Is Raw Chocolate Good to Eat? & Weight Loss!

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Greetings from Matt Monarch

WELCOME!!! To our TRULY RAW CHOCOLATE Extravaganza Newsletter!!! AND NOW... The Moment We've All Been Waiting For... TRULY RAW Cacao & Cashew Products are AT-COST!!! In this RAW CHOCOLATE Extravaganza Newsletter you can enjoy:

  • Is Raw Chocolate Good to Eat? & Weight Loss!, Article by Matt Monarch
  • "At Cost!" Specials: TRULY Raw Cacao Powder!!!, TRULY Raw Cacao Butter!!!, Truly Raw Cashews!!!, Gnosis Raw Chocolate Bars!!!, Cacao Paste & Much More!!!
  • New Products - TRULY RAW Cacao Beans!, Ho Sho Wu!!!, Morning Jing, Reishi Powder, Rhodiola Powder, Herbal Pet Formula, & MUCH MORE!

Is Raw Chocolate good to eat? & Weight Loss!, Article by Matt Monarch

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. The BIGGEST controversy in the Raw Foods Movement ten years ago was Fruit vs. Fat. Five years later the controversy shifted to Juicing vs. Green Smoothies. Now recently, an EXPLOSIVE RIOT broke out in the movement, about Raw Chocolate... To EAT... or not to EAT!... that has been the question...   How can anyone determine what is best for you around any of the controversies above, but yourself??? One person might be thriving on more fruit, juicing, and eating Raw Chocolate while another person is thriving on more fat, green smoothies and not eating Raw Chocolate. Another person may have been a coffee and Hershey bar addict for 40 years. If this person gave up those addictions, and replaced them with Raw Cacao, there is a GREAT chance that they could thrive on Raw Chocolate for the rest of their lives, experiencing many benefits and improvements. An example on the other side of the spectrum might be a 20 year old who has been eating a 100% Raw Food Diet since birth and has never eaten a sweetener, dehydrated or gourmet food in their entire life. If you give this person a Raw Chocolate bar, there is a chance that they could experience adverse effects. I don't take CONTROVERSIES like these too seriously and I encourage others to do the same. We all know that each person is different and that our food requirements can be dramatically different. For example, my mom eats Raw Chocolate every single day and she is the healthiest woman her age who I know. My mom is SO HEALTHY that every single one of her co-workers and family members gauk at her and state how they could 'never' eat as healthily as she does. Five years ago, my mom started eating an Intermediate WHOLE FOOD healthy diet. She eliminated the most harmful foods from her diet, including refined sugars and processed starches.   My mom has always been watchful of her weight and tried some different diets before, such as WeightWatchers and the Atkins Diet. Though she was always slimmer than the majority of the population, these types of diets didn't totally eliminate all the most damaging foods from her diet, so she wasn't necessarily in the greatest health that she could be. It wasn't until five years ago that she FINALLY hopped on to a TRUE Intermediate WHOLE FOOD Diet. For the first time in her life, she went below her standard lowest weight and even lost an additional 10 pounds!!! Keep in mind she was always the slimmest of her friends already and vigilant about the food she took in. My mom's one LAST crutch on her new WHOLE FOOD Intermediate Diet was coffee..!   Many people begin a 100% Raw Food Diet for Weight Loss purposes. However, quite frequently when people do this, they report that they don't lose weight and they don't understand why. I feel that CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!!... when trying to lose weight. A person may try a Raw Food Diet for one week, for example, which may feel to them like a torturousLIFETIME, as they eliminate foods to which they're addicted. Generally, most people seem to revert back to eating at least some of their past food choices within 2 weeks of starting a Raw Food Diet. Generally these are the people who then complain about not losing weight when they attempt a "100% Raw Food Diet. Often these people seem to convince themselves that they in fact did the Raw Food Diet for a long period without results, when in truth, they were actually eating highly damaging things such as refined sugars and processed starches alongside raw.   It actually took my mom well over a year before she lost even more weight on her WHOLE FOOD Diet. When you improve your diet 'permanently', at some point you will almost surely go through a healing crisis and get sick. There is no real way to avoid that... but there is a great opportunity to help move along any healing crisis rapidly, if you do periodic colon cleansing to keep the waste moving out of you. So... My mom went into her healing crisis just before she took her weight loss to the NEXT LEVEL! Despite my repeated suggestions of getting a series of colonics, instead, when she felt sick, she went to get antibiotics from her doctor. From my point of view, all sickness can be thought of as the body trying to give off old waste matter in some way and I am 100% CONFIDENT that cleansing the colon would have taken care of this situation swiftly. Instead, two weeks later after taking the antibiotics, my mom got just as sick again.   Not even antiobiotics could silence for long the PROFOUND RESULTS of her CONSISTENTLY IMPROVED Diet!!!!!! This time I am happy to say that my mom REFUSED to take the antibiotics and within three or four days she actually released over a foot of waste matter into the toilet. (I am SO IN TROUBLE!!!*%$!... But Mom, it is for the betterment of humanity here!) After that release, for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT!!! she was releasing MASSES of waste matter into the toilet. After this experience, my mom dropped another 20 pounds, along with her coffee addiction. She just lost the cravings for it. Now, if she would have done the colonics, it would have most likely saved her a lot of pain and trauma, however, her body managed to find a way to release the waste one way or another... Ever since that day, my mom has been eating Raw Chocolate every single day. Her FAVORITE Raw Chocolate VICE is ALL of the Ulimana Truffles and the Gnosis Raw Chocolate Bars. As you can see in the video below, my mom looks HEALTHY & AMAZING and... she eats Raw Chocolate every single day. I'd also like to mention that those two Raw Chocolate companies utilize the TRULY Raw Cacao products from Big Tree Farms.   Whoa! That was our 2nd TV episode EVER! As you can see my mom looks GREAT and as I said, she eats Raw Chocolate every single day... Not everyone will THRIVE eating Raw Chocolate every single day like my mom does, just like not everyone will thrive eating mountains of fruit every single day. We all have our own paths. On a FINAL NOTE: Mom, I am SO PROUD of you and I love you very much... and remember... this is all for the betterment of humanity! ;-)

