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Greetings from Matt Monarch

Confidential: Please only share this with like minded people. Viewer discretion is advised. My friend Kacper Postawski, who creates a ton of webinars on sustainability, gardening, and food preparedness, is hosting a special webinar tomorrow... I actually convinced Kacper to do this new webinar, because I wanted to convey this information in a way that I have never been able to do before. It's about something you are probably aware of already, if you've been following my writings... I am a little nervous about putting this webinar out there, because I have a feeling that it is going to attract too much attention and the product in question might get pulled from the market, in the same way that MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) was removed from sale. Please only share this webinar information with like-minded people. If you're in any way concerned about the future of this planet, you've got to be on this webinar... You've probably already guessed by now which product we're talking about here. Not only will you learn new information about this product, which I have never talked about before, but you will also be able to get this item at a lower price than we have ever offered it at before. This is incredible, because I truly believe that this product will one day be worth more than gold... This may actually save your life in the years to come, and has the potential to drastically improve your health. Here's what this is going to be about: Water. As you may know... our water today is some of the worst water in the history of our species. In fact, ancient Romans had better water than we have today, and it's getting worse. 1st. We have Fukushima, which is adding radioactive materials into our rainwater every day now. 2nd. Fluoride; our water is being poisoned with fluoride, which we're being told is a health measure (flouride is poison). 3rd. We have all the other junk which is in the water: Pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, and other foreign toxic contaminants. The list goes on and on... Here's what you're going to learn at Kacper's webinar: What if you had a few drops of an almost "magic" liquid? And just a few drops of this liquid gave you the ability to purify the worst water on this planet into clean, pristine, drinking water... Just a few drops would extract heavy metals, fluoride, bacteria, 4 types of ecoli, and toxins... not just from drinking water... but from your body too, reversing physical ailments caused by calcification... This is why I am so excited about this webinar... While I like to remain optimistic about where our environmental situation is going, I think this is something everyone on this planet needs to know about. It may save your life one day, and it's extremely valuable. Imagine being the only person in your state, or city, having the ability to purify water instantly. I am not talking about "filtering". I mean purify. Take totally undrinkable, biologically unsafe water full of bacteria, heavy metals, rat feces, ecoli, viruses, or even mercury... and turn it into clean drinking water which heals your body from the inside out. What would this mean to the future safety of you and your family? What would this be worth in the years to come? This is ridiculously awesome, and I can't wait for you to see it! I am going to announce the webinar tomorrow, which will have new information on this product and you will have the opportunity to get it at an incredible price - so look for my email tomorrow. Sincerely, Matt Monarch PS. This is something so powerful that we're seriously concerned it may even be attacked and "smothered" by the big corporations who don't want the public to have this kind of freedom - please keep this confidential and only pass around to like-minded people.



~ Many Blessings to you from The Raw Food World~ Thank you for continuing to let us serve you. We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!


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