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Be inspired and empowered each day with the 2011 Gratitude Diary

A diary with a difference. The Gratitude Diary and Daily Planner starts each day with a thought provoking journal space. The variety of motivational lead statements allow people to record what they are truly thankful for, thus creating a direct connection with their feelings, thoughts and actions.

The gratitude diary incorporates:
  • moon charts
  • inspirational quotes
  • uplifting images
  • astrology guide As well, the functional aspects of a traditional diary such as: day to a page diary; a yearly planner; an address book; personal information record and a forward planner are included.

    Inspired by the acclaimed self‐help movie The Secret, Ocean Shores resident Morthern Spears has published a diary she describes as a tool for transformation and growth. Gratitude is a powerful and positive emotion that should be acknowledged each day and the Gratitude Diary is the perfect way to do just that.

    After a decade working as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation nurse and mental health intervention worker, Morthern decided to leave the ‘sickness industry’ and focus on a career that fostered health, wealth, love, and balance. This eventually led to the Gratitude Diary being published. It is now in its fourth year.

    “Gratitude is showing an appreciation for whatever is going on in your life, even if it appears as if it’s not working for you. It is a form of acknowledging your current reality, which has a direct link with the future.” Morthern says.

    In fact, Morthern not only writes down everything she is grateful for in her life but also things that have yet to occur in her life. “There is a lot of scientific research that backs up the idea that when we create an emotional connection with a thought form, it actually sets off neurones or neuro‐nets in your brainwave patterning that help shape that as a reality.

    So by acknowledging events yet to happen enables me to create an intention and actually feel the emotional energy connected to that particular outcome.” Morthern explains that this practice is widely used in the elite sports and business fields.

    The Gratitude Diary is a diary and a tool for transformation.
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