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Award winning, all natural and made from 100% organic tea tree & orange essential oils, this multi-tasker is perfect for quick cleanups in every room! It's anti-fungal properties come to the rescue in the babies room or around the kitchen. Use with complete confidence in the refrigerator or pantry without removing food. Aromatherapy for every room in the house. Safe for People, Pets & the Planet.

Terra Firma Window, Glass and All Purpose Cleaner is a great multi-tasker to have under every sink in the house! Its antifungal properties come to the rescue for a quick and easy clean up on any hard surface ~ in the kitchen, bathroom, or baby's room. Use Terra Firma to effortlessly clean windows and mirrors to a sparkling finish with absolutely no streaking! Terra Firma is also wonderful for cleaning kitchen and bathroom floors  and no rinsing required!

The Scents

All products are available individually or as a family in Lavender, Lemongrass, Orange Blossom, and Rosemary scents. Use the same scent throughout your home for a true aromatherapy feel, or mix and match! Choose for the season or choose for your mood. Our daughter loves to choose her scent and clean her own room. Now there's a benefit we didn't see coming!

A Natural Home Clean with EarthScents

Household cleaning products are among the harshest pollutants for our health as well as the health of the environment. Store shelves are filled with cleaners advertising they are "biodegradable", "environmentally friendly", "phosphate free", and/ or "non-toxic". The Federal Trade Commission has established guidelines for making these claims but they are simply guidelines, not law.

All companies that produce household cleaning products want to be identified with the green scene. However, making cleaners that are tough on dirt yet completely free of chemicals and toxins is a challenge. Most commercial products still have ingredients that can cause respiratory problems and/or allergic reactions and pollute the planet's air and watersheds. How can you tell which cleaners truly are a healthy, natural clean and those that might be sweeping their chemical compounds under the carpet?

Read the list of ingredients: Don't just rely on that front label's catch phrases. As with food packaging, cleaners must also list all their ingredients. If that list contains dyes, chemical fragrances, or unrecognizable ingredients you're still being exposed to pollutants affecting your health and the environment.

All purpose vs. specialty cleaners: Task-specific specialty cleaners don't benefit the environment with their excess waste and energy in producing them. When selecting cleaning products, a spray cleaner should be able to work for most non-porous surfaces, windows, mirrors, showers, counters, workout mats, etc., and a scrub should work on all porous surfaces such as tubs, sinks, toilets, etc. (Woods usually require their own cleaning agent.)

Natural vs. Chemical: Before reaching under the sink for poisonous ammonia-based cleaning products, people once reached into their cupboards for organic items like vinegar, lemon and baking soda to clean and deodorize. A natural cleaning agent is an organic compound made by nature, not in the lab.

The challenge in switching to natural cleaning products is that most consumers want the "sparkling clean" and ease of using chemical cleaners. Is there a solution? EarthScents. Revolutionizing traditional cleaning, EarthScents is a small company that specializes in household cleaning products. EarthScents Terra Firma spray cleaner and Terra Tough Scrub powder cleanser come in a variety of aromatherapy scents and are sold in reusable/recyclable, attractive display bottles. The all natural compound formulas were created to be tough on dirt yet safe on people, pets and the planet.

EarthScents Terra Firma Spray and Terra Tough Scrub can be found in the household cleaning section of our store.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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