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Who Would Have Thought That the Most Natural
Event Would Raise So Many Questions for Expecting Mothers?


Well Rounded: The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Raw Food Pregnancy!


Dear Mom-to-Be,

When Life is growing within you, naturally you want to do everything you can to ensure your baby will be as healthy as possible.

It makes sense to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, but a raw food pregnancy?! Is it possible?

  • How can you be sure you'll get everything you need?
  • What the heck do you need for a healthy raw vegan or vegetarian anyway, anyway?
  • What deficiencies should you watch out for?
  • What if you don't live in a sunny area?
  • What supplements should you take? Which should you avoid?
  • What are the risks of a raw pregnancy? What are the benefits?

Joanna Steven's new book, "Well-Rounded: The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Raw Food Pregnancy" aims to answer all these questions, and more. It fills in the gaps in the raw food movement, so you can read a single book to get your answers without having to read a skimpy section on raw vegan/vegetarian pregnancy in ten different books about raw food!

Note: this book is aimed at both raw vegans and raw vegetarians, with recommendations for both. It does not focus on meat-based raw pregnancies.


Here's What's Included in This Comprehensive E-Book for Health-Seeking Moms:

What about supplementation?
Vitamin D, B12 and more Joanna Steven looks at the great superfoods and supplements we can add to our diets to make sure we have a balanced diet and firing on all cylinders.

Chapter 1: Pregnancy Vitamins
An in depth look at what vitamins are needed by the body during prengnancy and what foods are great to eat to make sure you get enough of these pregnancy-critical vitamins.

Chapter 2: Pregnancy minerals
An in depth look at what minerals are needed by the body during prengnancy and what foods are great to eat to ensure you're getting the minerals you need.

Chapter 3: Protein, Fats and other nutrients
How and where to get your required fats and proteins as well as creating your own probiotic rich foods and nut cheeses to keep mom and baby stay happy and healthy.

Chapter 4: Common pregnancy pitfalls
How to handle all the changes that can happen when pregnant and give your bodies what they need in order to remain healthy, energetic and morning sickness free.

Chapter 5: Fertility and Pregnancy Herbs
Which plants support your pregnancy or help make it happen and which should be avoided. The power of plants can have a huge impact on your healthy pregnancy, and this chapter tells you how.

Chapter 6: Nurturing your Body as it Changes
From skin care to exercise and relaxation, these nuggets of inspiration will help you love your body and help you "get the glow" inside and out!

Chapter 7: Preparing for the Birth
Things to consider including, doulas, birth plans, homebirths, ultrasounds and midwives.

Chapter 8: Pre-birth Organization and Housekeeping
How to help yourself ahead of time by stocking the freezer, having wonderful superfoods at hand, and tips on how to save time and energy.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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