Featured Products

Gelatinized Maca
Reap the benefits from this amazing superfood!
$ 35.00
Nutritional Yeast!
Finally an Unfortified Nutritional Yeast!
$ 12.99
Himalayan Salt
Add amazing flavor and a whole host of minerals to any dish!
$ 11.16
Orgono Living Silica
Mineral based silica from quartz!
$ 55.00
Orgono G5 Siliplant
Plant based silica extracted form horsetail!
$ 45.95
Monoatomic Gold
This stuff is so potent... we urge you to be careful!
$ 127.95
Premium Cashews
Hand opened and low-temp dried deliciousness!
$ 15.16
Brazil Nuts
The freshest, tastiest brazil nuts on the planet!
$ 14.97
Matt’s Almond Butter
You have never seen an almond butter like this!
$ 34.95
Chlorella Tablets
These Chlorella Tablets are the BEST!
$ 38.95
Pinehole Glasses
Enhance your vision and reduce eye strain with these!
$ 2.95
Peruvian Pitted Olives
Olives come from the FIRST organic farm in Peru!
$ 13.95