“Experiencing Energy and Vibration”, Article & Video by Matt Monarch

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Greetings from Matt Monarch

Do you ever wonder if there is something more to life than what you're experiencing now? In the article below, I discuss how a Raw Food Lifestyle has the potential to IMMENSELY increase the energy and vibration that we experience on a daily basis. Of course there is even MORE to life than this...but this kind of shift alone can be HUGE! ;-) Additionally, the Appliance Specials finally come to an end on December 19th and our Vitamineral Green & Vitamineral Earth Specials are dwindling down rapidly even as I type...   In this newsletter you can explore:
  • "Experiencing Energy and Vibration", Article & Video by Matt Monarch
  • Buy Vitamineral Green at a Discount AND get a Vitamineral Earth FREE!!!
  • Appliance Specials, Holiday Specials, & Gift Ideas! :-)
  • New Products: Hierloom Veggie Patch Seeds!, Oxy-Powder (New Size), Rejuvenate Plus, Coco Joy & Much More!!!
  • December HOLIDAY "At Cost!" Specials - QBC Pendants!!!, Organic Jojoba Oil in GLASS Jar, Salt Lamps, Vanilla Powder, Flavor Extracts, Irish Moss, MSM Caps, Nori, Tocotrienals, Parma & Much More!!!

"Experiencing Energy and Vibration", Article & Video by Matt Monarch

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.   How can I best convey the message that eating a "clean" diet can have an EXTREME impact on a person's "spiritual" journey...?   Please note: this article is based on anecdotal information and personal experience...   In our current world, it seems like the majority of human beings continue to drink soda, which slowly disintegrates their brain at a steady pace over the years. Many humans also eat white bread, which cakes up in our organs like plaster. The list of these kinds of internal atrocities goes on and on, all leading us away from experiencing vibrant energy flow to the fullest... People often say that I am "extreme", because I eat 100% Raw. Even other health seekers eating 70% - 90% raw sometimes think that I am extreme for turning down raw food that is offered to me or refusing to eat dehydrated foods. It seems that because many people would consider it a CHORE to eat the way that I eat, they project their own feelings around this onto me, declaring that I am "depriving" myself. When in actuality, from my point of view, I TRULY have NO desire for eating beyond what I currently eat. For me, it is by no means a CHORE to eat the way that I do: it is easy for me to eat this way and I enjoy this way of life. Additionally, I feel that another part of the picture people usually don't understand is the level of energy and vibration that I experience in my body on a daily basis from living this way. If ALMOST any one of you were to visit inside my body RIGHT NOW, I sense that you would be AMAZED at the VIBRATION you would feel. However, it certainly has not always been like this for me. I had been eating 100% Raw for about a year while cleansing my colon on a periodic basis when I decided to undertake the MOST INTENSE psyllium and bentonite cleanse available on the market, by Bernard Jensen. After this period of being raw, cleansing my colon on a periodic basis and doing this cleanse by Bernard Jensen, something huge SHIFTED in my body so that I could suddenly physically feel energy and vibration to an EXTREME level. At that point, I didn't do any meditation or any other "spiritual" work to contribute to this huge shift in my life. This new EXTREME sensation of vibration and connection appeared simply from eating 100% Raw for a year, while keeping my colon clean. I physically FEEL vibration. The "Third Eye", which is also often referred to as the "Pineal Gland" functions at an extremely HIGH, tangible vibration inside my forehead. Dr. Norman Walker describes the Pineal Gland as our "antenna" for receiving and giving energy from and to the Universe, and I will vouch for the vaidity of this idea. It is SO EASY for me to meditate these days, because as soon as I go into meditation, the third eye in my forehead starts to vibrate more and more intensely. For me, it feels like ABSOLUTE bliss. It is like being plugged into the Universe. Additionally, I can sense that my manifesting abilities are greatly heightened now, as I can feel my thoughts broadcasting through my third eye into the Universe, like a signal leaving a radio station. It is scientifically proven that everything in existance is made up of energy in some form or another. You could consider that everything in existance ALL AROUND YOU is like one SINGLE BIG energy ball, with everything simply vibrating at a