“Is Colon Cleansing Necessary?”, Article by Matt Monarch

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Greetings from Matt Monarch

I'm currently writing this Newsletter in an airport :-) What an incredible tour we are currently experiencing. I'm inspired by all of the inspired people we are meeting with along the way ;-) This week I'd love to address the idea: is colon cleansing necessary? Read the article below to find out! I'd also like to announce that I've discovered a NEW amazing superfood product while in Canada that I am excited to bring to our store. It's INCREDIBLE and I hope to have it within the next 2 - 3 weeks :-) In this newsletter you can enjoy:
  • "Is Colon Cleansing Necessary?", Article by Matt Monarch
  • New Products: Oxy-Powder, Mylk Chocolate & White Passion Sacred Hearts, Cashini - Artisana, Salad Boosters & MUCH MORE!
  • "At Cost!" Specials: Medicinal Herbs MANIA! (Shilajit, Mucuna, & More!), Chia Seeds, Creamy Almond Butter, Cafe Gratitude Cookies & Much More!!!
  • Speaking Engagement Tour Dates...

"Is Colon Cleansing Necessary?", Article by Matt Monarch

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. Is Colon Cleansing Necessary? Ironically, the less a person eats, the more of a need there is to cleanse the colon, in my opinion. The more food a person eliminates from their intake, the more they are going to cleanse and detoxify. For example, the most cleansing thing that anyone can do is to go on a water fast, because they'd be eliminating all food intake except water. When a person goes on a 100% Raw Food Diet, they are usually eliminating MASSES of processed damaging foods and instead they consume fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, seaweeds and other simple foods straight from the Earth. Fruits and vegetables are mostly 70 - 90% water. Consuming these items is practically like "drinking" food and barely obstructs the body. Eating this way is like going on a raw food "fast". That is why the raw food diet is sometimes called the "detox diet". I feel that if a person isn't willing to cleanse their colon, then they should not go on a 100% Raw Food Diet. I feel that it is pretty much inevitable that they will not succeed in the long-term. If a person goes on a healthy whole food "intermediate" diet, which eliminates all processed foods, they too will detoxify old toxins, however, comparatively speaking, their detox only touches the surface compared to the deep concentrated toxins that a 100% Raw Foodist can dig down and detoxify. If you are not willing to cleanse your colon, then I would recommend sticking to a whole foods "intermediate" diet, because you are going to cleanse and detoxify A LOT less overall. If you truly do a whole foods intermediate diet, at some point (maybe after 2 months, 5 months, 1 year, or more) you are pretty much inevitably going to get sick and go through a healing crisis as your body releases old cellular toxins. I feel that cleansing the colon would be extremely beneficial during these times and make your life much easier. For example, after about eight months of eating a whole foods diet, my mom had a huge healing crisis and...she refused to cleanse her colon. Instead, she went to the hospital and started taking antibiotics, which took her "cold" away. Within a couple of weeks, her "cold" came back. She felt very weak, as all of her life energy was just trying to push the old toxins out of her. Before heading off to the hospital for a second time, she suddenly had a HUGE bowel release! For two days she poured out waste almost nonstop into the toilet. When she came out the other side of this release, she had lost more weight and her desire for coffee had also dramatically diminished. My mom is going to be FURIOUS with me for putting this private story out to the public...so I am going to plug her video and e-book again to compensate, which are available HERE! My mom's life would would have been soooooo much easier if she had just done a colonic. She wouldn't have had to experience as much pain. When you do a whole foods intermediate diet, I don't think that colon hydrotherapy is ABSOLUTELY "necessary", but I do see that it is EXTREMELY effective and beneficial. If a person is just NOT willing to cleanse their colon with water, I used to always recommended that people take a product instead called Colosan, to help them release waste from the intestines. However, I just discovered a similar new product, which I have found to be much more effective and it is called Oxy-Powder. This product simply utilizes oxygen to help remove junk and "mucoid plaque" that has built up in the small intestines and colon over the years. This is an extremely gentle way to cleanse the colon. IDEALLY, in my opinion, it would be a GREAT idea to use this product in conjunction with cleansing the colon. Although I feel that nothing is as effective for helping with detox as cleansing the colon on a periodic basis, this Oxy-Powder product does at least help get rid of the "intestinal plaque"...and what most people LOVE about this product is that it is so gentle on the body during this process. You can learn more about this product in the "New Products" section below. So... Is Colon Cleansing Necessary?... I personally feel that if you are TRULY on a 100% Raw Food Diet, then colon cleansing is the best idea for long-term success. If you are on a whole foods intermediate diet, then I feel that you can "get away" more easily without cleansing the colon. However, I also feel that a person can be much healthier if they do cleanse their colon on a periodic basis. If you are on a whole foods intermediate diet, please keep in the back of your head that WHEN you go through that healing crisis and get sick, a series of colonics can be extremely beneficial to you. 99% of the time, getting sick is an indication of deep detoxification, and cleansing the colon simply PULLS all of that old waste right out of you.

