Immunity, Article by Matt Monarch

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  • Immunity, Article by Matt Monarch
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Immunity, Article by Matt Monarch

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

I don't know about you guys, but as soon as I start walking the streets of New York City or Los Angeles, I feel affected by the intense city pollution in adverse ways. There are THOUSANDS of cars, along with many trucks, construction vehicles, and buses, offgassing DARK BLACK smoke, inches away from pedestrians. If you were to take someone from the Himalayan mountains who has been breathing pristine air all of their lives while eating a pure diet, and you drop this person into LA, I feel that there is a chance that they may not make it alive for too long, due to the poor air quality there. To give you an example of an analogous situation, please read this excerpt below from my book "Raw Success", where I quote one of my favorite authors, Hilton Hotema, from his book Man's Higher Consciousness: "Claude Bernard showed that if a bird is placed under a bell-glass of such size that the air contained in it will permit the bird to live for three hours, and the bird is removed at the end of the second hour, when it could have survived another hour, and a fresh, healthy bird is put in it's place, the latter will die at once" (Kirks Physiology, revised by Greene, P. 304) Now... According to the "CONCEPT" of our immune system being RESISTANTto harmful situations, this fresh healthy bird ought to have been able to 'resist' this polluted environment and live for at least another hour, like the other bird could potentially have done. It seems to me that the TRUTH behind what we refer to as our "Immune System" is usually simply the body ADJUSTING to and not RESISTING a toxic substance, so that we can survive alongside it. Our body acquires "immunity" to dangers by increasing its tolerance for them, and this happens at the expense of our health. I went to Thailand for 3 months straight and in areas there it was even MORE POLLUTED than any city in the United States, due to the overload of diesel cars and seemingly ZERO automotive environmental regulation standards. When I first entered into this environment that was so polluted, it felt INTOLERABLE!!! I endured an ongoing runny nose and cough from this polluted environment for days. As I forced my body to persist in this toxic environment, my runny nose and cough began to subside, and my body adapted, at the expense of my overall health and vitality, so that I could tolerate these conditions. I could sense that if I would have continued to stay in that environment, it would have had an ongoing detrimental effect on my body. This is how the body builds up "resistance" to a toxic subsistance. Intially, we weaken the body's vitality, so that it will continue to surrender to toxic conditions. Now, let's look at the "vaccination" concept, which claims to help improve the RESISTANCE of our IMMUNITY. A vaccination typically involves a person being injected with the same toxin that they are trying to improve their resistance to. For example, if you get a chicken pox shot, a little of this virus is injected into your body, so that your body can supposedly RESIST it in the future, and yet the true concept from my point of view, is that you actually ADAPT to it. I feel that this same concept holds true for any poor habit we partake in. For example, as a 100% Raw Foodist for over 12 years, if I were to now eat three fast food hamburgers or smoke a pack of cigarettes in one sitting, it would very likely have an intolerable and devastating impact on my body. Whereas someone who eats burgers daily or smokes two packs of cigarettes a day has adapted to being able to easily accommodate these unhealthy habits. Such people may be able to currently tolerate these toxic foods and substances, yet they are doing so at the expense of their own vitality and health. The human body is INCREDIBLE!!! It can seemingly adapt to almost ANYTHING, as long as the process of adaptation is slow and not SUDDEN. For example, if you were to get bitten by a poisonous snake, there is a great chance that the venom would kill you in a very short period of time. However, snake hunters intentionally add small amounts of snake venom to their bloodstream, in order to increase their resistance (not their "immunity"!) to venom. They do this at the expense of their overall vitality, yet as a result, they are able to handle a single snake bite without dying. If you were to give myself or a child five shots of Vodka, it may kill us, while a hard-core alcoholic would just be getting started. My book "Raw Success" and Hilton Hotema's book "Man's Higher Consciousness" go deep into these concepts. I know that there is any irony to the fact that a body which is not full of vitality, and is in a weakened state, can endure and live longer under adverse conditions than a 'cleaner' body. However, from my experience, the daily quality of life is unparalleled when a person has a 'pure' and 'clean' body, and I would definitely choose this over being able to tolerate city pollution. On a final note, I will leave you with an excerpt from Hilton Hotema's book, "Man's Higher Consciousness": " is vital adjustment, not vital resistance, that enables the body to survive for a few miserable years, with aches and pains, in air so foul that one in vigorous health would be in danger of dropping dead by suddenly coming in contact with it, as the vital bird thrust into the air and that was polluted by the exhalations of the previous bird under the bell-glass."

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The Raw Food World Radio Show - Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova (Birth as We Know It!)

This interview could leave your eyes popping open WIDE!!! There is nobody I know who can convey the TRUTH about natural birth more effectively than our dear friend Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova. Angela and I went to one of Elena's birth workshops last year, which changed our lives IMMENSELY for the better. Elena is the creator of the OUTSTANDING DVD 'Birth As We Know It'. It was this DVD that first opened up my mind to the truth of how far from 'natural' the majority of human births are these days and how "Natural Birthing" concepts are IMPERATIVE now to the future of our species. This subject is one of those things that seems so BLATANTLY obvious, if someone is willing to open up to it... and I wonder, how come I didn't see the common sense of these concepts before being exposed to them through Elena's DVD!!! Well, mostly I suppose because, in our societies, we are usually brought up under a 'veil' in regards to Natural Birthing and many other concepts related to natural TRUTH!

Elena will show you that birth is not only something not to fear- that it can, in fact have the potential to be the most ecstatic ORGASMIC experience of your life. I highly recommend checking out Elena's website by clicking the banner above to learn more about her LIFE-CHANGING, world-shifting work. I also recommend purchasing her DVD - either at our store or from Elena's website at the banner above. I feel that it is the BEST DVD on Natural Birthing out there - absolutely phenomenal. With over 25 years experience in the field of Concsious Parenting, Elena is FULL of FASCINATING stories and we will be asking her to share many of them with us when we interview her on our Radio Show this month! Please join us on Monday, April 26th as I interview Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova at 6:00 pm (Pacific time), 9pm Eastern. To sign up for this unique interview, please click HERE.

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