Too Much Weightloss on the Raw Food Diet?!, by Matt Monarch

In this 'CASHEW CRAZYNESS' Newsletter you can enjoy:

  • 5-DAY At-Cost Specials! TRULY RAW CASHEWS!!!, Final Hemp Seed 3lb/Hemp Oil Combos... AND... our Raw Transformations DVD :-)
  • Too Much Weightloss on the Raw Food Diet?!, by Matt Monarch
  • New Products - Organic Royal Jelly Powder, Organic Dried Hunza Apricots!, NEW Gnosis Raw Chocolate Bars, & MUCH MORE...
  • "At Cost!" Specials: Truly Raw Cashews!, Certified Organic Chia & Chemical-Free Chia, Sun Warrior Protein, Ormus Greens, Sonora Almonds, Non-Pareil Almonds & Hazelnut Butter.
  • The Raw Food World Radio Show - Daniel Vitalis - This Friday!

5-DAY At-Cost Specials! TRULY RAW CASHEWS!!!... Final Hemp Seed 3lb/Hemp Oil Combos... AND... our Raw Transformations DVD :-)

Yeeeeee-HAH - This week I am CRAZY for CASHEWS!!! These NEXT 5-DAYS are CASHEW CRAZINESS here at The Raw Food World!!!

We are offering TRULY RAW Cashews in the Vaccuum Sealed bag from Big Tree Farms AT-COST! for 5-DAYS ONLY. Each individual cashew has been hand-cracked and these are the only cashews that we know of that are TRULY 100% Raw. Normally $14.95 per pound bag, you can get these TRULY RAW Cashews for as low as $9.21 per bag if you are an Inner Circle member or for $9.73 if you simply use the coupon code 'HONEYMOON' on our website, as stated way down below in the 'At-Cost' section. If you have never experienced these Truly Raw Cashews, this is an ideal time to do so :-) NEXT, we have the same AMAZING Hemp Seed 3lb & Hemp Oil 16oz in a DARK glass jar 'Below Cost' special from last month available again. We overestimated a bit on this package deal and we have a few leftovers to spare. Last but not least, Artisana has sadly discontinued one of our FAVORITE products, called 'Goji Bliss'. We have about 48 jars left in stock and they expire in April. We are offering these below cost too. Last but not least!!!, we are offering our 'Raw Food Transformations' DVD featuring Angela and I for only $19.95 just for these 5-days. If you haven't seen the MUST SEE trailer for this DVD, I highly recommend checking it out below. Testimonial: I love love love your DVD and I've been showing it to my friends! There is such a HUGE NEED for this right now. - Daniel L.J. (Seattle, WA) New DVD by Matt Monarch & Angela Stokes-Monarch, #347 Matt | MySpace Video The following specials are available for 5-Days ONLY, until January 31st... "Below Cost":
  • Organic Hemp Seeds 3lb & Hemp Oil 16oz (Dark Glass Jar) - $26, Normally $34.95 - with 7% coup0n $24.18, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $22.88
  • Organic Hemp Oil 16oz (Dark Glass Jar) - $5.95, Normally $14.95 - with 7% coup0n $5.53, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $5.24
  • Goji Bliss, 8oz - $6.99, Normally $14.95 - with 7% coup0n $6.50, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $6.15  NEW "At Cost":
  • Truly Raw Cashews, 16oz - $10.47, Normally $14.95 - with 7% coup0n $9.73, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $9.21
  • Raw Food Transformations DVD - $19.95, Normally $29.95 - with 7% coup0n $18.55, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $17.55  "At Cost":
  • Chia Seeds, 16oz - $5.57, Normally $7.95 - with 7% coup0n $5.18, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $4.90
  • Organic TRULY Raw Non-Pareil Almonds, 16oz - $11.17, Normally $15.95 - with 7% coup0n $10.38, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $9.83
  • Organic TRULY Raw Sonora Almonds, 16oz - $11.17, Normally $15.95 - with 7% coup0n $10.38, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $9.83
  • Hazelnut Butter (Soaked & Germinated), 8oz - $10.82, Normally $15.45 - with 7% coup0n $10.06, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $9.52
  • Sun Warrior Natural, 8oz - $38.95, Normally $49.95 - with 7% coup0n $36.22, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $34.28
  • Sun Warrior Vanilla, 8oz - $38.95, Normally $49.95 - with 7% coup0n $36.22, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $34.28
  • Sun Warrior Chocolate, 8oz - $38.95, Normally $49.95 - with 7% coup0n $36.22, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $34.28
  • Ormus Greens & Sun Warrior Package - $74.95, Normally $103.90 - with 7% coup0n $69.70, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coup0n $65.96  To access these offers, click the link below, or type - hnymn - in the search box at the top right hand corner of Click Here For "At Cost" Specials Additionally, you can redeem this coup0n at by typing in - HONEYMOON - in the coup0n number section, to get an additional 7% off your order. This coup0n will be good through January 31st, 2010 and can be redeemed at: You can get 12% off your order and ALL FUTURE ORDERS by joining the Inner Circle Community HERE for ONLY $9.97 a month.

