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Royal jelly is much more durable than some people think. Our supplier of royal jelly left their supply in a refrigerator for over a year and they were still able to raise queen bees on it. Even if your jelly arrives completely thawed out, you can be assured that the potency of the Royal Jelly is still THRIVING. It's been tested at high enzyme levels for up to 5 days of non-refrigeration. After that, the quality goes down.

Immortality Alchemy's Organic Raw Royal Jelly Powder is the most potent and complete superfood on the planet.

Containing the entire B-Complex (including human active B-12), diverse amino acids, trace minerals, and growth factors, among other important nutrients, Royal Jelly is by far the most nutritionally dense and well rounded source of nutrition you will find anywhere.

What sets our Royal Jelly apart from any other is the proprietary low temperature dehydration process it undergoes within just a few hours of coming out of the hive. This preserves the Royal Jelly against oxidation from light and air as well as keeping it from going rancid.

From your first experience with this Royal Jelly, you will know how powerful just a small amount is. Most people, within minutes, experience a dramatic beneficial physiological change that can be attributed to the nutrient dense and hormonally modulating nature of this Royal Jelly.

Where does Royal Jelly come from?

Harvested from a pristine valley land in Inland China (away from industry).

Nurse bees secrete royal jelly and feed it to larvae selected to become queen bees. It causes them to grow more quickly than other larvae, and even when fully grown, queen bees still require the nutrition of royal jelly. Consuming it puts you, too, on the fast track to superior health, beauty, and longevity.

This is the only, and most powerful, truly raw, organic royal jelly powder on the market. Collection of our royal jelly does not harm the bees or their hives.


For your brain...
  • Stimulates neural stem cells, neurotransmitters, and glial cells, which protect the brains neurons
  • Enhances overall cognitive capacity
  • Assists people dealing with impaired cognitive learning, motor function, and awareness to better their short-term memory and learning processes
  • Contains acetylcholine, which is important in the learning process and short-term memory
  • Helps benefit those with chronic conditions such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases
  • Can increase intelligence over time

    For your body...
  • Plays an important role in regenerating tissue
  • Contains the entire B-Complex
  • Improves the immune system and can be helpful in such conditions as Graves disease and herpes
  • Has a reputation as an anti-carcinogenic
  • Regulates blood sugar that can help improve Type II diabetes
  • Contains royalisin, an antibacterial protein
  • Has been shown to help rats bones absorb calcium
  • Boosts adrenal and kidney system functions

    For your beauty...
  • Helps your body use protein more efficiently
  • Accelerates hair growth and can help restore hair color and shine
  • Has been classified as an anti-aging Yin Jing tonic in Chinese medicine
  • Contains collagen and zinc for softer, smoother, younger-looking skin

    What about Quality?

    Immortality Alchemy's Organic Raw Royal Jelly Powder is 3 times more concentrated than liquid royal jelly, so in ever 5.5 ounce jar you are getting the equivalent of over 1 pound of liquid royal jelly in a more convenient, portable and nonperishable form.

    This Royal Jelly comes packaged in dark amber glass jars because too much exposure to light can degrade royal jellys essential healthful compounds.

    Try our Organic Raw Royal Jelly Powder today and we are sure you will be convinced that this is the most powerful superfood you have ever had!

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