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The NEW version of Abounding River Board Game is here!!

Thank you for cherishing and sharing The Abounding River Board game! Because of your support, we have sold over 5,000 games since we opened the doors at Caf Gratitude! We know that The Abounding River Board game is being shared all over the United States & in Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa and certainly many other places we don't know of yet! We are so grateful that you are playing the game, sharing love with your communities. Thank you for being Loving & Accepting, Generous & Grateful, Worthy and Abundant!

We have now reconfigured the game's dimensions and components, making it more accessible and able to travel!

Thank you for your excitement & support. With so much love & gratitude ~ The Grateful Store

PLEASE NOTE: there is a mistake on the back of the box that states game pieces are included. The game no longer comes with the pieces. This is because the creators of the game decided that it might make the game more meaningful if players used their own personal items for game pieces. We apologize for the confusion. We hope you love the updated version of the game!
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