New Products at The Raw Food World

Oxy-Powder Oxy-Powder is a very gentle way to cleanse the colon by simply swallowing a few capsules orally. It is much more advanced to the product Colosan, as it utilizes ozonated magnesium, which is the only form of this essential mineral that is capable of releasing nascent oxygen into the digestive tract and bloodstream. What I LOVE about Oxy-Powder is that it also utilizes a very high quality version of the mineral Germanium, which has great potential to oxygenate living tissue. A good colon hydrotherapist friend of mine has seen INCREDIBLE results with this product in comparison to other similar products. We are also now carrying two other effective herbal products from this company called Livatrex and Paratrex. Mylk Chocolate & White Passion Sacred Hearts Don't even ask me why I didn't start carrying these two flavors of Sacred Heart chocolates earlier. These are the two of the MOST POPULAR Sacred Hearts of all, because they are the sweetest tasting. Some of the Sacred Hearts that we carry have much more of a bitter-chocolatey, low-glycemic taste with medicinal offerings wrapped up inside. These NEW Sacred Hearts taste SO GOOD due to the high coconut content of the "Mylk" (not milk) chocolate that they use, which is sweet and creamy just like milk chocolate. It is sweetened only with maple & coconut. It consists of a 58% cacao content, yet it is very sweet and creamy. Cashini Artisana JUST came out with a NEW nut butter product called Cashini, a delicious combination of cashews and tahini. Although I haven't personally tried it yet, I am salivating just thinking about it. They are promoting this Cashini as the perfect healthy alternative to peanut butter. I can see how this Cashini would taste just like creamy Peanut Butter!!! It seems that cashews would add the sweetness to the smooth bitter taste of tahini. It seems that they also added a little bit of sea salt to top it all off! :-) Ingredients: 100% Organic Raw Cashews, 100% Organic Raw Sesame Seeds and Sea Salt. Salad Boosters! Living Intentions, the creator of the Superfood Cereals and Gone Nuts products have created a new line called "Salad Boosters". We carry both flavors of these "Boosters", which are: Vegan Cheesy and Original. The Original Salad Booster is PACKED with superfoods including white chia seeds, spirulina, chlorella and more. The Vegan Cheesy also contains superfoods and is a great cheesy-tasting addition for any meal. both salad booster flavors are also filled with mineral-rich sea vegetables. You can try them on salads, veggies, soups, sprouted grains, dips and dressings. Try some on all your favorite foods, even raw chocolate!! Lydia's Kale Krunchies Herbs de Provence I loved the Mega Green Kale Chips from Lydia's Organics so much that we've decided to pick up another flavor of her kale chips, so we now carry them all :-) Lydia's Organics Kale Krunchies are hand made and each leaf is coated with organic creamy nuts and seasonings. The Kale is then dried below 118 degrees which allows the flavors to develop into a savory Kale Krunchie experience. Ingredients: