“Small Changes, Dramatic Results”, Article by Matt Monarch


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Greetings from Matt Monarch

This week we are setting off on the road, TOURING again for the first time in almost a year!!! Alara and Zack, our main managers at 'The Raw Food World' are also coming with us on this trip! It's going to be ONE BIG PARTY!!! Yeeeeeeee-HAH! In this Newsletter you can enjoy:
  • "Small Changes, Dramatic Results", Article by Matt Monarch
  • New Products: Immuni-Tea, Diviana Chocolate, More Flavor Extracts!, Pecan Butter, Black Beauty Raisins, & SO MUCH MORE!
  • "At Cost!" Specials: Medicinal Herbs MANIA! (Shilajit, Mucuna, & More!), Chia Seeds, Creamy Almond Butter, Cafe Gratitude Cookies & Much More!!!
  • Speaking Engagement Tour Dates...

"Small Changes, Dramatic Results", Article by Matt Monarch

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. It is quite frightening when you look at statistics showing how many Americans are on damaging pharmaceutical drugs and/or have some sort of health condition or degenerative disease. I believe that over 70% of this population falls into those categories. This means that if you live in this culture, the chances are you will either end up on pharmaceutical drugs and/or experience some sort of health challenge/degenerative disease. Yet it is SO SIMPLE and easy to avoid this kind of fate. Simply by eliminating processed foods, a person's chances of requiring pharmaceutical drugs or experiencing some sort of condition/disease in the long-run could potentially vanish. Eliminating processed foods doesn't necessarily equal choosing a 100% Raw Food Diet either. You can be extremely healthy with a whole foods diet that eliminates processed starches, refined sugars, plus other man-made ingredients that a person can't even pronounce, and so on. Just the other day I asked a close relative of mine how many drugs he takes. It turns out that although he is actually taking a handful of these man-made concoctions daily, he apparently doesn't even consider pharmaceutical drugs as "drugs"; he just thinks of them as "prescriptions" or "medicines" that are "needed". Almost every old friend and/or family member of mine seems to be dealing with some sort of health condition and is on some sort of drug... WELL... everyone that is, except my mom... I've personally been eating 100% Raw for over 13 years now. During the first year or so, I would tell everyone about my new lifestyle and try to get my family and friends to eat healthier too. However, sooner or later, I learned that the best way to help loved ones was to simply lead by example. I started to live that way, simply getting on with my own healthy lifestyle the way I do it. Along the way, some family members then decided to make improvements too. For example, I was really happy to see my brother eliminate soda. The BIGGEST success story however, was with my mom. Five years ago my mom switched to an 'intermediate'-style whole foods diet, eliminating all processed foods. She is the healthiest 65 year old that I know and is on ZERO pharmaceutical drugs. My mom has always been concerned about her appearance and did many FAD diets to manage her weight. However, it wasn't until five years ago when she quit processed foods COMPLETELY that she finally got DRAMATIC results she was thrilled to see. The weight kept melting off, her cholesterol normalized, and her osteoperosis condition reversed. My mom considers this a lifestyle, a way of living, and definitely not a short-term "diet". Just a few months ago, my mom retired from 23 years of working as a school phsychologist. She decided that one of the things she now wants to do with her extra free time is to help others. She decided to write a little "vignette" (e-book) all about her diet, lifestyle and transition to a healthier way of life. You can check out the video below to see my mom discuss a bit about her lifestyle and her ebook: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSMi1dlLoTc If you are interested in purchasing this little ebook for just $9.95, you can do so by clicking HERE. Additionally, since my mom now has so much free time after retiring, she also wants to help others by offering one-on-one phone consultations about transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. My mom wants me to make it clear that she is not a nutritionist or someone with formal schooling in this subject; she just wants to help others by sharing from her own experience and offering support. While she is totally open to helping anyone of any age, she especially has a desire to help others in her age range, who may be looking for more natural health solutions. I am SO PROUD of my mom and she is living proof on how easy it can be to live healthfully and medication-free. She is completely free from pharmaceutical drugs, health conditions and degenerative disease, at the age of 65! This is how I'd love to see everyone living! If she can do it, so can you! If you are interested in purchasing my mom's e-book or enjoying a conversation/ consultation with her, you can find out more by clicking HERE.


