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Hemp Protein 15G, 3lb  Nutiva

Hemp Protein 15G, 3lb  Nutiva

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To ensure freshness, keep cool and refrigerate after opening.

These bags are vacuum sealed, so if they arrive feeling harder than a rock all you have to do is open the package and you will find the contents soft and fresh!

New formula with higher 50% protein content and less fiber vs our original Hemp Protein + Fiber. We screen out much part of the fiber, yielding a sweeter and better mixing nutritional packed raw powder. Hemp's superior 66% edistin and 33% albumin protein structure is the highest in the plant kingdom, making it the Gold Standard of Plant Protein.

  • 50% protein
  • 20% fiber
  • 12% beneficial fats plus vitamin E and iron
  • No hexane used in processing

    Hemp protein also contains large amounts of zinc, iron, and magnesium. Hemp's fiber is 90% insoluble and 10% soluble.

    Ever wonder why soy burgers and soy milk are organic but soy protein isolate is not? Non-organic soy protein isolate is often processed with hexane, a petroleum solvent similar to gasoline. Traditionally, natural food manufactures have used only expeller-pressed oils and fats which do not involve the use of hexane in the crushing process. Yet the resulting hexane-processed "residual soy meal" is utilized in many soy protein powders, cereals, and bars sold on the natural food stores.

    Ingredients: 100% raw organic hemp protein powder. NO hexane, gluten, dairy, lactose or sweeteners.

    Certified as organically grown and processed by QAI. All seeds are Non GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)

    Hemp Goddess Supreme Organic Protein Drink

    2 heaping scoops Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder
    2 heaping scoops Nutiva Shelled Hempseed
    8 oz of water
    1 ripe banana
    1 handful strawberries, blueberries, or peaches
    1 TBS green foods
    1 dash vanilla

    Directions: Add 2-4 scoops (15g per scoop) of Hemp Protein Powder to a banana or favorite fruit or juice. Shake or Blend.
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