'At-Cost' Specials

It's SO MUCH FUN when this happens! You currently have 24 hours to take advantage of this month's 'At Cost' specials, while at the same time taking advantage of last month's At Cost' specials TOO! You have until Midnight (Pacific time) on Wednesday March the 31st, to get Vitamineral Green and many other products at a RIDICULOUSLY Low Price! ...And Now...!!!   The MOMENT we've all been WAITING for!!! We are offering 'Big Tree Farms' TRULY RAW Cashew and Cacao products AT-COST!!! I have seen no other Cacao Growers PROVE that their Cacao Products are Truly Raw like 'Big Tree Farms'. David 'Avocado' Wolfe even went down to Bali recrently to check this out. You will see David ASTONISHED in the video below at 'Big Tree Farms' in Bali, witnessing their unique Raw Chocolate making procedures:   This is the exact same Raw Chocolate Powder and Raw Cacao Butter that you can get here today AT-COST!!! Additionally, we are also offering the two MOST POPULAR Gnosis Raw Chocolate Bars At-Cost this month also!!! Gnosis SuperChoc and Simplicity are also my favorite Gnosis Raw Chocolate Bars. The Gnosis Raw Chocolate bars are TRULY raw, because they use the same exact Truly Raw Cacao Powder and Butter from Big Tree Farms to make their Raw Chocolate Bars!   The creator of Gnosis actually goes and visits the sources of all of their chocolate to make sure they can provide the highest integrity products to you. You can even learn more about the 'Raw Integrity' Project by clicking HERE. Additionally, Gnosis makes all of their Raw Chocolate Bars by hand; with no melting, tempering, pouring, packaging machines whatsoever. They only use copper pots and hand mixing. Wow!   Lastly, to meet all of your Raw Chocolate making needs, we are also offering Agave Powder and the most AMAZING Cacao Paste available, which may have your spirit taking off to another planet. We actually get our Cacao Paste from Ultimate Superfoods, so I am sure you can understand how good it is. The Agave Powder will help you sweeten up your delicious raw chocolate delights... Lastly... for those of you who are not into Raw Chocolate, we are offering Truly Raw Carob Powder too, to make your Mock Raw Chocolate Desserts - ENJOY!!!   The following specials are available until April 30th... "At Cost":
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    New Products at The Raw Food World

    I am EXTREMELY EXCITED about the following New Products that you can utilize in Raw Chocolate Elixirs!!! We've got a Mass of Medicinal Herbs and Teas from our good friend Rehmannia, in addition to the new TRULY RAW Cacao Beans from Big Tree Farms!

