“Sleep and Kaya Kalpa”, article by Matt Monarch


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Greetings from Matt Monarch

We've got another AMAZING Newsletter lined up for you here today! The information in this week's article is SO PROFOUND, because you WILL discover the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, when you read about Kaya Kalpa! Also, many of you know the 'Raw Model' Anthony Anderson, well... He just came out with a Raw Chocolate Fudge Truffle that he can't keep on the shelves in the NYC Shops!!!... In this Newsletter you can enjoy:
  • "Sleep and Kaya Kalpa", article by Matt Monarch
  • New Products: Chocolate FUDGE Truffles!!!, Tahitian Vanilla Coco Creme Walnuts, Jalapeno Flat Bread, & MUCH MORE!
  • "At Cost!" Specials: Ocean's Alive Marine Phytoplankton!!!, Truly Raw Centrifuged Coconut Oil, 16oz AND GALLON!, Black & White Mulberry Mix, Truly Raw Cacao Nibs (Big Tree Farms) & Much More!!!

"Sleep and Kaya Kalpa", article by Matt Monarch

In my opinion, sleeping is one of the most beneficial things for the human body. When we sleep, that is the time of the day when we do the MOST regeneration. In other words, the process of 'becoming younger' happens mostly when we are asleep. When we are sleeping we are not eating, which allows our bodies to cleanse out toxins and conserve energy. Our bodies go into such a deep state of relaxation, that all of our energy can be utilized in healing and regenerating our bodies.

I have heard many people say that you can sleep too much. While this might be the case for someone who has chronic depression, for example, and wants to avoid the outside world, I personally believe that the average person can benefit from all the sleep they can get. I've always felt that sleeping a lot was an excellent thing to do, however, this was totally confirmed for me when I discovered the practice of 'Kaya Kalpa'. What I am about to tell you CAN TRULY BE a SECRET to the "Fountain of Youth". The beginning of my introduction to Kaya Kalpa began about 13 years ago, when I first embarked on a 100% Raw Food Diet. I was fortunate enough to access the TREMENDOUS 'old school' books by the pioneers of the raw foods movement. I feel that these books that were written in the early 1900s tell more truth than any modern day raw books. In some of these books by Hilton Hotema and C.W. DeLacy Evans, there are sections that give EXAMPLE after EXAMPLE of people who lived anywhere from 100 years old to well over 200 years old. Each of these cases are apparently legitimate, documented examples from that era, verified through newspaper records and other similar documents. In these books, they discuss some of the habits these centenarians followed. The majority of them ate tiny amounts of food and lived in areas with great air quality. I also remember that one man reported sleeping directly on the Earth every single night. In these books, there are also examples of a few people who regrew teeth and could replace their gray hair with their original hair color, about every 100 years. There was one example of a man who had gone through this procedure of regrowing his teeth and hair three times and in his late 200s he felt that he had experienced everything that life here had to offer, so he passed on. When I first read this information about people regrowing their teeth and hair, I personally thought it was just because they ate very small amounts of food, and I continued to think this for years. It wasn't until I met with Dr. Gabriel Cousens that I discovered what was TRULY behind this MIRACULOUS regeneration!!! Angela and I visited the Tree of Life center and we went into Gabriel Cousens' office, where we filmed a couple of our TV Shows with him. Gabriel Cousens is also interested in longevity and somehow our conversation moved into me asking him if he knows about these old school books written by Hilton Hotema and other famous authors. His eyes LIT UP with joy as he started discussing many of the concepts in these books, which he had indeed already read. He then started to talk about this Yogic procedure called "Kaya Kalpa", via which people would regrow their teeth and hair, many times over. After all of these years, AT THAT MOMENT, everything CLICKED!!!, and came together for me in a split second. My eyes POPPED OPEN really big and my body filled with EXCITEMENT as I intently listened and absorbed all of this VALUABLE information. What is Kaya Kalpa? These men who regrew their hair and teeth went through a MASSIVE regeneration process. The idea is that once your body has aged to a certain extent, it is time to do Kaya Kalpa and regenerate to the extreme. This process could be likened to a bear going into hibernation for many months on end. These men would go underground into the Earth for a minimum of 90 days. This 'hibernation' would involve no sign of light or external sounds ANYWHERE near them at ANY TIME during their process in the underground cave. The only substances they would intake were some cleansing herbs, which I believe was to help push deep cellular toxins through and out of their bodies, while at the same time giving them something of a TINY BIT of nourishment so that they wouldn't end up senile in the long-run, from lack of nutrients. Lastly, these men would meditate the entire time underground, to conserve and direct all of their energy into the regeneration of their bodies. The meditation during this Kaya Kalpa procedure seems to be THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of this entire process. Our thoughts utilize a lot of energy. There have been times where I have been so consumed by business in my mind when trying to sleep that I would actually be sweating from all of the energy I was utilizing to fuel these thoughts. When you go underground for 90 days in the dark like with Kaya Kalpa, it seems that you'd be in a space of freedom, where you wouldn't feel so concerned with the common 'duties' that most of us attend to during our daily lives. Also, inevitably during this process of 90 days in complete silence in a pitch dark space, meditation would surely naturally occur or else a person would probably need to get OUT, because they wouldn't be able to handle the silence and solitude. Gabriel Cousens told me that when people came out of this Kaya Kalpa process, they would usually look and feel MANY decades younger and it would be like they were restarting their life again from scratch. When I first learned about this from Gabriel Cousens, I got REALLY EXCITED and I went on Google to search the term 'Kaya Kalpa'. Unfortunately, the information on this procedure seems to have been lost or 'hidden' from the general public. Online there were many retreat centers and companies using the term 'Kaya Kalpa' in their business names, yet their businesses didn't offer the actual Kaya Kalpa process, so it seemed like the essence of the TRUE meaning of 'Kaya Kalpa' had faded away. I then went on Amazon and the Barnes and Noble website to search for this 'Kaya Kalpa' term, and I could sense there too that the books on this subject had also lost their essence. HOWEVER, when I first did this search for 'Kaya Kalpa' on Amazon, there was JUST ONE old OLD book on Kaya Kalpa that was out of print, and one available copy was selling for around $200. It was "A Biography of Sriman Tapasviji Maharaj, a Mahatma Who Lived for 185 Years" and apparently shares information on using the Kaya Kalpa process to live that age. At the time when I was looking at the book on Amazon, I couldn't get myself to purchase a book for that price. However, just recently I went back to buy it again, and it was suddenly selling for $55 used on Amazon. I ordered it with excitement and when I get back to the States next month, I am going to read it from cover to cover - I'll let you know what I discover! I remember one time I was staying at a friend's house in Chicago. They had a bedroom underground in their basement. It was PITCH DARK throughout the entire day. I remember waking up probably in the afternoon and I thought it was the middle of the night so I just went back to sleep without any issue whatsoever. It was just SO EASY and peaceful to sleep there as much as I wanted to, without any sign of light or noise. When I get a lot of sleep like that, I feel so rejuvenated, regenerated and energized. Within the next couple of years, I intend to build a room underground on our land, which will be void of light and sound, yet will somehow have an amazing flow of fresh air. There is no doubt in my mind that sleep is one of the most beneficial things that we can do for our health and I personally feel that a person can't sleep too much...I definitely look forward to enjoying an amazing Kaya Kalpa experience some day!  


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