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QBC Phone Balancer

Phones emit (EMF) electromagnetic frequencies that disrupt living cells thus creating imbalance on our physical bodies. Our balancers resonate with natural frequencies that reformat and soften EMF.

Phone balancers are placed on any flat surface of cell/cordless phones. Cordless phones are proven to radiate more EMF than cell phones.

Quantum Balance Crystals continues to optimize their EMF phone balancers by embedding nano size copper particles and hand picked Lemurian/Atlantean quartz crystal particles inside a black plant based resin. Based on the same technology of the QBC pendants, the copper particles acts additionally as a conduit to transmit life force energy as a trinity component to quartz crystals and resin . The phone balancers are colored with QBC black energy for healthy boundaries and conscious speaking, and enhanced with blue tint for communication. Our balancers resonate with natural harmonic frequencies that restructure and soften the harsh and scattering effects of EMF radiation.. This resonance strengthens and balances our physical body creating a coherent energy field of clarity,calmness and connection - a cellular celebration.

Quantum Balance Crystals For Cell Phone EMF

Wireless devices, power lines and appliances emit (EMF) electomagnetic frequencies that disrupt living cells thus creating imbalance on our physical bodies. Our balancers resonate with natural frequencies that reformat and soften EMF.

Place the house balancer inside the fuse box (breaker box) of the house, office, vehicles, or on WIFI boxes and computers/laptops.

House Balancers when put on the breaker boxes in homes/offices will clear the entire home or space of any incoherent frequencies that weaken our energy field.

Attach balancer to the inside of your electrical box.

Quantum Balance Crystals are handcrafted in the USA. Each QBC is made from hundreds of thousands of nano-scale quartz crystals invisible to the naked eye, and larger decorative but highly energetic quartz crystals, embedded in a safe, non-porous, environmentally effective, high-grade natural resin. The crystals go through a process of being infused with specific, beneficial frequencies that resonate and increase the vital energy of all living beings. One major infused frequency is 5.28, the love frequency. In addition, the crystals pass through the highly supportive technological process of Exponential Transformational Centering.

How It Works

Exponential Transformational Centering (ETC) is the amazing feeling of calm and groundedness that QBC wearers experience. Since ETC is quite a mouthful, let's break the phrase down to explore its significance.

The first word exponential refers to the QBC's two distinct functions. Since the pendant is loaded with thousands of dynamic crystals and crystalline formations, its upward pull on the wearer to a new level of vital energy is gentle, yet is characterized by its marked growth that is experienced subtly by the wearer as exponential in speed, means fast growing or multiplying. Additionally The dynamic crystals reveal or tend to pull the wearer toward a higher energy for expanded conciousness.

The second word transformational is better known, building on the implication that the crystals incline the wearer towards better self-actualization. QBC's are subtle change agents, so be prepared for higher experiences and actualization.

The last word centering sounds easy, but actually is not, without the QBC's. Perhaps due to the manifold artificial stresses of modern living, human nature is driven from one extreme to the otherbut this is just where the crystals make such a decided differencethey allow the wearer to thrive in the dynamically centered middle ground, the place where so many positive changes can and do happen.

Quantum Balance Crystals

Bodys electrical systems operate at different voltages and frequencies that overall ideally operate at 7.8 hertz. 30 hertz is as much as our body is designed to absorb. In todays environment, the average human body gets bombarded by far more than a mere 30 hertz. This is due to many electrical and EMF emitting devices, including phone towers, radio stations, fluorescent lighting, satellite navigation systems, computers, WiFi and many other electronic devices.
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