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  • Yellow Crystal - "I Can" Solar Plexus Chakra, wisdom, digestion, discipline, self-mastery, personal power. QBC Quantum Balance Crystals

    Excessive amounts of energy becomes disorganized and flows in a counterclockwise direction creating stress on living organisms. Quantum Balance Crystals aide in shifting this energy to a more organized form. Flowing clock-wise allows the excess energy to be released naturally so that pain/tension is dissolved freely and effortlessly. The Quantum Balance pendant structures EMF energy into coherent waves, greatly reducing damaging frequencies and interference with cellular communications.

    How It Works

    Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) from electronics and electrical systems have a chaotic energy and frequency that is different than natural EMF’s and can distort organic energy patterns. It is this ability to distort human energy patterns that causes artificial EMF’s to be hazardous. Our balance pendants and shields re-tunes harmful EMF frequencies to assimilate natural frequencies so they reduce this interruption.

    Quantum Balance Crystals

    Body’s electrical systems operate at different voltages and frequencies that overall ideally operate at 7.8 hertz. 30 hertz is as much as our body is designed to absorb. In today’s environment, the average human body gets bombarded by far more than a mere 30 hertz. This is thanks to phone towers, radio stations, fluorescent lighting, computers, WiFi and other electronic devices.

    Our Quantum Balance Crystals are made with tiny quartz crystals and millions of nano-scale crystals which are invisible to the naked eye, embedded in a high grade resin. Each Quantum Balance Crystal is individually hand-made and infused with specific frequencies that resonates with living organisms and their energy

    The Quantum Balance Crystals are intended to be worn continuously to fully experience improved balance, performance, strength, endurance, focus, clarity and increased overall sense of well-being. and helps you to navigate smoothly through a stressful world. Quantum Balance Crystals help to improve efficiency, harmony, and balance.

    People who wear a Quantum Balance Crystals, report having clearer thinking, increased awareness, calmness, better sleep, enhanced mental focus, stamina, vitality and more.
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