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COMBO PACK - Raw Survial DVD + Survival in the 21st Century BOOK

COMBO PACK - Raw Survial DVD + Survival in the 21st Century BOOK


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This combo pack includes both book and dvd for Raw Survival Titles

DVD: Raw Survival

Mystic & visionary author of the inspirational “Survival in the 21st Century" he is the quintessential Father of the Raw Living Food movement we know today, teaming up with Dr. Ann Wigmore back in the 60’s. In this DVD Viktoras shares his early personal health challenges and how he brilliantly overcame them, offers several of his favorite recipes and 40 years of intensive scientific research. Learn how his latest findings support a raw living food plant-based enzymatic diet for vitality and longevity, as well as therapy for obesity, injuries, addiction, diabetes, cardiovascular and other diseases. Look forward to an occasional giggle and an opportunity for the transformation of a lifetime!

Book: Survival in the 21st Century

Introduction by Dick Gregory and cover by Peter Max. Over 50 beautiful new age illustrations. A work of love and the blue printing bible for the new age.

Was a best seller 25 years ago, with prophesies that hold true in the present new age. Book continues to be a major seller, with over 25 reprints. A text primer for body ecology, Spiritual Alchemy and Acquarian Eugenics. Pioneered the 'Live food' revolution. Shows a simple transition from traditional diet, to Kosher, macrobiotics, vegetarianism, sproutarianism and beyond.

Explores the life extension potential to well over 200 years with a radical tasty diet upgrade. More than 400 medical journals cited. New breakthrough theory on cancer with a successful therapy as practiced at Hippocrates Health Institute. New model of menstruation with a program to eliminate PMS and practically eliminate the menstrual The author is alive and younger than when he started the book. 310 pages.

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