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Based on the best selling raw organic recipe book by Celebrity Raw Organic Chef Bryan Au, comes a new instructional DVD, "Raw Organic Cuisine in Ten Minutes". On this DVD Chef Bryan Au teaches you how to make unique gourmet food while using easy to follow techniques. See Bryan cook Vegan recipes that are all super healthy and amazingly delicious! While using ingredients that are completely dairy, wheat, casein and gluten free, Bryan has turned the table on "fast food". Watch as he creates such pallet pleasing sensations as Raw Organic Macaroni & Cheese, Pad Thai, Cream of Broccoli Soup, Pasta Alfredo, Tamales, Strawberry Cream Pie, Coconut Vanilla Pie with Chocolate Crust, Pine Nut Raisin Fudge Cookies and much, much more. Finally, a fun and fast way to impress your friends, romance a loved one or just take care of yourself. These easy and delicious raw organic recipes are ready to eat in just 10 minutes... with some in less than 5! This is the healthiest, most organic, eco/green cuisine on the Planet and a new tree will be planted for each DVD that you purchase. Enjoy! Source: Starlight Home Entertainment
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