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e-book - Yog-a of Nur-sing, by Jinjee

e-book - Yog-a of Nur-sing, by Jinjee


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"My mother encouraged me to take time out to nurse my children without splitting my attention with work or phone conversations and finally with this new baby, Yarrow, I am old enough to know that Mothers are worth listening to! So I tried it her way. And the results of this simple act have been absolutely astounding for me and my baby Yarrow. And I've written down the incredible insights I'm observing, in this ebook.

This ebook is about the importance and the joys of attentive nursing, taking time out in a busy world to build a deep spiritual bond with your child, and the profound effects this practice has on both Mother and child.

Writing this book has been like a journey of discovery, learning more as I write and as I experience the amazing insights that come from really being there for the initial education of a new person through the basic art of nourishment. I think that this ebook will be enjoyed by Mothers and Mothers-to-be as well as anyone interested in nourishment in general."
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