different frequency, which gives the matter all its different forms. Sorry to be blunt, but so many of us humans are like walking pus-bags, full of toxicity and obstruction that blocks our abilities to easily feel the Universal vibrations. For many of us, it took generations and HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of years to build up to the level of toxicity that we now have on a cellular level. I feel that cleansing the colon is key when you embark on a healthier lifestyle, because when you improve your diet, it is kind of like you POP this putrid 'pus-bag' and the waste will continue to empty out of you as you continue to eat a "cleaner" diet. It took hundreds of years to reach the level of toxicity that we experience today and it is going to take time to get back to where we started - colon hydrotherapy is a HUGE help in this process. The cleaner you become on a cellular level, meaning the more pus, gas and toxins you drain from your cells, the more easily you will physically experience this VIBRATION of energy, which is in you and all around you too. If you are INUNDATED with toxins in your bloodstream from the detox involved with improving your diet, I feel that it is CRUCIAL to cleanse your colon on a periodic basis to help remove this waste. Toxicity within your bloodstream, if not swiftly removed, will hinder your experience of easily feeling vibration and also HALT the continuing flow of toxicity out of your cells. You've got to remove any over-abundance of toxicity from your bloodstream in order to effectively continue draining the toxicity from your whole body more efficiently and rapidly. If your bloodstream is inundated with toxicity, it will clog your cells from dumping out more stored up toxicity into your bloodstream. The MORE toxins that you manage to remove from your cells over time, the more "vibratory" you will become. Toxicity makes us denser. Imagine trillions of little balls (our cells) filled up with toxicity. It's a heavy, slow and tired image. Now imagine you drain that toxicity out... Suddenly those cells are ALIVE, FAST, and VIBRATING at a much higher speed and potency. You become less DENSE and match up closer to the higher vibration of energy that is all around you and which envelopes you. This is NOT something that I have "made up" or some kind of "New Age" spiritual concept. This is something that I personally experience bodily, on a daily basis. Why do you think that many Buddhists and other Monks practice eating small quantities of food and/or cleansing their colons? I believe that it is easier for them to meditate and to feel vibration this way. When you become "clean" like this, it opens doorways to an entire new REALM. It can turn into a path of MASSIVE education, experience, growing, understanding and learning. Never in my life could I previously see energy. Now, I can easily see energy, whenever I choose. For some people, it may be hard to believe that one can feel "vibration and energy" the way that I am describing. You are energy and everything around you is energy too, vibrating at different frequencies. While people all over the world, from all walks of life and with all kinds of eating habits may feel strong energetic experiences and connection, I believe that one of the most EFFECTIVE, easiest way to access this vibration of energy is to eat 100% Raw, while practicing colon hydrotherapy periodically on an ongoing basis. I can't emphasise enough how much cleansing the colon aids this process of feeling increased energy and vibration - clear out the old waste and watch your energy levels sky-rocket!

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    Appliance Specials, Holiday Specials, & Gift Ideas! :-)

    The Appliance Special is still extended for another week or two! :-) The Holidays are here and we would LOVE for you to enjoy all of your Holiday shopping with us! One of my FAVORITE gift ideas is the Sacred Chocolate Truffle Bon-Bon gift boxes. I feel this is an IDEAL gift for a LOVED one or family member. I also personally love the Jojoba Oil in the fancy glass jar, which we also have on SPECIAL OFFER this month. My other FAVORITE gift ideas are the Wildharvested Superfood Seeds, discounted Ceramic Knives, QBC Pendants and discounted Spirooli Slicers :-) All of these Holiday specials and gift ideas, plus more are available by clicking HERE. Lastly, ALL of the flavors of the Laughing Giraffe Snakaroons, which are part of the 'At-Cost' specials, would also make great gifts I feel. The 'At-Cost' specials are available by clicking HERE.
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    New Products at The Raw Food World


