The Immortal Chicken Heart & Truly Raw Chocolate, by Matt Monarch

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  • DISCOUNTED New Year Special! - Angela's 30-Day Raw Food Weight Loss Plan
  • The Immortal Chicken Heart & Truly Raw Chocolate, by Matt Monarch
  • New Products & Video - Truly Raw Acai Powder!!!, Cacao L.O.V.E. cups, Brendan Brazier's New Fitness Book, & MUCH MORE...
  • Please help the Health Ranger win the Shorty Awards for health content
  • "At Cost!" Specials: Certified Organic Chia & Chemical-Free Chia, Sun Warrior Protein, Ormus Greens, Sonora Almonds, Non-Pareil Almonds, Pine Nut Butter, & Hazelnut Butter.
  • The Raw Food World Radio Show - Daniel Vitalis

DISCOUNTED New Year Special! - Angela's 30-Day Raw Food Weight Loss Plan


Yeeeeee-HAH - if you're looking for an affordable, inspiring way to kick-start your new year, shed some extra pounds and enrich your relationship with raw foods, I'm delighted to say that for the first 3 weeks of January, the Live Lightly 30-Day Raw Food Weight Loss Plan is available at the special discounted rate of just $49.95 for a full MONTH of daily videos, meal plans with recipes, community support, exercise guidance, recommended resources and more :) We launched the LiveLightly Plan almost exactly a year ago and in the last 12 months thousands of people worldwide have used this Plan to take their raw journey to the next level - here are some comments from participants: “I joined three days ago and am loving the plan!! Love the menus! I'm noticing more clarity in my life and I feel more vibrant. I've lost 5 lbs in three days. Thank you thank you for the plan and for your example.” Traci Brilliant program. Love the videos...enjoying this immensely. Thank you!” Lynn “Thank you so much for this wonderful program. I’ve been eating raw for 5 days now and I already lost 10 pounds. Is that possible?! I cannot believe how fast it’s going and how good I feel. I feel like a new person! This is coming from someone who has been a compulsive overeater all her life. I don't feel like I need to overeat anymore.” Alexandra There is no specific start or finish date for this program, which means you can start whenever you like and finish whenever you like, with the full support of the worldwide ‘Inner Circle’ community to tap into at all times, 24/7/365, for connections and guidance.
You can see more about The Live Lightly Plan and sign up HERE.

The Immortal Chicken Heart & Truly Raw Chocolate, by Matt Monarch


The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. Nobel Prize winner Alexis Carrel found a way to keep living tissue cells alive indefinitely. By supplying needed nutrients and clearing away waste, not only did the cells under examination survive, they also showed no signs of deterioration. Dr. Carrel kept a chicken heart alive for twenty-nine years, and it seemed it would go on 'forever', as long as he continued to do those two things. When he failed to wash away tissue excretions in a timely manner, he would notice that the cells had lower vitality and increased deterioration. The heart finally 'died' when a co-worker failed to clean away the excretions. In a human scenario, drinking a wide variety of vegetable juices could be seen as ta method of supplying the needed nutrients for the human body and cleansing the colon is an ideal method for clearing away the waste. When you eat more food than is actually needed by the body, this will cause deterioration in the long-run, and hence... Aging... OH MY GOD!!!! If this doesn't convince you that Juicing and Colon Hydrotherapy are two of THE most beneficial things for the Human Organism, then NOTHING will!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-P In February sometime, I feel we are going to discuss the question of, 'can we get everything needed by the body on a 100% Raw Food Diet?' I am extremely excited about the upcoming articles that will be coming out in my future Newsletters. They are just sitting in my head ready to burst out... :-) Lastly, I wanted to share with you this beautiful email that I just recieved in my inbox yesterday from a LOVELY Lady customer :-): Dearest Matt, I can't tell you how pleased I have been with all of your wonderful products and exceptional service. You and Angela have been truly inspirational for me during my transition toward a raw food diet. I must say though, that my last order completely knocked my socks off! I just made raw chocolate bars using the Truly Raw Cacao powder that I ordered from your site. WOW! I can't believe the difference between it and all of the other cacao powders that I have tried in the past, and trust me, I have tried many. This cacao is so incredibly delicious, and it feels alive in my mouth! The creamier texture, on top of the rich flavor, is to die for! I ordered cacao from you quite some time ago (I am not sure which brand), but for some reason or another, I tried other brands over the last two years and nothing comes close to Truly Raw Cacao. Thank you so much for proving to me once again that you are a dedicated, trustworthy, and passionate leader in The Raw Food World. With much love and gratitude, Michelle If you missed the article 'Is Raw Chocolate Truly Raw?', you can just click the link here to read it...and if you are interested in purchasing these unique cacao products, click HERE.

