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SuperZLite™ ZeoLite120Caps - Omica Organics

SuperZLite™  ZeoLite120Caps - Omica Organics


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Zeolites are a group of volcanic minerals formed eons ago by the interaction of volcanic lava with ocean waters. Taken orally, zeolites support a natural chelating process allowing the release of toxins and heavy metals.

Zeolites have a unique molecular structure resembling a honeycomb design. The recesses of the honeycomb hold a natural negative charge that attracts positively-charged toxins and heavy metals on a cellular level. Our small particle size yields a considerably greater overall zeolite surface area which allows a significantly greater number of recesses to be exposed.

Unlike other zeolite supplement producers, Omica Organics controls a single, proprietary source. This guarantees that each product contains consistent, homogeneous, high-quality zeolite. So, while other supplement manufacturers obtain zeolite from varying sources, which can create varying levels of product properties from one batch to the next, Omica Organics' exclusive source ensures the same superior quality every time.

Omica Organics zeolite formulation is enhanced with Ancient Inland Ocean-Derived Ionic Trace Minerals

   • 100% Active Ingredients; No Chemicals or Preservatives
   • No Excipients or Fillers
   • Non-Irradiated
   • Product of the USA
   • Vegetarian/Vegan
   • Label Printed on 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper

120 Capsules          Serving size:  2 Capsules (1100 mg)         Servings per container: 60

Twice daily, take one capsule on an empty stomach with plenty of water.



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