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  • New Products - Fresh 'Melt in your Mouth' Soft Wet Dates, Truly Raw Cashew Butters!!!, Surthrival Mushrooms, and more...
  • "At Cost!" Specials: Tooth Soap Liquid & Shreds, Bariani Olive Oil 1L, MSM Caps, Carob Powder, Acai Resveratrol! (Healthforce Nutritionals).
  • "Below Cost!" Specials: Pinenut Butter, and Sprout Living Sprout Powders.
  • The Raw Food World Radio Show - Dr Jameth Sheridan

Getting Absorbable Nutrients to Avoid Deficiency

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

Many Raw Foodists have been reporting to me that they are getting their blood tested and that they seem to be showing up as deficient in certain areas. I have now been on a 100% Raw Food Diet for over 12 years. I just got my blood tested and I am happy to say that I am totally deficiency free. I feel that my success is related to both consuming absorbable nutrients and cleansing my colon on a periodic basis. From what I see, most people seem to be eating solid food all day long. Additionally, I see many people consume food while they still are in the process of digesting their previous meal, which has the potential to create a massive amount of fermentation. This can get messy... I feel that the KEY is to get absorbable nutrients on an empty stomach. In my opinion, a Raw Food Diet without readily absorbable nutrient sources, is a deficient diet. I feel that hundreds of years ago, man ate very little food and when he did eat, he took the raw food that he ate and chewed it until it disappeared without swallowing, which can take a long time. I feel this is the way we were designed to eat and if you eat raw food without chewing like this, there is a great chance that you won't successfully unlock the nutrients within the food. I feel that this helps explain why the results of many studies show that a person may get more nutrients from steamed broccoli or carrots rather than raw. When you cook these foods, it breaks down the cell walls so that you can easily access the nutrients. If the people in these studies insead chewed the raw broccoli or carrots for 20 - 30 minutes and never actively swallowed, rather just let the food mysteriously disappear into their system, I think the results in these studies may have shown up quite differently. Furthermore, if the people in these studies would have juiced or blended the raw vegetables, there is no doubt in my mind that they would have found even better results than consuming the cooked vegetables. What is my definition of getting 'absorbable nutrients'? For me, getting absorbable nutrients means consuming things that are packed with nutrients, in a form that is easily assimilable for the body. Here is a list of some foods that I feel can be utilized by raw foodists to side-step deficiencies. I personally consume these kind of foods on a daily basis and I recommend others CONSISTENTLY do the same, for optimal health. I put the list below in order, starting with the choices I feel are the most effective for getting the required nutrients into the body:
  • Variety of Vegetable Juices - (Hurom Juicer is recommended)
  • Royal Jelly
  • Green Smoothies/Soups
  • Green Food Supplements (Powders, Tablets, Marine Phytoplankton, E3 Live, etc)
  • Supplements (Vitamins & Minerals)  These foods can be EFFORTLESSLY absorbed into the small intestine, as they are already broken down into very simple forms. It is also KEY to take these foods on an EMPTY stomach AND!!! as your FIRST INTAKES of the day (after drinking water). You wake up and your body is regenerated, cleansed, refreshed, completely digested and this is when you have the MOST vitality. At this time your body is truly hungry and is ready to just SUCK-UP the nutrients you provide. When there is no other food or obstruction within the digestive tract, absorption is at its best. Once most people start to eat their first solid meal of the day, they usually don't end up with an empty stomach again until the next morning. It is just food piled on top of food, all day long. In this context, vitality goes down, obstruction is increased within the body, and absorption is greatly affected. The body absorbs food the BEST as our first food intake of the day and on an empty stomach. I personally eat only one or two meals a day, JUST SO that I can have many sessions of consuming absorbable nutrients in-between. For example, the first thing I consume in the morning after water, is a green vegetable juice. About an hour later, I will consume a couple teaspoons of royal jelly. As soon as I eat my first solid meal, I generally wait 4 - 6 hours before I consume ANYTHING else again. I won't even eat any of these absorbable foods such as royal jelly or green vegetable juice, because I know that if I put that on top of my previous meal, it will cause a MASS of fermentation and that I will get very little actual benefit from the foods. Taking absorbable nutrients as our FIRST food intake of the day, on an empty stomach is KEY! I generally intake 2 - 4 different absorbable foods on an empty stomach before I eat my first solid meal. Then after that first solid meal digests, I generally call it quits for the day or I will only take in more absorbable nutrients again (most of the time ;-) ). I feel it is even key to let each of these forms of absorbable foods, such as royal jelly, COMPLETELY digest before taking in another absorbable food, such as a green juice. If you let these absorbable foods digest completely in the body you will experience the least amount of fermentation and your body can make use of this mono meal of absorbable nutrients in the best possible way. Kevin Trudeau states in his book, "Natural Cures", that after cleansing your colon with a series of colonics, your absorption rate increases by 100%. There is no doubt in my mind that this can be true, due to both my own experiences and what I have seen with others. I can sense that when I am inundated with toxicity and obstruction in my body, these HIGHLY ABSORBABLE foods that I meantioned above, don't do NEARLY as good for me as when I feel CLEAN!!! Especially for raw foodists, I feel that it is key that we cleanse our colon on a periodic basis, to side-step toxicity and deficiency. In conclusion, I feel that all people, not just Raw Foodists, can do well to strategize a game plan for themselves to remain deficiency-free and I hope that this article inspires you and gives you a few pointers on how to accomplish this...