Kale*, sprouted sunflower seeds*, sprouted pumpkin seeds*, sesame seeds*, cashews*, lemon*, cold pressed sunflower oil*, himalayan salt*, Herbs de Provence* & <3. * Organic Our Herbs de Provence blend is composed of : Organic basil, organic rosemary, organic thyme, organic parsley, organic marjoram, organic lavender and organic tarragon. [DVD] Water Wars Director Jim Burroughs ponders the prospect of a global war over water in this documentary focusing on the ways Bangladesh has dealt with the duel threats of dwindling water supplies and rising sea levels. The deeper Bangladeshis drill for wells, the greater the risk of the locals suffering from arsenic poisoning. Now, due to global warming, the problem is spreading. In addition to exploring water-related problems in Bangladesh, Burroughs and company also travel to Holland in order to see how ultra-modern levees and canals are ensuring the nation will be better equipped to deal with the coming water crisis. According to a recent World Bank study, the demand for water will exceed supply by 40 percent within twenty years. In Water Wars: When Drought, Flood and Greed Collide, filmmaker Jim Burroughs presents a well-researched overview of recent and ongoing conditions of flooding, drought, and other water-related disasters in diverse locations in Bangladesh, India and New Orleans to forecast the future for fresh water - including access to and control of the element that is essential to human and all other forms of life on Earth. We are in a rapidly escalating worldwide fresh water crisis, which many believe will be the cause of a third and utterly devastating world war. This DVD covers all these ideas in depth. Here are all the latest new additions to The Raw Food World Store:
  • Oxy-Powder, 120 Vcaps
  • Livatrex
  • Paratrex
  • Mylk Chocolate Sacred Heart
  • White Passion Sacred Heart
  • Cashini Artisana, 16oz
  • Original Salad Booster
  • Vegan Cheesy Salad Booster
  • Kale Chips Herbs De Province, Lydia's Organics
  • Water Wars [DVD]
  • Green Recipes for Health & Weight Loss [DVD]  [DVD] Green Recipes for Health & Weight Loss Go green with these dairy-free, gluten-free, trans-fat free, low glycemic nutritious and delicious recipes. Eco-Chef Debra Secunda shares almost two hours of easy to prepare raw vegetarian living foods. Raw-living means that your veggies, nuts, seeds, sprouts and grains are not heated beyond around 115 degrees, to preserve enzymes and vitamins. And it saves fossil-fuels! In addition, Debra offers a step-by-step guide to sprouting your own superfoods for just pennies and minutes per day, right in your own kitchen. Then learn how to incorporate your home-grown goodies into recipes such as Nirvana Nut Loaf; Lasagna A La Saucisse with walnut sausages; and creamy Ricotta Nut Cheese; Sprouted Chick Pea Hummus; Sprouted Quinoa pilaf; Cauliflower Mash; Probiotic recipes such as Sauerkraut and seed yogurt; Green Blender-Meals: Great for Fasting - and more. Debra's kitchen tips will save you extra time, money, and help you create gourmet flavors. AAAAAAAAND... Many More New Products COMING SOON!!!

