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100% RAW CBD OIL 2500MG- 1 OZ bottle

Product is sold as is and no returns will be accepted. If product leaks no refunds will be given. Reimbursement for damaged CBD will be ONLY in Store Credit.

1. Sourced from 100% organically grown hemp plants (no pesticides or herbicides used).

2. Extracted via a pollution-free, environmentally-friendly, high efficiency supercritical Co2, cold processed extraction process.

3. 3rd party lab tested for both purity and potency. No pesticide residues or heavy metals detected.

We have just sourced the first truly raw CBD Oil! This product is completely, 100% raw from start to finish, using a cold-processed CO2 super-critical extraction process. All of the many other companies that I dealt with said that their processing temperature is anywhere from 140 - 160+ degrees. We use organic cold-pressed Hempseed Oil as the base and there are no cheap fillers like Grape Alcohol, etc.

Our CBD Oil bottle contains 2500 milligrams of CBD and just .014% THC... When you break that down per serving, it's pretty much zero THC per serving!

Our CBD Oil is the highest quality, most readily absorbable, 100% raw CBD around!

Please note: This CBD Oil is sent as is and no returns will be accepted.

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