“Toxins In, Toxins Out”, Article by Matt Monarch

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Greetings from Matt Monarch

We've got another INSIGHTFUL article for you here today and I am also EXCITED to share with you the NEW affordable, effective and easy to use 'Basic Zapper', by Don Croft...   In this Newsletter you can enjoy:
  • "Toxins In, Toxins Out", Article by Matt Monarch
  • New Products: Basic Zapper (Effective & Affordable!), NEW Hurraw Lip Balms, NEW Flavor Extracts, Dried Currants & MUCH MORE!
  • "At Cost!" Specials: Ocean's Alive Marine Phytoplankton!!!, Truly Raw Centrifuged Coconut Oil, 16oz AND GALLON!, Black & White Mulberry Mix, Truly Raw Cacao Nibs (Big Tree Farms) & Much More!!!
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"Toxins In, Toxins Out", Article by Matt Monarch

Detoxification is a natural process that the human body goes through, NO MATTER WHAT your current diet is. Generally, we cleanse the MOST in the middle of the night when we are asleep, because we are not eating food; we are in deep relaxation, conserving energy, and our bodies' circadian rhythms are set up to go into deep relaxation and cleansing during this time. People who are eating the Standard American Diet generally wake up in the morning feeling as GROGGY as can be, because of all of the detoxification they experienced during the night. Many people then drink coffee at this time to try to "COMBAT" that GROGGY feeling, yet they are simply intoxicating themselves even more and repeating the cycle... Toxicity can take many different forms, including food, drink, pollution, cosmetics, adrenalin and other poisons from stress, household cleaners and so on. (Processed foods usually having the most detrimental overall impact, comparitively speaking, if they are part of a person's regular food intake). There are two basic directions that you can be heading in, in terms of toxicity in the body... Each and every day you can be on the path to becoming more toxic... OR... you can be on the path to becoming cleaner. If one day you are introduced to more than the average amount of toxicity you are generally exposed to daily, you are on that pathway of increasing your toxicity. If you are introduced to less than the average amount of toxicity that you are generally exposed to daily, then you are on that path to becoming cleaner. No matter what your diet is like, your body will take the opportunity to cleanse whenever it possibly can. If a person is eating excessively on the Standard American Diet, it will be mainly in the evening/night-time that their body will detox as much of the junk that it possibly can. Unfortunately, since SO MUCH toxicity is being introduced into a person like this on a daily basis, their body actually becomes unable to cleanse out more toxicity than they eat in the space of each day. Therefore, with each passing day they are becoming more and more toxic. As the toxins accumulate within their cells and their body, you'll often notice their bellies getting bigger and bigger, especially as the years go by. Now on the FLIP side, if you improve your diet by eating less, you are being introduced to LESS toxicity, compared to the daily average you are normally exposed to. Therefore, ESPECIALLY on a 100% Raw Food Diet, your body can quickly cleanse out what you ingest and also has time/space/energy to cleanse above and beyond your current intake, which enables older toxins to be cleansed out. If you continue eating less like this, over time your body will continue to gain ground and cleanse out more and more from your recent past. The longer you continue to eat a much better diet like this, you will detox deeper and deeper, dredging down into the toxins consumed further and further into your past. If you improve your diet in this way, the toxins that leave your body do not solely include those that come from food, but can also include toxins from air pollution, household cleaners, cosmetics and so on. This is why many who have gone on a 100% Raw Food Diet report that they can't handle anymore the types of toxins generated from cars, trucks, cosmetics, household cleaners, and so on... The more toxins you eliminate from your body, the "cleaner" you become and the more sensitive you become to toxins. For example, snake hunters apparently introduce small amounts of snake venom into their bloodstream and slowly raise the quantity of venom over time, so that they can tolerate more and more, until they can handle an entire snakebite without harm. Now if a snake hunter who has built up to being able to handle a snake bite, STOPS taking venom into their bloodstream, they would detox it out, just like a raw foodist begins to detox all of their toxins out. If this snake hunter goes a year without taking any venom into their bloodstream and then gets bitten by a snake, there is a strong chance that the snake bite will kill him, whereas one year previously, it wouldn't have had a serious effect on him. When you go on a 100% Raw Food Diet, you OUTPOUR toxins and become more sensitive with every passing year, just like the snake hunter who stops intaking poisonous venom. People often believe that when a