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Immunologic superfoods are packaged in MIRON SWISS VIOLET GLASS for maximum protection from light and air that can damage nutrients.

Rooibos tea from the Cape in South Africa is famous for its concentration of antioxidants and polyphenols. It is naturally caffeine-free and low in tannins so you can drink it all day. In an age-old method, Rooibos is harvested and fermented to liberate its broad spectrum of phytonutrients including Aspalathin, Quercetin, Orientin and Chrysoeriol. A patented water extraction process ensures maximum antioxidant values.


  • High antioxidant, great tasting tea


  • Boosts glutathione levels


  • Naturally Caffeine-Free


  • Low tanins No chemicals used to process


  • Suitable for infants, athletes and seniors


  • No dairy, gluten, yeast, corn, sugar, flavors.


  • No chemicals are used to process Rooibos P.E.


  • No added flavors or preservatives. Simply nothing added.

    Rooibos is a high antioxidant, caffeine-free tea. Special water extraction process ensures high antioxidant values.


  • Servings per container: 196


  • Amount per serving: 1/4 Teaspoon

    Suggessted Use: Mix  teaspoon in 6-8oz of water. Serve hot or chilled.

    Dr. Carl Albrecht from South Africa's Medical Research Council has been studying the positive effect of Rooibos and increased glutathione levels in animals. In a separate study, Jeanine Marnewick, PhD of the Cape University of Technology found that healthy volunteers elevated their blood glutathione levels by 100%, drinking 6 cups of Rooibos tea per day for three months. Rooibos is an excellent tea for its antioxidant protective nutrients especially Aspalathin and Quercetin.

    A collaborative study by scientists at four international research facilities has found the first clinical evidence that drinking rooibos significantly increases the antioxidant capacity in human blood, thereby boosting the body's natural defenses. Researchers in Rome and Glasgow found that the antioxidant capacity in the blood of 15 healthy volunteers peaked one hour after drinking 500ml ready-to-drink rooibos. "On the basis of the results of our study, we conclude that Rooibos is able to deliver antioxidant ingredients to the body, thereby stimulating the body's internal redox network," says Professor Mauro Serafini, leader of this research project and Head of the Antioxidant Research Laboratory at INRAN, a nutrition research institute in Rome, Italy. "It is highly possible that, once absorbed in the circulatory stream, the unique ingredients of Rooibos may display other biological activities in the human body. Further intervention studies are under way in humans to investigate the effect of Rooibos on the body's management of cardiovascular health."
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