New Products at The Raw Food World


TRULY RAW Acai Powder!!! Angela and I are LOVING this new TRULY RAW Acai Powder! Cautiously, we took our first taste of it, because we thought it may be bitter or sour, however, that was DEFINITELY not the case. Angela thought that this Truly Raw Acai powder tasted just like Frosted Flakes cereal with milk. Surprisingly it's creamy as you chew it, just a bit fruity, and totally 'more-ish'. The reason why it took us so long to get Acai Powder on our website is because 95% of the acai powders on the market seem to be mixed with fillers and are not a truly raw source. Check out the video below as we review this YUMMY acai powder... Truly Raw Acai Powder, Episode #352 Matt | MySpace Video Finally, we have discovered the BEST acai powder on the market. This Acai Powder is Truly 100% Raw and is freeze-dried to keep its enzymes and nutritional content. You will be able to taste the difference, as the flavor surpasses any other Acai Powder on the market. Acai Berries have MORE ANTIOXIDANTS than blueberries or any other berry currently known to man. Additionally, Acai Berries are filled with crucial omega fatty acids. This is definitely a unique experience you don't want to miss out on! Raw Chocolate L.O.V.E Cups I am EXTREMELY excited to carry these NEW Raw Chocolate L.O.V.E Cups. These are right at the top with the BEST TASTING Raw Chocolates on the market today. My good friend Kelly the Sedona, Arizona Chocolatier is well-known for his Raw Chocolate concoctions throughout the Raw Foods Movement. He has been creating Raw Chocolate cups for YEARS now and he has FINALLY got them out for sale to the general public worldwide. Kelly's got four different flavors of these INCREDIBLY rich Raw Chocolate Treats, including Almond, Pecan, Dark, and Coconut. Additionally, on our website, we've created a 4-pack option at a discounted price, where you can try each and every single flavor. Live Organic Vegan Euphoria (L.O.V.E.) is what you'll feel when you bite into these delightful raw chocolate treats, covered with Almonds, Pecans, Cacao Nibs and/or Coconut Shreds! These exquisite, vegan, hand-made masterpieces are 100% organic, with unparalleled taste and quality! MSM Lotions 32oz (New Value Size) These MSM Lotions have been an extremely POPULAR product on our website for over a dedade now! MSM is HIGH in sulfer, which is very helpful in healing our skin, joints and tissues. We just came out with EVERY SINGLE variety of our MSM Lotions in this new large 32oz size. We used to only sell the 8oz size, but now we have them in 32oz sizes. These lotions are 4 TIMES the size and yet less than 3 TIMES the price!!! Gopal's Raw "Nature's Gift Macadamia Goji Cookie" During the holiday season we offered that CRAZY COUPON which it seemed the ENTIRE WORLD jumped on! Our customer service team needed help so I stepped in to handle messages. One of the customers PLEADED with us to get this Macadamia Goji Cookie because of how GOOOOOD it is! After I got off the phone, I ordered up. I am excited to try this AMAZING, MOIST-LOOKING cookie soon! On another note, I think the lovely lady I was talking to didn't actually realize it was, here you go, dear customer - your wishes are answered ;-) Here are all the latest new additions to The Raw Food World Store:
  • Truly Raw Acai Powder, 4oz
  • Cacao L.O.V.E. Cup - Almond, 1oz
  • Cacao L.O.V.E. Cup - Pecan, 1oz
  • Cacao L.O.V.E. Cup - Dark, 1oz
  • Cacao L.O.V.E. Cup - Coconut Shreds, 1oz
  • Cacao L.O.V.E. Cups - 4-pack (1 of each flavor), 1oz
  • Gopal's Raw "Nature's Gift Macadamia Goji Cookie"
  • Coconut Rose MSM Lotion, 32oz (New Value Size!)
  • Medicinal MSM Lotion, 32oz (New Value Size!)
  • Lavender MSM Lotion, 32oz (New Value Size!)
  • Orange Ylang Ylang MSM Lotion, 32oz (New Value Size!)
  • Berry Vanilla MSM Lotion, 32oz (New Value Size!)
  • Pure & Natural MSM Lotion, 32oz (New Value Size!)
  • Thrive Fitness, by Brendan Brazier
  • Raw Food for Real People - 3 DVD Set, by Rod Rotondi
  • The Art of Living Food, by Virtue & RossAAAAAAAAND... Many More New Products COMING SOON!!! Thrive Fitness, by Brendan Brazier  From the author of "Thrive: a vegan-based performance-boosting fitness program for the busy beginner to the elite athlete", Brendan has now come out with "Thrive Fitness: The Vegan-Based Training Program for Maximum Strength, Health, and Fitness". Detailing an easy-to-apply system for everyone, Brendan shares his groundbreaking approach to fitness and how you can gain maximum results in minimal time. Thrive Fitness isn't simply a program; it's a way of life. Raw Food for Real People - 3 DVD Set (Rod Rotondi) Many people seem to LOVE this type of LOOOOOOONG Raw Food Recipe DVD series... And... Who better than Rod Rotondi, the owner of 'Leaf Cusine', to take you on this raw recipe education ADVENTURE?! This three-part series offers easy-to-prepare, delicious raw food for a healthier lifestyle. Each DVD is an ideal next transition step for adding raw meals into your life, and all 3 DVDs together serve as an effective 'cleanse' routine from other-than-optimal eating habits. Rod is a GREAT teacher and has a lot to offer. The Art of Raw Living Food, by Virtue & Ross Now you can enjoy all of the health benefits of a diet high in fresh produce, while still enjoying tasty meals. In this delicious book, Doreen Virtue and Jenny Ross (owner and chef of the popular Southern California raw-foods restaurant, 118 Degrees) give you hundreds of recipes and tips for creating gourmet meals - all created 100 percent from raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts. You'll enjoy Mexican, Italian, Asian, and other cuisine, while deriving all of the physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits of eating one of the healthiest diets available. As you follow these easy-to-prepare recipes, you'll discover why thousands of people have joined the Raw Food Movement and see how to incorporate a living-foods diet into your daily life!

