Spirulina Energy Bites, 10 oz - Green Tara

Spirulina Energy Bites, 10 oz - Green Tara


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Green Tara has created an amazing green snack food - Spirulina Energy Bites, which looked like cubes of dried green clippings, and Spirulina Crunchies, a unique dehydrated spirulina product, shaped like Grape-Nuts, which works great on salads, soups, and other raw dishes. We have always loved Spirulina Crunchies, and put them on our raw vegan salads just to make sure they’re still awesome. They are!

The Spirulina Energy Bites have strong coconut notes, and are the perfect size and shape to toss in raw trail mix or eat alone for snack. They’re dense and chewy, and, thankfully, they’re not over-dehydrated.

Ingredients: Organic Bananas, organic sesame seeds, organic coconut, organic dates, and only the best Green Tara spriulina.
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