      TRULY Raw Peeled Cacao Beans, 16oz We JUST got in TRULY Raw Cacao Beans from Big Tree Farms, which is the same company that supplies us the INCREDIBLE TRULY RAW Cacao Powder and Cacao Butter mentioned above. Big Tree Farms spent over 18 months developing the perfect methods of cold-processing cacao beans, so as to provide BOTH a raw guarantee as well as a safe system of processing. The Cacao Pods are harvested from the trees and allowed to naturally ripen further in the pod for a number of days. Once ready, the pods are cracked and the sweet, white pulp is washed from the bean. The beans are then dried slowly in their own dehydration machines...the resulting beans are 'living', clean and ready for further processing into nibs, butter, powder or raw chocolate. Never heated above 40 degrees Celcius and never processed outside the walls of Big Tree Farms, this Raw Cacao is safe, traceable and pure natural super-nutrition.   Ho Sho Wu powdered extract 12:1, w/10% Shilajit, 80 grams Over the years I have received MANY requests to find a good source of Ho Sho Wu. I could never find one until NOW!!! I believe that this is the most potent Ho Sho Wu powdered extract you will ever encounter. 12 lbs of whole herb is extracted down to 1 lb. extract, with absolutely no fillers or hidden bulk additives. We get this product from our good friend Rehmannia, the creater of the legendary Reishi, Shilajit, Ormus Tea. This Ho Sho Wu is processed the traditional way, simmered in black bean sauce, making it a premier Kidney Tonic. A great restoration herb for Jing.   Morning Jing Protein Powder, 16oz Morning Jing is a great tasting, energizing, and restorative combination of nutritional powders and is an incredible protein source. Black bean and black rice together are considered a complete protein, and you don't get the saturated fat or hormones. Black sesame provides valuable omega 6 essential fatty acids. Ho Sho Wu is a famed longevity herb in China, its name literally means 'old black hair' as the herb is tonic to the Kidneys, and has been reported to reverse graying hair and other signs of ageing. The above mentioned foods are all considered 'black foods' which contain unique anti-ageing properties such as zinc and molybdenum (a rare antioxidant). But that's not all; Maca, Bee Pollen are included, and Morning Jing is sweetened with pure cactus honey powder. Great for the whole family! One or two tablespoons of this delightful yet hearty powder mixed into 8 ounces of nut milk makes a splendid and vibrant morning kick-start! Ingredients: black bean, black sesame, black rice, maca, ho sho wu, bee pollen, cactus honey granules.   Reishi 12:1 powdered extract w/10% Shilajit, 80 grams In my opinion, this is the most potent Reishi extract on the market, again containing absolutely no fillers or hidden bulk by-products. You can readily taste the superiority of this reishi extract by putting a little on the tongue. No other reishi extract can get near it! 10% Shilajit is added to help prevent hardening of the powder inside the jar. Shilajit in itself is one of the world's great super-substances, from the Himalayan mountains, rich in Fulvic acids and a full spectrum of minerals, Shilajit grounds and helps amplify the spiritual awakening one recieves from taking reishi.   Rhodiola Crenulata Root Powdered Extract 12:1, 50 grams Rhodiola is classified as an 'adaptogen'. In fact, the term was coined in 1948 by Russian scientist Dimitry Lazarov while studying Rhodiola's complex genetic structure. He had determined that the root can activate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system when required, or according to the needs of the circadian rythms. In other words, this herb can help instill energy, and also induce calming effects, depending on one's needs. Rhodiola is a blood oxygenator, helping oxygenated blood reach the brain. Thus it is a wonderful herb for those with high mental activity; occupations including writing, computers, arts, students, etc.   Herbal Pet Supplement, 70 grams Lastly, Rehmannia created his own Pet Supplement, which is a combination of 15:1 herbal extracts and super foods. Reishi, Shilajit and Ho Sho Wu help wholistically strengthen the pets' immunity and adaptability, offering important minerals and helping instill youthfulness. Rhodiola enhances cognitive response. The algae Chlorella is an important protein source which is also alkaline to pets' systems, helping buffer their normally acidic diets. Bee Pollen is one of nature's most potent all-round superfoods. Beneficial for all living animals: humans and pets. Rehmannia gave this formula to his cat for 1 year, and noticed almost immediate vast improvements in energy and cognition. Add a smidgeon to your pet's food. Start with a fraction, and increase to around 1/4 teaspoon for cats and 1/2 teaspoon for dogs, as they become acclimated to it. Here are all the latest new additions to The Raw Food World Store:  
  • Truly Raw Cacao Beans, .5oz
  • Ho Sho Wu Powdered Extract 12:1 w/10% Shilajit, 80 grams
  • Morning Jing Protein Powder, 16oz
  • Reishi 12:1 powdered extract w/10% Shilajit,, 80 grams
  • Rhodiola Crenulata Root Powdered Extract 12:1, 50 grams
  • Herbal Pet Supplement, 70 gramsAAAAAAAAND... Many More New Products COMING SOON!!!


    ~ Many Blessings to you from The Raw Food World~ Thank you for continuing to let us serve you. We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!
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