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SuperIonic, 4.2oz (Fulvic Acid/Trace Minerals) - Omica Organics


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SuperIonic, 4.2oz (Fulvic Acid/Trace Minerals) - Omica Organics


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Fulvic acids, trace minerals, Ocean Minerals & Amino Acids.

SuperIonic's remarkable formulation creates a superior ionic and ocean mineral complex that trans-mutates into a completely new supercharged product.

It is now commonly known throughout the nutritional community that one can live without vitamins. However, without minerals your body will deteriorate. Physicians and nutritionists worldwide suspect mineral deficiencies to be at the root of many diseases. Every living cell on this planet is dependent on minerals. Our great tasting formulation makes it so easy.

Exactly what are Ionic Minerals?

Ionic Minerals are the smallest possible molecular structure in perfect liquid solution that can enter the cell wall and penetrate the blood/brain barrier. Because of their size they are absorbed and begin working immediately to improve your health.

Concentrated Fulvic Acid Ionic Trace Minerals:

Until recently Fulvic Acid was not recognized for its amazing health-giving abilities. Known as a miracle mineral, Fulvic Acid has assets not found in other minerals. It is extremely valuable in acting as a chelator toward unwanted calcium deposits, a protector against toxic heavy metals as well as improves brain function.

Fulvic Acid has always occurred naturally in plants and soils. Fulvic Acid can balance and energize cell life and its biological properties upon contact. With only one contact it begins a healing and restorative process. Acting as a "free-radical" scavenger, Fulvic Acid supplies vital electrolytes, enhances and transports nutrients, catalyzes enzyme reactions, increases assimilation, stimulates metabolism, chelates and changes inorganic minerals into organically complex minerals. It modifies the damage of toxic compounds such as heavy metals and free radicals and it increases the permeability for digestive, circulatory and cell membranes.

What is Special about our Concentrated Fulvic Acid Ionic Trace Minerals?

We start with a special rare source of humic and fulvic base and use our proprietary (no acid) refining method in the leaching process. This accelerates the concentration and purity of our Fulvic Acid while leaving it with a pure clean taste just as nature intended.

Super Charged Complex:

Our proprietary process transmutes the concentrated Fulvic Acids, amino Acids & Ionic mineral solution to produce a completely new supercharged complex. The result is a remarkable liquid nutrient which transcends the effectiveness beyond that of our concentrated Fulvic Acids alone.


Compared to Omica Plus , SuperIonic contains ocean minerals, more ionic minerals and less Fulvic Acids. The higher content of Ionic Minerals in the SuperIonic may help give a faster energy boost and further assist in all the benefits of ionic minerals including a noticed reduction in the effects of aging including hair, skin and bones.

Suggested Dosage: (one pump is equal to 16 drops)

Start with 16 drops 4 times a day. You may moderately increase your dosage, if needed. You may increase dosage depending on the desired results (60 - 300 drops a day).

For optimum results, hold in your mouth for ten seconds before swallowing, or mix with water or juice.

May be taken with or without food.

No additives or preservatives needed.

Drinking water: (for hydration)

1 drop of SuperIonic for every 1 ounce of water. Or 2 drops of Omica Plus for every 1 ounce of water. You may choose to combine.

Expiration dates do not apply to high Concentration of Ionic Minerals.

Refrigeration not necessary




These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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