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Additionally, we are offering an extra $69 discount on top of that package, for a LIMTED TIME!!! I personally have one of each carafe. As you already know, I use the 3qt carafe (4" blade) most of the time. However, I also like to use the 2qt carafe for things like grounding down flax seeds or nuts. I love having a second carafe on hand, as sometimes I want to blend two different items for one meal, or I am looking for a vessel to pour something into, so having the second carafe makes my life much easier :-) For those of you who are NEW to our newsletter, in the Raw Foods Community there has long been a debate about which is the BEST High-Speed Blender to get... the Vitamix or the Blendtec? They both have their advantages, such as the Vitamix comes with a 'tamper'/pusher and the Blendtec is digital and has a higher horsepower, in most cases. Whichever one of these blenders that you chose in the past was pretty much a good decision... UNTIL NOW!!! Blendtec recently came out with the larger carafe (3qt/96oz which is larger than their 2qt/64oz) with a longer blade (4 inches rather than 3 inches), which will fit onto any Blendtec Blender base. This discovery is HUGE!!!... and the benefits are MANY!!!. The top three benefits of this new container in my opinion are that it doesn't oxidize the food nearly as much, it is the most effective blender for rapidly blending food down to a liquid form, and it is BPA FREE. Whenever we blend down any harder to blend foods in the Vitamix or the Blendtec with the 3 inch blade carafe, the contents get a bit heated up in the blending process. However, when using this new larger carafe, in almost ALL CASES the food remains cold after blending. Additionally, we did two comparison tests between the Vitamix, the Blendtec with the smaller carafe and the Blendtec with the larger carafe. In the first comparison test we used apples and in the second one we used vegetables. In BOTH instances, the contents of the Blendtec with the larger carafe were less oxidized (the color of the food contents didn't turn brownish quickly, as with the other blenders). You can see this color contrast in the video below. The reason why the Blendtec with the larger carafe oxidizes less is due to the longer 4 inch blade with the wider space at the bottom of the carafe. The 4 inch blade breaks down the food SO FAST and it requires less spinning revolutions to do this job, compared to the other blender options. There is more space at the bottom of the larger carafe for the food to sit, so it falls down into the blade area easily, evenly and gets broken down rapidly, without getting heated up over and over again as it spins, as can happen with the others. Additionally, the new carafe has a patented 5-sided jar, which produces a better blending vortex. It is AMAZING how fast the food contents break down into a liquid consistency with this carafe - we LOVE it! When we make blended salads/energy soup with lots of leafy greens, normally we have to use the "pusher" in the Vitamix to get it to blend well, or we have to shake the Blendtec with the smaller carafe endlessly to get it going properly... AND... the contents always end up a bit heated. This new Blendtec with the larger carafe, breaks down these types of blended salads almost effortlessly every single time and the food contents come out COLD in almost every single instance. I have been surprised on many occasions when blending food items that would normally have been heated up in another high-speed blender, which come out cold to my tongue after blending in this Blendtec with the large carafe and 4 inch blade. The larger carafe of course also has the capacity to blend more food contents all AT ONE TIME!... and due to the larger blade and spaciousness at the bottom of the carafe, it never seems overloaded as can happen with the other high-speed blenders. When you overload a Vitamix or the Blendtec with the smaller carafe, you are pretty much guaranteed to end up with food contents that are heated up and oxidized. This heating is extremely rare with the Blendtec with the larger carafe. In my opinion NO HIGH-SPEED blender currently compares to the Blendtec Blender with the larger carafe and 4 inch blade. The video comparison below will hopefully make this obvious to you too. The lowest online advertised price that anyone can currently sell this new Blendtec Blender with both the larger and smaller carafes for is $489.95. However, right now, if you use the coupon code we mentioned up above 'blendtec60' on our site, you will get $68.50 off the price of this blender, which will make the price just $421.36. If you are interested in purchasing the Blendtec Blender that comes with the two carafes, you can do so by clicking HERE. Enjoy the video below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0Nx52bpuV0 I LOVE how the larger carafe is so SPACIOUS!!! It is so easy to get the food out of the bottom of it... especially compared to the Vitamix. This wider bottom easily allows all the food to fall down around the blade evenly. It's quite amazing. This new model IS the NEW highest standard for high-speed blenders in my opinion... and I am SURE that you won't regret it, if you decide to purchase one. This SHOWS you how much I believe in the benefits of this new blender. To sum it all up... The Blendtec with the larger carafe and longer blade blends the food contents faster and more effectively, it has the capacity to hold more and blend more food (without heating up :-)), the food oxidizes less and comes out cooler, and it is easier to get the food out of the carafe due to all the spaciousness! You can purchase these Blendtec wonders by clicking HERE.

