travel from California to India in a split second. If you send love and healing energy to a relative in India, for example, all the way from California, it can be experienced by the other instanteously, even if only at a subtle level. This is why praying for others can be so profoundly healing, as it usually involves sending LOVE to another being. My belief is that emanating LOVE affects your own health, the healing and well-being of others, and the entire Universe. Emanating FEAR, on the other hand, does the exact opposite. With this is mind, why on Earth would it not be everyone's goal to emanate LOVE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! In fact, I feel that this is our primary purpose in life. I feel that there is nothing we can do right now that is more powerful for the Universe, human consciousness, and every living being than emanating LOVE. Why is it said that to be happiest in life, it is best to do what we LOVE? It's because we then experience LOVE so much more, which benefits us, everyone else around us, and the whole Universe. This flow of LOVE helps to create the most positive, smooth evolution possible for mankind. It is understandable that someone may think emanating LOVE consistently on an daily basis is easier said than done. Sometimes we can feel emotionally down and that there is nothing we can do to get out of that rut. In my experience, meditation has the potential to lift a person out of this kind of rut, or at least improve the situation. Again, when you improve your energetic situation, not only does it improve your health, it also affects the ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Meditation is awareness: giving your undivided and UNWAIVERING attention to something. Simply meditating or being aware of what you are experiencing can immediately improve any 'negative' energetic situation. LOVE is a massively healing power. If you are in emotional pain, you can look at that pain with awareness (love) and begin to heal it. My personal meditation technique is to search my entire energetic structure for any 'negative' energy. If I discover such an energy, I focus on that pain with unwaivering attention, and I notice that the negative feeling starts to heal and dissipates. I've gone through some intense bouts of meditation where all 'negative' emotional pains completely vanished. All that was left was absolute bliss and LOVE, emanating from my being out into the Universe. In conclusion, I feel that LOVE heals ourselves, other beings, and the entire Universe. It seems silly then, to me, to not seek out LOVE as a purpose and driving force in life. I LOVE my wife, I LOVE my family, I LOVE the trees, I LOVE the Universe... AND... I LOVE YOU!!! :-)

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    Franky G's Herbal Spice Blends! If you keep up with the Raw Food Movement, then you most likely have heard of Franky G! Frank Giglio is one of the most TOP-NOTCH raw food chefs in the current Raw Foods Community. Many of the MOST POPULAR and well-attended raw foods events are chefed by Franky G. We actually carry his recipe book 'Raw For All', which sells really well on our website. I consider Franky G to be a 'culinary artist' and indeed he is a classically trained chef, turned raw foodie chef, which helps explain why he knows just how to combine great taste and great nutrition to make incredibly delicious meals. This is why I am SO EXCITED to announce that Raw Food Chef Frank Giglio has now brought out a range of AMAZING Herbal Spice Blends, which we just started to carry. Decadent Dessert Spice 4oz. If I had to choose one of Franky G's special spice blends, it would be this Decadent Dessert Spice. Trying to figure out how to make a dessert taste good has surely never been easier. This spice blend was specially formulated to be an all-purpose dessert or sweet treat enhancer! Just add to herbal drinks, smoothies, or your favorite dessert recipe. Contains all organic: Cinnamon, mesquite, lucuma, coconut, allspice, and clove. Comes in a hefty 4 ounce portion. Floral Essence Curry This is for all of you curry LOVERS out there. If you have a difficult time making curry dishes with that special TWIST you are looking for, then look no further! Floral Essence Curry is a zesty blend of spices with sweet floral notes. Soups go ESPECIALLY well with this special curry powder, or use it in your favorite vegetable curry recipes. You may believe it or not, but this curry mixture also adds an incredible flavor when used as a coating for truffles and other Raw Chocolate treats. Contains all organic: turmeric, coriander seed, cumin, ginger root, black peppercorn, curry leaf, red chili, yellow mustard seed. Comes in a hefty 4 ounce portion. Smokey Southern Spice Now it's time for a savory spice! Created with the Creole traditions of Louisiana in mind, this is a herbal joy for savory dishes. Unlike most Creole spice mixtures, this contains tomato powder, which adds a deeper, rich element. It is an IDEAL spice for nut & seed pates. Contains all organic: paprika, thyme, oregano, onion, garlic, chipotle powder, tomato, long pepper, sassafras (Gumbo File), bay leaf, and Himalayan crystal salt. Comes in a hefty 4 ounce portion. Lydia's Tropical Mango Bar Although our shipping manager Zack says NOTHING compares to Lydia's Spirulina Bar, which we just started to carry last week, this Tropical Mango Bar is apparently a CLOSE second! Eat crunchy, rehydrate with water, or dip in a warm drink! Ingredients: Banana, coconut, mango, pineapple and love. Dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve the "life force". Glass Straw Bamboo & Hemp Cases Check out THESE awesome Glass Straw Cases made out of eco-friendly Bamboo or Hemp. When Zack told me he wanted to carry these glass straw cases, I thought... HUH?! Then I saw the picture of these elegant classy glass straw cases. Now I'm EXCITED to get one of these cool Bamboo Cases for MYSELF! Check them out in the picture to the left! AWESOME! You can be sure that your glass straw will be protected in that BAD BOY!, made from natural bamboo with a cork stopper. This case can be thrown around without any danger to your beautiful glass drinking straw :-). Here are all the latest new additions to The Raw Food World Store:
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    We are offering our DVD at 50% OFF this month, for $12.95. Every last part of what I feel are my MOST IMPORTANT teachings is in this Raw Transformations DVD. I go into a STEP BY STEP process of how to succeed on either an Intermediate Whole Food Diet or a 100% Raw Food Diet. I feel that the information on this DVD is CRUCIAL and it has everything that you need to know for improving your health... AND!... it's also FUN! You won't have to even read a single sentence...just sit back and enjoy. Additionally, Angela POURS her heart out through this DVD. She shares her journey of releasing 160lbs - more than half her body weight! - as she transitioned to a 100% Raw Food Diet. These are the foundational talks that we share when we go on tour around the world discussing the 100% Raw Food Diet. If you haven't been able to make it to one of our talks in person, then this DVD is for you! I feel that I have always had a knack for helping people to understand LOGICALLY how and why to eat more healthily and I always explain in my talks that you don't need to be 'extreme' with a 100% Raw Food Diet to improve your health. I feel this is an IDEAL DVD to share with (possibly skeptical) loved ones and children too. To purchase The Raw Food Transformations DVD with Matt Monarch & Angela Stokes-Monarch for only $12.95, click HERE! Testimonial: I love love love your DVD and I've been showing it to my friends! There is such a HUGE NEED for this right now. - Daniel L.J. (Seattle, WA) If you haven't seen the very entertaining preview for our Raw Transformations DVD, check it out below!: New DVD by Matt Monarch & Angela Stokes-Monarch, #347 Matt | Video de MySpace To purchase The Raw Food Transformations DVD with Matt Monarch & Angela Stokes-Monarch for only $12.95, click HERE!


    ~ Many Blessings to you from The Raw Food World~ Thank you for continuing to let us serve you. We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!
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