    'At-Cost' Specials

    ALL RIGHT!!!... For all those of you who LOVE making Raw Medicinal Herbal Elixirs, we've got a CRAZY opportunity here for you to stock up on all of the HIGH-Quality Medicinal Herbs from Ultimate Superfoods, "at-cost"! Ultimate just told me that their cost on some of these products has recently shot up by 500%. Luckily, we ordered a MASS of these herbs for this special just before this price increase. We are going to go a bit NUTS here and discount most of these medicinal herbs by about 40% - 50%. Additionally, you can take advantage of the coupon code and 3-packs to get even FURTHER discounts! We are also offering a discounted Medicinal Herb ,9-pack, which includes a package of each of the herbs. The Medicinal Herbs that we are offering include Shilajit, Mucuna, Amla, Ashwagandha, Bacopa, Holy Basil, Tribulus, Turmeric, and Valerian. We also have the BEST Raw Almond Butter on the planet on special this month. Angela and I LOVE this raw almond butter; is is our favorite compared to all others that we've tried. It is extremely creamy throughout the ENTIRE jar and is made from TRULY RAW Organic Almonds from Sicily. It's like a true "gourmet" almond butter, you can just tip the jar and it pours out like a creamy luxurious, flowing liquid. When we were out of this almond butter for a couple of months, we got countless enquiries asking when we would get it back in. These days, truly raw almond butter is generally over $20 for a jar. Now is your chance to get this outstanding product for as low as $11.69 per jar if you get the 3-pack and use the coupon code below. We are also offering chemical- and pesticide-free chia seeds 'at-cost' this month. This is probably THE most popular product of all on our website...and I can see why chia seeds are so popular. They miraculously somehow give energy while at the same time being low glycemic. They supply us with great omega fatty acids and have a taste like no other food I have experienced. Additionally, they become gelatinous like flax if mixed with any liquid, and help people to have regular bowel movements more effectively than any other food we've seen. Chia is probably one of the most beneficial foods currently available to man... Hence...why it is the MOST POPULAR product on our website... AND... you can now get it for a ridiculously low price this month, so STOCK UP :-)! This month we are also offering all three of the 'Cafe Gratitude' cookie packs 'At-Cost'. These cookies from Cafe Gratitude include 'Fudge with Candied Walnuts', Lemon Cookies, and MY FAVORITE 'Thumbprint Cookies'. These cookies by Cafe Gratitude are so amazingly tasty that you might not even believe they are raw. The Thumbprint cookies use fresh hand-made jam, which is made using seasonally available fruit. The chocolate fudge cookie is a balanced delight of rich chocolate fudge and crunchy caramelized walnut topping. The lemon cookie is a delicate mix of fresh citrus tones with a creamy, chewy cookie texture. Enjoy!!! :-) I know that we just offered the extremely HIGH-QUALITY Living Tree tahini on special only two months ago. However, in addition to the FRESH batch of 1500 jars of our truly raw creamy almond butter that we just got in, we ALSO just got in a FRESH batch of 1000 jars of this amazing tahini! I thought it would be the ideal product to complement the creamy almond butter on this list of specials, so, it's back in the list again! Living Tree Community uses a slicing method to transform their raw sesame seeds into raw tahini. The result is an amazing rich-tasting tahini, which is truly raw and never heated over the raw food standards. I'm always looking for new deals to buy in bulk so that I can pass on the savings to you guys. In fact, email us at angela@rawreform.com if you think of something that you would love to enjoy at a discounted rate. I will try to buy the most popular items in bulk, to get you all a discount. This month, I just obtained a couple hundred of these stainless steel water bottles for example, in order to get a deeper discount for everyone. We got the most popular 1 liter size. These are the perfect size for hiking and fit perfectly in your backpack's side pocket or in your car's cupholder. These reusable water bottles don't leach toxins into their contents and are lab tested free of heavy metals and toxins. We are also offering these two awesome raw media products at an EXTREMELY low discounted price, because we have a mass of them both in stock. Valya Boutenko's fascinating "Overcoming The Food Imprint" DVD includes interviews that explore the hidden origins of our eating patters and reveal the secrets of becoming free from compulsive eating. This DVD also discusses the challenges of helping loved ones to eat more healthfully, through communicating in a kind loving manner. It's extremely valuable information and we are offering this $20 DVD right now for only $5, while stocks last! Here is a trailer for this DVD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMg3v6pQqbQ Also, normally $22 and selling for $9.95 this month is an insightful book called "Raw Food Works". Some of the contributing authors of "Raw Food Works" include Victoria Boutenko, Gabriel Cousens, David Wolfe, Brian Clement, Jameth Sheridan, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Cherie Soria, Rev. George Malkmus, and many others. Raw Food Works simply offers a set of principles that provide a holistic and scientific framework for how the optimum diet works. This framework has one highly empowering idea at its core - that human beings function best on an enzyme rich diet of unadulterated plant-based foods. Find out from an illuminating cast of contributors how such a diet can give you radiant health and vibrant energy throughout your life! The following specials are available until September 30th...
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    Speaking Engagement Tour Dates

    We are now mid-tour in N. America and I am having so much fun out on the road meeting you all! We recently added a whole new event in Sedona, Arizona and our current last two remaining speaking events are at the following locations:
  • Orange County, CA (Longevity Conference!)Note: Angela and I are not scheduled to speak at the Longevity Conference. We'll be hosting a booth there. Additionally, please note: we recently heard that tickets for Longevity Conference are *almost* sold out now...nearly 1000 people are anticipated to be at this event and just a handful of tix are left...click HERE to reserve your space now if you'd love to join us there :)
  • Sedona, AZYou can view further details for these last two events on our events page, by clicking HERE. We really hope to see and meet many of you at these final locations on our tour!


    ~ Many Blessings to you from The Raw Food World~ Thank you for continuing to let us serve you. We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!
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