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Ra-w F-or A-ll by Ch-ef Fra-nk Gi-glio

Ra-w F-or A-ll by Ch-ef Fra-nk Gi-glio


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Raw For All by Chef Frank Giglio

Created in the summer of 2008, Raw For All is a great recipe guide to those looking to add quick and easy dishes to their repitoire. Based on raw and vegan principles, Raw For All contains nearly 100 recipes that are sure to be a hit amongst your friends and family. (spiral bound)

Recently written for Oregon’s People Co-op Newspaper:

“Simply easy and amazing recipes that are so creative and inspiring to pursue a raw live diet lifestyle. I personally have tried many of the recipes with success. The book runs the gamut of drinks, salads, dressing, sauces and desserts to help both the novice and experienced raw foodist. It’s a winner. Worth having in the kitchen for daily menu planning. So creative!!!”
-Evelyn Bienenfeld
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