    Too Much Weightloss on the Raw Food Diet?!

    The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

    I get SO MANY people approaching me expressing fears about going 100% Raw, because they are concerned they will 'wither away'. They may dabble with being raw for a bit... but retract when they experience any weight loss. They seem to believe that the weight loss will NEVER END!!! In MOST cases, I sense there is confusion and misunderstanding with the people in these situations. We are living in a society where the majority of the population is currently carrying extra weight. I would be surprised if there was one person reading this who doesn't have at least one family member who is overweight. I remember after one of my talks a VERY BEAUTIFUL woman came up to me. With a sad face she told me that she is 'emaciated'. I was looking at this divine beauty like she was CRAZY; it seemed to me that she could have even lost a bit more weight and looked GORGEOUS! She went on and on about how her family members are constantly telling her that she needs to eat more and that she is WAY TOO SKINNY and looks emaciated! Sound familiar to anyone? It seems to me that the MASS majority of the population is UNHEALTHY. In this context, a Raw Foodist can look very DIFFERENT to everyone else. It's literally like being an ALIEN! However, what do models usually look like? They look like a 'typical' Raw Foodist! They look HEALTHY! I remember when I first went raw, I lost 20 pounds in three weeks and I was not overweight to start with. I hadn't seen a good friend of mine in three months and we planned a lunch date. She knew that I had gone 100% Raw, but when she first saw me, her heart seemed to drop, as she inhaled sharply. Concerned, she asked me if everything was OK, due to my different appearance. Imagine how my family members then felt when I next saw them! With some of my family, it seemed to take around eight years for my new appearance and lifestyle to become FULLY accepted. Imagine how I felt!? All this tension can easily lead someone to feel uncomfortable and insecure. OUCH!!! Interestingly, the same day I had that lunch date with my friend, I was LITERALLY stopped in the middle of the street in Time Square, NYC by this young, well-dressed woman. She handed me a business card and asked me if I was interested in modeling ;-) Hmmmm, enough said... The weight loss does STOP and you will end up at the ideal HEALTHY weight for your body... UNLESS... you don't remove the ongoing detoxification waste produced from adhering to a 100% Raw Food Diet. Firstly, your cells, tissues and organs cleanse and throw out a mass of toxins into your bloodstream, which are then ready for removal from your body. Once the majority of these toxins have been eliminated, your body can then rebuild healthier quality tissue, which will give you the BEST LOOK that you can imagine. Your skin will have consistent blood flow in it and a healthy vibrant color. However, if the toxins created from this ongoing detoxification are not efficiently eliminated, there is a GREAT chance that your body will not be able to rebuild as effectively. If someone's system is inundated with toxic material, then they will most likely look GAUNT, emaciated, and unhealthy, with foul breath. This is another example where doing periodic colon hydrotherapy can majorly come into play. Colon hydrotherapy is more effective than ANYTHING else at helping remove toxins from the body... AND!... Being on a 100% Raw Food Diet will create an almost constant state of detox for most people, as stated in my article, ' Cleansing the Colon on a Periodic Basis '. As ever, cleansing the colon is KEY in succeeding on a 100% Raw Food Diet.

