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The Canopy - Ringing Cedars

The Canopy - Ringing Cedars


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A canopy is a piece of fabrics used for the protection of a beehive from adverse conditions. Bees fill it with propolis and wax in the process of their vital activity. It can be recommended for the use in baths, saunas, and apartments without the aromatization of the air as it possesses a strong fito activity.

As a natural means, the canopy can be used for the removal of stains, freckles, warts in the form of applications. As anti-inflammatory means, the canopy is used in the treatment of a neuralgia, osteochondroses, radiculitises, arthritises, polyarthritises, antritises etc. It is also used for the treatment of solar burns with strong reddening, the imposing of a bandage from propolis canopy, greased with drawn butter, excludes the formation of bubbles and skin peeling.

Ways of application:


  • For disinfecting and air aromatization: keep the canopy near the heat source.


  • For inhalations: the canopy is placed over a water bath with its processed layer upwards. Inhale carefully, avoiding burns of respiratory tracts for no more than 10 minutes.


  • For applications: the canopy is cut into slices of the necessary size and is put on the injured skin after being warmed.


  • For local medical application the canopy, warmed up over a water bath, it is imposed on the sore point. Then it is wrapped up by a polyethylene and n a warm fabric or cotton wool for 30 - 40 minutes.

    The canopy is used repeatedly before the specific aroma disappears. After each application the canopy must dry up in the air and be combined with the impregnated layer inside.
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