In-Depth Interview with Matt Monarch

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

How would you define Detoxification?

Detoxification can be defined as endogenous material (waste matter inside a cell) leaving the cell and entering our blood stream, eventually exiting the body via the lungs, skin, kidneys, or large intestine. This release of stored toxins from the cell is triggered when the intake of that harmful substance is stopped. For example, if a drug addict eliminated cocaine, they would go through withdrawal, a definite symptom of detoxification. The same holds true with our diets. If a cooked food eater completely eliminates processed starches from their diet, they too will experience withdrawal/detoxification.

What in your opinion happens to the human body if a person switches back-and-forth, between cooked and raw foods? Could confusing the body like this be harmful?

It is critically important to understand the adaptation abilities of the body. The body adapts to what we do. If you were to ingest an entire tablespoon of arsenic, chances are high that you would die. However, if you were to take a drop of arsenic once every three days and very gradually over many months increase the dosage, after three years you could likely survive that same tablespoon of arsenic. Building up your arsenic tolerance is not the healthiest thing to do for long-term health, but the example illustrates the amazing adaptive response of our bodies.

Not far removed from the arsenic example, is what most of us have been doing all our lives. Imagine feeding a newborn baby a Quarter Pounder with cheese. Your insides may shout in protest to the idea - No, dont you dare! - The results could be devastating, similar perhaps to us consuming that tablespoon of arsenic. We see clearly the mistake it would be to feed fast food to an infant. What we may not be so quick to realize is that many children start their own version of fast food, being fed processed baby food three times a day. The constant runny nose warning is eventually silenced by repetition. Years pass, more variety of cooked processed foods are added little by little, until eventually they can tackle that juicy - aresenic - hamburger. Building up your tolerance to - plastic food - is not the healthiest thing to do for long-term health, but you can do it - you did it.

As a 100% Raw Food eater, you become pure and clean again, like a newborn. The longer you are Raw, the more sensitive you become. Processed foods you ate before, are no longer tolerated. I have been on a Raw diet for almost 7 years. I am convinced that half a hamburger would put me in the hospital. If you were to give Dr. Fred Bisci, 40-year Raw Foodist, the same half hamburger, it could be fatal. Yet most people on the planet could eat two hamburgers, slap their knee and say - Mmmmm.

The first point to understand is: the longer you are Raw, the more committed and careful you must be. If a person has been 100% Raw for decades and is overtaken by a Wild Kingdom urge to eat a greasy hamburger, the results could be tragic. Like tight rope walking, the margin for error is significantly reduced the longer you are Raw. Consistency is important. My intention is not to scare anyone away from choosing a Raw Diet. If done responsibly, the benefits are in a word: miraculous.

When a person has become pure from the detoxification process, are they more vulnerable or more resilient to toxins in our man made environment?

One does not become completely pure. I would have to say someone becomes more pure from the detoxification process. The cleaner we become, the more vulnerable we are to toxins in our man made environment. It is ironic that a body less vital and in a more weakened condition can endure and live longer under adverse environmental conditions. Please consider the following example:

In a clinical experiment, a group of scientists put Bird-A in a glass cage with no air outlets. Breath by breath, the bird exhaled CO2, and the air in the cage became increasingly more toxic. Because the process happened gradually, the bird was able to adapt to the CO2 rich environment. Bird-A was removed from the glass cage. Bird-B was placed in that same CO2 rich environment. Bird-B died in moments from shock. Bird-B had no time to adapt like Bird-A, and the sudden extreme toxicity made it impossible to sustain life.

Cooked food eaters are like Bird-A, having gradually built up tolerance to harmful substances, and the 100% Raw Food eater is like Bird-B, pure as a newborn. Toxins damage us (Bird-B), more than the cooked food eater (Bird-A). The way to protect ourselves from toxins, is to Cleanse. Even for the Raw Foodist, waste accumulates in our cells and tissues from many sources: man made toxins, residue from food, adrenalin from negative energies such as nervous tension, fear, and stress, and dead cells that have served their purpose and been replaced. All this waste becomes very toxic if allowed to ferment and putrefy in the intestines. Neglecting internal cleansing can shorten life, and make us suffer from cravings and low energy, the two main reasons many people fail to adhere to the Raw diet. Colon Hydrotherapy is an invaluable tool for the 100% Raw Food eaters short-term and long-term success.

There is more to longevity and health than meets the eye. I wrote an entire book on the subject, which is available for pre-orders at:

Raw Success

Can a person become too clean?

It depends on what a person is trying to accomplish. Often Ive found that the reason people want to refine their health is because the cleaner we are, the more our body becomes in-tune and receptive to spiritual energy. The amount of vibrational energy being channeled through my Raw body now, compared to when I was a cooked food eater, is astronomical. Mainstream thinkers believe my stories are crazy and people who knew me before being Raw see me as a completely different person.

If a Raw Foodist eliminates certain concentrated foods such as nuts, or transitions to a Fruitarian, Liquidarian or Breatharian lifestyle, they will become even more sensitive. These extremes can affect their long-term success. At first they may be increasingly strong and vital. However, in the long run they would not be able to endure and live as long under the adverse environmental conditions facing our planet today. Some people may prefer a highly spiritual life more so than a long life. Even though I fervently aim for both, Ill never risk past the 100% Raw Vegan Stage. My book, Raw Success, goes into great detail about why Im so confident about how to achieve a long and healthy life.

What is your favorite raw food? How often do you eat it?