    Heirloom Veggie Patch Seeds Anthony the "Raw Model" is at it again!!! As you may recall, a few weeks ago we introduced you to Anthony's new Wild Superfood Seed Collection, which is extremely POWERFUL and CUTTING EDGE. Anthony now wants to help hit the "mainstream" more, so he created the "Veggie Patch Collection", which helps to get EVERYONE on board. The Blackbird Naturals crew received many requests for heirloom veggies. For example, young people wanted to get seeds for mom and dad, but the Wildharvested Superfood Seeds seemed to be a bit TOO unusual ;-) Anthony didn't want to scare people off and have them feeling intimidated, through only offering wild weeds ;-) So, NOW... with this new "Veggie Patch Collection" we can all take it to the next level! "Mainstream" culture IS getting into organic gardening, and Anthony wanted to get the BEST possible Heirloom Organic Open Pollenated seeds to offer. Now you can sweeten up your mineral rich green wild weeds with these awesome sweet heirloom veggies... The eight varieties of the "Veggie Patch Collection" include:
  • Arugula
  • Chantenay Carrot
  • Chioggia Beet
  • Cherry Tomato
  • English Breakfast Radish
  • Lemon Cucumuber
  • Orach Spinach
  • Siberian KaleOxy-Powder, 60 caps For those of you who are just NOT willing to cleanse your colon with water, I'd recommend taking Oxy-Powder. In my opinion, Oxy-Powder is THE most effective colon cleanser available that can be taken orally. Although I feel that it is BEST to use Oxy-Powder while cleansing the colon with water, this product can still be effective on its own. We just got exclusive rights to GHC's new SMALLER size of Oxy-Powder, for those of you who want to just test it out before investing in a larger size. Therefore, we now have Oxy-Powder available in the new 60 cap size along with the standard 120 cap size... Oxy-Powder is a very gentle way to cleanse the colon by simply swallowing a few capsules orally. I feel that it is much more advanced compared to the product Colosan, as Oxy-Powder contains ozonated magnesium, which is the only form of this essential mineral that is capable of releasing nascent oxygen into the digestive tract and bloodstream. What I also LOVE about Oxy-Powder is that it also contains a very high quality version of the mineral Germanium, which has huge potential to oxygenate living tissue. A good colon hydrotherapist friend of mine has seen INCREDIBLE results with this product in comparison to other similar products. We are also now carrying two other effective herbal cleansing products from this company, called Livatrex and Paratrex. The Green Body Cleanse, by Dr. Edward Group Dr. Edward Group, the author of "The Green Body Cleanse" is the man who created Oxy-Powder. In this book, Dr. Edward Group discusses how you absorb every harmful toxin into your body either through skin contact, air, or by ingesting it directly. Dr. Group estimates that over 90% of all the toxins you take in enter through the intestinal lining! This is only one of the many insights that are included in this groundbreaking book. He also talks about the best methods for cleansing, including Oxygen Colon Cleansing, Liver Gallbladder Cleansing, Harmful Organism Cleansing and Heavy Metal Cleansing. Zack really likes this new "Coco Joy" product from 'The Raw Bakery'. Zack actually says it reminds him of the "Almond Joy" chocolate bars that many of us surely used to eat. Lindsey, another one of our MAIN managers at "The Raw Food World", LOVES the Coco Joy too. She