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Our One World Whey is the first, 100% UNHEATED, cold temperature processed, 100% all natural, unrefined, bioactive, grass pasture raised milk-whey protein.

Serving Size: One Scoop
Servings Per Container: 15
Ingredients: Made from the world’s finest ingredients. TruCool unrefined, bio-active whey protein concentrate from mgrass pasture cows. ProCacao from all natural raw cacao bean, stevia leaf extract.

Why One World Whey?

  • From grass-fed cows (Amish farm)
  • NEVER heated, using the Tru-Cool™ process
  • All natural, whole food ingredients
  • Sweetened only with cold extracted, health-promoting stevia leaf
  • Undenatured proteins make amino acids readily available to the body complete with cofactors
  • It's delicious!

    How Can it Help?

  • Supports good energy levels
  • Support better brain function and mood
  • Supports anti-aging effects
  • Supports younger looking skin
  • Supports elimination of excess body fat
  • Improves the building of lean muscle
  • Supports feelings of youth and well being
  • Supports dramatic increases in athletic endurance and recovery from exercise
  • Supports elimination of radioactive fallout and chemtrails from body
  • Supports detoxification of heavy metals and toxins of all kinds
  • Support elimination of inflammation in the intestines and elsewhere
  • Support healthy bowel movements

    A Truly Raw Whey Protein Powder

    Our One World Whey is the first, 100% UNHEATED, cold temperature processed, 100% all natural, unrefined, bioactive, grass pasture raised milk-whey protein. But that's just the beginning. Far from being another ordinary "protein supplement," taken to meet your daily nutrition needs or develop some extra muscle, One World Whey™ is a full spectrum natural nutrition powerfood in and of itself - providing overall life-building benefits that touch virtually every human's life that other protein supplements don't even consider. Much more than just a "muscle-building" protein, our One World Whey is a "life-enhancing" protein.

    What Are The Benefits?

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Possesses anti-aging properties
  • Helps reduce body fat
  • Improves the building of lean muscle
  • Increases energy levels
  • Enhances the feeling of youth
  • Boosts sports performance
  • Speeds recovery from exercise

    Who Is It For?

    Busy people, hardworking executives, students, teachers, active seniors, people recovering from illness, office workers, construction workers, and of course high performance athletes. Anyone desiring a high-performance lifestyle will benefit from One World Whey.

    Retaining the Nutritional Power Structure

    There's a growing scientific awareness regarding the tremendous health benefits of natural whey protein, which is excellent. Whey protein can be profoundly beneficial to one's overall health - much like a natural powerfood - but only when its natural power is carefully retained and provided to you in its most natural, bioactive and unrefined form.

    Pure, Natural, Raw Protein Power

    We refer to One World Whey as a protein powerfood because it is the first and only whey protein cool-dried to preserve the protein structures in their biologically active forms. Once exposed to heat, these immune factor proteins and all other proteins change their shape. This shape change destroys their effectiveness as immune support or body-building properties. This shape change is called "denaturing," which means damaged. One World Whey brings you the living properties that's naturally contained in raw grass pasture liquid whey - not the same old heat-refined whey protein that virtually all other protein marketers and manufacturers sell to unsuspecting consumers.

    Biological Activity

    We have been able to retain the complete range of biological activity and composition of the health-giving whey protein factors as they are found in nature (i.e., lactalbumins, lactoglobulins, lactoferrins, glycomacropeptides, amino peptides, etc.) so that the resulting protein is perfectly balanced, undamaged, and abundant in life-promoting growth factors and amino acids - such as cystine - and other essential nutrients that are commonly lost or degraded in conventional processing. Cystine is an amino acid that breaks down into two molecules of cysteine. Cysteine then combines with richly available amino acids glycine and glutamate inside the cell to produce glutathione. Glutathione is one of the body's most important antioxidants. It is essential to the liver and entire body for the detoxification of heavy metals or any other toxins. Glutathione binds to heavy metals inside the cells and elsewhere and carries them out of the body. It is also essential for the immune system, and it delays muscular fatigue during exercise. What this means to you is not only enhanced lean muscle growth, enhanced immunity and youthful cellular regeneration, but also improved digestion and assimilation, along with the opportunity to remain healthier and younger - longer.

    All Natural TruCool™

    Whey protein as a food and food supplement can be incredibly nourishing, but only if its great power is harnessed into its most natural and unrefined form. With our industry-first, all natural TruCool™ formulation process, we have accomplished this mighty achievement. Our natural food scientists have discovered how to retain the natural power and maximize bioavailability utilizing our exclusive all natural TruCool™ 7-step formulation process. TruCool™ is a powerful reason why One World Whey is the ultimate life and bodybuilding supplement. Why would you trust your life and health to anything less? Beginning with the finest all natural grass-pasture milk, our microbialsafe cold pasteurization process, unique separation of the milk whey portion, specialized protein concentration, as well as our low-oxygen vacuum process environment from start to finish and the highest quality GMP - certified packaging - our industry first TruCool™ formulation process results in a totally unrivaled protein supplement for bringing whey protein's incredible natural power to you.

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