I have many favorite raw foods. TOP FavoritesÂ…avocados and figs, also nuts and seeds (in moderate quantities). I love drinking all sorts of vegetable juice combinations. Mixing carrot juice with greens, especially spinach - its like my coffee, gotta have it!

When I travel, my Juicer goes with me. I drink a lot of fresh vegetable Juice. Lately I heard rumor that fresh juices are not raw. Some Raw Vegans believe that juicing is processing the food and is not an ideal raw food. What are your thoughts on this?

This is absurd. Many people cling to a philosophy even when it may negatively affect their health. Juicing is a necessity for long-term success on the 100% Raw Food diet. I am continually seeing long-term Raw Vegans running into problems with deficiencies. Recently I met up with an old friend who has been Raw for decades. Over the years of our acquaintance hes gotten an earful from me about the importance of vegetable juice. Settled in a Raw routine, he and even his body resisted juicing. It had been almost a year since we last connected. Something looked different about his appearance, but I couldnt put my finger on it. He confided that his tooth structure had deteriorated to such an extent that he now had an entire set of false teeth!

A 100% Raw Food diet is deficient if not supplemented with vegetable juicing. Most of the nutrients from the solid raw meals we eat are being used up as fuel for digestion. After 2-5 hours of energy sucking digestion, very little nourishment remains for regenerating our cells and tissues. When we drink Vegetable Juices, the situation is entirely different. Vegetable Juice takes 10-15 minutes for complete absorption and does not tax our digestive tract whatsoever. The entire amount of nourishment from juices can be used for the regeneration of our tissues and cells. I recommend a minimum of two 16oz vegetable juices per day for long-term Raw success.

What is true hunger? How long does it take the average human to experience true hunger after eating?

Hunger is generally defined as a strong desire or need for food. Detoxification begins when there is an absence of food, and feelings of detox are often mistaken for hunger. If you are consistently eating three times a day, you will experience hunger three times a day. If you were to eat only twice, your body would go through withdrawal as it starts to detox. People just assume this means they are hungry, and they eat. There are numerous documented cases, and even more undocumented, of people fasting on only water for 30 days and beyond. Obviously, the feelings of hunger are not necessarily SOS signals for food needed to sustain life. Hunger rarely means, Eat NOW or Die! I define hunger as the regulator of detoxification.

Have you changed any of your eating habits since becoming a Raw Vegan? Like: More of one thing, less of another?

If one truly adheres to a 100% Raw Vegan diet, they will evolve into needing less and less food. When I first started, I would eat three large avocados in one meal and a few pounds of fruit. These days I only eat about one avocado per day, and rarely eat over a pound of fruit ever. In the future, I can see these quantities reducing as well.

Tell us of one of the most interesting success stories that you have heard.

A man had AIDS. Through persistence and expert guidance on cleansing and the Raw diet, the AIDS became undetectable in medical testing. Raw food is not a cure-all but I have seen miracles take place.

What in your opinion is one of the largest, negative side affects of the raw food diet?

The spiritual rewards far surpass any negative bits that one may experience. For me, I was most annoyed with the confusion my body experienced from my overnight transition to Raw foods. It took a while to balance out and settle into the new way of eating. Patience and consistency are needed for this tremendous feat.

What are some of the problems us long-time Raw Vegans might face in the future?

As I mentioned before, long-term Raw Foodists often suffer from deficiency. Additionally, some Raw Vegans take their diets too far which effects their long term success. Furthermore, the 100% Raw Food Diet is a lot more cleansing then we think. It is like going on a life long fast. The reason fasting is so cleansing is because you are obstaining from all food. When you are on the 100% Raw Vegan Diet, you are obstaining from all foods except Raw Foods. Internal cleansing is fundamental for long term success.

It is crucial to have a deep understanding of the body if one is to be successful. Everyone is dying at the same age! Raw food pioneers seem to be dying between the ages of 80 and 95. If the raw diet is so great, we should be living decades longer than the cooked food eater. Dr. Norman Walker is the only pioneer I know of who lived many years past the century mark. He was doing something right. My book, Raw Success, coming out later this year, is based on this very concept.

Are you currently working on any new projects? Will you be speaking at any retreats this summer?

My latest book is in the process of final editing and design. There is ground breaking information here that could change how we relate to Raw Foods. I look forward to the day I get to share it with others. Additionally, I am in my beginning weeks of a lecture tour that spans the U.S. Presently I have about 40 lectures scheduled. You can view them by clicking Events at Additional lecture are continually being added.

Tell us about your family. Wife? Kiddos?

I am currently unmarried, without kids. I live and run my businesses in Ojai, California.

Tell us a few stories about your childhood, the reaction that Mama had when you decided to go raw, and the support that she gives now.

I have never met a human being on this planet that worries more then my mom. When I was younger I refused to eat animal protein. I lived on peanut butter and jelly. Funny foreshadowing. In a worried panic, my mom would beg me to eat meat. She would heap on the peanut butter, hoping to get enough protein in me. My mom has always been supportive and accepting. If I make it past her well-meaning whine, Im golden.

When I went on this crazy thing called a Raw Diet, of course she was concerned. Stronger than her doubt is her belief in me - the support is always there, 100%. Over the years she realized the truth about Raw, and dramatically improved her diet. My mom has eliminated processed starches and refined sugars completely, and in my family thats not easy. Every holiday dinner she stays strong and does not indulge in desert or junky foods. It is so easy for her now that she doesnt even crave that stuff. I am so proud of my mom!

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