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Please Note: At the bottom of the container is a manufacturing date. There was a typo in the manufacturing process, and this now reads EXP date. This is not correct. Please don't be alarmed that your product is expired. If they are kept in a cool dark location, the essential oil is good for 1 year from the time you open it.

The Siberian cedar is one of the fir trees richest in fitoncides.

Siberian cedar essential oils are 100% natural essential oils obtained by an old and ecologically cleanest method of fir tree, cedar resin and Siberian cedar cone distillation with water steam. They possess strong antiviral activity being a source of natural vitamins and fitoncides. This product is ideal for inhalations, massage, baths, apartment aromatization, for sauna and Russian baths.

Such baths are very useful for people suffering from rheumatism and podagra. Being oxidized, essential oils emit ozone, triatomic oxygen, into the atmosphere. The ozone reconditions man in general. Cedar forests differ from other ones by an unusual cleanness and salubrity of the air.

The ingredients of the oil are very extensive. The oil contains bornyl acetate, myrcene, limonene, camphor and pinene.

How to use:


  • Creams enrichment: 5 drops of oil per 15g of cream basis


  • Hair care: 5 drops of oil per 10g of shampoo-rinse.


  • The aromatization of apartments apply 5-8 drops of the oil on a cotton ball and gauze napkin, put it on an open space not far from the source of heating. You may aromatize the apartment using the pulverizer having added several drops mixed with water beforehand.


  • The aromatization with the use of the lamp 4-7 drops per 15 square metres room space.


  • Baths: 4-7 drops of the essential oil per bath. For saunas and Russian baths use 2-5 drops per 200-300g of water and splash them to burning hot stones.


  • For inhalations use 3-4 drops of cedar nut oil per 1 litre of boiled water. Breathe in for 3-5 minutes covering your head with the towel.

    Siberian cedar nut oil obtained by the cold pressing method is recommended as a basis.

    Counter-indications: Individual intolerance. Special notes: For external use only. Prevent from the contact with mouth, nose and eyes. In case of contact wash immediately with flowing water.
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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