New Products at The Raw Food World


Immuni-Tea Rehmannia from "Shaman Shack" told me that this new formula was just recently developed by official Chinese health authorities working with the Chinese Government. It was developed as an inexpensive preventative against all types of flu. The four herbs used here are mild, yet when combined, are considered very effective in helping prevent susceptability to pathogens. I love how this tea is very reasonably priced and is also simple to make, only requiring a ten minute steep in warm water. This package contains herbs for two teapots, 3-4 cups per teapot. The ingredients include: Indigo root (Isatis), Honeysuckle flower (Lonicera), Mint and Licorice root. Diviana Chocolate One of Angela's FAVORITE products is Diviana Nectar. It is an amazing medicinal raw honey blend of Ayurvedic herbs, immune enhancing tonic mushrooms, superfoods, virgin coconut oil and synergizing spices. Well... the creators of Diviana took the original product, replaced the coconut oil with "Arriba Nacional" Cacao Paste... AND NOW... we have Diviana Chocolate! In Ayurveda, honey and sugar are commonly added to certain herbal formulations to act as an "anupan", a substance that directs the properties of the herbs deep into the tissues, which helps to better facilitate the absorption of active ingredients into the cell walls. Ingredients: Unfiltered Raw Honey, 100% Arriba Nacional Cacao Paste, Mesquite Pod Meal, Yacon Powder, Ashwaganda Extract, Mucuna Pruriens, Shilajit, Reishi Extract, Vanilla Powder, Himalayan Salt. Wilderness Poets Pecan Butter We've got a new nut butter in from Wilderness Poets. If you are familiar with this company, then you know that they've got some incredible high-quality nut butters and decadent spreads on offer, such as their 100% Pure Hemp Nut Butter and their supremely decadent Sesame Pistachio Hempspread. Zack, the business manager of 'The Raw Food World' is now going NUTS over this new pecan butter, which is combined with creamy cashew butter. Zack says it's the best pecan butter that we carry and tastes like it has Himalayan Pink Salt in it too, though it actually doesn't! Zack says that he could just eat this by the spoonful, but instead he dip carrots and dates into it, for extra pleasure! Hazelnut, Cherry & More Flavor Extracts Everyone is LOVING these amazing flavor extracts, so we keep bringing in more and more flavors. I see many emails from people mentioning how they love the VAST variety of flavored extracts we now have, to enhance recipes. DARK CHOCOLATE is STILL the ALL-TIME FAVORITE!!! I recently looked at the list of flavor extracts available and was surprised to see that we hadn't yet obtained the Hazelnut or Morello Cherry extracts. So, we ordered up and now we have them in... I just emailed our friend Enrique who makes Raw Ice Cream, to ask what he thinks of these flavor extracts, as he's experimenting with them in his ice creams. He emailed me back the following: "Amazing! I used them in my ice cream already last week. The strawberry, dark chocolate, and orange; they make the flavors more rich and intense. Did you get the hazelnut and pistachio yet?" Zack also ordered the guava and green apple flavor extracts too. He says that the guava is super-fruity and delicate and the green apple flavor reminds him of the taste of those BRIGHT green "Jolly Ranchers" that I'm sure many of us used to eat as children. I remember those being the best flavored Jolly Ranchers... ;-) Black Beauty Raisins These NEW Organic "Black Beauty Raisins" are definitely a treat. Our incredible green Hunza Raisins, which are smaller in size with a slightly tougher exterior are