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Orgono Living Silica SKIN GEL, 150 mL - Silicium

Orgono Living Silica SKIN GEL, 150 mL - Silicium


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Instructions for use: Apply a thin layer of gel on the skin. Repeat 3-5 times a day.

Silicium Orgono Gel Organic Silica is useful for regaining an active lifestyle and minimize joint discomfort. Orgono Gel is an organic silica external balm formulated for optimal absorption at the site of application. This hypoallergenic gel is highly valued by chiropractors due to its properties of promoting the re-growth, strength and elasticity of connective tissues. Exceptionally effective, apply it with a light massage to the cervicals, lumbars, knees, etc., for increased flexibility and joint mobility. Orgono Gel helps increase the strength of the joint and improve the resilience of connective tissues. With consistent application, Orgono Gel also improves the appearance of the skin, as well as the strength and luster of the hair and nails. It supports the synthesis of collagen and elastin, both of which have a firming and tightening action on the skin.

Silicium FAQ's

What makes Silicium silica different from others on the market?

Silicium's silica is the only true organic, living silica on the market. This is important as our bodies absorb and utilize organic based minerals. Inorganic minerals are more difficult to be used by our bodies. The main component of Orgono is fifth generation organic-type silica, monomethylsilanetriol, CH3 (Si OH)3, one of the best silica carriers, and also a molecule enhancer.

Can we get enough silica from foods?

If you look through the research that has been published on this, the opinion is no. A lot of materials state our foods are de-mineralized in general, however silica seems to be specifically lacking. This is not to say, certain foods don't contain silica, such as peppers, husks of seeds, bamboo and horsetail herb, however if you take a look at the actual amount of silica in these specific foods, you will find it is not very much. People with silica deficiencies show an improvement after taking Orgono.

How Silica works in the Body?

Silica is one of the key elements in the connective tissue of the whole body. It reinforces the connective tissue and improves joint and bone problems. In the brain, silica takes on prime importance, as it is only through the action of silica that the build-up of aluminum in the brain may be prevented. As more and more cases of aluminum toxicity are coming to light, the connection to proper supplementation with silica becomes clear. Orgono Living Silica works to increase energy and strength, build the connective tissue resilience, and make cells more alkaline. With increasing Orgono Living Silica intake, hair, nails and skin quality.

ORGONO: For Bones, Joints & Better Health in General

Silicium Laboratories is proud to introduce Orgono Living Silica, the best bioavailable silica product on the market. Stiff and achy joints limit mobility and can decrease the quality of life. Use Orgono Living Silica to regain an active lifestyle and minimize joint discomfort. Specially formulated with natural organic silica to help support bone formation and restore joint health, Orgono Living Silica improves flexibility and mobility so that you feel better and more energetic.

Orgono Living Silica provides the ideal amount and absorption of the essential trace mineral silica. The main component of Orgono is fifth generation organic silicon, monomethyl-silanetriol, CH3 (Si OH)3, one of the best silicon carriers and potentiator of other molecules. This exclusive, patented formula, backed by scientific studies, offers superior nutritional support for your joints and delivers collateral benefits in terms of better skin and reduced cardiovascular risk. Remember, your body does not store silica. It must be replenished daily.

Orgono Living Silica offers the perfect, unique solution. No other colloidal silica, silicic acid or plant extract based silica supplement on the market provides greater bioavailability or is more effective than Orgono Living Silica. This supplement is the perfect non-colloidal solution: it is a clear, odorless, non-crystallizing liquid with no aftertaste and no side effects, even after years of use. Orgono Living Silica is doctor preferred and recommended. Silicium Laboratories is so confident about our products that we offer a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, just return the unused portion of the product and your money will be refunded. To date, Silicium Laboratories has not had a single return!

ORGONO: Recommended by Doctors

Orgono Living Silica is the real, original organic silica with optimal bioavailability. Many doctors across a wide range of therapeutic specialties including chiropractors, dermatologists, osteopaths, rheumatologists, plastic surgeons and others, prefer and recommend our products. Part of the reason for this is that they know that our bodies absorb and utilize organic based minerals much better than inorganic. In fact, our body cannot synthesize inorganic minerals.

In Europe doctors and other healthcare practitioners of natural medicine have been recommending Orgono Living Silica for years due to its high bioavailability and the low quantity of silica found in the foods generally consumed these days. Silica content in food has been decreasing due to:

1.The intensive cultivation techniques of vegetables and grains with synthetic fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides have considerably reduced the microbial flora of the humus responsible for the solubility of the silicon in soil. This is a worrying fact recognized by all agronomists. Plants nowadays have less silicon content, and as a result their cuticles are weaker and more vulnerable to pests.

2.Silicon is mostly found in the fibrous parts of plantings, which are consumed less often nowadays, thus, causing different types of health problems such as susceptibility to colds, diverticulosis, osteoarthritis, hernias and even colon cancer. These are health conditions that a healthy diet would prevent or correct. Moreover, the low fiber diets favored nowadays have less silicon content than in past centuries.

3.Today's eating habits create an intestinal medium that is ill-suited to support the colonization of positive germs such as lactic acid bacteria. The result is less than optimal silica assimilation from our modern diet.

ORGONO: Nutritional Support for Athletes and Active Lifestyles

Silicium's Orgono products are highly valued for use in osteopathy, physiotherapy, kinesiology and cosmetic dermatology due to their properties of supporting the re-growth, strength and elasticity of connective tissues, as well as the healing of wounds to the skin. Silica supplementation may be a key factor in helping us maintain a healthier, more youthful, and flexible bodyŚ and in reducing the body's natural recovery time. Several studies have examined silica for its ability to provide the raw materials the body needs to promote healthy cartilage and support for joint protection and maintenance and have found that silica is essential for these processes in addition to providing other health benefits. Silica can be beneficial for everyone -- athletes, women, men, convalescents, elderly, etc.

In the case of athletes and other active individuals, many experience physical problems and high injury rates because of the high level of intensive training. These physical injuries include frequent tendonitis, torn ligaments, sprains, fractures and breaks.

ORGONO: Anti-aging Properties

Orgono Living Silica is a fundamental part of the anti-aging program created by nutritional expert Victoria Baras, author of the European best seller Natural Anti-aging. Copies of this book are scheduled for release and sale in the United States soon.

The reasons why Orgono Living Silica is preferred in Ms. Baras's anti-aging program as well as others is simple: aging is associated with a decrease in the silica content of the body. This observation has been interpreted as an indication of why we need to consider silica supplements as we advance in years. Silica may play a preventive role in aging and premature aging considering the role it plays in promoting collagen production, maintaining the youthful appearance of hair, skin, and nails and supporting many bodily processes.

It appears that silica should be seen as an essential element in the maintenance of youth and vitality of the body. Hence, no anti-aging program should be without a silica supplement. Orgono Living Silica is the best way to obtain optimal bioavailability and absorption of this essential mineral as demonstrated by studies.

The anti-aging benefits of Orgono Living Silica are also supported by anecdotal evidence. Silicium Laboratories often receives testimonials from customers detailing their experience and incredible results. To be honest, we are not surprised. These customers talk about their recovery and improvements in mobility, as well as unexpected benefits like sleeping better, enhanced digestion and feeling much more energetic and alert.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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