    Please help the Health Ranger win the Shorty Awards for health content



    Please help the Health Ranger to win the Shorty Award for Health Content!!! I personally LOVE what Mike Adams is up to and how he has made such an impact on behalf of and in conjunction with lightworkers everywhere. If you can PLEASE take just a moment and vote for him to win the "Shorty Award" for best Health Content, this has the potential to shine an even brighter spotlight on the remarkable work Mike is doing and enable him to fulfill even more pioneering accomplishments. These awards are given to publishers of the internet's best "short-form" content, and these awards are recognized throughout the mainstream media. This is *your* opportunity to help NaturalNews and the Health Ranger get some outstanding mainstream exposure for all the work they do to bring us all important health stories, tips and information on a daily basis. To learn more about these awards, click HERE... and to vote for MIke, click HERE!

    Honeymoon "At Cost" & "Below Cost" Specials & Coup0n C0de!



    YIKES!!! The Pine nut butter SOLD OUT!!!... We still have many other wonderful products at Cost. WOW!... Does this HONEYMOON period ever end?!?!? We used to have a different coupon code every month but Angela and I are PERMANENTLY GROOVING in this HONEYMOON BLISS!!! This month we are offering the IDEAL FOOD 'At-Cost' for the start of the New Year... CHIA SEEDS!!! :-)))!!! Chia Seeds could be considered the ULTIMATE Weight-Loss Food! These MAGICAL little dinosoar-egg-looking seeds are the MOST POPULAR product on our website by FAR! This is the IDEAL time to experiment with chia if you haven't before... Chia Seeds are responsible for helping millions of humans feel endless energy and ideal bowel movements, with regularity. We are offering both kinds of chia seeds 'At-Cost' this month... Certified Organic & Chemical-Free... Enjoy :-))) Additionally... We are offering both the Non-Pareil and Sonora Almonds 'At-Cost' this month. I can pretty much promise you that these will be the BEST almonds that you have ever eaten... I have been getting feedback from people all around the WORLD that these almonds are the best they have ever experienced! In the middle of this video below, Alara shows you the difference between these almonds and the ones we had been importing from Italy... The Non-Pareil and Sonora varieties are California Almonds and we go through the loopholes to make sure they are unpasteurized, as you will also see in this video... How to get Unpasteurized California Almonds?, episode #324 Matt | MySpace Video My FAVORITE Nut Butter on the planet is THIS Pine Nut butter. SO RICH and SO CREAMY and SMOOOOOOTH and Slightly SWEET...mmmmm.... Yum!!!... Generally it's quite expensive... and so I wanted to offer everyone this DELECTABLE treat at a crazy discount... Additionally, we have the Hazelnut butter on offer this month too. Second only to almonds, I feel hazelnuts are the most beneficial nuts for the human body. Dr. Norman Walker was a big fan of almonds, hazelnuts, and pumpkin seeds due to their nutrient profiles. Both the pine nuts and hazelnuts have been soaked and germinated before being ground into these outstanding nut butters... LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!... It is now your chance to experience the amazing new Ormus Greens product with the BEST-SELLING raw protein blend on the market, at a SUPER-DISCOUNTED Package Price... The life-force is THRIVING so much in these electrically-charged Ormus Greens that they stand on end like hairs. No other green food on the market has this SUPER-STRONG, MINTY, HIGH LIFE-FORCE taste... Enjoy!... The following specials are available until January 31st... "At Cost":
  • Chia Seeds, 16oz - $5.57, Normally $7.95 - with 7% coup0n $5.18, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $4.90
  • Certified Organic Chia Seeds, 16oz - $6.97, Normally $9.95 - with 7% coup0n $6.48, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $6.13
