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Choisons® are distinctively sharp, refreshingly lightweight, and tenaciously wear-resistant knives.

Choisons Precision Series 4” Paring Knife is the perfect knife for small tasks in the kitchen. It is perfect for peeling fruits and for slicing delicate ingredients where the utmost care is needed.

Choisons Precision Series Ceramic Knives are made from zirconium carbide, an advanced material developed from the 2nd hardest naturally occurring element on earth. Choisons Precision Series are forged using more pressure and more heat than the Original knives, creating a blade that is even more durable. Using this ultra-hard material allows Choisons Knives to be sharper and lighter than stainless steel knives – making repetitive cutting tasks easy on the wrists and arms. Choisons knives also retain their edge up to 10X longer than steel knives, so more time is spent cutting, and less time is spent sharpening. Unlike steel knives, Choisons won’t react with your food, preserving the natural flavor and appearance of your favorite ingredients.

If you should ever need these knives sharpened you can mail them to Tribest Corp. for free sharpening: 888-254-7336


  • Lightweight – easy to lift and maneuver
  • Extremely sharp edges will slice neatly and easily through foods
  • Extremely hard (7 to 10 times as hard as steel!) – ceramic blades are more wear-resistant and need sharpening less often
  • Chemically stable – preserves the natural taste and appearance of your favorite ingredients
  • Thicker than other ceramic knives for added durability
  • Hand-sharpened for premium quality
  • These knives are not covered under warranty due to their ceramic nature so handle with care.

    Why a Ceramic Blade?

    Because ceramic cutlery remains near razor sharp far longer than any steel blade does. Under normal home kitchen use ceramic blade sharpness can last years without ever needing sharpening.

    What are the main advantages of the ceramic knives?

    The superior hardness, superior corrosion resistance, chemically inert, and a naturally non-stick surface are the main property highlights of ceramic knife blades. In your kitchen these properties relate to a long lasting sharp edge, that will not rust or stain. Ceramic blades are far more hygienic than metal - they will not react with your fresh food (will not turn food brown like metal knives) or alter the taste by depositing metal ions. Ceramic blades rinse clean under running water (soap and water is recommended after cutting meat or fish).

    What are ceramic knives made of?

    These knives are made of Ceramic Zirconia, processed into Zirconium Oxide (white) or Zirconium Carbide (black), also called "modern ceramics". Zirconia is second in hardness only to diamond and was originally developed for industrial applications where metal components failed. Zirconia is extremely hard, wear resistant, and chemically inert.

    How can I wash my ceramic knife?

    Ceramic knives are very easy to clean with a quick wipe since food does not stick to them. We do not recommend washing them in a dishwasher since the dishwasher may cause the knives to constantly bang against other utensils and eventually this could cause a chip to the cutting edge. Violent motion against other objects, especially hard plates, could chip the objects and/or the ceramic blade. Ceramic blades rinse clean under running water (soap and water is recommended after cutting meat or fish).

    How can I avoid damaging my ceramic knife?

    You can chip the edge if you cut into bones or use on frozen foods. You can also break off the tip or snap off the handle if you use it to pry. Please handle the blade carefully. Only wooden surfaces or the new plastic cutting boards are recommended. Surfaces of marble, glass, china or steel will be cut (scored) by these blades and in time may impair the sharpness of the blade. Bottom Line: Don't drop the blades on hard surface floors or use them as can openers and these ceramic blades will remain sharp for years of normal daily use.

    How fragile are the ceramic knives?

    If the knives are dropped a small chip or knick along the cutting edge can result -- this much is true. A dropped ceramic knife will usually not be damaged at all. Modern ceramic materials are certainly not fragile. The BIG difference is that metal knives quickly become dull with normal use while ceramic blades can remain sharp for years of normal daily use without sharpening. And, this would not be possible if the ceramic blade material was fragile...
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