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Earth's Living Green Clay for external Use (Bathing & Topically WOW!)

Bentonite Clay Baths and Topical Applications have been used since ancient times to detoxify our skin by pulling toxic substances and metals out through the pores of our body's largest organ.

Clay Baths are also a wonderful way to complement the exfoliation of our skin. Simply add to a warm bath, then settle in for a truly luxurious experience. You'll feel rejuvenated and your skin will thank you!

Clay Bath Mixing Instructions: Slowly add 1-2 cups of powder into bath & soak 20 to 30 minutes.

Topical Mixing & Application Instructions: Mix one part clay to two parts water (example: 1/4 cup clay to 1/2 cup water) in a plastic or glass container. Stir with a wooden or plastic spoon (do not use metal). Let stand for several hours until gelled.

Facials: We recommend a medium to light coating over the face and neck area. Allow it to dry 15-30 minutes. Apply warm wet towels to the face and neck area to loosen the clay and then wash the clay off thoroughly. The clay works exceptionally well with acne or wrinkles.

Body Wrap: Apply clay to body. Leave on the body 45 minutes to 1 hour for best detox results and then shower. (You may wrap up in a sheet if you like.) If possible, drying outside in the sun is perfect.

The clay can be used 2-3 times a week or as needed, depending upon the sensitivity of the skin.
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