    New Products at The Raw Food World

    Certified Organic Royal Jelly Powder, 5.5oz This POWERFUL Royal Jelly Powder is Certified Organic. Just like the liquid. Frozen Royal Jelly that we sell, you will INSTANTLY sense the potency of this powdered food. This freeze-dried royal jelly powder is said to be *3 times* stronger than standard royal jelly, due to the concentration it undergoes in the freeze-drying process. I am sure that you will FEEL the lifeforce in this POWERFUL Certified Organic Royal Jelly Powder!!! Again, I feel that Royal Jelly is an IDEAL food for raw foodists to take on an empty stomach on a daily basis, to get needed absorbable nutrients. I am going to take a couple of these jars with us to Ecuador when we go in February. This is a great alternative to the frozen fresh royal jelly, for instances such as travelling. NOTE: The serving size states 1 - 2 teaspoons on the label, which I feel is VERY HIGH. I talked to the owner and we both agreed that in the future, the recomended dosage will change to 1/2 a teaspoon. Check out the video below of us reviewing this product, alongside the new Organic AMAZING Hunza Dried Apricots: Organic Dried Hunza Apricots, 16oz I GUARANTEE that these Organic Dried Hunza Apricots will be the BEST Dried Apricots that you've ever tasted! As you can see from the video, we were BLOWN AWAY when we first tasted these apricots! It is such a different experience to eating those standard circular FLIMSY dried apricots that you might buy in a health food store. These Hunza Apricots are Mineral RICH, WILD and DENSE. The flavor BURSTS in the mouth like nothing else. They are chewy but not in the same way as standard apricots; these new apricots are more dry - they crumble and melt into pieces in the mouth... and the flavor just gets stronger and is a dense and intense flavor, almost more like a raw bread or something than a fruit. Dried apricots are widely used by people with sugar issues, because they are lower glycemic than other fruits such as dried figs or raisins. Still, use caution as they are sweet. In the video above we did a product review on these luscious apricots... Enjoy... *NEW* Gnosis Raw Chocolate Bars, 2oz These two NEW Gnosis Raw Chocolate Bars are AWESOME! If you are into Mint Chocolate, you will LOVE the Cool Peppermint Raw Chocolate bar. This creamy Mint Chocolate just MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH as you savor it. I LOVE the Fleur De Sel Gnosis Raw Chocolate Bar. I am a HUGE FAN of a salty taste in Raw Chocolate and this bar does JUST THE TRICK! :-) If you like Gnosis Raw Chocolate Bars, these are definitely two flavors that you'll want to try! Here are all the latest new additions to The Raw Food World Store:
  • Certified Organic Royal Jelly Powder, 5.5oz
  • Organic Hunza Sun Dried Apricots, 16oz
  • Gnosis Cool Peppermint Chocolate Bar, 2oz
  • Gnosis Fleur De Sel Chocolate Bar, 2oz
  • Sun Dried Raw Banana Spears, 8.8oz  AAAAAAAAND... Many More New Products COMING SOON!!! Sun Dried Raw Banana Spears, 8.8oz These are Organic Sun Dried WHOLE Bananas. If you used to like 'Gummy Worms' (similar to Gummy Bears), then this will definitely be a treat for you! These WHOLE dried bananas are sweet, sticky, squidgy and a very simple treat. Kids love 'em! Enjoy! :-)

    The Raw Food World Radio Show - Daniel Vitalis

    Don't miss it!!! This FRIDAY NIGHT, Matt Monarch interviews Daniel Vitalis, LIVE!!! I LOVE Daniel's willingness to answer my questions... AND... I've got some CRAZY & OUTLANDISH questions lined up for him!

    I am VERY EXCITED to announce that this Friday, Jan 29th, we will be interviewing Daniel Vitalis on the Raw Food World Radio Show... Daniel is the type of guy to very openly discuss things that are not 'normal' to mainstream society and may actually STRETCH a person's mind way beyond their usual thinking. For example, in one of our TV Show videos together, we talked about a man drinking a woman's breast milk. You can only IMAGINE the questions I am piecing together for this interview with Daniel!!! I always think of Daniel Vitalis like a warrior... Like Braveheart :-) If martial law were to break out tomorrow... I would feel assured to be under the guidance of this man Daniel Vitalis. Daniel once commented that if something like this happened, he would guide a small group of 150 people or so and lead them straight into the wild in Maine where he is located. our upcoming interview, I want to take YOU and I INTO THE WILD with Daniel and see what he as a leader would do on this adventure of ours... For example, how would we survive in the FREEZING COLD winter in Maine...? ...and as crazy as this may sound, most of us 'domesticated' humans use toilets and don't even know how to poop in the wild! Would we use leaves as toilet paper??? I want to know! ;-) Daniel is extremely well read and has studied ancient history in depth. I am sure he will know answers to questions such as 'When and how did the first toilet come about?' and 'Are we really meant to brush our teeth with bristle tooth brushes?', and so on... I am EXCITED about this interview!!! Disclaimer: This interview will not be suitable for any faint-hearted, weak-spirited individuals. SO... prepare yourself and join us for this exciting upcoming interview on January 29th at 6pm (PST)! To sign up for this free interview, click HERE.

    ~ Many Blessings to you from The Raw Food World~ Thank you for continuing to let us serve you. We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!

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