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Fiesta Mole


Fiesta Mole Uses
Fiesta Mole is a merge of classic Tomato/Chocolate based Polynesian and Chiapas Mexican recipes. Hemp and Coconut provide creamy flavors. Mild, tasty peppers and spice lilies provide the exotic flavors.

Great for soup stock, salad sprinkles, salad dressings, sauces and savory, vegetable based smoothies.

Ingredients: Pure Tomato Powder, Mayan Gold Cacao Powder, Hemp Seeds, Coconut Flour, Maca, Sun Fire Salt, Golden Flax, Spice Blend of Peppers and Spice Lillis, Free of silicon dioxide, maltodextrin, and fillers.

Pristine fiesta Mole is your ultimate sensory adventure into rich, spicy, exotic flavors of Mexican Moles and subtle Thai, East Indian and Polynesian flavors.

Each whole food botanical is optimally cultivated, fair trade and sustainable. Rich in human compatible/absorbable vitamins, minerals, EFA's and antioxidants, especially Vitamin C and E. Cold processed and free of irradiation and x-rays. All our products are free of animal products, grains, gluten, peanuts, etc.

Directions: Blend till smooth 1/2 cup Fiesta Mole, 5 cups warm water and add your favorite fresh or frozen vegetables. Best when blended with 1/2 - 1 Cup activated nuts (soaked/germinated), especially walnuts. For richer flavor, reduce water and add salt or additional spices.

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