stated that it's the raw version of a "Little Debbie Swiss Roll", in her opinion. Her boyfriend Caleb who also works for us really likes them too, which is saying A LOT, as Caleb isn't into the raw thing as much... ;-) Yep... There is a lot of LOVE and couple bliss floating around at "The Raw Food World" :-) Ingredients: Coconut, Cashews, Dates, Almonds, Agave, Cacao, Vanilla. Rejuvenate Plus, 500 grams If you are interested in TARGETING Dietary Nucleic Acids (RNA, DNA, Nucleotides, Nucleosides), while at the same time getting a WIDE array of nutrients, then this is the product to focus on. REJUVENATE! PLUS is unique because while it provides the high levels of RNA/DNA found in the original REJUVENATE! high-RNA superfood, it also includes many other ingredients that make it one of the most well-balanced, all-purpose superfoods ever developed. These ingredients per serving include 12 grams of protein from a variety of plant sources, powerful antioxidants (ORAC of 6,300+ units), multivitamin subformula that includes a coenzyme B-complex, Vitamin D3, good-tasting nutrients from organic cherry and vanilla flavoring, powerful prebiotics, taste enhancers (including d-ribose, inulin, xylitol, mannitol, and stevia), an enzyme complex, lecithin (oil free, high phosphatide), and a standardized 200:1 organic aloe vera complex. Dr. Tungs Floss We now carry Dr. Tungs Floss, which is from the same company as the tongue scrapers that we carry. The women at our shipping department all LOVE this floss. This dental floss is clinically proven to be more effective than regular floss. It has been shown to remove up to 40% more plaque than some of the most popular flosses. It stretches and expands into interdental spaces for better removal of plaque and food particles. This high-performance floss is suitable for everyone - people with tight spaces, wider spaces...even braces. Additionally, this dental floss is said to be gentler on gums because it is cushion-soft and can stretch. Here are all the latest new additions to The Raw Food World Store:
  • Heirloom Veggie Patch Seeds Gift Box - 8 Varieties
  • Arugula Heirloom Veggie Patch Seeds
  • Chantenay Carrot Heirloom Veggie Patch Seeds
  • Chioggia Beet Heirloom Veggie Patch Seeds
  • Cherry Tomato Heirloom Veggie Patch Seeds
  • English Breakfast Radish Heirloom Veggie Patch Seeds
  • Lemon Cucumuber Heirloom Veggie Patch Seeds
  • Orach Spinach Heirloom Veggie Patch Seeds
  • Siberian Kale Heirloom Veggie Patch Seeds
  • Oxy-Powder, 60 caps
  • The Green Body Cleanse, by Dr. Edward Group
  • Coco Joy
  • Rejuvenate Plus, 500 grams
  • Dr Tungs Floss
  • Silica - The Amazing Gel, by Klaus KaufmannSilica - The Amazing Gel, by Klaus Kaufmann Since we started carrying the Orgono Silica and Orgono Silica Gel, many have been curious about the benefits of silica. This book will answer your quesions... Discover how silica gel works and how it can help people achieve radiant health, clear smooth skin, beautiful hair, and strong nails. Silica gel is beneficial for everything from connective tissue and bone weakness to helping the immune system fight infections, degenerative diseases, and environmental stresses. Silica can be used topically for skin conditions and internally as a dietary or therapeutic supplement. Containing charts, color photographs, and a wealth of historical and current information, this book provides fascinating information about the composition of this intriguing mineral. AAAAAAAAND... Many More New Products COMING SOON!!!


