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This is our honey gathered from beehives at our Agricultural Research Center in Hawaii. This is an exclusive, unique, one-of-a-kind honey that is made from the pollens of plants and trees grown and fed our special way with rock dust minerals, dilute ocean water, dead sea salts, Spirulina (instead of manure), Ormus elements, blue volcanic rock silt, mycelium in the soil, compost nutrients, and lots and lots of LOVE. We dreamed of doing a bee and honey project like this for ten years. Now that dream is a reality called NoniLand Black Gold Honey. ~ David Wolfe

The story of NoniLand Black Gold Honey begins as a journey into our imagination. Our story begins within a paradise setting on the north shore of one of the Hawaiian Islands: this is NoniLand. Now picture all the trees at NoniLand sending their roots deep into mineral-rich soils, while extending their leafy boughs into the warm, tropical sun and calm ocean breezes. These trees are some of the happiest, most fruitful trees on the planet.... but what would happen to their life-force, their mana - if they were continuously nourished with rock dust minerals, dilute ocean water, dead sea salts, spirulina (instead of manure), Ormus elements, and blue volcanic rock silt? This spark of imagination is a reality at NoniLand, where the breath of life collects like dew on the surface of every leaf and every flower petal. The mana drawn from the volcanic, mineral-rich, soils increases as it flows up to the flowers, those parts of the tree that focus, concentrate, and transmit LOVE.

The bees responsible for producing Black Gold Honey have been rescued from the walls of homes and buildings in Hawaii, where they were threatened with destruction by insect exterminators. Our team of holistic beekeepers has come to the rescue, removing the hives from danger and relocating the bees to NoniLand. These bees have been brought to NoniLand to feed exclusively on the blossoms of trees nourished with diluted, Ormus-rich seawater, volcanic rock silt, Spirulina, and LOVE. As the Ormus elements from this amazing mineral infusion slowly move up the trees and gain full strength within their flowers in full bloom, the bees are instinctively attracted to an increase in lifeforce present in the pollen. This lifeforce in the pollen transforms the bees, the hives, and inevitably the rich, complex honey they create. The elevated vitality of NoniLand plants and trees and the high Ormus mineral mana of the heroic NoniLand bees result in a dark, mahogany-black, wild honey saturated with Ormus elements, high in live enzymes, and overflowing with antioxidants.

"Imagine an Ormus-soaked biology: every cell of your body switched on, happy, juicy, and saturated in Ormus. What would happen?" - David Wolfe, Amazing Grace

Though science has been slow to appreciate the lifeforce present in all types of wild honey, modern research has now confirmed our intuition. Recent studies have shown that dark varieties of honey have more antioxidants than lighter, milder varieties. Black Gold Honey from NoniLand has taken this universal truth to a higher plane. This is a new type of honey, distinct from both wildflower and single flower varieties. Black Gold Honey is truly wild, offering a concentrated source of Ormus elements, and a continuously flowing stream of live enzymes and trace minerals.

Now, with one taste, close your eyes, and trust your heart.... Black Gold Honey from NoniLand contains the essence of love and the fullness of life, while offering a lingering taste of Paradise.

NoniLand bees are only fed their own honey and superfoods such as maca and spirulina. These are the healthiest bees left on the entire planet.

Suggested Uses for Black Gold Honey from NoniLand

  • Though Black Gold Honey is best enjoyed alone, it will naturally enhance many other Ormus-rich Superfoods. One of the easiest ways to enjoy this dark nectar of Paradise is by drizzling it over a mixture of raw, organic goji berries, raw, organic cacao nibs, Sunfood cashews, and your favorite fresh berries. Enjoy slowly, with a small spoon, and savor every bite.

  • As a product of the tropics, Black Gold Honey is the perfect addition to any raw food recipe, dessert, elixir, and/or smoothie. Create Pau díArco, Catís Claw, and Chanca Piedra teas and add NoniLand honey. You can also add NoniLand Black Gold Honey to a drink with a shot of Kombucha Gold Essence, rich in organic acids, probiotics, and enzymes. Experiment with these flavors and watch your creativity bloom.

  • Due to the presence of antibiotic Noni and Lehua pollens in NoniLand honey, topical applications of this honey will help to heal and soothe abrasions and burns.

  • These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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