    New Products at The Raw Food World

    Truly Raw Cashew Butters!!! We now carry two TRULY RAW Cashew Butters from Blue Mountain Organics... The difference between these two cashew butters is... one of them is made with truly raw cashews that have been soaked and germinated before being turned into Cashew Butter. Both of these TRULY RAW Cashew butters are made from the same TRULY RAW Whole Cashews that we carry on our website. These cashews are not heated and are the only ones on the market that we know of that are genuinely 100% Raw. Each cashew is hand-cracked in Bali, avoiding all machinery that generally heats the cashew above the preferred "Raw Temperature", which has the potential to destroy enzymes. In my opinion these will be the BEST TASTING cashew butters that you will ever experience. As far as we know, there are not even any other TRULY RAW cashew butters on the market! Enjoy...

    Fresh 'Melt in your Mouth' Soft Wet Dates We personally went to the Ojai, CA farmers' market where these dates are sold and we purchased a mass of them for our website. We got four different varieties of these FRESH 'Melt in your Mouth' Soft WET Dates. I feel that these are the BEST dates on the planet! Barhi Dates are the sweetest and softest of all and are my personal favorite. They taste a lot like carmel candy. They will just MELT in your mouth. The Barhi dates are DEFINITELY a delicacy and are the ones in the picture to the left. Additionally, from the SAME organic date farmer, we got these coconut date rolls that were made from the SAME Barhi Dates! These are the BEST-TASTING coconut date rolls that I have ever experienced!!! You also MUST TRY the other dates we got from this same farmer including the AMAZING Honey Dates and Medjool Dates... FYI... The Deglet Dates on our website are not from this farmer and you will surely notice the difference!!! I am VERY EXCITED to announce that Daniel Vitalis recently brought out three mushroom blends for his Surthrival Company. The three mushroom blends are Reishi, Chaga and a Synergy Blend of 5 Mushrooms. Daniel takes these mushrooms himself and you know that he would only source the BEST mushrooms for his company and personal use. They are all hot water extraced and very potent. Here are all the latest new additions to The Raw Food World Store:
  • Truly Raw Hand-Cracked Cashew Butter, 16oz
  • Truly Raw Hand-Cracked Cashew Butter (Soaked & Germinated), 8oz
  • Barhi Dates, 16oz
  • Coconut Date Rolls, 16oz
  • Honey Dates, 16oz
  • Medjool Dates, 16oz
  • Immortality Quest - Mushroom Synergy
  • Immortality Quest - Reishi
  • Immortality Quest - Chaga
  • BLENDTEC Champ Blender - WHITE w/64 & 96 oz Carafes
  • BLENDTEC Champ Blender - BLACK w/64 & 96 oz Carafes
  • BLENDTEC Champ Blender - RED w/64 & 96 oz Carafes
  • BLENDTEC Champ Blender - COFFEE w/64 & 96 oz Carafes  Your Right To Be Beautiful Multi-Herbal Green Clay Masque 2oz in a NICE glass container Tonya Zavasta just came out with a Green Clay Masque that doesn't dry up like other masques. This is what Tonya has to say about it... "The common opinion is that facial masques shouldn't be used more than once a week. I think of masques like exercise - you won't get the benefits if you only do it once in a while. While developing this masque one of my objectives was a delayed drying up time. Plus, by leaving the masque on your face only for 3-5 minutes you get all the cleansing benefits without the drying effect that most clay masques produce. It can be used as often as the skin permits, ideally every day. It will leave the skin instantly brighter and clearer-looking." AAAAAAAAND... Many More New Products COMING SOON!!!