    Decembers 'At-Cost' Specials


    We've got some AWESOME 'At-Cost' Specials for December, ripe for the Holiday season! There are great gift ideas and we also have the perfect ingredients for making Holiday meals :-) We now carry EVERY SINGLE COLOR of the QBC Pendants :-) I had never really believed in the "HYPE" about different types of pendants you can wear to combat external "invisible evils", such as EMFs, until I experienced these Quantum Balance Crystal Pendants for myself. Actually, it wasn't until the creators of these QBC pendants came over to our shipping department and showed us fascinating evidence of their "MAGICAL" qualities that the concept really made sense for me. In the video below, at the point where they showed us before and after pictures of their auras, we were really blown away. These pendants are made from Quartz Crystal broken down into a tiny "NANO" microscopic form. The bigger pieces of crystal that are visible in these pendants are pretty much just there for show, while the NANO-Crystal Technology is where the real "magic" is held. In actuality, the quartz crystals are broken down even beyond the Nano size in these pendants and can help strongly affect our energy fields... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1q9B3X9X9Y Another GREAT gift idea that we have 'At-Cost' for the holidays is our Certified Organic Jojoba Oil in a glass jar. This is the BEST and most PURE jojoba oil that I have ever come across. It is also in a beautiful GLASS JAR to avoid leaching and any possible degradation of the oil. Due to the supreme quality of this oil and the beautiful packaging, we feel that this is an AWESOME gift idea for the Holidays... AND... you can get this oil 'At-Cost' this month :-) This Jojoba Oil is Certified Organic by CCOF. This particular Jojoba Oil is cared for from the field to the bottle, which is located near the southeast boundary of Joshua Tree National Park. The producers go to GREAT lengths to assure a pure quality product. We've also got some IDEAL ingredients for preparing your Holiday feasts, such as Irish Moss, the TOP THREE selling Flavored Extracts, Vanilla Powder, Cashews, Tocotrienals and Parma (cheese replacement). Irish Moss GELS up and is used by many famous Raw Food Chefs to make their pies the PERFECT consistency. We have a video HERE on YouTube about HOW to use Irish Moss. Cashews are another IDEAL filling for MANY yummy raw food desserts and we also have Vanilla Powder and the MAGICAL Flavor Extracts to take the flavor of your raw desserts to the NEXT levels. Parma is a superb "cheesey" salad topping and people have been using Tocotrienals to make their creations creamy, smooth and extra nutrient-rich. We've also got Laughing Giraffe's Snakaroons available 'At-Cost' for December. Many of you already know how RIDICULOUSLY good these Snakaroons are. However, what you may NOT know is that they just came out with two new INCREDIBLE flavors, which we feel are even better than the CRAZY GOOD original ones!!! You can check out these New "Laughing Giraffe" Snakaroons in the New Products section below. Even though they are a BRAND NEW product, we are offering all THREE flavors of the Snakaroons at a discounted special for December. We feel these would also make great gifts or even offerings to put out as desserts during the Holidays ;-) Even non-raw foodies LOVE these sweet treats! Check out the NEW flavors in the New Products section below! Lastly, we are also offering MSM caps, Nori (50 Sheets), and the Spirooli Slicers 'At-Cost' this month. The Spirooli Slicer could be another perfect Holiday gift for LOVED ones this season. MSM Caps and Nori are simply staples for many healthy families. Enjoy :-) The following specials are available until December 31st... December 'At-Cost' Specials
  • QBC Pendants! (All Colors!!!) - $34.97, Normally $49.95 - with 7% coup0n $32.52, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $30.77
  • Spirooli 3 in 1 Slicer (Makes Zucchini Pasta) - $29.95, Normally $39.95 - with 7% coup0n $27.85, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $26.37
  • Certified Organic Jojoba Oil in Glass Jar - $10.47, Normally $14.95 - with 7% coup0n $9.73, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $9.21
  • Irish Moss, 16oz - $13.97, Normally $19.95 - with 7% coup0n $12.99, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $12.29
  • Vanilla Powder - $15.75, Normally $22.50 - with 7% coup0n $14.65, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $13.86
  • Dark Chocolate Flavor Extract! - $15.75, Normally $22.50 - with 7% coup0n $14.65, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $13.86
  • Vanilla Flavor Extract! - $15.75, Normally $22.50 - with 7% coup0n $14.65, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $13.86
  • Coffee Flavor Extract! - $15.75, Normally $22.50 - with 7% coup0n $14.65, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $13.86
  • Cashews, 16oz - $8.74, Normally $12.49 - with 7% coup0n $8.13, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $7.69
  • Tocotrienals, 16oz - $26.60, Normally $38 - with 7% coup0n $24.74, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $23.41
  • Parma, 7oz - $5.59, Normally $7.99 - with 7% coup0n $5.20, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $4.92
  • Laughing Giraffe Snakaroons - Vanilla Almond - $6.97, Normally $9.95 - with 7% coup0n $6.48, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $6.13
  • Laughing Giraffe Snakaroons - Banana Coconut!!! - $6.97, Normally $9.95 - with 7% coup0n $6.48, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $6.13
  • Laughing Giraffe Snakaroons - Goji Cacao & Maca! - $6.97, Normally $9.95 - with 7% coup0n $6.48, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $6.13
  • MSM Caps, 250 caps - $18.17, Normally $25.95 - with 7% coup0n $16.89, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $15.99
  • Nori (50 Sheets) - $13.97, Normally $19.95 - with 7% coup0n $12.99, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $12.29To access these offers, click the link below, or type - hnymn - in the search box at the top right hand corner of www.TheRawFoodWorld.com. Click Here For "At Cost" Specials Additionally, you can redeem this coup0n at www.TheRawFoodWorld.com by typing in - HONEYMOON - in the coup0n number section, to get an additional 7% off your order. This coup0n will be good through December 31st, 2010 and can be redeemed at: www.TheRawFoodWorld.com


    ~ Many Blessings to you from The Raw Food World~ Thank you for continuing to let us serve you. We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!
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