INCREDIBLE. Now we also have these large Black Beauty Raisins to offer, which are SO soft and sweet like candy, with absolutely no "gritty" insides as can be the case with other raisins. One friend of mine covered these decadent raisins in raw chocolate and said that they were SO GOOD!!! I can imagine! These Organic Black Beauty Raisins are made from the first and only seedless black grape and promote a healthy digestive tract by providing a good source of dietary fiber. Aimee's Spicy Pumps Around six months ago we didn't have any pumpkin seeds for sale on our website. Now we have three AWESOME pumpkin seed products, which include those raw DARK GREEN large Austrian pumpkin seeds, those INCREDIBLE "Go Raw" sprouted pumpkin seeds with salt, that taste like "cheese" to some people... AND NOW... we've decided to add some SPICE to the mixture, with Aimee's Spicy Pumps! Aimee's Spicy Pumps have a subtle spicyness to them... AND... what REALLY gives them their incredible edge is the delicious smokey flavor, which tastes almost like a BBQ sauce! Ingredients: Sprouted pumpkin seeds, garlic granules, onion powder, cumin, chipotle pepper, himalayan crystal salt. Two New DVDs by Valya & Sergei Boutenko We've got two new Raw Food DVDs to offer this week, one from Sergei Boutenko and the other from Valya Boutenko.
  • The Miracle of Greens, by Sergei Boutenko
  • The 7 Best Green Smoothies from Raw Family, by Valya Boutenko Valya brings herself into your living room to show you how to prepare seven of the Boutenkos' all-time favorite green smoothies. In addition to demonstrating how easy it is to blend up exotic concoctions, Valya shares many time-saving tips and answers the most frequently asked questions about making delicious green smoothies. In "The Miracle of Greens", Sergei brings his world-renowned lecture to the convenience of your home. In this DVD, Sergei builds on the concepts of Green For Life (a book by Victoria Boutenko) outlining why it is so important to incorporate more green leafy veggies into your diet. During part 2 of this DVD, Sergei introduces the importance of eating more wild edible foods. Don't forget to include your copy of Valya Boutenko's, "Overcoming the Food Imprint" DVD for less than $5 from our 'At-Cost' section of this newsletter! Here are all the latest new additions to The Raw Food World Store:
  • Immuni-Tea - Shaman Shack
  • Diviana Chocolate, 4.7oz
  • Pecan Butter - Wilderness Poets
  • Hazelnut Flavor Extract - Medicine Flower
  • Morello Cherry Flavor Extract - Medicine Flower
  • Green Apple Flavor Extract - Medicine Flower
  • Guava Flavor Extract - Medicine Flower
  • Black Beauty Raisins, 16oz
  • Aimee's Spicy Pumps, 3oz
  • [DVD] The Miracle of Greens, by Sergei Boutenko
  • [DVD] The 7 Best Green Smoothies from Raw Family, by Valya Boutenko
  • Wireless Radiation Rescue, by Kerry Crofton Wireless Radiation Rescue, by Kerry Crofton Did you know that the levels of electro-magnetic radiation that we are exposed to today are billions of times higher than for our ancestors (yes, billions, and this is a conservative estimate...)? In the "Wireless Radiation Rescue" book, you'll find: a summary of the evidence of cell phone health hazards, mobile phone radiation, cell phones and brain cancer, wireless radiation and other electro-pollution concerns; the story of how wireless devices avoided being pre-market tested for our safety; the reasons our government exposure standards are not protecting us; extensive details on the safer use of all wired and wireless technologies, including cell phone radiation protection, cell phone headsets and more. AAAAAAAAND... Many More New Products COMING SOON!!!