    'At-Cost' Specials

    The 'At-Cost' Specials this month are OFF THE HOOK!!! There is a WIDE ARRAY of fun stuff here to enjoy...

    If you didn't know, there is a Carob Powder "Drought" right now. We are apparently the ONLY company that has TRULY RAW carob powder right now on the market. Before this drought began, we purchased 2000 pounds of raw carob!!!... AND... I want to offer it to you 'At-Cost'. Carob is the BEST chocolate replacement out there. Many raw chefs utilize this magical ingredient from the trees, to match that chocolatey taste. Now would be an IDEAL time to stock up on carob ;-) I am VERY EXCITED to offer the Bariani Olive Oil 1L bottles to you this month as an 'At-Cost' special. I am pretty confident that when you experience Bariani Olive Oil you will not go back to any other brand. My mom LOVES the Bariani Olive Oil and will not touch any other brands out there. I have always been hearing how Bariani is like the Cadillac of Olive Oils, ever since I entered the Raw Foods Community over 12 years ago. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting your Bariani Olive Oil 'At-Cost' today. We are also offering our MSM caps 'At-Cost'. This MSM is derived from DMSO and I feel good about taking it; Angela actually takes it every day. Additionally, we are offering Healthforce Nutritionals 'Acai Resveratrol' antioxidant product 'At Cost' this month. This is probably the most powerful antioxidant product on the market. We are offering it 'At-Cost' because on our Radio Show this month we are interviewing Jameth Sheridan and he is excited to talk about this product in GREAT DEPTH and its benefits. After I heard what he had to say about it, I STOCKED UP, because I knew it would fly out the door and due to its extreme benefits, I wanted to get it out to people at a very affordable price. Last but not least... We've got Tooth Soap from Perfect Prescription as an 'At-Cost' Special too. Many health advocates out there including myself utilize this tooth soap to brush our teeth daily. We sell a mass of this Perfect Prescription Tooth Soap every week, due to its popularity. We are offering the two most POPULAR flavors at cost... Peppermint and Spearmint AND in both forms - liquid and shreds :-). Tooth Soap is free from any chemicals or toxins that can damage teeth. This is the IDEAL time to try or stock up on this unique product. We also have a handful of exciting'Below-Cost' specials this month. I felt bad that the Pine Nut butter ran out last month so QUICKLY, so I REALLY STOCKED UP this time HEAVILY and we are going to offer it for 'JUST PENNIES' this month. Additionally, we've decided to discontinue the Sprout Living individual sprout powders and we are going to BLOW-OUT what we have left, way 'BELOW-COST'. We have a limited supply of these sprout powders and they will probably be gone within just a few days... Enjoy!!! :-))) The following specials are available until February 28th... "At Cost":
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    The Raw Food World Radio Show - Dr. Jameth Sheridan

    We are having so much fun here at The Raw Food World with our monthly radio shows! The last interview we did, with Daniel Vitalis, was simply INCREDIBLE!!! It was so interesting in fact that I just couldn't end it... Normally we go for about 1 hour and 15 minutes but with that call we almost made it to the 2 hour mark! Everyone has been RAVING about it on our Facebook pages!

    I am EXTREMELY EXCITED to announce that our next guest on The Raw Food World Radio Show is... Dr. Jameth Sheridan! Jameth rarely gives interviews, so we're very excited to connect with him for this LIVE call. Jameth says he would love to talk primarily about Antioxidants in this upcoming interview. He told me that this will likely spiral into the subjects of cancer, wholefood antioxidants and the new product we have 'At-Cost' above... the Acai Resveratrol Antioxidant Supreme. He was excited to say that this is just the TIP of the iceberg of what he would love to share in this interview. As many of us know, Jameth is COMPLETELY AGAINST the consumption of Raw Chocolate. Normally, I don't give too much attention to this subject matter in our interviews... HOWEVER!!!... this time I intend to DRILL Jameth with questions on the topic of RAW CHOCOLATE!!! Additionally, as usual... I think that I can come up with some pretty intriguing questions for our friend Jameth... Including... What does Jameth think about eating an 80% Fruit Diet... ;-) Don't miss it!!! Join us for this exciting upcoming interview on February 26th at 6pm (PST)! To sign up for this free interview, click HERE.

    ~ Many Blessings to you from The Raw Food World~ Thank you for continuing to let us serve you. We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!

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