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Hemp Oil (Organic Cold Pressed), 24 fl oz  Nutiva


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 Hemp Oil (Organic Cold Pressed), 24 fl oz  Nutiva

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  • Delicious nutty flavor
  • Rich source of Omega-3 and Vitamin E
  • Cold-pressed
  • No Hexane

    Nutiva's raw, unrefined, expeller cold-pressed Canadian Hemp Oil is light green in color, lighter in flavor, and has more GLA content compared to other hemp oils.

    We press and bottle our hemp oil in small batches. The bottles are nitrogen flushed and we add an induction foil seal covering the bottle opening, which prevents oxygen from seeping into the oil. Note that other hemp firms cut corners and skip the induction seal. Our customers regularly tell us that Nutiva's hemp oil tastes fresher and lighter than other hemp brands. Please try some and compare for yourself.

    It is best to keep hemp oil refrigerated and to use it within 8-12 weeks of opening.

    All of the above helps make Nutiva's Hemp Oil the freshest on the market.

    Ingredients: 100% raw organic hemp oil.

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