person FIRST starts eating a 100% raw food diet they experience an initial detoxification period and then it all ends. I do not believe this to be the case. Detoxification is ONGOING, whether you are eating fast food burgers every single day or if you are eating one blended 6 oz raw food meal that contains all the nutrients required by the body. I've been on a 100% Raw Food Diet for 13 years now, and every single morning I can sense that I cleansed throughout the night...and it is not just the meals from the day before that are being cleared out. There are probably HUNDREDS of 100% Raw Foodists reading this article who have been on a 100% Raw Food Diet anywhere from 1 to 60 years. I would GUARANTEE that every single one of them will agree that when they wake up, they can sense that their body was detoxing throughout the night. Detoxification is a natural process that the body continually cycles through. It took many decades and even a few ancestral generations to accumulate the amount of toxicity within the body that many people currently experience, and the detoxification process will hence continue for the rest of our lives - there is a lot of cleaning up to do. In fact, the longer you've been on a 100% Raw Food Diet, the deeper, older, and more concentrated the toxins exiting the body can become. Besides eliminating toxins that we intake on a daily basis through food, there are other procedures that a person can do to also remove toxins from the body, such as exercise, cleansing the colon, taking enzymes on an empty stomach, saunas, detox foot soaks and much more. Any of these procedures can help lower your daily toxicity level and result in detoxification IF you don't increase your food intake at the same time. For example, if you consistently bring in the same amount of toxins each day, but you simply add in daily exercise to your routines, you will start eliminating more toxins daily than you were before. If you don't begin to eat more, while adding in consistent exercise, this can create space to allow deeper detoxification. I feel that cleansing the colon is the most effective procedure that ANYONE can do to aid the removal of toxins from the body. When periodic colon hydrotherapy is undertaken, in conjunction with an improvement in diet void of processed foods, this is the most effective combination for detox. When you cleanse the colon on a periodic basis, it expedites the process of removal of toxins by over 100%. For example, if you ate 100% raw for a year and didn't cleanse the colon, there is a big chance that you could still detox out all residues of your meals from the previous year. However, if you also cleansed your colon every two weeks during this year of eating raw, you could potentially detox out all toxic residues from the previous 2 - 3 years or so.   Cleansing the colon is so effective, that my periodic use of it, is the MAIN reason I have been able to stick with the 100% Raw Food Diet for over 13 years now. It is like "cheating the process", as it just PULLS toxins/waste out like nothing else. I've written a handful of MUST-READ articles on Colon Hydrotherapy at this link HERE, which will most likely calm any fears or doubts about this process. The reason that I am so certain that the colon hydrotherapy procedure is so effective is because of my own experience, coupled with as what I have seen with others. All of the successful health food institutes that help people heal from degenerative diseases intensively utilize colon hydrotherapy, due to how effective it is. Colon hydrotherapy is one of the main reasons that these health food institutes have such a high success rate in helping people heal from various degenerative diseases. I am so confident in the colon hydrotherapy procedure that when a person tries to argue with me about this topic, I tell them to go on a 35 day juice fast and do a professional colonic every other day during this period, and if they STILL don't think colon hydrotherapy is beneficial after that, then I will pay them $1000. I generally don't ever hear from these people again... The intention with this article was to hopefully give you a deeper understanding of how detoxification works in terms of "toxins in and toxins out". The process of detoxification and 'toxification' flows in and out, just like breathing, and will continue our whole lives...


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  • Orange County, CA
  • Oakland, CA
  • Portland, OR
  • Seattle, WA (With Dave the Raw Food Truck Driver :-))
  •   You can view these events on our events page, by clicking HERE.   We really hope that we can see and meet many of you at the Longevity Conference or at another location along our tour.   To join us for the ENTIRE weekend in Costa Mesa, purchase your 'Longevity Conference' tickets by clicking HERE. And... Don't forget to watch the 2nd part of the David Wolfe interview below!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_PfbFgTqu8


    ~ Many Blessings to you from The Raw Food World~ Thank you for continuing to let us serve you. We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!
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