Two Levels of Sensitivity

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"Two Levels of Senstivity", Article by Matt Monarch

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. When a person permanently improves their diet by eliminating all processed foods, they go through detoxification. As the years go by, they become 'cleaner' and 'cleaner' at a cellular level. When a person becomes 'cleaner', their body becomes more efficient and they require less food (calories) to function with high energy levels, compared to before improving their diet. Additionally, when your body becomes cleaner, you become more sensitive to those past food choices that you used to eat before changing your intake. In other words, those past food choices damage the body even more now than when you used to eat them.   There are two levels of sensitivity being discussed here:  
  • Consistency Sensitivity
  • Long-term SensitivityEveryone has a consistent diet of some kind. We all tend to eat roughly the same 'kinds' and 'quantities' of food each day. For example, in terms of 'kinds' of food, a raw foodist eats raw food, a vegan eats vegan foods and someone on the SAD typically eats lots of processed foods. In terms of 'quantities' of foods, a person may eat about the same amount of fat and carbs each day. For example, a raw foodist may eat one pound of grapes and an avocado one day, and eat a pound of bananas and an equivalent amount of coconut meat (compared to that avocado) the next day. Even though these foods are different, essentially, this person is eating about the same amount of carbs and fat each day. Even if a person seems to be overeating all over the place, within that apparent 'mess', there is some kind of consistent diet underneath it all. Generally, we tend to eat the same kinds and quantities of food each day. If we happen to eat more than our consistent diet (overeat), we usually have low energy levels and we don't feel well. When we eat at our consistent diet, our energy levels are usually good. When we eat less than our consistent diet, we will likely find that we have a MASS of energy. When we consistently and PERMANENTLY eat less than our previous consistent diet, we go into detox. When we detox we become 'cleaner', our bodies become more efficient, and then we require less food. When this happens, our consistent diet for optimal health changes to a smaller quantity of food. There is roughly a 20% margin for error that our bodies can deal with, when playing around the boundaries of our consistent diets. In an article that I wrote a couple of weeks ago entitled, 'Adapting to Toxic Processed Foods', I discussed with you two stories about how both my mom and I both got sick when we stepped too far beyond the consistent diet that we had been eating. A person can usually eat above and beyond their consistent diet to a certain point (that 20% margin for 'error'), without too many issues, yet if they bypass that 20%, illness may set in. 'Consistency Sensitivity' is therefore the result of eating too much and/or foods that are too 'toxic' for us, compared to our usual consistent diet, which may lead to illness and/or damage to the body. The second level of sensitivity is 'Long-Term Sensitivity'. I feel that Long-Term Sensitivity is something to be even MORE careful with, as the consequences can be much greater. The LONGER a person has been eating an improved diet, void of processed foods, the more they have detoxed old junk out of their system on a cellular level, and the more ROOTED they are in their consistent diet. For example, let's say that a person has been eating the Standard American Diet for 30 years and has then transitioned to a 100% Raw Food Lifestyle. Let's say that this person has been eating raw for 3 months. If they were to now eat a hamburger and french fries from McDonalds, which they had been eating every day for years, it will likely make them feel a little unwell. Now, in comparison, I have been on a 100% Raw 'Vegan' Diet for 13 years. If I were to eat that same hamburger and fries, I would probably end up in the hospital, due to how 'clean' I am at a cellular level after eating this way for all these years. I have a good friend who has been eating a 100% Raw Food Diet for almost 60 years now. This person has been detoxing for 60 years, and is therefore EXTREMELY clean on a cellular level, and EXTREMELY DEEP-ROOTED into their consistent diet. If this person were to have the same amount of hamburger and fries as us other two, I have a strong feeling that it may kill them. Luigi Carnaro was a GREAT example of this "Long-Term Sensitivity" concept. In his forties, Luigi was given just months to live. He decided to eat no more than 12 oz of food a day and drink no more than 14oz of liquid daily. He healed himself and outlived all of his doctors. He CONSISTENTLY ate these seemingly miniscule amounts of food for the rest of his life. After about five decades of eating just 12 oz of food daily, his family started nudging him to increase his food intake, because he was getting older and they felt that he required more food. To appease them, he upped his intake to 16oz of food for two days. He ended up in bed for days after that and almost died. From that time on, he actually lowered his food intake to even less than the 12oz he had been eating. The longer you eat a consistent diet, the more deep-rooted you are into it, and the more 'danger' there is if you vary from that consistent diet. In this example above, Luigi Cornaro ate the same exact kinds and quantites of food for over 18000 days straight. The body adapts to what we are doing. Changing his intake even by a few ounces of food threw his system totally off balance. It might seem that 'Consistency Sensitivity' could be considered the same as 'Long-Term Sensitivity'. However, I feel that they are two different matters. When you start to eat an improved consistent diet, your body adapts and would love you to continue with that new consistency, regardless of how long you have been eating that way. If a consistent improved diet is very new to you, then varying from it may simply cause low energy or mild illness symptoms. However, if a person has been consuming an improved consistent diet for decades, then the effects of varying from this consistent diet can result in serious illness or even death in some cases. It seems to me that most of the human centenarians followed a consistent diet without varying much from that diet all of their lives. In conclusion, I feel that consistency in diet is key for ultimate health and the longer we eat a consistent diet, the more deep-rooted we become into that consistent diet, and the more careful we need to be to maintain optimal health.

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In some ancient texts, it is said that the consumption of Cistanche directs blood flow to the pelvic and genital area with the resulting effect of enhancing the strength of erections and enlarging the penis. The Yang energy of Cistanche can be used for sexual vigor or may be directed to any creative outlet. Eucommia Extract Eucommia bark is another one of the best herbs for tonifying Yang Jing essence. It is warming without being drying. It tonifies both the kidney and liver, which makes it one of the most effective herbs addressing the skeletal structure, in addition to the tendons and ligaments. Eucommia is outstanding to maintain the structural integrity of the body for athletes and exercisers. This is also a superb herb for the elderly in maintaining flexibility and stability. One of the added benefits of Eucommia is its well documented mild action of reducing states of high blood pressure, in a safe and non toxic way. 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