  • Organic TRULY Raw Non-Pareil Almonds, 16oz - $11.17, Normally $15.95 - with 7% coup0n $10.38, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $9.83
  • Organic TRULY Raw Sonora Almonds, 16oz - $11.17, Normally $15.95 - with 7% coup0n $10.38, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $9.83
  • Pine Nut Butter (Soaked & Germinated), 8oz - $15.02, Normally $21.45 - with 7% coup0n $13.96, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $13.21
  • Hazelnut Butter (Soaked & Germinated), 8oz - $10.82, Normally $15.45 - with 7% coup0n $10.06, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $9.52
  • Sun Warrior Natural, 8oz - $38.95, Normally $49.95 - with 7% coup0n $36.22, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $34.28
  • Sun Warrior Vanilla, 8oz - $38.95, Normally $49.95 - with 7% coup0n $36.22, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $34.28
  • Sun Warrior Chocolate, 8oz - $38.95, Normally $49.95 - with 7% coup0n $36.22, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $34.28
  • Ormus Greens & Sun Warrior Package - $74.95, Normally $103.90 - with 7% coup0n $69.70, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $65.96To access these offers, click the link below, or type - hnymn - in the search box at the top right hand corner of Click Here For "At Cost" Specials  Additionally, you can redeem this coup0n at by typing in - HONEYMOON - in the coup0n number section, to get an additional 7% off your order. This coup0n will be good through January 31st, 2010 and can be redeemed at: You can get 12% off your order and ALL FUTURE ORDERS by joining the Inner Circle Community HERE for ONLY $9.97 a month.

    The Raw Food World Radio Show - Daniel Vitalis



    The past few months of radio interviews with David Wolfe, Shazzie, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Victoria Boutenko, and Paul Nison have been SOMETHING ELSE!!! I sense I am building up QUITE the reputation from these interviews ;-). For those of you who were not able to listen in to them yet, they are now available for sale as an audio download by clicking HERE. I am VERY EXCITED to announce that this month we will be interviewing Daniel Vitalis on the Raw Food World Radio Show... Daniel is the type of guy to very openly discuss things that are not 'normal' to mainstream society and may actually STRETCH a person's mind way beyond their usual thinking. For example, in one of our TV Show videos together, we talked about a man drinking a woman's breast milk. You can only IMAGINE the questions I am piecing together for this interview with Daniel!!! I always think of Daniel Vitalis like a warrior... Like Braveheart :-) If martial law were to break out tomorrow... I would feel assured to be under the guidance of this man Daniel Vitalis. Daniel once commented that if something like this happened, he would guide a small group of 150 people or so and lead them straight into the wild in Maine where he is located. our upcoming interview, I want to take YOU and I INTO THE WILD with Daniel and see what he as a leader would do on this adventure of ours... For example, how would we survive in the FREEZING COLD winter in Maine...? ...and as crazy as this may sound, most of us 'domesticated' humans use toilets and don't even know how to poop in the wild! Would we use leaves as toilet paper??? I want to know! ;-) Daniel is extremely well read and has studied ancient history in depth. I am sure he will know answers to questions such as 'When and how did the first toilet come about?' and 'Are we really meant to brush our teeth with bristle tooth brushes?', and so on... I am EXCITED about this interview!!! Disclaimer: This interview will not be suitable for any faint-hearted, weak-spirited individuals. SO... prepare yourself and join us for this exciting upcoming interview on January 29th at 6pm (PST)! To sign up for this free interview, click HERE.


    ~ Many Blessings to you from The Raw Food World~ Thank you for continuing to let us serve you. We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!
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