    'At-Cost' Specials


    ALL RIGHT!!!... For all those of you who LOVE making Raw Medicinal Herbal Elixirs, we've got a CRAZY opportunity here for you to stock up on all of the HIGH-Quality Medicinal Herbs from Ultimate Superfoods, "at-cost"! Ultimate just told me that their cost on some of these products has recently shot up by 500%. Luckily, we ordered a MASS of these herbs for this special just before this price increase. We are going to go a bit NUTS here and discount most of these medicinal herbs by about 40% - 50%. Additionally, you can take advantage of the coupon code and 3-packs to get even FURTHER discounts! We are also offering a discounted Medicinal Herb ,9-pack, which includes a package of each of the herbs. The Medicinal Herbs that we are offering include Shilajit, Mucuna, Amla, Ashwagandha, Bacopa, Holy Basil, Tribulus, Turmeric, and Valerian. We also have the BEST Raw Almond Butter on the planet on special this month. Angela and I LOVE this raw almond butter; is is our favorite compared to all others that we've tried. It is extremely creamy throughout the ENTIRE jar and is made from TRULY RAW Organic Almonds from Sicily. It's like a true "gourmet" almond butter, you can just tip the jar and it pours out like a creamy luxurious, flowing liquid. When we were out of this almond butter for a couple of months, we got countless enquiries asking when we would get it back in. These days, truly raw almond butter is generally over $20 for a jar. Now is your chance to get this outstanding product for as low as $11.69 per jar if you get the 3-pack and use the coupon code below. We are also offering chemical- and pesticide-free chia seeds 'at-cost' this month. This is probably THE most popular product of all on our website...and I can see why chia seeds are so popular. They miraculously somehow give energy while at the same time being low glycemic. They supply us with great omega fatty acids and have a taste like no other food I have experienced. Additionally, they become gelatinous like flax if mixed with any liquid, and help people to have regular bowel movements more effectively than any other food we've seen. Chia is probably one of the most beneficial foods currently available to man... Hence...why it is the MOST POPULAR product on our website... AND... you can now get it for a ridiculously low price this month, so STOCK UP :-)! This month we are also offering all three of the 'Cafe Gratitude' cookie packs 'At-Cost'. These cookies from Cafe Gratitude include 'Fudge with Candied Walnuts', Lemon Cookies, and MY FAVORITE 'Thumbprint Cookies'. These cookies by Cafe Gratitude are so amazingly tasty that you might not even believe they are raw. The Thumbprint cookies use fresh hand-made jam, which is made using seasonally available fruit. The chocolate fudge cookie is a balanced delight of rich chocolate fudge and crunchy caramelized walnut topping. The lemon cookie is a delicate mix of fresh citrus tones with a creamy, chewy cookie texture. Enjoy!!! :-) I know that we just offered the extremely HIGH-QUALITY Living Tree tahini on special only two months ago. However, in addition to the FRESH batch of 1500 jars of our truly raw creamy almond butter that we just got in, we ALSO just got in a FRESH batch of 1000 jars of this amazing tahini! I thought it would be the ideal product to complement the creamy almond butter on this list of specials, so, it's back in the list again! Living Tree Community uses a slicing method to transform their raw sesame seeds into raw tahini. The result is an amazing rich-tasting tahini, which is truly raw and never heated over the raw food standards. I'm always looking for new deals to buy in bulk so that I can pass on the savings to you guys. In fact, email us at angela@rawreform.com if you think of something that you would love to enjoy at a discounted rate. I will try to buy the most popular items in bulk, to get you all a discount. This month, I just obtained a couple hundred of these stainless steel water bottles for example, in order to get a deeper discount for everyone. We got the most popular 1 liter size. These are the perfect size for hiking and fit perfectly in your backpack's side pocket or in your car's cupholder. These reusable water bottles don't leach toxins into their contents and are lab tested free of heavy metals and toxins. We are also offering these two awesome raw media products at an EXTREMELY low discounted price, because we have a mass of them both in stock. Valya Boutenko's fascinating "Overcoming The Food Imprint" DVD includes interviews that explore the hidden origins of our eating patters and reveal the secrets of becoming free from compulsive eating. This DVD also discusses the challenges of helping loved ones to eat more healthfully, through communicating in a kind loving manner. It's extremely valuable information and we are offering this $20 DVD right now for only $5, while stocks last! Here is a trailer for this DVD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMg3v6pQqbQ Also, normally $22 and selling for $9.95 this month is an insightful book called "Raw Food Works". Some of the contributing authors of "Raw Food Works" include Victoria Boutenko, Gabriel Cousens, David Wolfe, Brian Clement, Jameth Sheridan, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Cherie Soria, Rev. George Malkmus, and many others. Raw Food Works simply offers a set of principles that provide a holistic and scientific framework for how the optimum diet works. This framework has one highly empowering idea at its core - that human beings function best on an enzyme rich diet of unadulterated plant-based foods. Find out from an illuminating cast of contributors how such a diet can give you radiant health and vibrant energy throughout your life! The following specials are available until September 30th...
  • Creamy Raw Almond Butter, 16oz - $13.97, Normally $19.95 - with 7% coup0n $12.99, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $12.29
  • [3-pack] Creamy Raw Almond Butter - $37.71, Normally $59.85 - with 7% coup0n $35.07, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $33.18
  • Chia Seeds, 16oz - $4.87, Normally $6.95 - with 7% coup0n $4.52, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $4.28
  • [3-pack] Chia Seeds - $13.14, Normally $20.85 - with 7% coup0n $12.22, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $11.56
  • Tahini, 16oz - $10.47, Normally $14.95 - with 7% coup0n $9.73, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $9.21
