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Power of Nutrition with Enzymes, The, by Smokey Santillo

Power of Nutrition with Enzymes, The, by Smokey Santillo


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As one of the world’s leading authorities on food enzymes, Dr. Smokey Santillo is uniquely qualified to write and teach about this highly important topic. In working with more than 30,000 patients as a naturopathic physician, he has witnessed first-hand the benefits of food enzymes, and the many maladies that occur in their absence. We’ve all heard about vitamins and minerals, even phytochemicals–but we don’t hear about enzymes much in the media.

Dr. Santillo highlights the critical importance of these natural keys to unlocking energy and vitality for all people in modern society. In The Power of Nutrition with Enzymes, he explains everything from the functions of enzymes to their myriad benefits for optimal health and longevity. This is the most accurate, comprehensive guide available for the layperson and an excellent, practical guide for professionals.

Dr. Santillo has scoured the literature to bring you the important, useful information: how to preserve your body’s natural enzyme stores, how to get enzymes from the right foods, and how you’ll benefit from adding them to your diet. If you want everything working for you as a peak-functioning human machine–leading a long, active, disease-free life–follow Dr. Santillo’s advice. That’s him on the back cover in track competition, a vibrant man and still a Masters world-class sprinter today. He practices what he preaches–and now you know his edge. I urge you to grab it for yourself. Roy E. Vartabedian, Dr.P.H, M.P.H. Doctor of Public Health, Preventive Care

  • Learn how to increase the absorption of all nutrients, supplements, and foods using enzymes
  • Use enzymes to combat obesity, hormonal imbalances, all infections and allergies
  • Use enzymes for sports injuries, strengthening your immunity, and increasing endurance
  • Learn how to overcome anxiety and depression using enzymes
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