  • [3-pack] Tahini - $28.26, Normally $44.85 - with 7% coup0n $26.28, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $24.87
  • Cafe Gratitude Chocolate Fudge w/Candied Walnuts, 2.6oz - $5.57, Normally $7.95 - with 7% coup0n $5.18, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $4.90
  • Cafe Gratitude Lemon Cookies, 5oz - $5.57, Normally $7.95 - with 7% coup0n $5.18, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $4.90
  • Cafe Gratitude Thumbprint Cookies, 3.6oz - $5.57, Normally $7.95 - with 7% coup0n $5.18, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $4.90
  • [3-pack] Cafe Gratitude Cookies (1 of each flavor) - $15.03, Normally $23.85 - with 7% coup0n $13.98, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $13.23
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 1L - $11.89, Normally $16.99 - with 7% coup0n $11.06, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $10.47
  • [3-pack] Stainless Steel Water Bottle - $32.11, Normally $50.97 - with 7% coup0n $29.86, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $28.26
  • Overcoming the Food Imprint DVD, Valya Boutenko - $5, Normally $19.95 - with 7% coup0n $4.65, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $4.40
  • Raw Food Works, Various Authors - $9.95, Normally $22 - with 7% coup0n $9.25, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $8.76 Medicinal Herbs
  • [9-pack] Medicinal Herb (1 of each Herb) - $95.08, Normally $150.92 - with 7% coup0n $88.42, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $83.67
  • Mucuna, 2oz - $9.24, Normally $15.40 - with 7% coup0n $8.59, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $8.13
  • [3-pack] Mucuna 2oz - $24.95, Normally $46.20 - with 7% coup0n $23.20, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $21.95
  • Mucuna, 16oz - $58.57, Normally $117.14 - with 7% coup0n $54.47, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $51.54
  • [3-pack] Mucuna 16oz - $158.14, Normally $351.42 - with 7% coup0n $147.07, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $139.16
  • Shilajit, 2oz - $12.61, Normally $21.02 - with 7% coup0n $11.73, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $11.10
  • [3-pack] Shilajit 2oz - $34.06, Normally $63.06 - with 7% coup0n $31.67, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $29.97
  • Shilajit, 16oz - $72.22, Normally $144.43 - with 7% coup0n $67.16, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $63.55
  • [3-pack] Shilajit 16oz - $233.97, Normally $433.29 - with 7% coup0n $217.59, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $205.90
  • Amla Extract, 2oz - $8.30, Normally $13.84 - with 7% coup0n $7.72, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $7.31
  • [3-pack] Amla Extract 2oz - $22.42, Normally $41.52 - with 7% coup0n $20.85, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $19.73
  • Ashwagandha Extract, 2oz - $5.20, Normally $8.66 - with 7% coup0n $4.83, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $4.57
  • [3-pack] Ashwagandha Extract 2oz - $14.03, Normally $25.98 - with 7% coup0n $13.05, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $12.35
  • Bacopa Monreri, 2oz - $16.56, Normally $27.60 - with 7% coup0n $15.40, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $14.57
  • [3-pack] Bacopa Monreri 2oz - $44.71, Normally $82.80 - with 7% coup0n $41.58, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $39.35
  • Holy Basil, 2oz - $7.70, Normally $12.84 - with 7% coup0n $7.16, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $6.78
  • [3-pack] Holy Basil 2oz - $20.80, Normally $38.52 - with 7% coup0n $19.34, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $18.30
  • Tribulus Terrestris Saponins, 2oz - $4.87, Normally $8.11 - with 7% coup0n $4.53, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $4.28
  • [3-pack] Tribulus Terrestris Saponins 2oz - $13.14, Normally $24.33 - with 7% coup0n $12.22, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $11.56
  • Valerian Extract, 2oz - $9.56, Normally $15.94 - with 7% coup0n $8.89, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $8.42
  • [3-pack] Valerian Extract 2oz - $25.82, Normally $47.82 - with 7% coup0n $24.01, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $22.72
  • Turmeric, 2oz - $19.26, Normally $27.51 - with 7% coup0n $17.91, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $16.95   To access these offers, click the link below, or type - hnymn - in the search box at the top right hand corner of www.TheRawFoodWorld.com. Click Here For "At Cost" Specials Additionally, you can redeem this coup0n at www.TheRawFoodWorld.com by typing in - HONEYMOON - in the coup0n number section, to get an additional 7% off your order. This coup0n will be good through September 30th, 2010 and can be redeemed at:    www.TheRawFoodWorld.com   You can get 12% off your order and ALL FUTURE ORDERS by joining the Inner Circle Community HERE for ONLY $9.97 a month.  

    Speaking Engagement Tour Dates

    We are just about to head out on tour again tomorrow and I am so ready to get back out there and meet you all! We recently added a 6-hour workshop to our event in Michigan, as you can see below. At that workshop I'll probably be speaking for around 4 hours and I feel it will be an extremely valuable weekend if you can make it. Additionally, we may be adding one or two more events to this list over the coming weeks... Our current speaking events are at the following locations:
  • Oakland, CA
  • Portland, OR
  • Seattle, WA (With Dave the Raw Food Truck Driver :-))
  • Calgary, AB
  • Brighton, MI (Raw Health Eco Fest) - Including special 6-hour workshop with Angela and I on Sunday, September 19th.
  • Orange County, CA (Longevity Conference!) Note: Angela and I are not scheduled to speak at the Longevity Conference. We'll be hosting a booth there. Additionally, Please note: we just heard that tickets for Longevity Conference are *almost* sold out now...nearly 1000 people are anticipated to be at this event and just a handful of tix are left...click HERE to reserve your space now if you'd love to join us there :)   You can view further details for all these events on our events page, by clicking HERE. We really hope to see and meet many of you at these locations along our tour!


    ~ Many Blessings to you from The Raw Food World~ Thank you for continuing to let us serve you. We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!
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